Just before Panorama starts I will share a couple of things with you.

First – the picture is from a Northern Irish newspaper that appeared this weekend. It refers to yet another legal case that the buffoon Nick Griffin has embroiled himself in. This time it is an Employment Tribunal case relating to the dismissal of staff from the former Belfast call centre. Nick Griffin claimed that he was too scared to go over to Northern Ireland as he had upset so many people due to his antics. However it has been shown that he gallivanted around putting up posters in the Belfast area during the May elections.

Back in July I wrote an article relating to how Nick Griffin attempted to corruptly manipulate the European Parliament into charging me nearly £1,000 with respect to a trip which I arranged to Brussels in March 2009. This was the well known 10,000 Euro trip – when Nick Griffin claimed that I was intent on siphoning off the European visitor’s subsidy in order to pay a hit man to assassinate him. Believe it or not that is the demented story that came out of his horrifically twisted and disturbed mind.

The full article can be found here:

Basically in mid May last year, long before I had declared that I was going to challenge Nick Griffin for the leadership of the BNP and long before I had set this blog up, Nick Griffin gratuitously initiated an action against me by pretending to the European Parliament Visitor’s and Seminars Unit, that instead of 44 people being on the March trip, there were in fact only 40. He helpfully told them that this meant that they had overpaid the subsidy to the tune of 980.96 Euros. As the organiser of the trip I was liable for this alleged shortfall. This was despite the fact that I had handed over to the BNP 10,315 Euros, which was all that had been received (less some cash payments for which I had receipts).

In October 2009 I gave Nick Griffin the chance to come clean and act like a man (that will never happen) but as always the pitiful knave wriggled and squirmed for several months. I continued to get demands for payment from the European Parliament.

Eventually by mid February I had given him enough chances and I wrote to the European Parliament explaining exactly what the filthy little man had been up to.

I heard little more about it and certainly not a thing for over six months.

However curiosity got the better of me and today I had it checked out.

The sum of 980.96 Euros was paid to the European Parliament by Freedom Promotions on 16th March 2011.

The pathetic jerk initiated a process against me to cause me financial embarrassment and ended up having to pay himself! How sweet!

That just about sums up Nick Griffin .A pathetic tired and bloated loser. Everything blows up back in his own face. He should really have learnt that by now.

I wonder how those mugs who donate to the BNP feel about their hard earned money being used to pay off Nick Griffin’s failed schemes?


  1. It is extremely gratifying to know that he ended up having to pay that money from the party's Freedom Promotions account.

    Doubly so when you consider that this issue only came about because he lied to try and cause problems for you.

    Check out my article regarding his Squalidarity Office Scam, which did not even make it into tonight's Panorama:
  2. Steve in SuffolkOct 10, 2011 01:12 PM
    "The pathetic jerk initiated a process against me to cause me financial embarrassment and ended up having to pay himself! How sweet!"

    Nice one Eddy. Not belittling your well deserved success on this case.... this is..... how can I say this politely, "small fry", compared to the costs he has to pay our legal team come November. He and his sidekick/adviser (ahem) Darby, have between them lodged £45k into the holding account of the High Court. When (that's a given BTW) the court delivers its ruling against these two muppets it will cost them a further £50K minimum and more likely to be nearer £70k.
    Please donate here ........These idiots have run their course. No one needs them anymore. The stench emanating from them should remind everyone on the broad popular nationalist/patriotic wing of politics that these two have driven the BNP into the ground.
    Did I mention please donate here...

    A cathartic moment for sure. It will involve some pain but when the crooks, the charlatans and the greedy have been locked up it can only mean several moves forward.

  3. Just watched Panorama. I am afraid it has done no harm to the BNP or Gri££in, if anything they get the sympathy vote. Mr Dowson came across like a man with a blunt axe to grind same as the old web master who came across as a very shifty character. The show has been a free advertisment not at all what was expected.
  4. What a wicked web Griffin weaves when first he seeks to deceive.

    Lawrence Rustem

    My thoughts on the show.
  6. Is it just me or was Panorama a non- story? I was expecting far worse. Is that the best they can do?
  7. OK Steve - we can't all take him for over £100K but this particular case gave me a lot of satisfaction for some reason.
    I suppose it is seeing his pathetic little schemes and plans crumble. It is a bit like the 10,000 Euro fiddle that he got embroiled in from the same trip. There needn't have been anything untoward about it but he had to start putting rumours out that I had stolen it to use to assassinate him (he literally told people that and in his demented mind probably half believes it now). I had the receipts and put an article on my blog last year saying the Electoral Commission, European Parliament and Inland Revenue would be interested in what he did with the payment for which I had a receipt. The jerk-off immediately went into a panic and instructed Dave Hannam to start manufacturing invoices! I believe these fake invoices were submitted to the Electoral Commission.
    The shocking thing I have found is that he is incredibly thick.
  8. I agree with everyone else regarding the Panorama farce. Why when the BNP is slumped on the ground bleeding to death did the BBC not put it out of its misery as it so easily could have done? Very suspicious and Griffin's position will actually be bolstered by this.

    Were you interviewed for the programme Eddy and if not why not and if you were, why was none of it shown?

    Its a truly bizarre position to be in for a nationalist to be disappointed by the lack of bite in a BBC attack on the BNP but that is how I feel. Very strange!

  9. Two years ago I tuned in to the BBC expecting to see Nick Griffin slaughtering liberal hypocrites live on air.......... I was bitterly disappointed.

    This evening I tuned in to the BBC expecting to see Griffin's BNP being slaughtered by liberal hypocrites................I was bitterly disappointed.

    Its a strange old world.

  10. The more important question is how the non-political viewers considered Panorama?

    Lawrecne Rustem
  11. One thing is for sure if the police do not act now. It proves 100% the "useful idiot" role Nick can play
  12. I was expecting more from this program. I am surprised that you or your allegations did not appear in the program. I think this will sure up a hardcore support for the party of deniers and die hards.

    The simple facts remain though.

    If the party had kept simple comprehensive accounts as they have declared they do then there would have been no need for the program.

    If Griffin was a leader he would have answered the allegations head on rather than wriggle out of them and pull stupid stunts.

    Clive looked like a gangsta rather than the "budding treasurer" that we can all trust.

    Kidnapping a woman is disgraceful. Knocking the printer is disgraceful. Claiming money for security when they were not paid is disgraceful.

    Colet had a chance and used it to make himself look better rather than nail griffin. So did Walker and so did dowson.

    The average officer or member has more incriminating evidence than what was aired.

    The whole lot is a crock of sh1t.
  13. This blog is sounding like 'All our Yesterdays'.
    Don't you think it is time to move on.Or should I have said 'the BNP Refugee Centre'?
  14. I think most of the damaging stuff ended up on the cutting room floor. We should know not to expect the BBC to do the cause any favours. Griffin is their useful idiot - the state would need to invent him of he didn't exist.
  15. I agree it wasn't hard-hitting enough, but for me, what I will remember is the moment when having read out his statement,& given a self-satisfied smirk, he then fled, like a frightened rabbit out of the room, leaving his underlings to hold the fort. Although the programme will probably give some cold comfort to Griffinites, it must be realised that to the general public watching, he came across as a very seedy, untrustworthy person, & S.Darby appeared as an aggressive bully. Clive Jefferson's appearance spoke for itself. Overall, if one was an uncommitted voter, would one vote for a party such as this?
  16. Whatever the merits of the BBC Sly Productions, there are several openly criminal acts for all to see, what to me was interesting was the manic expression and unfocused stare of weirdo deviant Harrington, all that was missing was a chain saw , a lot of criminal evidence must have been withheld and Griffin is by any standards certifiable. How were we taken in by this gang of headbangers?, man they are Ugly.
  17. BNP site down? How long for? DONATE! DONATE! DONATE!

  18. People (left and right) are complaining that the BBC were too soft on the scumbag, and the programme didn’t hurt him; well that’s simply not true. Everything in it was backed up with solid evidence, not hearsay or conjecture, as well as evidence given by ex-bnp officers who were very close to him that now hate and despise him.
    Anything else gri££in could write off as lies to his pleb followers – the content of the programme was very solid and there is no way he can defend it without looking ever more desperate.
    The programme hurt him a lot because many people who were still giving the scumbag money will now think twice. I always said that the only way to destroy this filth was financially. Investigating and uncovering this putrid little del-boy wananbe will finish him. Well done to all that took part in the programme.

    Ps. All this bollocks about gri££in being the Establishment's useful idiot? An idiot and scumbag yes, but protected no. If that were the case the programme would never have even been made.
  19. Panorama wasn't shocking enough for "us" because the majority of former mmembers, activists, and unpaid party officials had some idea of what was going on.
    If you were/are not any of those, and watched Panorma out of curiosity I believe any sane person would have been justifiably disgusted.How anyone can think Griffin and his mob will benefit from a sympathy aspect is beyond belief.
  20. clive jefferson,eh ?.what a lovely human being he is !.
    came over well,didn't he ?.
    the mad deranged stare of the sociopath,always good on t.v is that.
  21. hi eddy,
    i am a ex member of the bnp and like a lot of people like myself cannot understand how the bnp is still managing to keep going from a financial point of view, have you any idea?
  22. This guy is as big a liar as Nick himself there was less than 10 folk there 4 from up north and the others from central belt, This guy is starting to lie big time just like his hero

    The fight back against the BBC started in the North East of Scotland on the 10th of October at an exclusive hotel. Scotland's British National Party members travelled from ALL over Scotland to be at this meeting which was attended by our chairman Nick Griffin MEP.

    On arrival at the hotel you could just sense that it was a day that was different from others due to the beautiful surroundings that Aberdeenshire had to share with us. We all met up and started to discuss all things political before we watched Panorama later on that evening, people enjoyed the relaxed surroundings whilst talking about the UK's currents problems.

    After dinner we got ready for Panorama, we all got comfy in front of the TV expecting some major scandal, what was to come was laughable!

    After Panorama Nick filmed his response, then it all had to be down loaded and the IT team did an amazing job, as the pressure was on to get it on line ASAP, they did not let us down.
  23. Can marine Le Pen Win In France - The Nation Oct 5th

    "Can marine Win france? The Nation Oct 5th

    "Since she refutes the label “extreme right,” I ask Le Pen how she would define the National Front under her leadership: “Today the reality is that the extreme right is against us. The National Front has evolved. At the latest local elections, we have progressed by 10 percent, in front of both the UMP party [Sarkozy’s conservative party] and the Socialist party. We are standing right where it matters: at the fracture between globalists and nationalists. We’re also different from other extreme-right movements in Europe. Take Geert Wilders in the Netherlands—he is against Islam; we’re not…. We’re closer to the UK’s UKIP [UK Independence Party], except on the economy. They’re ultra-liberal; we’re not.”

    Le Pen is clearly on a mission to instill doubt where there was certainty (certainty that the National Front belonged to the xenophobic extreme right) and inject subtlety where there never seemed to be any (the National Front used to enjoy being caricatured, and thrived on gross stereotypes)".
  24. Bunging London Regional organiser Steve 'the spiv' Squire has loaned Gri££in a very large sum of money to help bail the party. Gri££in has put the North London spiv on the number one spot in the London GLA list, probably saying to the hapless Squire that he will be elected next May and the party can pay him back with the GLA wages and stick his tart girlfriend in one of the paid GLA positions. If Squire isn't elected in May he will end up with more than just egg on his fat face.
  25. The problem for Steve Squire is that reality will pay him a visit and the party will have no one elected back onto the GLA (along with more councillors lost). Furthermore, as I've said above. Quite frankly it is highly inconsequential to a very large extent what political types think of Monday night's Panorama programme. The opinion that ultimately matters most of all which the likes of Steve Squire et al need to concern themselves is the opinion of voting public, and after Panorama, is it going to make the public feel more or less likely to vote BNP? Griffin's supporters should not hold their breath on it being the former likelihood. Then again it is their fault for voting for Griffin last year and this year too. You reap what you sow!

    Lawrence Rustem
  26. Squires and his motley crew are doing an amazing job. Eddy you should have promoted Squires earlier on in your campaign. To see people of his caliber "running" (lol) two regions is shocking desperation.
    Seeing his Mrs (dogleash) clapping like a sea lion next to nick on that farce of a press conference was hilarious.
    They are bringing the party down on their own.
  27. Good posting about Le Pen @ 11 October 2011 20:20
    Always uplifting to hear about what is going on across the Channel because it is one hell of a lot more inspiring than what is going on over here! There we have a nationalist movement which has had its troubles in the past, but has seemingly successfully 're-branded' and re-positioned itself. We must learn some lessons from them!
    Yes, we can talk about Panorama but frankly I can't be bothered. We shouldn't expect the BBC to do our dirty work for us.
    Dave Moon
  28. Squire has surrounded himself with low IQ buffoons, all the decent intelligent London activists are gone. Some of Squire's idiots were in Loughton recently and the general public were not impressed, he will never build up the Eastern Region, next May's local elections will be a wipe out as will be the GLA for the BNP. The North London spiv will walk away empty handed and Gri££in will laugh his head off. Squire is a mug and a muppet
  29. "Titter yee not" as the late and very funny man Frankie Howerd used to say but this just in on Griffin's twitter twatter:

    "And finally, silver bowl decorated with 'a Griffin seizing a hind.'

    Ooh, pardon all those hinds....some might suggest that the letters "BEE and EEE" have been left out before the hind.

    After all Griffin has lots of accusations of him financially shafting any of his dwindling band of supporters. Id never want to be behind him or in any way back him.

    Once bitten by a Griffin, you end up giving again, just like a zombie.

    Very definitely ex-BNP but was once a voter and supporter.

    Sad days indeed.
  30. don't forget to donate,folks.nicko needs a new motor
  31. I find it strange that Nickolarse was in Scotland when the Panorama programme was being shown. Why, I wonder? Is it by any chance that the remaining donors to the party are Scottish? There were no more than 10 people with fat arse Nick so Scotland is not a BNP heartland but clearly has some rich people still willing to fork out to this charlatan.

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