There were a couple of interesting by-elections held last night.


The one that attracted most attention was the Parliamentary by-election in Feltham and Heston, but the media largely ignored even this contest and the turn-out was very low. There was little interest as it is a fairly safe Labour seat. Having said that the Conservatives controlled it for a period in the mid 1980s, although the demographics have changed since then.

In the 2010 General Election the BNP contested this seat and obtained 3.5% of the poll and 1,714 votes. At that time there would have been a good chance of a saved deposit in Feltham and Heston had Nick Griffin not stabbed the Party in the back by running off to the police and the world’s media like a cur dog with his phoney tale of threats to kill him.

This was the result in the by-election:

Labour - 12, 639 votes (54.4%)
Conservative – 6,436 votes (27.7%)
Liberal Democrats – 1,364 votes (5.9%)
UKIP – 1,276 votes (5.5%)
BNP – 540 votes (2.3%)
Green – 426 votes (1.8%)
English Democrats (Roger Cooper) – 322 votes (1.4%)
London People Before Profit – 128 votes (0.6%)
Bus-Pass Elvis Party – 93 votes (0.4%)

The BNP vote collapsed by over 50% in percentage terms, despite (or perhaps partly due to) putting great store in having its dilapidated ‘Truth Truck’ chug around the constituency for nearly a week.

I believe the BNP are patting themselves on their backs because they got about 40% more votes than the English Democrats.

This is the first time the EDs have contested this seat and put minimal resources into the campaign - just to get the name out there. The ED result isn’t too bad at all bearing this in mind.

In a campaign where the ability of a minor party to ‘sell itself’ is minimal, it is obvious that a party with greater name recognition, even a terribly tarnished and toxic name, will tend to get more votes than an unknown quantity. In this election the EDs were an unknown quantity. In such contests the BNP’s name recognition will carry it through. The BNP should have got at least three or four times the EDs vote here, not just 40% more.

However the BNP has no ability to garner greater levels of support from the silent majority even if it had the nous or ability to campaign thoroughly. Its image is irredeemably broken. It is stuck in a rut.

The only reason the BNP were mentioned at all in the news following the declaration of this result was to draw attention to the fact that UKIP had overtaken them. This result will have ratcheted down the residual BNP hard core support base. They have developed the reputation with the public as being losers.

This result also amply demonstrates, as if it were necessary, that the BNP has absolutely no chance whatsoever of getting anyone elected to the GLA next year.

The BNP are the past.

Their predicament reminds me of the words of that Rolling Stones song (memorably covered by Chris Farlowe), ‘Out of Time’:

You don't know what's going on
You've been away for far too long
You can't come back and think you are still mine
You're out of touch, my baby
My poor discarded baby
I said, baby, baby, baby, you're out of time

You thought you were a clever girl
Giving up your social whirl
But you can't come back and be the first in line, oh no
You're obsolete my baby
My poor old-fashioned baby
I said baby, baby, baby you're out of time

Obsolete sums it up.


The last time the BNP contested an election in Basildon, was in July 2010, when they obtained only 4% in Nethermayne ward. In May 2010 the BNP had obtained 9% in this ward and 16% in 2008.

Everywhere the BNP vote is going in one direction –down.

Within Basildon, Billericay has always been difficult territory. For example in Billericay West the BNP polled just 3% in 2010 and 7% in 2008.

Basildon Branch of the BNP (which no longer exists) was very hard working at a time when the Eastern Region of the BNP was working like one of those well oiled machines. In September 2009 it contested a by-election for Billericay South West ward in Billericay Town Council. This is about half of the Basildon District Council Billericay West ward.

The result was curious as the Conservatives did not contest the election and this is a very strong area for the Conservatives. UKIP actually won as follows:

UK Independence Party – 480 votes (57%)
Labour – 266 votes (32%)
British National Party – 95 votes (11%)

Yesterday there was another by-election in Billericay South West Ward. This time the result was:

Conservatives - 365 votes (59.2%)
UKIP – 202 votes (32.7%)
English Democrats (Tony Gladwin) – 50 votes (8.1%)

The English Democrats at their first outing in this area did better than the BNP in 2008 and 2010. It was not far behind the BNP result in 2009 when the Conservatives did not contest the seat. Furthermore UKIP are entrenched there now as they have a local councillor.

The BNP local election results since the 2010 election have never been better than previous results. They have all been worse. Only the EDs have been able to buck this trend.

The Billericay result is quite interesting and shows what can be done with a little work. The local English Democrat activists did not run a super sophisticated campaign - it just consisted of a couple of leaflet drops. It shows that if the English Democrats manage to establish a bit of local identity then they can get reasonable votes. In fact this EDs result compares very favourably with that obtained by the BNP at its height. There is an overlap between those who voted for the BNP when it had a degree of popularity with those who would potentially vote for the EDs.

These two by-elections illustrate what I have been saying for some time.

In many ways the Billericay result tells us much more than Feltham and Heston. Local grassroots politics is the way ahead. The EDs can make real impact in that arena through implementing more sophisticated local tactics and it can make its distinctive brand of nationalism incredibly popular. By developing from the bottom up the EDs profile and name recognition will be steadily enhanced until in short order it will really start to take off.

The EDs are the future.


  1. At this rate of conversion and the demographic change England will never see a Nationalist government, Griffin has and is still is throttling the life out of Nationalism, the BNP is seen as a malignant force and still taints the whole of Nationalism. I read an interesting article by Andrew Marr from the Guardian Feb 1999. it follows- "The final answer is the vigorous use of state power to coerce and repress, to stamp hard on certain NATURAL beliefs for long enough and you can kill them off. "Natural and National are from the same root". a debate is urgently needed
  2. Hmmmmm, think I'd have voted for the Elvis bus pass party.
  3. You make a good spin doctor Eddy I'll give you that.
  4. The BNP is a busted flush, it's finish. The truth truck had a large poster of BNP pervert Mark Walker on it while driving around the constituency, not a very good advert. Well done to the ED candidates the party is growing stronger by the day.
  5. It not looking very good for Griffin for the GLA elections in 4 months time. 2.33% will not get bungling Steve Squire elected. He may as well keep his money in his wallet, Griffin is just using him.
  6. Its all very well going on about the savior the Eds might be!! but it will take them years to get anywhere.
    Meanwhile Griffin is still strangling Nationalism.
    We have a load of micro parties that are never going to amount to anything and just act to split the nationalist vote.
    Meanwhile time is running out by the minute to try and repatriate our country.
    We are fighting on all fronts The Immigrants,The LibLabCon, The EU, The Bankers, the unelected manderins,The lobyists, common purpose, Rothschild,Bilderbergs,NWO, and probably others.
    This is the hard truth and if we keep on just talking the talk ect things will end in Civil Disobedience even War the signs are all out there.
  7. I'd vote for Tony any day because he is gorgeous.
  8. Just watched a video on You-Tube called "the End of the White Race(Europe 2035). a frightening but credible view of the future, ignore the Emma West story at your peril.
  9. Good to see the security lads back on the scene and away from the morons, kind regards stu and co : JD
  10. I'm a bloke so the word "gorgeous" isn't in my vocabulary for another person bearing both X and Y chromosomes but I agree that Tony is a fine figure of a man and did a great job in security in a previous party. As one of his main principles was the disgraced Griffin; perhaps TOO good a job!! So the BNP's loss is the ED's gain. Future is looking good with this calibre of people joining up and prepared to stand for public office.
  11. Eddy
    don't you think it is logical to obtain a referendum on the EU before anything else.
    Once this is achieved UKIP promises to wind itself up.
    There are so many front's Nationalism is fighting today with time running out, shouldn't we as Nationalists prioritise our battles and help other Nationalists, especially if it helps for example the ED's in the long run.
    Eddy there are far to many Nationalist party's, waiting for Darwins ideology of 'survival of the fittest' will take far to long to achieve, better to help UKIP achieve there goal, so they go away themselves.
    Jamie, West Hert's, London flighter.
  12. Well said English Brit.

    ( I'm not knocking people in the English Democrats )

    4 million free thinking minds can rule over 1 billion closed minds but according to the ballot box idea, 4 million people would not have enough voting power at the ballot box against 1 billion.

    The ballot box, its out dated.

    If anybody is interested check out this gem one day. Its the cloest you will ever get to what it was like to be on the Titantic. You can really feel upper class in the wood work. Amazing feeling.


    North East Nationalist
  13. I know Tony as well and he is a great guy. He is one of the people you really want around you in tough times. I wasnt able to vote in this election, I just moved houses and I didnt even know the EDs were standing. Good luck guys.
  14. After these votes you still think that the Eng Dems are the future, Eddy? UKIP out polled you by a factor of four in both elections to which you refer. Frankly, I’m only surprised that the margin wasn’t greater.

    The same will happen at the GLA elections in May, when the Eng Dems will trail in a poor third to UKIP and the wreckage of the BNP.

    The reasons why are not so difficult to see. UKIP is a much bigger, better funded party than the Eng Dems and will always out poll you in a fight for the civic nationalist vote, not only on that account, but also precisely because it excludes the likes of you (and me and Gary Bushell), which, from a civic nationalist perspective makes sense.

    No civic nationalist party should welcome prominent former members of ethno-nationalist parties into its ranks, as their presence will attract unhelpful media and other hostile attention.

    Put another way, your entryist approach into the Eng Dems will eventually cause that party to collapse under the weight of its own contradictions in best Marxian fashion (Groucho of course, not that fool, Karl!).

    As the great Groucho once said, "Please accept my resignation. I don't want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member." Nor should you, if it is a civic nationalist club!
  15. Adrian - UKIP has not set the world alight exactly despite the resources they have access to.
    I don't recognise your cutting up of the cause into conflicting segments. I only recognise nationalists and nationalism.
    Any splinter 'ethno nationalst' party would do even worse.
  16. Eddy
    your right UKIP didn't set the world alight in Feltham & Heston, because the ED's stole there thunder, if the ED's didn't stand, then most probably UKIP would have pushed the Liberal's into 4th place.
    Of all times to steal UKIP's thunder, now when the whole country is coming to terms with an eventual referendum over the EU.
    it's the sort of thing you expect from Nick Griffins BNP, the ED's are just dividing Nationalist's and Nationalism, we need a referendum on the EU first and formost, are the ED's, would the ED's consider approaching UKIP, not to stand on eachothers toes, in sensitive areas, ie where UKIP have a chance of winning or displacing the nasty traitorous Liberals and Labour, or where they can displace the Tory's also.
    It can only be beneficial to liase with UKIP in the long run, because they keep promising to go away if we get a referendum, we need to help them reach that goal, that helps Nationalists and Nationalism, they are Civic Nationalists unlike the ethno BNP, so surely there supporters are more than likely to come to a fellow civic Nationalist party if and when UKIP wind up after a referendum, or don't the ED's believe UKIP will wind up if they get there referendum?
    Jamie, West Hert's, London flighter.
  17. I have just tried to join the Elvis Bus Pass Party . But every time I phone them up a answer machine says " Press one for the money .. Two for the show ....
  18. This comment has been removed by the author.
  19. Just tell me friends after all the effort and money and time and talk lavished on General and by Elections show me where we have achieved getting even one MP elected to parliament !!!!!!!!!
    I am not counting MEPS as they can do very little to actually help the national cause in this country.
    Show me just one Elected Nationalist MP here in our own parliament.
    Nationalism is just so fragmented that if we cary on as we are no MP or indeed MPs will ever get elected.
    We have to change our act etho or civic nationalism who cares !! its geting MPs into parliment that will make the changes we all want get in first alter afterwards.
  20. Well done to the Rude, Stuart snd others. its good to s them still working in a new party - (while gri££-pig slowly dies)
  21. God knows what a lot of bollox you are talking
    Adrian. The ED vote would not have elected UKIP
    in Heston, had there been a chance of that I'm sure EDs would not have fielded. As someone else said, once the EU reversal is clinched, UKIP
    won't have a reason to exist.
  22. Brian CosworthDec 17, 2011 10:32 AM
    A voting alliance between the nationalist parties of all flavours could have changed the vote in Felton and Heston to Labour - 54.4%, Conservative – 27.7%, "The Allies" - 9.2%, Liberal Democrats – 5.9%, and in Billericay to Conservatives - 59.2%, "The Allies" - 40.8%.
  23. An interesting article and some interesting comments.

    Better to be a relatively new party that most people know little about (EDs) polling 322 votes, than an old party which is a nationwide household well known & rejected name (BNP) polling just 540 votes.

    The comments (in comment section) about UKIP are true to enough too I think. Its a shame that the combined Nationalist vote would have pushed the LibDems into 3rd place which would have made a cracking headline. A good example of why we are going to have to come together one way or another quite soon.

    A lot of people outide UKIP including the EDs and all the other small nationalist parties are burying there heads in the sand a bit about UKIP. They have got this corner pretty well covered now it seems. I haven't heard anyone advancing a convincing strategy regarding how UKIP are to be defeaated electorally. They are beating the BNP in some of their former heartlands.
  24. the EngDems and UKIP need to stay away from each other for the sake of nationalism,getting in each others' way isn't achieving anything.
  25. Eddy
    is there some sort of secret agreement between civic Nationalists, refering to UKIP and the ED's, where one doesn't talk about the other ie- immigration and asylum seekers and the other doesn't talk about the EU, so that the electorate think they are fighting diferent causes and have totaly diferent ideologies.
    Surely the truth is our ideologies are interwoven and when the fog of war lifts it becomes clear we are fighting for virtualy the same thing.
    Democracy, freedom of speach and the right to Govern ourselves.
    Jamie, West Hert's, London flighter.
  26. Its been proved over the years Nationalists fighting Nationalists never produces an MP
  27. Ex-UKIPper here. Being previously very active in the South West I totally guarantee to this; UKIP has little if any money. Most of what it does get in is wasted on central admin and only in a tiny number of places does is have ANY local effort going on beyond elections. UKIP had a huge membership drive supported by the Daily Express in 2010 and, after employing several permanent call centre staff, managed to attract less than 500 new members and this on a high for the party with its new-found Express support and better election results as they BNP died away.

    So I joined the EDs. Hard ask down here but the EDs are the only party going anywhere. Most UKIPers are English right-wing Monarchists who have a warped view of our constitutional history to the extent that many of their discussions are about returning the Queen to absolute power, or something near.

    The EDs is modern, simple, ENGLISH (most UKIPers hate the Scots for some reason, and the Welsh, so are not a UK party in anything but name).

    UKIP's HQ is a bit naughty in that it was, until recently, funded as the private office of William Dartmouth and Trevor Coleman kind of operated on the first floor (or is it the other way around). When Dartmouth pulled out Coleman was left to fund the HQ from his Euro electoral funds. UKIP HQ survives at Euro taxpayers expense.

    So what price UKIP or the BNP. UKIP is a single-issue party for lunatics and the BNP is bankrupt morally, ethically and financially.

    English Democrats MUST be the way forward.
  28. Well I just dont know which way to jump anymore I left the BNP 2 yrs ago and joined Ukip now you are saying UKIP is not much good and the EDs are the way forward.
    All I know is we first have to get out of the EU before any changes can happen at all
  29. englishbrit
    i recently joined the ED's, but logically you are 100% correct regarding EU membership, that is undeniable, the return of 75% of our ability to make 100% of our laws is undeniable the most important issue of our time, that means leaveing the EU must be the first priority of any Nationalistic cause.
    Please Eddy speak on this issue, we all know you are a high profile Nationalistic figure that i believe now has been allowed to join the ED's, congratulations on that.But events are moving fast, we are living in extraordinary times. It must be difficult for Eddy to speak about alliances with other Nationalistic parties like UKIP for example, because he has just been accepted in the ED's as an ex BNP high profile figure, but Nationalists can smell for the first time a break through in this long fight against the EU and Britains membership of this horrid organisation.
    Jamie, West Hert's, London flighter.

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