I am pleased to be able to report that the English Democrats held a superb meeting in West Herts on Sunday. There was a range of excellent speakers - Simon Deacon, Alan Malin, Roger Holmes, Charles Vickers (the Eastern Regional Chairman) and James Dinsdale who gave a fascinating talk about D Day.
Well done to Alan Malin and Simon Deacon for organising it. I was also privileged to be invited to speak. This was my first such engagement at an English Democrat meeting. They meeting was well attended and I was pleased to see so many familiar faces there.
There was a buffet, raffle and a good collection. A number of attendees went to a near by pub for a meal together afterwards.
There will be an English Democrat St George's Day dinner held in this area on the evening of St George's Day - Monday 23rd April 2012.
Another date for your calendar is Saturday 10th March - the English Democrat Spring Conference which is being held in Swanley in Kent.
The English Democrats are the only viable nationalist option.


  1. Yes eddy it was a brilliant meeting. It is an honour that members of the d day club are attending and speaking at our meetings and it has been a great honour to attend their events. Charles anounced the seats we are standing in this may. A number in broxbourne/ south oxhly/ st albans and stevenage and hopefully more to come. Think we might have a chance of fighting more seats in herts than ukipp i cant see the bnp fielding one candidate in herts. Alan and gill have done a great job running the herts branch and bought in quality members and work so very hard. We allready have three councillors in herts and have a very reall chance of adding to that tally this may. Im sorry to say im tied up till november and cant help to then but shall attend the spring conference and the brilliant st georges day event on 23rd of march that alan and charles are organsing. So come on every body book the day off work this week. No excusses all welcome and quality hotels near by. for england and st george. councillor simon deacon.
  2. I'm glad to hear the meeting went well.

    Great TV appearance by Robin Tilbrook yesterday:

  3. Please do something about their dreadful website.
  4. Graham ex Wakefield OrganiserMar 1, 2012 01:38 AM
    I am not an ED supporter Eddie but I have to say I was quite envious after reading your report, it appears you will be able to get on with the job in hand whilst not being hamstrung with a load of degenerate baggage.This was my dream for the Wakefield area before Griffins and his group of degenerate sycophants ruined it all, we were getting meetings of well over 100, standing record numbers of candidates and receiving our best ever votes numerous candidates polling over 1000 votes in local elections.All was going great guns until" Question time "and the rest as they say is history.
  5. This is all very heartening, Eddie, great to see you at the top table again!
    It's even better that you keep us all informed & up to date on events.
  6. Its more good news to hear cllr Lewis Allesbrook as bailed out of Gri££ins sinking ship . However one must remember Allesbrook was a Gri££inite who supported him against Andrew Brons . It just beggars belief that people with a fair amount of intelligence can support a sponger like Gri££in .
  7. how many attended
  8. You aint doing enough Eddy, get the ED moving like we all know you can
  9. Tilbrook is a former tory ex-military just a few degrees below top-brass. The English working class who are attracted to street action the EDL do arent likely to be won over by the sweet talking by such posh people. The EDL is the only hope for our people. Good for you Eddy that you allow thru commonts which you disagree with.
  10. Glad to see you have found a new political home for your undoubted talents and ability.I wish you every success with the English democrats and i know you will be an asset to them. Many are feeling dissatisfied with the carrying's on and ultra-right wing policies of certain parties.It would appear that the E.D.'S offer a very real alternative.Who knows Eddy,one or two more may decide their activism and enthusiasm would be more welcome in the E.D.s.

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  1. While all you ex BNP Ways and Strays are looking for new homes, spooking on obout the genius and talent of the nasty grass Eddy Butler, and how great the English Democrates are,

    If thats the case why is it that they support the IRA, have no policy on immigration, or the Islamification of britain which is at the heart of far righr politics, and policy.in Britain today.

    The EDs have never achived anything in their 12 year old history, and were never heard of until the traiotourous cleric and grass Eddy Butler, and a few other ex BNP failure started their hate campaign.against Nick Griffin.

    During the short and pityful period of Butlers hate campain , onother 23 thousand labour voting illegels have arrived in Britain..

    Ask the man in the Street, if he has ever heard of the EDs, Eddy Butler, Andrew Brons Nick Cass, etc.

    Ask them what the EDS poicys are !! .who their leader is, Then ask them obout the BNP and Nick Griffin.

    Their are so many ex BNP Dhimmis running oround looking for new homes, Just what the Marxist opposition want,,and worked hard for, to divide and rule !!.Has Mr Butler and the EDs got 30 years to get established/ for the fight to save britain.

    When the anser is simple, stick with the only right wing party that is winning, the BNP,, that is why the liberal establishment The Zionist Media , BBC, ex BNP rebels hate, despise and fear them.

    .It has taken 30 years of hard slog, for the BNP to reach the top of the leauge , and today are a household name.

    Mention the BNP, and you automaticly think immigration Islamication and Sharia law.

    The rest is up to the politicaly correct cowardly British voter to decide, either its the BNP , their country, their freedom, religion and democrocy, their childrens future or Genocide under the Lib/ Lab/ Con Traitors,

    Have the EDs got 30 years to build their party to help and save Britain ////

    The British are weak, the Islamic flag will fly obove Downing St., Muslm Cleric.

    The Koran is not a book of religion its an Instruction Manuel. Nick Griffin

    As for Butlers udoubted genius and talent ?? what a lot of balls, the guy has none, thats why Nick griffin sacked him,

    And what happens to Eddy Butler when Andrew Brons the MEP that never was, a fraud who got is money enriched job as an MEP off the backs of hard working BNP members.

    When he leaves the EU due to old age, and stops fianancing Eddy Butlers anti BNP campain.

    Internal friction, Jelosy, and lust for power, seen it all before in the 1970s during my time in the NF. .National Front.

    Loyal, and on the winning side BNP .walter Barfoot .ex london bliz 1939--1945.