The English Democrats contested a by-election yesterday in the fair county of Essex. The ward was in the far south of the county, near Southend.

The result was as follows:

Cheryl Roe (Con) - 406 (54.8%)
John Hayter (English Democrats) - 218 (29.4%)
Elena Black (Liberal Democrat) - 117 (15.8%)

The English Democrats contested the ward for the first time in 2010 local elections that coincided with the General Election. Accordingly the turn out in 2010 was much higher. Here is the result from that contest:

Conservative - 1242 (54.7%)
Liberal Democrat - 702 (30.9%)
English Democrats - 328 (14.4%)

The English Democrats more than doubled its share of the vote. This is a remarkable achievement in a year and a half. The Lib Dems were also trounced.

I met the candidate briefly at a meeting a short time ago in Southend. He clearly knows his stuff. This shows what can be done.

When a party like the English Democrats contests elections, if the campaign is not prosecuted with extreme vigour then great things cannot be expected. The EDs are a relatively unknown entity. But if a good campaign is run then a good result will be on the cards.

This is quite unlike other parties, that will remain nameless, which may have a bigger hard core than a party such as the EDs as they have been established electorally for much longer. However this ‘hard core’ is diminishing and their ceiling is much lower than that which can be achieved by a party such as the English Democrats. However for the English Democrats to achieve this ceiling requires a lot of hard work directed in the right way. It can be done and this is our great task.

Well done to all concerned. It is good to see Essex leading the way.

The only way is Essex!


  1. Congratulations to all involved. Did that include you Eddy? A good result, onwards & upwards.
  2. Nothing at all to do with me!
  3. Here we go again people voted in again one of the robbers from the LIBLABCON when will they ever learn I give up its just hopeless
  4. griffin can only dream of these sort of percentages now.
  5. Any sensible nationalists looking for a new home after the disgusting betrayal suffered at the hands of Griffin and his thicko henchmen would find that they would be very much more than welcome in the English Democrats.

    Lawrence Rustem
  6. Good job, when and where is the next one, I'd like to help leaflet or canvass or both.
  7. Tory % unchanged I note.
  8. You show your true colours showing off weapons of mass destruction. Swords are the Essex equivalent of nuclear weapons. More people in Essex have been maimed or killed by swords than nuclear bombs.

    I call that karma essex boy.
  9. A cracking result. Good to hear something positive happening for nationalists during these dark days. Well done to everyone for your hard work

    And I hear The EDs have had the good sense to take on an experienced and sensible new member recently. Good stuff!
  10. What you got to say about Emma West
  11. There is a lot of fertile ground for nationalists in the present climate . A half hearted campaign with poor local election material will result in a poor return at the polling booths .
    Whatever personal opinion people may have of Eddy he knows his stuff at elections . It can only be the EDS gain and the BNP loss in the future .
    Well done to ED campaign team . . .
  12. Great News, also good luck to our candidate in the Feltham by-election on the 15th.
  13. Congratulations to John Hayter [English Demorcrats], and to the hard working team.An excellent result.At last something to be cheerful about.
    BUT - and I know nobody will be able to answer this - who, and, why, are peolpe still voting for the Conservatives?
    Between them, Cammeron and Clegg have broken every promise they made prior to the General Election as they always do. Yet still a staggering 54.8% vote for "more of the same".
    As a nation we are staring into an abyss.
    When, oh when, will these people wake up to this very frightening situation that successive Governments have knowingly lead us into?
  14. Dear Eddy
    Your Blog is about exposing Nick Griffin for what he really is, which should allow Nationalism and Nationalists to unite under a single umbrella away from Nick Griffin.
    We all mostly support this, but giant events are unfolding before our very eyes, we are living in extremely rare and strange times, regarding the EU.
    I personally don't buy into the catastrophic scenario being leaked out by the ruling elite if France and Germany don't get an agreement next friday.
    Yes there would be a depression like the 1920's, but as good Nationalists don't we want the end of this kind of multi-cultural globalism allowing the free movement of people to colonise not just us but to turn the whole world into some sort of coffee coloured mulattoes , don't we want the undemocratic EU to come crashing down, even if it crashes all over us.
    Let's face it we all knew our politicians were and are still lieing to us regarding the EEC/EU.
    We as a Nation carried on voting for these traitorous/treasonous politicians and we as a Nation deserve to feel the affect of the destruction of the Euro,if that is what is now happening, because of our apathy.
    But these people, the French and Germans are useing this crisis to push once again for further intergration.
    The PM is coming under pressure from Obama who feels his election next year will be jeopardised if the Euro fails triggering a world recession, he wants Cameron to put his weight behind a deal next friday to save the Euro.
    We are just one small step away from completely losing our sovereignty, that is giving up the £ for the Euro.
    If agreement is reached next friday, then expect to see the Euro-zone elite give us an ultimatum, join us or lose influence in a 2 speed EU.
    These are the most important events happening before our very eyes sinse the end of the 1939-1945 world war.
    Are we discussing it, no. Do we have a strategy as Nationalists to co-ordinate ourselves, for or against what could happen next week, no.
    It beggars belief that we are on the verge of something so big for Nationalism and it's like 'by the bye'
    Jamie West Hert's, London flighter.
  15. I was going to congratulate the ED for there Result.However,if the voting public of Rayleigh Knew the ED seeks friendship with the political wing of the IRA,then the result may have been different. As English people we must never forget the many English men,women and children the IRA murdered.Stuart Uncles a prominant ED official should be ashamed of himself for offering a Friendship between Sinn Fein and the ED! To me the ED supports the IRA.
  16. one of the things I appreciate about Eddy's blog is that most comments are on-topic. One other site in particular seems to attract posts from folk who only want a venue for the 'latest news' on one conspiracy theory or another, or off-topic rants.

    Now the Emma West saga is in the forefront, and she is being cast as some sort of folk hero by people who know absolutely nothing about her aside what is shown on the video. If you want to know what Eddy thinks about Emma West, IMHO, you should ask him directly or wait for the topic to appear.
  17. I'm a celebrity, get me out of here! All looks good for Essex, they even have a King of the jungle now.

    If everyone in Essex are nice people like Dougie (Mcfly) and Mark (TOWIE) I would say the ceiling of votes is quite low for parties full of nasty people who spend more time bitching about each other than doing something good. That's where the BNP failed and as the ED are full of the same people it's where they'll fail too.

    If only nice people did politics and nationalism!
  18. Hi Eddie this may be beyond the understanding, a one month old baby is fighting for its life with broken ribs and internal injuries from a sexual assault the parents are given bail and police protection in Gravesend while up the road on Croydon a mum is remanded in custody her children put into care for SPEAKING THE TRUTH on a Croydon tram. It is clear that freedom of speech is more heinous than baby rape; if the English Democrats are to mean anything at all, it must comment on this insanity.
  19. Sorry Eddie, but A safe Tory seat with only the despised Lib Dems as competition?. You could have stuck a rosette on a monkey and it would have come second!.
  20. Yes, what does the ED have to say about the Emma West case, if anything?
  21. eddy butler : state agent.

  22. At the moment Nationalism is finished/fragmented in this country.
    We are at the gates of hell and all nationalists can do is bicker argue and fragment further.
    There is no credible fighting force against the LIBLABCON
  23. Almost 30% of the vote is a tremendous result for a small party who to most of the voting public are still basically unknown
    I am not a member yet of any political party but its only fair to give credit where credit is due .I stick with my opinion that the EDs will get better organised in elections once Eddy gets properly involved .
    Losing Eddy to the EDs is not a great move by the powers that be that look after the interests of the BNP .
  24. Can anyone on this blog explain to me why the BNP London campaign team look like a bunch of squatters ?
  25. What about saying something about Emma West. How do you stand in this case? Or are you just going to rant on about Nick Griffin for ever and a daymand turn a blind eye to her?
  26. I saw Emma West in court today see has been horribly treated she was dragged off the tram, arrested her little son was abducted by the State she has now been remanded in custody till January for her own protection, " which is a barefaced lie" she would not plead because why should she, no one complained of her behaviour she told the truth as she saw it: the CPS person was an enormous African lady and the magistrate was a Jock, Emma is English down to her bone marrow. The Police and the Judiciary are now Institutionally Racist against Whites, the evidence is there for all to see.
  27. The news that English mum of two, Miss Emma West, has been remanded in custody over the Christmas period has shocked even the most hardened patriot.
    Two small innocent British children are now deprived of their mother’s love and warm embrace at this special time of year. Why? Because the political/judicial PC fanatics have decided to make an example of an English lady who had finally reached breaking point and used some choice language towards a tram full of ‘enrichers’.
    Emma comes from Croydon, a place which was virtually razed to the ground this year by ethnic gangs who rampaged for three days, indulging in an orgy of burning looting and violence, leaving many decent people without homes, jobs and businesses. Most of those apprehended were bailed.
    But a young English mother who did nothing more than vent her frustrations has been refused bail not once but twice and will spend Christmas behind bars separated from her small children!
    Britain First is asking you personally to do something about this gross injustice.
    Imagine if you, or your daughter, were in Emma’s position. Really, sit for ten seconds and think how YOU would cope with being flung in prison over Christmas and YOUR children being taken from you by social services.
    A very dark thought, I am sure you agree?
    So, let’s do something to ease her suffering and to show brave Emma West that there are still some who reside on this sceptred Isle who do care, and who will offer her our hand in friendship and solidarity even in her darkest hours - and she will have many.
    Announcing the launch of the ‘Emma West (Political Prisoner)
    10, 000 Christmas Cards Campaign support fund!’
    We call upon ALL decent people (not only nationalists) to show their support for Emma and her children and their disgust at the draconian and vindictive treatment handed out to Emma, by sending her a Christmas card and a cheque/postal order to her as she languishes in prison over Christmas.
    I know things are tight, but how can we, as patriots, possibly enjoy our Christmas surrounded by family and friends if we do nothing for Emma and her children, separated by the high priests of multiculturalism and her family sacrificed on the high alter of political correctness.
    However, the enemies of OUR people forget that a mother’s binding love can never be rent asunder by bigotry, hatred or prison walls.
    Please send your Christmas card and personal support gift direct to Political Prisoner and young mum:
    Emma West
    C/O HMP Bronzefield
    Woodthorpe Road
    TW15 3JZ
    Please, do what you can and encourage your family, friends, colleagues to do the same and keep at it right through advent - it’s the least we can do.
  28. Eddy
    will you send Emma West a christmas card?
    Jamie, West Hert's, London flighter.
  29. Eddy
    the BNP, UKIP and ED's all fighting for Feltham & Heston, it's obvious no Nationalist party will win then. Whats it all about then, what Nationalist party gets the largest vote. When will Nationalism grow up in this Country, it's embarrasing. The ruling elite must be laughing there socks of.
    Jamie, West Hert's, London flighter.
  30. Could the plight of Emma, stripped of her dignity her human rights ignored because she is an white English working class girl, treated as white trash by the ruling classes, could she ? UNITE the Nationalist factions along with the working classes of England, the law continues to abuse her without mercy. Are you sure you won't be next?.
  31. butler has nothing whatsoever to say about emma west,he never says anything important anyway.
    all he ever does is bang on about wicked old nick and his new 'friends' in the EDs.
    well,he thinks they're his friends - he'll soon see.
    once they've told him to shove his membership application up his harris he'll be singing a different song.
  32. Absolutely great result Eddy for the ED's.

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