A belated Happy New Year to all the readers of this blog – even those remaining ‘hostiles’ who are strangely mesmerised by my words… and deeds.

I have not posted much lately as I had an accident with this laptop not long before Christmas and spilt a load of coffee over it! I only just got it back – almost in one piece - and in the meantime I have had to use old semi-functional laptops or borrow that of one of my collaborators.

Normal service is now resumed!

Like perhaps a benign werewolf mauling its prey. All in the best possible taste of course.

More people to subvert from the forces of darkness, more to inject with the serum of truth. More people to save from bondage to the vile incubus. Yes that’s the right word for him, incubus.


I would like to take this opportunity to clear up a misapprehension that is doing the rounds in some quarters.

I used to work for the City of London Corporation for nearly twenty years - in their accounts department. It was actually quite a good job and I foolishly gave it up to work for a degraded and craven wretch who I hoped, vaingloriously, that I could influence in a more honourable direction.

Although this curl knew that I had worked in local government for a long time (actually he is a shockingly ignorant individual and persisted in thinking I was a civil servant which is something altogether different) he was happy to employ me as he no doubt thought I would be useful to him.

This of course did not stop him, when the inevitable fall out occurred, from putting it about that as I had worked in local government unmolested for 20 years, then I must have been protected by the state and therefore be a state agent.

Actually during my time there, until just before I left anyway, I didn’t stand in local elections or do media work, in order to retain my anonymity.

The question arises. How many state agents are forced to work in boring desk jobs for twenty years while simultaneously being employed to infiltrate an ‘extremist’ party? None. That would be a punishment rather than a reward. They are always given difficult to verify non existent occupations - like the policeman who infiltrated and fornicated his way through the far left. He said he was an outward bound extreme sports instructor. I guess in a way he was.

Or they have bogus businesses that they never have to attend to. Supposed offices and empty work units.

Then I got to thinking. Before going to work at the Corporation of London (which incidentally is the most reactionary and old fashioned of all local authorities and only started getting into Equal Opportunities in the early 2000s) I was an estate agent. I sold and rented properties in the East End – being based in Bethnal Green.

I was an estate agent – not a state agent!

Do you see how easy it is to start a rumour?


I was very sad to hear about the death of John Ryde just before New Years Day. He was an excellent chap and I was pleased to have his unwavering support during last year’s troubles. I knew he had been ill for some time. He is sitting next to me in this picture, taken last year. I remember it was our second breakfast of the day!

He was an honest and honourable man.


This year will see the English Democrats make great strides ahead. I knew from the outset that there would be no realistic prospect of any new credible party being formed and making any headway. This will be the year when it becomes obvious that the EDs are the way ahead. Sensible, moderate, credible, achievable.

It is time to look around, smell the coffee and accept that this is the case. The BNP is on a remorseless downward spiral. It is going to be hit by some dreadful hammer blows.

And while waiting for these big bombs to land what is the ‘leadership’ doing? They are obsessed with waging internal factional war. All their pitifully inadequate efforts are focused internally, within the wider movement, not on promoting the views they sometimes claim to hold.

I am pleased to know that they are still fixated with little old me. Awww how touching.

Nick Nick, Rizzle Kicks and Patsy - keep trying. Don’t give up yet. But do yourselves a favour, get your tin hats on.


  1. Things seem to be going quite well at central party Eddy. Despite your gloomy predictions things seem to be functioning well. Regular mail outs, regular bulletins, more people joining and more people returning. Hardly the grim picture you paint. Such a shame you had to go to the EDs but then it is probably the best place for you seeing as though you tried to wreck the BNP and still continue to do so. Get over it and get lost. We are fed up of your negativity. What a drip.
  2. good article Eddy, some may think that you are referring to a particular person in your reference to those with, 'bogus businesses that they never have to attend to'!

    James Clayton, Blackpool
  3. The only secret agent in nationalism as positioned himself as Gri££ins right hand man .The person who whispers rubbish in to his leaders ears sending him paranoid which results in the leader running around shouting " Off with there heads " The axe as come down on every talented party member that as helped take the BNP forward till there is know one of any talent left to get rid of .
    Yes you know who you are and you have served your pay masters well .
  4. Carry on with the negativity, Eddy, You are doing a great job, as the first comment here proves. Revenge is a dish best served cold as well as sweet, & as far as the 'leadership' of the party we once had great hopes of is concerned, revenge is the only feeling we have left. Good luck with the ED's, & to all the myriad Nationalist groups, who one day fairly soon, may all come together to send shock waves through the establishment, & humiliation & chagrin into the black heart of the biggest traitor of our people, Nick Griffin, who smiled as he robbed us, & as he destroyed our party.
  5. Better be a bit cautious about some of the comments Eddy, I've just noticed on the British Resistance site that the comments have been disabled.That means these sites are hurting
    somebody in the Establishment.I guess we had better be velly civiloised fwom now on.
  6. I've already joined the EDs. The more I read on the old BNP rump and 'off shoot' websites the more convinced I become that people believing that the only thing wrong with the BNP was Nick Griffin are beyond help.

    I suspect the internet attracts the odd bod section of the activist base as I do not recall meeting so many politically and socially nieve people when out leafleting with the BNP....or maybe things just don't seem so bad in retrospect.

    Andrew Brons held down a demanding public position for many years and I haven't yet heard anyone suggesting he is a Zionist state plant/ lizard or anything so far.

    I'm glad to have moved on from the BNP. Criticisms of the ED's website seem to be fair though. Surely they can spice it up a bit?
  7. If a woman were to be visited in her dream by an incubus, and that incubus were to take the shape of Nicholas John Griffin, I should think that she might develop a most dreadful case of hypnophobia!
  8. Diane Abbott says white people like to divide and rule, how right she is, That is the very essence of democracy, the right to free speech is paramount divide by debate, win the argument get them on your side, however lets imagine what life would be like if the Blacks ruled, can that be debated,
  9. I'm glad to see your nice tribute to John Ryde, and his picture which reminds us how he was when well. He attended our meeting in early December even though he was very ill and I feel honoured that I personally renewed his BNP membership on that occasion. He also got a unanimous round of applause for - well, just making it to the meeting really. You see, John was a true Nationalist; one who spoke his views and, yes he was upset about the Leadership and the way the party had gone. But he was able to mix still with the disparate groups and be respected by all. That is a great talent. I believe he was a fine example of how we should approach fellow Nationalists now, even scattered as we are. Not with hostility and bitterness, but with the hand of friendship. Oh, and with humour - John was very good at that!
  10. Not a state agent? yeah and pigs might fly.
  11. I've just been looking at the Electoral Commission's website, today was the last day to submit late accounts before the fine goes up to £1,000 and guess what? Mr Griffin hasn't put them in. This is the first time he has missed the late cut of date. Also the donations section of the EC's website doesn't show any recent large donations, in fact after 2006 no dates are even given for donations to the BNP.
  12. John Ryde was a great nationalist right to the end who will be sorely missed. Always humourous and full of fire, a tireless worker for the party and a nice guy to be around. It was a privelege to have known him.
    RIP John
  13. Great picture London Warewolfs, haha love it, whats happened to your victims smelly rose, J Lepper they are a nobodys now shame you all tried to make the rest of us suffer because you hate the perminent chairman we ain't going nowhere, London BNP are here to stay with or without the perminent chairman, shame though your victims done a lot of good work, tell you who we don't miss stirer Gertner he should keep all his Gossiping down his local synagogue we have no time for all that in London BNP.
  14. http://leejohnbarnes.blogspot.com/2012/01/update-for-british-democracy-tards.html
  15. To the poster 22:52, London BNP is finished the only one speaking at synagogues is Mr Mendoza aka Squire. The other parties namely ED, NF are recruiting good, decent Nationalist and growing stronger by the day, BNP RIP.
  16. Who remembers young Terry Gregory murdered by a Black in Woolwich a very short distance from Eltham in 2003? But the judge dropped the case against the Black man Edwin after the jury failed to reach a verdict. I demand that the case is reopened.

  17. What's all this Mendoza all about you lot have lost the plot his name is Squire and he is a Christian, as I mentioned before ED's are unheard of and the NF are not doing anything we have stalls and regular leafletting, many active members you lot are in cloud cukoo land. Baldy Butler should stop punishing us because he hates the perminent Chairman a get Essex BNP up running again under his own steam without interference. Don't you get it you lost by running away and leaving us and we are the ones suffering for it!
  18. To post 20:13, We have been reading that the BNP is finished on here for nearly 2 years now! And shock horror it's still going.
  19. Happy New Year to you and Sue, Eddy.

    Tragic news about John Ryde, a fine nationalist and a smashing chap as well.

    I hope you are right about the English Democrats. Any success will come from fighting more local elections and gradually achieving better results.

    That's how the BNP grew from 2002 onwards.

    There is no better motivation for a branch or group because electioneering brings people together and attracts new recruits.

    The BNP's Quiet Revolution, which led to getting two MEP's elected, started back in 2006 with a steady stream of gradually improving local election results across the country - our high-profile successes in Barking, Stoke, Burnley and the GLA were only part of the story.

    I wish the English Democrats the very best of luck for 2012.

    Martin Wingfield.
  20. Thanks Martin - let's hope we see more of each other this year - engaging in constructive political work - as there is much to be done.
  21. To 7th January 2012 08: 33 shock horror so it is yes so is the NF , still going nowhere except the nearest drain.
    happy new year dreamer.
  22. Eddy Butler should get Eastern BNP up and running again under his own steam with all his arse lickers like half wit Chris Francis, Emma smelly flange boring Chris Roberts brain dead John Leech silly Seabrook, Dreary Deardre, big nose goon Steve Mccall and maneater Una nutcracker just don't forget to keep all the funds and not give them the Chairman a penny, If you want a prediction of how you would get on ask Mistic Meg's half wit brother Chris Forster.
  23. http://www.vnnforum.com/showthread.php?t=137599
  24. To the two idiot posters who still support the BNP, let me make it clear to you both the BNP is dead in the water, it's a putrid corpse. I saw that recently 3 people were on a BNP stall in Barking, yes just 3. Griffin only surrounds himself with low IQ morons and spivs these day. Incidentally if you don't believe me about Mr Squire/Mendoza, why don't you ask him, his family changed their surname some years ago by deed poll.
  25. Griffin used to surround himself with king Baldy Blakey Sergent Chisem Butler of Essex or did you not notice as you was too busy rolling your to tongue over Edwards stinking arse.
  26. To Anonymous of 16:52 8 January.
    Why do you heap abuse on people you say should get Eastern BNP up and running again?There is no sense in abusing people you would like to see organising the BNP again.
    Why do you describe Chris Forster as Mistic(sic) Meg's half wit brother?Is it because he worked to establish active groups in 7 London boroughs?Or because he worked so that most groups had their own printing machinery?Or because he enjoyed some success on tv years ago?Or is it because he lives in one of Londons more expensive and smarter parts?Are all your comments just based on jealousy and ignorance?Do you resent people who were of leadership and management calibre, and are you happy to continue under a BNP regime that got rid of the best talent nationwide ,as long as you can run around like a headless chicken pursuing fruitless and lost causes?
  27. The BNP is "perminently" full of half wits and illiterates.

    The party should be nicknamed the 2 percenters after its recent polling results and its members' IQs.
  28. To the idiot poster (8 January 2012 20:02)
    It's quite apparent that geography and mathematics are not your strong points.
    1 The BNP does not hold stalls in Barking, 2 Dagenham BNP always has at least 6 activist on the streets of Dagenham. Sorry to pull your putrid post apart.
  29. Could the people who still support the London BNP region please tell me who is the Indian lady that keeps appearing on publicity photos with Steve Squire & Carlos Cortiglia? Is she a candidate in the forthcoming GLA elections?
  30. I see the london team are still having go despite losing some good activists who hate NG, It's a shame really I bet all combined efforts of old and new would lead to a great result, surely you lot would be better off jumping on the NF ship and building them up again if you wont come back, the media would be publishing non stop articles if there was a Nf bounce back, the ED's are just too wishy washy, if you really want to temp the bnp members to jump ship then get them NF leaflets back out in essex.
  31. Is your blog aimed at the partially sighted - all that super large print - You should go to spec savers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  32. I think the indian lady might be the woman that Eddy paid for a good time with when he went on holiday, she keeps asking for Eddy she says you didnt pay her. You naughty baldy man!
    I see Chris Forster throwing his toys out of his pram in the last post hahaha hillarious love this blog!

    The Ed's are a bunch of over sensitive cry babys, who can't cope that you lost to the one eyed perminent chairman. hahahahaha
  33. Eddy much as I respect you!! Nationalism has bit the dust in England!! people just don't want to know anymore.
  34. Eddy the NF are the party where the bnp stemed from the ED's are a joke come on do us all favour work the election magic with the NF don't waste your time with the english dems they will throw back in your face at some stage anyway, NF are hated more than the BNP by the establishment a perfect sail of nationalist publicity, YOU LOOK LIKE A MUG trying to build up the Ed's you would look like someone to follow if you relaunched eastern NF.
  35. To Anonymous Jan 10, 2012 04:24 AM, Barking & Dagenham is the same borough, the branch used to get dozens of people out onto the streets, 3 people is a joke especially when those 3 are pretty thick and loyal Griffinites.
  36. Like Nick lowles, Ketlan Ossowski has thrown the towel in! He's also in bad health these days
    1. Neither has thrown in the towel. Lowles has separated Hope not hate from Searchlight while Ossowski has gone to work for Searchlight and John P has started another blog site similar to Lancaster Unity. None of this is a cause for celebration by us. As for Ossowski suffering bad health - he's managed pretty well so far and I can't see him stopping attacking us now he's on Searchlight's payroll.
  37. I notice that bitterness, rancour and downright hatred of each other in the nationalist arena is growing daily, no enemy of nationalism could have succeeded to this degree, it was done from within. I suggest ego feeding was the main culprit, we all have differing views to one degree or another. driving a stake through Griffin's heart would cure nothing. the real answer is a drive for UNITY a prime starter would be a solid show of support for Emma West the State will try to slaughter Free speech using her to show you what they can do to people who say what they feel, using a language spoken in the hight of despair at her alienation in her home town, she spoke for so many, let many speak for her...
  38. To Anonymous Jan 15th. 01.43 AM

    Your sentiments and style, along with some other posters here, are more what I would expect to see on a Nationalist blog and I concur with your views,
    However, certain of the latest batch of postings above yours bring this blog, and Nationalism whether British or English, into disrepute and I do wonder at Eddy publishing them.
    Bitching at various rival Nationalists shows all of us up in a very bad light; I do sometimes wonder if these people are more interested in creating aggro and division than the cause -recovering our country -,for which we assumed they stood for?
  39. I see the truth truck is out getting votes, what happened to the famous bnp deformed freedom party and the baldy eds arse lick gang what are you lot doing, looks like mendoza/ squire is doing more work than you lot put together.

    And he is driving it for free unlike Paul Goldsberg who turned it in once th money run out.
  40. The recent pics of the same old tired looking London BNP team looks like a advert for the Darby And Joan club .
  41. Truth Truck ? more like Mendoza and Dads Army need the Ring And Ride to get them around London .
  42. Fairplay to ya Baldy Ed, Least you still take a bit of stick as well as give it.

    Goldsberg put that Anti Eddy Butler blog together then done a runner when his snidy greedy little pockets stopped being filled, I think that makes him worst than all of us............ worse than the baldy eds arselick gang and worse than us supporters of the one eyed perminent chairman.
  43. From: Sam Swerling, friend of the English Democrats
    and former Westminster City Councillor and
    ex-chairman Monday Club

    Best wishes to all members and supporters of the English Democrats for a happy and politically successful New Year.

    For all of us who love the idea of nationhood one myth needs to be exploded with urgency lest it takes root within the wider public unchecked. It is that David Cameron, a.k.a ‘Call me Dave’, has somehow “played a blinder”, to use Boris Johnson’s ridiculous and wholly inappropriate phrase in the context of the recent European summit of heads of states, where Dave vetoed a projected new treaty regulating fiscal policies of member states of the E.U. to a 3% ceiling above G.D.P.

    This regulation will come into effect in 2012 anyway through the inter-governmental conference that Sarkozy/Merkel will introduce and, under qualified majority voting, the U.K. may become bound in any event.

    All Dave did was to do what he said he would do. What sort of “blinder” is that?

    The reality is that Britain, and England in particular, will continue to be dominated by the E.U. Commission and Council of Ministers. This cannot change until a referendum becomes inevitable so that the European Communities Act 1972, and, as a concomitant, the Human Rights Act 1998 are repealed. This is what the English people want. We must exert the necessary pressure to make it happen.

    Patient analysis of the Treaties of Rome (1957), Maastricht (1992), Amsterdam (1998), Nice (2000) and Lisbon (2007), as well as the Single European Act (1996), leads to the inescapable conclusion, moreover, that all talk of repatriation of powers from Dave, his Tory ministers (particularly William Hague) and his MPs is a complete charade. It can’t happen because the doctrine of ‘acquis communautaire’ (written into Maastricht and consolidated in Amsterdam) dictates that when the E.U. has assumed ‘competence’ over an area of policy it becomes entrenched in European law and has superior status to domestic law.

    It would require all 27 European countries to endorse such repatriations to a member state and that is simply not going to happen so I fear that William Hague, not for the first time in European affairs, is talking through his baseball cap.

    One day, the sooner the better, the betrayal of our English people and the loss of 760 years of parliamentary sovereignty and democratic control, will become manifest for all to see. Let the English Democrats be at the forefront in striving to achieve this principled and laudable objective. Our own courts of law can then decide upon the most suitable punishments for those who have consistently betrayed our English self-governance.
  44. Just joined the English Democrats.
    £30 annually for 'National Prime Voting Member'.
    I just couldn't bring myself to throw my lot in with the NF, spending forever and a day trying to whitewash all the skinhead moronic nonesense of the previous decades. The EDs are a party one does not feel embarrassed to be a member of, unlike today's BNP et al.

    Thanks for the support Eddy, I am now officially one of your "EDDs EDs".
  45. I would have joined the EDs BUT £30 is to much for a senior they need to make concessions !!!!!!!! UKIP only charge £20
  46. The EDs do a 'concession' half rate of £15 per year for Students/OAPs/Unemployed/Scrooges etc..
  47. Good to see it Jay, maybe you might see if James is interested too. Sensible nationalism has to be the way. It is the only way to achieve success. The alternative is oblivion!!!

    Lawrence Rustem
  48. I read in the Daily Wail this morning that yet another family have had their mother's house invaded by squatters, this time, Moldavians, who aren't even in the EU. Last time it was in Barking, & again the useless PC PC plods said they could do nothing as it was a "civil matter". This in spite of the house being broken into & the locks changed.
    What I would like to know, Eddy, if you could spare the time to say, is what is the EDs' attitude to this kind of lawlessness, what would they do about it, if anything?
    Myself, I think it is a job for the 'A' Team!
    I take an interest, as I used to live round Walthamstow way, & still go back there to visit.
  49. LOL you posters on here really should get a life. Carry on knocking the BNP all you like, because the more you knock, the more we laugh.
  50. Dear Mo, The Plod are liars, it is a criminal matter the law of trespass is clear, if these parasites are removed by plod the state immediately becomes responsible for housing them costing thousands in the process, any arsehole from anywhere in the world has a right to social housing here or anyone else's if there is no-one is in,, just walk in you can claim your rights, its all free.;; The People Should KNOW When They Are Conquered,(Quintius);;Would You Quintus ? Would I ? (Maximus)
  51. The celebration of the Queens Diamond Jubilee is to take place on the river Thames.
    Is it me being cynical here?, because London isn't that great patriotic Capital city anymore, what sort of reception would the Queen get riding around central London for her celebration. Probably if she kept to the posh parts of Westminster and the City, it would be a great success. But can you imagine the reception the Queen would get driving up Edgeware Road from Marble Arch which has been colonised by middle Eastern Arabs, potential suicide Bomber comes to mind, or if the Queen decided to parade around the eastern edge of the City of London, one wrong turn and she could find herself in Spitalfields, which is part of the Islamic Borough of Tower Hamlets, Spitalfields was once the stronghold of George Galloway's Respect party, heavily supported by the Bangladeshi community of Bricklane and Spitalfields, entering the Islamic Borough of Tower Hamlets could mean the Queen could be forced to wear a veil or face the consequences.
    There are many more alien areas in and around central London where the Queen celebrating her Diamond jubilee would not only not be welcome, but bloody dangerous for Her Majesty.
    So yes celebrating the Queens Diamond Jubilee on the River Thames is a great idea, keep the Queen away from hostile colonised areas like London her capital city or she will be embarrassed at the very least, or blown up by a suicide bomber alternativly.
    Jamie, West Hert's, London flighter

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