Sometimes I get a good feeling, yes, I get a feeling that I never never knew, never had before, no no, I get a good feeling, yes.

Yes I have a feeling in my bones that we will witness interesting things.

Firstly my apologies for going AWOL again on this blog. I have been busy lately doing something else that has absorbed my time.

But back to these interesting things… I’m not talking about little things such as poor old Moobs (as he is known) getting ready to pack up after, what? A year and half? What commitment, what involvement.

This is what happens though when people feel a sense of entitlement – entitlement to a share of the bankroll.

I have been involved in this business for well over 30 years. During nearly all that time the movement was as poor as a collective of church mice.

There has always been a degree of ‘graft’ at the top, where paid officials topped up low wages with expenses claims and back handers. Indeed the low wages and long hours often caused the paid staff to feel that it was quite legitimate for them to harvest receipts in order to make expenses claims. After all they knew that the bequests that were left to the cause, but invariably made out to a personal name of ‘someone or another’ rather than to a party name, usually went straight into that ‘someone’s’ back pocket.

The closer you got to the heart of the cause, the blacker you realised it was.

I was a volunteer and I never claimed expenses even from my branch or region, and never so far as I can recall, from a branch or region I had to visit in the course of my voluntary work. That was how it was not just for me. It was a privilege to serve. It was a privilege to be a senior officer. Most volunteer activists and officers were willing to give up all their spare time, their holidays, and a big slice out of their earnings for the cause.

The expenses door started opening in the late 2000s I would say. The campaign to get someone elected to the Greater London Assembly led to a dramatic spread of the expenses culture. The BNP’s lead candidate Richard Barnbrook was an expenses fanatic. Other activists looked on enviously and inevitably some copied. Then, when Richard Barnbrook was elected, there was an undignified scramble by people to get on the payroll. There was a budget for staff!

This was followed by the European Elections and an even bigger payroll and an even bigger scramble.

I was unwise enough to give up a very secure and well-paid job and work for the party, in and out of Europe. Contrary to claims made by my shrinking band of Griffinite enemies, I only claimed a fraction of the expenses that I was potentially due.

As I say, the closer you are to the heart, the blacker you realise it is and I didn’t last long on the payroll. It was barely eight months before the rotting stench became too apparent – and I like to think that I am cynical and hard nosed enough to absorb and work through such things. But I determined to make a stand and the rest is history. Actually the BNP is history as collectively it failed to purge the rot when it had the chance and you only get one chance in this life. I left without even claiming my back expenses – which were considerable.

But the consequence is that precious few people will work for Nick Nick without being paid. Even if they have only been in the BNP for ten minutes, they want their dosh before they are willing to do anything. Hence Moobs is feeling bitter at his lack of remuneration and is looking to the door.

Talking of which I see that Dave Hannam’s self serving resignation statement has surfaced from September 2010. It is genuine in my opinion.

I know of a handful of people who fear to admit that they are flogging a dead horse. It is the only horse they know about and do not have the imagination to look elsewhere.

Oh – those interesting things? You will know when it happens. Then even the unimaginative dead horse floggers will realise the futility of their endeavours. They already know actually but they try and push it to the backs of their minds and carry on regardless. That way leads to grievous disappointment. That is the iron law of nature. It is inevitable.


  1. Slagging off a dead man? A man who died in tragic circumstances:? How low can you go Eddy? You still green with envy how others better than you are reaping the rewards of loyalty to a much better man than you can ever hope to be? Theres only one player and thats the BNP. Dont ever forget it you envious little muppet.
    1. "There's only one player and that's the BNP" That this is not said tongue-in-cheek says it all.
  2. Gri££in is going for sheer bribery to get candidates now, how pathetic!

    "In May, Scotland goes to the polls in the country’s important council elections. The Party is hoping to field its largest list of candidates so far. Being an elected councillor in Scotland brings with it a wage of £16,000 annually for the term of four years’ service. The British National Party Leadership in Scotland is now urging members to come forward who have the desire to stand and register with Regional Organiser David Orr"
  3. Interesting article, but who is "moobs"?

    Lawrence Rustem
  4. Jefferson won't last till the elections in May.
  5. Sorry, I didn't understand that little rant at all. being a "newbie" I don't know who the hell is Moobs is.

    I think you are losing it Eddie.
  6. Tut tut Eddy, you really should stop trying to target stoic BNP members. Time to move on son.
  7. Yes I have heard that one or two have been very stoic in the face of a multitude of adversities. Self inflicted though, and there comes a time when stoicism becomes mania.
  8. "Moobs" is a term given to a male with large pecs that look like woman's breasts. This particular "moobs" character has stated he is overworked and will be leaving soon. He claims he does it for Country; however; his constant rants about not being paid are quite morose. Many people in the BNP have given their time and cash only to find they are not appreciated (although the cash is always appreciated by Nick Nick & Jefferscum). Those that are enlightened; leave. There are others that follow blindly in the hope that the cause can be steered with the BNP cart (albeit the wheels came off a long time ago and the mechanics have no desire to replace them). I look forward to the "interesting things" yet to come; as Eddy always delivers. Incidentally Eddy; what has been distracting you from writing your blog and making you go AWOL?
  9. I seem to have struck a particular chord with some of my most loyal readers. But I cannot reveal all my secrets, I have to sometimes operate on a need to know basis - those that need to know what I do will no doubt be aware of my perambulations while being AWOL.
  10. If you wish people to continue to visit this blog raise the level of your comment, it is becoming tedious, boring, its like reading about the progress of a box of long dead cod, move on please. there are so many interesting sites out there.
  11. OK Eddy you proved your good at a bit of playground mud slinging but when are you and your team of arselickers going to do a bit of proper political work ie: GLA
  12. So Eddy, you have been on an secret undercover mission have you?

    "Say no more, I know what you mean. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink"

    - M
  13. With all the sabar rattling going on over the Falkland Islands it would seems utter madness to let Carlos Cortiglia stand as the BNP candidate for Mayor of London, is Griffin trying to shoot the party in the foot on 3rd May?

    "Argentina and Britain spar over Falkland Islands"
  14. "theres only one player and thats the BNP" No there is only one player and that is Gri££in!
    1. Annonymous Jan 20, 2011 03:AM

      You are so right. Spot on.
      My husband called it the GNP. Unfortunately, like many others, who like us, could nolonger support such a corrupt regime[despite believing in the message]it took us some time before reality dawned.
      Needless to say we spent[once again like many others]years neglecting our personal lives to promote the BNP/GNP in any capacity we could.
  15. I've just been looking at the Electoral Commission website , I see that Griffin & Jefferson still haven't submitted the 2010 accounts, in fact they are the only political party not to have submitted any accounts. I want to see where the millions that Jim Dowson raised went too.
  16. You're smirking in the photo Eddy baby
  17. Eddy, is there any truth in the rumour going around about you and an ex BNP member ;) wink wink nudge nudge, say no more.
  18. There is still an on going investigation into electoral fraud concerning Griffin's expenses in the Barking constituency during 2010, Special Branch are now involved, Griffin better have some very good answers, I suppose he will blame it all on poor Dave Hannam, now that he can no longer answer for himself?
  19. Eddy, don't you have 'moobs' too and quite a large glossy 'chrome dome' to boot?


  20. Eddy.. You are full of tish. You are a busted flush and your time is limited. We look forward to your demise. As for Mr. Rushtem, who appears to be one of your only admirers he always has plenty to say, unless of course he is challenged to a fight face to face by a real man, then his fat bottom seems to fall out. Typical Jew.
  21. Fair play to Eddy for letting through post that have a pop at him, that said I was wondering if Eddy would enlighten us about the the rumours doing the rounds. True or not then Eddy.
  22. Sad to see you back eddie,
    Still stinking of sour grapes,why dont you go and play with your new EDs friends and leave us true Nationalists to try and figure out a way of saving our country we dont need people like you stiring the sh*t.
  23. I see from the sort of guttersnipe comment above, Anon.02:46 pm, that you are really getting to some people, Eddy.
    Let's have even more pictures of you smiling!
    What is most despicable is that the people who make these nasty comments are cowards who hide behind 'Anon'.
  24. Special Branch investigating electoral fraud?
  25. So Mt Moobs is Peter Stafford, or Clive Snif snif Jefferson.
  26. Hi Eddy, This blog is looking rather seedy, keep on about dead cod, lets try politics, free speech for Muslim gay haters, free speech for women on trams, , the destruction of our armed forces, the sale of OUR Harriers to the Americans for scrap so we can pay 20,000 polish children in Warsaw family benefits, Stop keeping on about the degenerates at the bottom of the pile, go for those at the top, what's the point of having a blog if all you debate is the crap left in the BNP?. Are you developing a psychosis?
  27. The comments people feel inspired to post Against this article illustrate that I have hit my targets with laser like precision. Ha!
  28. The only interesting thing I want to witness is a nationalist government taking office in UK. The Internet is giving us all huge freedom to spread our message and build up more support for nationalist
    policies. Although a good half of the population
    are completely out of it, there is still plenty of potential out there. This blog is entertaining but is it furthering our nationalist aspirations?
  29. Butler "What did u send him that he thanked you for - is he growing a beard? I don't like u having anything to do with that sick jerk- Tell him you have discovered that Butler isn't concentrating on his work for brons and griffin can inform Olaf that butler Is too busy fucking Claudia Dalgliesh to do anything else", i bet Claudia didn't tell you that she was forwarding all your texts, oh well i'll be meeting up with Sue next week to her show her them and hopefully your son will be there too...Donna
  30. Donna - is that one of my texts? Very strange.
    Oh well it just goes to show that you lot are crapping yourselves over something. I can't imagine what - but all good things come to he who waits. Are you waiting patiently? It will soon begin.
  31. English 'backlash' on devolution begins, finds report

    More than half the English think England should go it alone in the first real signs of a backlash over devolution, a report said today.

    By Tom Whitehead, Home Affairs Editor

    6:50AM GMT 23 Jan 2012

    England should either have its own parliament or only English MPs should vote on English laws, according to the survey by the Institute for Public Policy Research (ippr) think tank.

    The report, The Dog That Finally Barked, said four in ten people identify themselves as English before British, more than twice the proportion for vice versa.

    And eight in ten believe Scotland should break all financial ties – the so called “devolution max” – because it benefits unfairly from the current relationship.

    But a quarter of people said they had no confidence in the ability of any political party to stand up for the interests of England.

    The research comes as Scotland’s ruling Scottish National Party this week launches a consultation on its plans for a referendum on future independence.

    Related Articles

    The ippr report said it was surprising that an “English backlash” did not materialise after devolution to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland but that “there are now signs that stirring within England is beginning to take shape”.

    The English survey found more than half said Scotland’s economy benefits more than England’s from being in the UK and only one in four now support the status quo.

    Nick Pearce, ippr director, said: “English identity is on the rise and it is increasingly expressed in terms that are resentful of the devolution settlement.

    “Our mainstream political parties need to embrace Englishness, take it seriously, and find new ways of giving it political expression.

    “The longer this debate is ignored, or worse, denied, the more likely we will see a backlash within England against the UK."

    Richard Wyn Jones, Professor of Politics at Cardiff University and co-author of the report, added: “Despite the exhortations of successive governments that have focused exclusively on Britishness, it is clear that at the popular level it is Englishness that resonates most.”
  32. Eddy - is Donna 'the smelly wildebeest from Croydon' trying to blackmail you on behalf of Mendoza? Why would she be so concerned about this? The stress will be bad for her heart.
  33. Donna Treanor "wildebeest" wants to get onside with Mendoza as she wants to move in to his house and she stated at Feltham Count she would like to give him a baby - but he fires blanks darling thats why Dalgleish left. What she forgot he likes thin dolly birds and she would need over £600 a week to keep up with his outgoings. She is delusional. Aardvark is a more apt description of her. Grunt grunt
  34. This Donna is a bit of an odd ball. She’s one of those BNP recruits from the margins of society.
    I had an abusive message from her on my Facebook today. Then she the locked me to prevent a reply. It was the Facebook equivalent of ringing someone’s doorbell and running away. We used to call it ‘knock down ginger’.
    She is turning into a weird stalker. I imagine she has pictures of me cut out from magazines that she has stuck onto Action Man dolls. When she gets angry she probably sticks pins in them. On other occasions she probably takes them to bed. Yuk!
    I find it slightly odd to suddenly be getting these messages from someone like that but such is like. Another Ruth Tagg:
    This sort of thing won’t be good for her heath – if anyone had concern for her they should calm the poor thing down. I am informed that she is trying to form a liaison with someone who I know is under a lot of pressure at the moment and this is the most likely explanation for her ranting. I am certain she is trying to win his affections. But this isn’t good for her. No one wants another scare like last year.
    Anyway this is what she sent me out of the blue. Well not totally out of the blue as an obsessive pattern is forming (see comment above):

    Donna Treanor
    Hey Butler tell your trollop to stop harrassing me or i will go to the police, she has the cheek to go about looks when she's sleeping with you haha that gotta take the biscuit hasn't it?? Psml we're all laughing at you both, may be you should take her somewhere up market from McD's next time, you sure know how to give a girl a good time.
    A is for adultery, you'd know all about that.
    I impotent, Claudia told me you had to use Viagra (i have the texts).
    D is for desirable, something alien to you both.
    S is for secrets, i know plenty of them...

    As they say – there’s only one thing worse than being talked about – and that’s not being talked about. Ha!
  35. Yes Mr Boobs is Peter Stafford the young pretender of the BFP.
  36. She's not called Donna Marie Minger the slut single mum for nothing.
  37. Donna and many of the old BNP activists are not from the margins of society; they are from the margins of mental health.

    I applaud the way you allow through critical and insulting comments but I left the BNP partly in the belief that I could escape from some of these freaks. I'd suggest you limit the mental health posts as they will drag the blog into the gutter.

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