For a moment I though the time was fast coming when I would be discontinuing my blog - but not just yet ladies and gentlemen. There are a few more twists and turns before the corpse is left to rot on the gallows, picked over by Ravens and feasted on by maggots. Yum yum.

I should inform you that Simon Darby’s £20,000 was handed over nearly two days late to the High Court. Technically Messrs Nick Nick Griffin and Simon Darby are in breach of the terms of the stay of execution, but in practice the courts usually accept compliance even when it is out of time.

I am informed that the legal team representing Steve Blake, Nicholla Smith, Kenny Smith and Ian Dawson are actually relieved by this payment as it means that at least some of their costs will now be realised when the case is finally concluded.

I wonder of some gullible idiot coughed up – or whether someone dug up one of his biscuit tins wrapped in a bin liner.

I can’t help but wonder whether my last blog entry provoked a mad scramble to ‘feed the Vampire’. I know 'they' are fascinated by what I have to say.

‘What’s Eddy saying... what’s Eddy doing?’ You may well ask Nick Nick. But you will just have to wait and see.

A further £25,000 is due on or by 28th September 2011.

If this payment is made then a further appeal may be heard!

Watch this space!

Oh I almost forgot – I have some other interesting documents to show you.

As I am a thoroughly decent kind of guy I have blacked out the names of the innocent, Vehicle Registration Numbers and addresses.

First we have the Griffin family’s hand written ‘bill of sale’ to Ian Kitchen for that Skoda. Make of it what you will.
Then we have the history of the various visits by High Court Enforcement Officers to various Griffin family encampments and Simon Darby’s residence.

The most recent date is first. Click on each image to see them properly.
The costs they are a-rising.

Message to the foolhardy - yes there are still some of you around aren't there:


  1. Fake documents...liar in chief Butler will get his just rewards soon.

    BBC, News International, Guardian and the rest of the left wing press all agree with you Eddy, Nick Griffin is finished. Liars. Mr Griffin made a powerful speech two days ago. It was recorded on EU TV and written into EU version of Hansard,

    No one mentioned the sad shadow that is Eddy Butler, where is the old geezer?
  2. hey nicko.
    that silly hastily scribbled back-dated 'bill of sale',that's technically conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.
    these charges are just racking up,aren't they ?.
    you're not only supremely arrogant,astonishingly conceited and astoundingly untrustworthy ... you're also REMARKABLY STUPID.
    good luck in jail,nicko.when you're not getting the living shite pounded out of you you'll be breathing in and out.
  3. So the bill of sale is yet another lie from that family on the hill. Mrs Griffin should be prosecuted for attempting to pervert the course of justice.
  4. Whatever way this sordid drama unfolds, this is no way to run a political party, without dignity, without scruples, or any semblance of morals, whoever remains in this company of miscreants are themselves part of this foul company;
    there is no excuse in saying lets wait and see if the BNP survives Griffin it cannot, remember every day that Griffin wastes is a day lost forever.
  5. O my gawd someone wants an old geezer, Faustus made a powerfull speech did he duckie dear?, Google up some Nurenburg Rallies (circa 1936) if you want some powerfull speeches Dr Goebbles was fantastic , so was Hitler, yea but they can't hold a candle to vermim head Griffin.
  6. It is illegal to plan bankruptcy. It is also frowned upon to declare bankruptcy more than once.
    The fact is that anyone can fall foul to a bad chain of events or mismanagement etc but to make a habit out of it highlights a bad character trait or possibly even criminal intent.
  7. I see there are still some brain dead half wits still believing Griffin, not too surprising he is a master deceiver and arch liar. When the criminal cases start even the most loyal will wake up.
  8. Re. Anonymous said...

    Fake documents...liar in chief Butler will get his just rewards soon.

    What a strange thing to post, I have found this blog to be a remarkably reliable source of information. If a mistake is made the writer seems to put it right as soon as possible.
  9. The HCEO's report is quite genuine. What do the Gri££otards think? That the taking of Gri££in's Skoda was a figment of someone's imagination?

    There will be far more bills to pay and much more money to find in the months to come, so instead of posting rubbish on the internet, the Gri££otards should really be saving money on the family food budget in order to donate!

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