Readers may be aware that this blog was hacked around lunchtime on Saturday by ‘Griffinite’ elements. A fake resignation statement was put up. The full site is in the process of being restored.

The back story for this incident concerns the increasingly deranged BNP London Organiser and their no 1 candidate for the Greater London Assembly, Steve Squire-Mendoza.

Along with his side kick Bob Taylor and one or two others he recently set up an ‘attack blog’ which specialised in making illiterate and crude attacks upon myself, Claudia Dalgleish and anyone associated with me – the list is too long to repeat. Squire-Mendoza’s blog specialises in using foul language. Needless to say it is not what one might expect from a sober fellow who is aspiring to high public office.

But Squire-Mendoza is a Bitter Ex-Boyfriend while Taylor is a Bitter Ex-Gimp - BEG for short. This is a suitable acronym given Taylor’s past reliance on charity handouts from Claudia Dalgleish. Taylor used to be a slavish and slavering adherent of Claudia Dalgleish’s until these payments ceased.
These two have lost their reason and their heads. If the new anti harassment and stalking laws are introduced swiftly by Cameron Squire-Mendoza and Taylor are likely to be two of the first convictees.

But their political boss, The Degenerate Permanent Chairman of the BNP Nick Nick Griffin MEP, has also lost his marbles. It will be remembered that he is an undenied sex pest and flasher, and that the aforementioned Claudia Dalgleish was the object of his sex pest and flashing activities. Accordingly Nick Nick was not minded to rein in the buffoonish and increasingly embarrassing antics of Squire-Mendoza and Taylor, even after they posted up what may loosely be termed a ‘blog article’ which denounced all northerners as scum.

However other officers in what is left of the BNP were able to take a more detached view and could see that Squire-Mendoza was rapidly making a laughing stock of the ‘London BNP’ efforts to retain or regain a seat on the Greater London Assembly. Yes we know they have got no chance anyway, but Squire-Mendoza was making a bad situation worse. Accordingly Clive Rizzle Kicks Jefferson has been threatening to expel Squire-Mendoza.

Then what happens?

The BNP’s London Mayoral candidate Carlos Cortiglia was exposed as a male sex ‘swinger’, who advertises his services on the internet. There also seems to be some suggestion that he is also an ‘escort’. That is someone who ‘performs’ for hard cash. It would also seem that his sexual activities are not restricted to the opposite sex.

Now call me old fashioned but I think it might be unusual for a candidate for high elected office to have such a portfolio. I understand that at the selection meeting, Carlos thumped the table and demanded that if anyone had any skeleton’s in their closet then they must speak out now! Some hypocrisy. It will be noted that Squire-Mendoza remained silent, the foolish fellow. Carlos’s embarrassing swinging is nothing to what will be revealed about Squire-Mendoza.

Now I always used to quite like Carlos, although I was totally unaware of his proclivities I hasten to add. However I told him he was wrong to put himself forward as mayoral candidate as it was known that he had made a statement in his native Uruguay to the effect that he would be willing to fight on Argentina’s side to seize the Falkland Islands from our ownership. He of course calls them the Malvinas.

Now it turns out that Carlos moonlights as some manner of Latin Gigolo!

The trouble is the BNP have no other candidate so I think they are stuck with a swinger Mayoral candidate. Also it seems that some form of sexual deviancy is a prerequisite to serve alongside Nick Nick now.

Anyway, as part of the general horse trading within the BNP came the call for Squire-Mendoza to shut his blog and clean up ‘London BNP’s’ degenerate act, and the quid pro quo was that my blog would be attacked.

It is rather flattering in a perverse way that after nearly two years I still dominate their thinking.

But it ain’t over yet. There’s a few more tale’s to be told. When the time is ripe. Until then Squire-Mendoza can twitch and squirm – waiting for the blade to drop.


  1. To be honest Eddy, even though Griffin and Co have not denied allegations, they have made serious claims about your personal like, and you have not denied it either

  2. Really good eds spring conference yesterday. Every speech was very interesting. There was a rep from the engslish workers union a real union/ winning cases and groweing. If You are in a union or thinking of joining one please consider the ewu. Also a rep from campain for an english parliment and many others. The host,chair david lane was very funny and witty but serious as well and ran the meeting very well. Extra chairs had to be bought in and placed at the back of the confernce suit as there was no more room at the tables,suit was packed,attendees came from all over england. Contingents came from leeds,essex,herts,hamps,sussex,midlands and many other locations. Constructive day. England and flag of st george forever, euro rag never. Councillor simon deacon

  3. I don't believe Carlos is a swinger - surely it's a preposterous red lie?

  4. Oh dear Butler, you just make us stronger, you will never stop us with your rants on here. When is your sexual harrassment case?. I will see you in the court, just to take some pics of you.

    1. I see Griffinites are making their usual empty threats. Returning to reality: tomorrow there will be a court hearing in Carlisle. Only a short one – the real case will be later this year.

      In contrast to the empty keyboard warriors, I really will be there for that case, as I was when I last encountered NG in person in Manchester.

      NG should remember that case – it cost him enough!

      Yet that financial cost will be as nothing compared to the political and personal cost of the Carlisle case.

      Griffin's attack dogs have tried to close down this blog, and the Democracy Forum's BNP section. What are they afraid of?

  5. Whatever this pair of unelectable degenerates think of their past, hacking your blog is a crime for which those responsible must be held to account. I suggest you contact to obtain the log data for this site as evidence before it is wiped, and report this incident to the police.

    It is a curse of Nationalism that it can bring some of the very best and yet some of the very worst out of people.

  6. "However other officers in what is left of the BNP were able to take a more detached view and could see that Squire-Mendoza was rapidly making a laughing stock of the ‘London BNP’ efforts to retain or regain a seat on the Greater London Assembly. Yes we know they have got no chance anyway, but Squire-Mendoza was making a bad situation worse." - As you have spelt out again and again, Eddy, it's just business as usual in the Griffin family business. The idea is just to make a bit of a show, just enough to try and keep those membership fees coming in and Griffin in the lifestyle to which he is so very well accustomed. Now they are plumbing ever new depths of degeneracy and are making our mainstream politicians look like paragons of virtue.

  7. Charlotte it is true about Carlos.
    It is one thing fir someone like griffin or squire to make cowardly anonymous accusations - I make mine in my name - and it is another when the press say it and it is unanswered.
    What have I unanswered? I am not a freemason or a state agent or a searchlight spy. I have never taken drugs of any kind and have never been with a prostitute, nor have I ever been a swinger. I claimed minimal expenses for the brief time I was emoployed by the BNP. There - Beyond that private life is my business or concerns me my family and friends and no one else.

  8. " Beyond that private life is my business or concerns me my family and friends and no one else"

    Yet you are the first one posting gossip about other peoples. Pure hypocrisy. Heres a question. Is it right for a married man to cheat on his wife just so he can score points over a political opponent? You wont answer this or allow this comment through. Why? Because you are a weasel.

  9. All these posts by you and your opponents are truely embarassing for all concerned. I think its about time You and Mr Squires called a truce in all this rather childish mudslinging. I dont care what Carlos or you do in your personal lives, just get on with the job of helping our poor people. Both of you put your nation first and stop being so self centered. In the grand scheme of things, you,Carlos and Squires are of no importance whatsoever so please , please all of you stop dragging all nationalists through the mud. You wont listen of coarse because its not about our country, its about you

  10. 'Beyond that private life is my business or concerns me my family and friends and no one else.'

    In politics your personal life will be scrutinised , like it or not. If you cant stand the heat of the kitchen, get out

  11. Why don't you lot meet up and sort this out man to man?

  12. Here we go again!!! Is it not about time that EVERYONE involved in these immature, petty, playground squabbles, got their heads together and tackled the problem of islam taking over our country? Sick and tired of all this in fighting nonsense that makes us the laughing stock of Britain. No wonder we're losing this battle. GET A GRIP PEOPLE!!!

  13. Nationalists should never get into the trap of feeling they should answer smears posted by anonymous Griffinite/red filth etc. on internet forums.

    I have seen people make this mistake before and it leads to them spending all their time answering smears on enemy-run sites, like the British Democracy Forum, which is run by UKIP.

    How the enemies of our cause must laugh when they ensnare someone who cares what is written about them on such sites and takes the time to respond.

    As regards yesterday, it was indeed an excellent event. Good to see plenty of good ex-BNP people there.

  14. Love the Jilted John clip . that bought back some memories .
    Happy days .

  15. Well I like Carlos & was surprised at somebody of his calibre sticking by Griffin; I suppose 'swinging' takes place between consenting adults, but even so it's definitely a 'skeleton in the closet' if it's true.

  16. I can't believe it about old Carlos, I thought he was a decent family man. Where is the proof?

  17. Earlier in the week ITV's London Tonight had a feature on the London Mayoral election (please see link below to view) there was no mention of an English Democrat candidate, will anybody be standing?

  18. Eddy I've just spotted this, it's very obvious now that Griffin was behind the attack on your blog, shame on him.


  19. I enjoyed the annual ED conference yesterday, it was serious and sensible. The evening meal was jolly too (lol). I was impressed by the English Workers Union, which I will join, and all of the various other speakers. I am hopeful we can raise the money for a Mayoral candidate, but unfortunately this doesn't look likely.

    One thing also that struck me at the conference was the easy going way in which people were prepared to exchange details and become involved. There was none of the old BNP type paranoia (ask a BNP member for his home details and he'll think you're Special Branch, or the Jews). This bodes well, and makes campaigning much easier.
    We are now presently engaged in a recruitment campaign here in Kent, we need more activists, although we have a lot more members than I thought. Recruitment should now be the #1 priority.

    One thing that does need to come into existence though methinks, is a party monthly newspaper. The entire left gravitates around 'The Guardian', and this concept was taken on board when the early BNP totally gravitated around the 'British Nationalist' newspaper (which morphed into the VoF). a newspaper gives a party an excuse to knock on a door outside of election times, builds up a branch, funds, and lukewarm supporters. This list of potential supporters hugely cuts down canvassing time during elections when time is extremely limited, with only the luke warm supporters being canvassed. Obviously a newspaper requires funds, which are limited, but this should be the present #2 priority. The EDs actually have a full colour recruitment leaflet, give head office a ring and try and badger some. Or ask them how much to buy per 1000 (I suspect they'll be cheap). Get recruiting, and I don't mean just the ex-BNP members (the decent ones anyway), but completely new people.

    And I wish Eddy would stop harping on about BNP members. If he has juicy damaging info on their candidates, then simply quietly give it to the Sunday Sport (or some other gossipy type paper), and let them publish it. They're always on the lookout for new stories, it's how they make their living. I think Eddy should stick with the politics and stop trying to be a poor man's political version of OK magazine.
    Just a thought.

  20. Chris BeverleyMar 11, 2012 09:44 AM

    Nationalists should never get into the trap of feeling they should answer smears posted by anonymous Griffinite/red filth etc. on internet forums.


    I'm living testament to that!


  21. Chris BeverleyMar 11, 2012 09:44 AM

    Nationalists should never get into the trap of feeling they should answer smears posted by anonymous Griffinite/red filth etc. on internet forums.


  22. Why don't both sides grow up and just get on with doing what's best for they're respective parties.
    Come on guys sort it out.

  23. Anonymous. Mar 11th. 01:28pm:

    No, it was nothing to do with Griffin. It's a personal vendetta and, like some commenters above, I think it's about time all parties to this grew up and learned to kept their private lives private. That goes for all of you who gossip and make up stuff.
    I made a complaint about that Ch-- site, not because I have respect for Eddy, who is happy to smear others, but because the subject matter and graphics were distasteful and the whole thing unbecoming. The decent person I told, who doesn't trawl blogs and forums so didn't know about it, obviously took my complaint to heart. Now let's see some decency on all sides please.

  24. Edward Butler you are the hubris I am sure you will continue being so in your new party.

  25. Why do you always say Nick Griffin's first name twice when writing about him?

    It's really annoying and makes reading your blog difficult.

    In the early nineties the National Front were left a legacy of close on one hundred thousand by a party supporter . The chairman at the time was Ian Anderson and understand the money required two signatures for usage for party purposes . In 1995 the NF changed the name to the National Democrats resulting in a split in the already very small party .
    The legacy remained with the National Democrats under the control of party chairman Ian Anderson . By 2000 the National Democrats had ceased to exit with only the Flag newspaper being published as a independent nationalist publication . sadly Ian Anderson as now passed away .
    The question remains what happened to the missing thousands ?

    1. Graham Wakefield13 March 2012 at 10:13

      The money was spent on the purchase of Britannia house the building doubled as Party HQ and the site of Ian Andersons successful printing business Panther Print. The National Democrats attempted to give the impression it was attracting a mass membership,sadly it never did, most people who ditched the NF joined the BNP instead, this resulted in legacy cash being used for election work and costly deposits all of which were lost.The Party printed a glossy monthly magazine called Vanguard it was edited by Blackburn based Stephen Ebbs however it lost money on every print and was subsidised by legacy cash.The rot set in for the Party when the then prominen West Mids activist Steve and Sharon Edwards along with Simon Darby called for a EGM meeting to discuss the financial state of the Party, leading directorate members met at the Edwards home and after examining the books it was found that around &20,000 was all that was left,it was later discovered that the Edwards and Simon Darby had been in talks with one Nick Griffins and had effectively betrayed JT and thrown there influence (that was considerable at the time) behind NG takeover of the Bnp.With hindsight the Egm to inspect the books came at the time NG was instigating his plan to destroy JT and snatch the BNP leadership using the Edwards influence he could swallow up the tiny ND and get his grubby hands on the remaining cash.I can only assume that upon the sad death of Ian Anderson the building became the property of Stephen Ebbs.

    2. The Edwards were very misguided at the time and had total admiration for Griffin, they very quickly realised that they had made a huge error backing the one eyed crook but it was too late.

  27. white text on a black background is difficult to read but other than that i like the new design

  28. English and proud12 March 2012 at 21:29

    What fiendish lions you have as your heraldic supporters. I am worried who is advising you on your PR matters. This is a very troubling matter. Are you hinting at some masonic connections which only now you feel free to reveal, and why now?

    Seriously those teeth bearing, full maned, lions are not on the list of acceptable heraldic symbols. This is a dangerous path you are crossing.

    My thoughts are with your soul.

  29. Eddy you caught me off guard the other night when you come round, why dont you come round and try it again ?

    Bob Taylor. Dagenham.

  30. PS. Next time please fill free to be a man and not run away from my door when i come out

  31. How amusing - Taylor has totally lost the plot. I think the hallucinogenic drugs must be taking effect.

  32. In reply to Graham Wakefield I think your getting past events mixed up a little . It is true a national directorate meeting of the Nat Dems was called at my former home the reasons being that none of the directorate had seen any party finances at the time which I felt was not a healthy situation . I cannot remember what was In the books but If you say 20 000 I will take your word for it . I also remember my relationship with Ian Anderson went down hill pretty fast after that .
    At no time during my membership of the Nat Dems had I spoken to Nick Griffin or anyone else in the BNP for that matter . When I did resign my position from the Nat Dems the only discussions I had was with John Tyndel who convinced me that the only way forward was for one major nationalist party and that was the BNP which was by far the largest .Most of the West Midlands region followed me .
    Only when I joined the BNP did I speak to Nick Griffin and my first meeting with him was In Shrewsbury . In none of my many social meetings with JT and Nick Griffin can I remember either of them bringing up the subject of a legacy In the Nat Dems .
    I became good friends of both JT and Nick Griffin and It was with a heavy heart that I gave my support for Nick Griffin in the leadership election . Within six months of Nicks takeover I realised I had made a huge mistake and I am not the only one over the years to admit the same .
    Nick is no friend of mine and I would be the first to back your theory that Nick was after the Nat Dem legacy but as much as I would like to that is not really what happened .

  33. DEAR Bagoshite Bob, You couldn't punch your way out of a wet paper bag you actually have a door do you? oh! silly of me Barns can have doors can't they, from Tony the Bull.

  34. Can anyone on this blog shed any light on what happened to the legacy left to the BNP when John Tyndal was party leader . I know Mr Tyndal stated that the deceased left instructions that the legacy be left under the control of his self . Looking back this was a wise decision as Griffin tried everything to get his hands on the money which he stated was party money .
    When Mr Tyndal passed away what become of the money that was left to the party ? .