The Degenerate Permanent Chairman of the BNP Nick Nick Griffin MEP, has issued a fierce rebuttal of claims that he sent sex pest texts to a female member of the BNP and then exposed himself to her in a car park in Swanley, Kent. Here it is:

"Getting drunk in front of TV crew? FAR more stupid than getting in car w female attention seeker!"

This is from Nick Nick’s increasingly desperate Twitter. The drunk person he is referring to is Tommy Robinson the leader of the English Defence League.

But wait… Nick Nick isn’t actually denying anything… is he?

He is very busy with his fingers (oh yes he is) so why didn’t he tweet a proper denial?

The trouble is, the texts most certainly can’t be denied. That’s a bit of a problem for him.


But when in doubt, he should by know by now – deny, deny, deny!

It would only have taken a few seconds. About the same amount of time it took him in Swanley.

He has more in common with Squire/Mendoza than anyone realised.

Of course Nick Nick’s abject failure to rebut the claims when the Daily Star gave him the opportunity to do so means that he hasn’t a leg to stand on (as it were) if he tried to impress his wife by sabre rattling about libel. Perhaps that is why he has been so quiet.

I have seen phone records and texts from Nick Nick to Claudia Dalgleish from as late as this January. This was a month after she resigned from the BNP and so he had no reason to contact her. He certainly was slow to suss her out as an attention seeker that needed to be avoided. Having read these later texts I can safely report that it was more of a case of poor Nick Nick repeatedly seeking to attract her attention. It wasn’t the other way round at all!

It seems that the upper reaches of the BNP are mired in this sort of sleaze. That is the only conclusion that any fair minded person will draw from this. And remember the Daily Star – the paper broke the ‘Currygate’ story - is the most popular newspaper with the BNP’s residual core vote.

No one wants to vote for a party led by a spurned sex pest. Not very aspirational is it?


During her brief and much regretted membership of the BNP Claudia Dalgleish seems to have attracted the attention of others within that degenerated organisation, quite apart from Nick Nick.

Normally I avoid mentioning those outside the upper echelons. My argument is not with the poor bloody infantry.

But there are, inevitably, some extremely reprehensible individuals within the ranks of the BNP. A fish rots at its head and that decay inevitably infects much of the main body. Furthermore like attracts like. The BNP is shorn of all the idealistic and sensible organisers and senior officers who previously gave it an admittedly false semi-sheen of decency. The self-evident vileness of the present-day BNP, will be positively attractive to fellow degenerates.

Decent people will no doubt join, mistakenly, take a look around and soon leave. A year will almost always be the maximum amount of time anyone with integrity will be able to stomach the degeneracy, unless they are, perhaps, an armchair member who sees nothing of what is actually going on. It says something terrible about an individual’s character if they stay knowing the extent of the vileness. It says even more of such a person if the more putrid it becomes the greater their enthusiasm grows. Such an individual is seduced by the very rottenness that repels the pure in spirit.

This is a rather long way of re-introducing you to someone called Bob Taylor, who received a brief mention a couple of blog articles back. But he is an archetype of the miniscule sect that is the new type of BNP adherent.

Bob Taylor is from Dagenham. He lives near Lawrence Rustem, an honest and hard working nationalist of long standing, who has tirelessly worked through numerous hard fought campaigns. By contrast Taylor only joined the BNP after the European Election when it seemed the BNP was on the rise.

Taylor along with his fellow degenerate Steve Squire/Mendoza are behind a pathetic and utterly embarrassing (for them) blog that demonstrates that they are both illiterate, sick and unfit to be in any political party. It is an attack blog that specialises in saying terrible things about me (never had that happen to me before – it’s all about me, me, me!) To tell the truth it’s not ALL about me. Squire/Mendoza and Taylor are both obsessed with Claudia Dalgleish as well, and anyone they think is associated with me also gets slagged off.

Anyway Taylor has pretended to be Lawrence’s friend only to post obscene blog article’s mocking Lawrence’s father who died of cancer a couple of years ago. He has also put stuff up attacking Lawrence’s mother.

Has Nick Griffin’s mother and father ever really been brought into it? Griffin’s father sometimes has been mentioned although never by me, and in the context of financial or Masonic matters, rather than as the target of crude sexual references. Has Squire/Mendoza’s family been brought into it? Has Taylor’s family been brought into it?

Taylor has also been stalking Claudia Dalgleish, lurking outside her house like a sick case.

He has been putting up really vile sexual remarks about her on their blog and on Facebook.

Yet Claudia Dalgleish used to buy him and his family £80 worth of groceries every week for about a year, and gave him £40 a week cash to spend on his beer and roll ups. She used to arrange cars to take him and his cronies to meetings so they could attend and have a few drinks. She felt sorry for someone who she thought was an honest activist who was down on his luck.

When the payments stopped – at the end of December – the attacks soon started. Taylor went from gushing lickspittle to snarling stalker. He has even been bragging that he has some scantily clad pictures of Claudia Dalgleish from her Glamour Model days. Taylor no doubt looks at these pictures very closely (in the Griffin Swanley car park manner). Rather disturbingly they will have been supplied to him by Claudia Dalgleish’s former boyfriend the degenerate BNP London Organiser and lead candidate for the Greater London Assembly Steve Squire/Mendoza.

That is the measure of Taylor – and for that matter Squire/Mendoza.

Another reason why Taylor is clinging to the BNP is that he seems to think that they may get someone elected to the Greater London Assembly. Taylor has been ‘promised’ a job there as a researcher. Even though he is utterly illiterate.

What chance is there really of Steve Squire/Mendoza getting elected to the GLA? Let me tell you it is less than zero. Believe me. Most of you (but not ALL of my loyal army of readers) will at this precise moment be unaware of all the reasons why Squire/Mendoza is dead meat politically speaking. It goes far beyond the collapse in popular support for the BNP and the disappearance of virtually all the BNP’s activists and movers and shakers.

Squire/Mendoza knows this – hence his blog. It is the only way he can think of getting his own back first. But it is just a reflection of his own inner sickness as will become apparent to everyone. EVERYONE. In their millions.

It WILL all come out in the wash. Until then I suppose the terminally unemployed Taylor can dream. But for now ‘Mum’s the word’.


Another insight into Taylor’s character can be gained by the story of his dog. I alluded to this the other day. It may seem a strange thing to bring up, and yes it is!

Taylor used to have two attack dogs, a male and a female. Many little squirts like to have attack dogs as it gives them a sense of virility. Although not necessarily everyone who owns that type of dog is an inadequate like Taylor. These dogs require plenty of exercise and a lot of expensive food. To be healthy they have to be very solid.

However two years ago Taylor’s male dog died of a heart attack brought on by malnutrition. (it is picture at the top of this article shortly before its death). His priority was to spend his money on roll ups and beer rather than on feeding his own dog. Were it not for Claudia Dalgleish’s charity payments to Taylor last year, the other dog would almost certainly have gone the same way.

This puts into perspective the late night maudlin ‘Old Shep’ wailings that come from Taylor’s direction. It is born from guilt. All the ‘dog’s don’t let you down’ stuff cuts both ways. That dog was let down by its owner and it paid the ultimate price.

That is the measure of the man. We can expect much more mouth frothing from him.


Oh and on another note I was very interested to see that Lewis Allsebrook has resigned from the BNP. One councillor less! He became the BNP’s Councillor Representative at the last BNP Annual Conference after I exposed the scheme to have Nick Nick Griffin’s son-in-law Angus Matthys imposed on the BNP. Internally within the BNP this is quite an important role as the holder sits on the National Executive (the old Advisory Council). Talking of which, it seems that no elections have taken place for local officials to sit on the fictitious National Executive – just as I predicted! What a shambles.

Lewis Allsebrook supported me during my leadership challenge against Nick Nick Griffin in 2010, but for some reason he switched back to being a Griffin sycophant. Nevertheless I am pleased he has seen the light. He isn’t a bad lad.

If young Lewis genuinely wants to engage in constructive, sensible, moderate nationalist politics away from the toxicity of the BNP then he should join the English Democrats.


  1. I am pretty new to this blog but I too know of the dodgy dealings of Messers Griffin and Mendoza and I could not have put it better myself! Nice one Eddy!
  2. For once ,can you please dry up about the BNP ,and
    give our chairman a break Edward,you made a great living out of the BNP.please get on with your own new adventure with the English Democrats,and from a BNP Member I wish you all the best.
    Joe T Finnie BNP Glasgow.
  3. At least Joe Finnie has the balls to comment with his
    name,not like the others!another member of the B.N.P.
    A Patterson.
  4. Please no more comments about Joe Minnie its not Funnie, ,the dummie with the IQ of below average for an ape. As for the Griffin kick him and kick until the traitor disappears.
  5. You got the wrong dog you pervert.
  6. I do not frequent this blog much and while being horrified by the shennanigans by the leadership I shall reserve judgement for now. However, I do like Big Joe Finney, I am heartsick to see Joe being so terribly conned by the very worst of people. Joe, wake up mate, please. These guys are not worth you're loyalty. C'mon speak to some Good lads here in Belfast , they will set you right on the true nature of the evil men whom you are defending. Jim Dowson
  7. This is a link to the latest poll taken on Feb 10th by YouGov for the Evening Standard for the London Mayoral race, it's still showing Carlos Cortiglia trailing far behind the rest of the contest. The other previous poll from Comres which was taken on 19th Jan shows a very similar result, comparing the two certainly shows a pattern of a very low BNP vote.

  8. Gri££in has just tweeted this, must be adding to his property empire again?

    "Just leaving office to get Jackie from airport. Getting flat tomorrow to ditch hotel bills."
  9. I see from the comment above from "Jim Dowson" (Mar 2, 2012 02.53 AM) ["These guys are not worth you're loyalty"] that he spelled the word "you're" incorrectly for the context of the sentence!

    To think, that only a short time ago, us BNP members were being forced to pay this snake oil salesman £2000 a week. Two grand a week on some illiterate monkey who can't even spell! No wonder it all went down the pan.
    1. Don't get me started on misplaced apostrophes, grrrrr....
    2. Misplaced apostrophes are not the only grammatical errors what about misplaced spelling of names such as "Cowson" "Funnie" "Dimmie" etc.
  10. Hilarious.. Taylor is a nobody that is true but he is a vile piece of filth who's only role is to act as a troublemaker. It was worth a few pRagraphs to put him down just as he put his dog down through neglect. I hearr he has tried to deny your story but doesn't deny that he killed his own dog nor that he was responsible for those disgusting attacks on Lawrence rustems parents. Taylor is the worst sort of later day recruit. He even admits to handling drugs
  11. Someone needs to report Taylor to the canine defence league or the RSPCA.
  12. I know Taylor unfortunately. He is a born liar and lives a scummy lifestyle and always has. He is a walter Mitty type and thinks he is a spymaster. No wonder he is at home in the BNP.
  13. Now we are on the subject of Bob Taylor, he has been the most long standing Griffinites attack dog on the Internet. You do not take on that role by accident. Only a piece of gunman filth would want to do that for that length of time. His first main targets besides Butler were Simon Bennett and Lee Barnes and have included the EDL and even Cheryl Dunn who he attacked in the most foul way with his best matey Mickey Braun. Taylor used to post under the name Muslamic Ray Gun on the British Demicracy Forum ti say nasty personal things about Cheryl. There is a pattern to his attacks on women.
  14. Taylor has put out am explanation for his behaviour. It is pure comedy gold. Every word is full of unintended humour.
  15. Yes and bob used to always go on about claudia being his ideal woman and how he wanted to get hold of her! He is a scorned little man now.
  16. London BNP would like steve squire to stop acting like an embittered dumped ex and more like a politician. Move on. It's over and she isn't coming back. Bob do the same and stop embarrassing yourself and the party.
    1. Squire is not acting like an embittered dumped ex, its for real he is broken hearted on the wheel of fate, "Hell hath no fury like a Dago dumped"
  17. I only met Lawrence Rustem on a few occasions many years ago and found him a decent sort of guy who was obviously very dedicated to the BNP . But even in those days there was whispers behind his back about his ethnic origin . This was the sort of nonsense you would have to put up with week in and week out from a certain minority ( " its the jooooooooos " )
    The EDs will benefit from Lawrence dedication and experience and I wish him well .
    1. Many thanks for your kind comments Mr Edwards. Are you the Steve Edwards from Tipton? If so, I wish you all the best too. What the website that attacks my parents and most disgusting of all my late father, who Eddy rightly highlights passed away from cancer in 2006 shows is that the creep responsible is complete and utter low life. Devoid of moral decency and the idea type of specimen that are now symptomatic of an all but defunct BNP. Those that want to engage in sensible, civilised and mature politics have either left the BNP or will probably do so in the not too distant future.

      Lawrence Rustem
  18. Thank you Jim Dowson for the kind words,
    I wish you all the best in the future.
    Joe Finnie BNP Glasgow,
    1. Please Eddy, I know that a little diversity and enrichment training is OK for some but not here please, give us a rest from Chancre head Dimmie
  19. Former Glasgow memberMar 2, 2012 12:04 PM
    Talking of sexual antics, the aforementioned BNP Glasgow poster which sounds like "Swinney" isnt very popular with the former lady BNP members of his acquaintance. Come on Joe, you've had the balls to tell us your views about Eddy on here so come on now tell us all about that problem "down below" which has caused your former female sexual conquests in BNP Scotland to seek professional advice!
    1. It sounds like Scummie is well and truly CLAPPED out. Scummie keep out of glasshouses.
    2. I am told that Funnie has stopped playing golf, he always shits himself at the 9th hole.
  20. This article starts with a key word describing the BNP permanent chairman.That word is degenerate.
    Remember the people who tried to change the BNP for the better,people who as Eddy says put a veneer of respectability on it.I would like to think they did,for a short time,move the party towards respectability.Ex policemen,barristers,environmentalists,English teachers,entertainers,farmers,haulage contractors,even psychics,just ordinary middle of the road people with average middle England lifestyles.
    At numerous points Gri$$in asked these people for their opinions and started to act on them,then,one by one they were removed or left in disgust.
    Look at the increasing number of sordid types that Gri$$in has since increasingly surrounded himself with.
    Swingers who film themselves in orgies,granny pornographers,teachers who lose their living because of approaches to schoolgirls and an interest in pornography during classtime,unsafely aquitted drug dealers,officers who think the conference toilets are an appropriate place for illicit liaisons,illeterate and moronic internet attack dogs,men(sorry the creature BT referred to is not a true man)who ponce off women,bondage freaks and IRA sympathisers if not supporters.Low life such as MB who can only spout filth about women on the internet but would not stand up and say it to a man.Of course this is not new and back in 2008 the internet searches, by Richard Barnbrook,for casual liasons ,were seen by Gri$$in as quite normal,I know for he told me so himself.Interestingly in those days R Barnbrook was often going up to the NE for weekends with the Walker brothers,maybe they liked going fishing together or perhaps there was another common interest they shared.
    Now we await the details of precisely how the proposed lead candidate for the GLA top up list is involved in the pornography business.
    The party has reached the point where sordidness is what it is known for,and the common link between all these sordid,dirty little people is their welcome by and relationship with Gri$$in.
    The suspicion,perhaps intuitive feeling,that I have always held is that there is something bizarre,extreme and warped about Gri$$in,I suspect that he is a voyeur,that he gets a thrill from being on the edge with people who might be kindly described as dubious,but whilst keen to watch he rarely dips his toe(or anything else)in.
    On the other hand,as his empire crumbles,I expect even more conclusive proof of degeneracy to be revealed.
    EX leaflet printer for London
    1. This letter highlights the real tragedy for Britain, how can a moral degenerate,,? fool so many people at a critical time, which was the Blair years,, looking back it is clear that the promise of the BNP scared the establishment so much that one has to question what or who is Nicholas Griffin?, is he the placeman Par-Excelence?. Is his rise pure method by the state or just that in all the confusion of a growing new political force just allowed him to do what he has done unfettered by what was clearly a desperate membership. We are paying a terrible price whatever the reason.
    2. Reverend Robert West.This comment prompts my question.What will it take for the Christian Robert West to finally admit that he is wrong in searching for means of reconcilliation between the former members,workers and supporters and the enemy of decency known as NJ Griffin?
      Speaking of Bible bashers,when are we going to hear or see a public condemnation of what the BNP has sunk to by former West and North London Organiser Chris Forster?He was keen on Bible quotes at the conferences,its about time that he prophesied that judgement is coming on Griffin and the human sewage that now represents the late lamented great white hope.
  21. Yes Lawrence its Steve from Tipton . When were involved in politics we meet a lot of decent people along the away and I have missed that sort of comradeship since I took a step back from nationalism . Sadly we also meet the type of low life who you would not normally socialise with in every day life .
    There is a small team of us in the black country who will be offering our help to the EDs in the forth coming elections so I might see you soon buddy .
    1. Steve. You and Sharon were always good eggs and the BNP lost two gems when you left.
      You did right to befriend Lawrence Rustem, he is a decent person.
      May I wish you and Sharon and your family all the very best.
      Frank Forte
  22. Brian CosworthMar 3, 2012 07:47 AM
    Oh, the BNP again. I'm bored with the BNP and all the tiresome and grubby little nothings associated with it. There is nothing left worth talking about. Someone wake me up when the stake finally sinks in and it is polished off. Until then I enjoy all the news about the EDs and anyone else who would like to see our country restored to sanity.
    1. You may be bored with the BNP, you know the saying "we need closure" we really cannot move on until Griffin is wiped off the political landscape then a healing process can begin,, all the time he remains energy and attention will be diverted to this reptile rather than the Nationalist cause.
    2. But why divert energy to the 'reptile'? What's the point? It seems to me it's one huge waste of energy - energy that could be put to better use.

  23. Animal cruelty is disgusting.
    1. The irony of Bob Taylor's unwaivering support for Nick Griffin is that Griffin actually thinks that he's a complete idiot and is easily led. This is what one of Griffin's close North West associates let slip after a meeting in the North West late last year!
  24. Ive just noticed the music videos you have in the right hand column, Hound Dog and Who Let the Dogs Out. You really are taking the pi$$ out of Taylor lol
  25. I don't know what to make on this on the telly tomorrow evening

    "How I hunted down Nick Griffin"

  26. Will Gri££in be given a leg on TV tonight?

  27. The Establishment are really scratching Griffin's back now!

    "When Keith Allen Met Nick Griffin was a decent attempt at objectivity"

  28. This was said recently of the disgraced copper Ali Dizaei by an ex-colleague, it could very equally apply to Griffin.

    "On a superficial level, he could be charming and personable, but his easy manner barely disguised his dark side. He was a figure of epic venality, ambition and ruthlessness, his entire career geared towards furthering his own interests, regardless of the legality or probity of his methods."
    1. So true, so accurate, but the mystery remains, why is this patently psychopathic character is still in situ, it can only indicate the general IQ of the remaining membership, thick as planks, noticing the comments from the blogger North of Hadrians Wall supports this view.. Sorry J F but its true.
  29. Frank its so nice to hear from you , must be over ten years since we last spoke . Thanks for the kind words . Lets hope we can all join back together soon and start the real fight for our people . Its sad that so many good honest nationalists have been lost over the years due to the antics of a certain person .
    Best wishes to you and your family .
  30. The attack blog you mentioned is disgusting. From the BNP's point of view setting up such a blog must have seemed like an astute political move. But in reality anyone tempted to vote BNP would soon stop wanting to if they caught sight of that sick illiterate blog. To quote Madness: 'an embarassment, a living endorsement'.
  31. Richard EdmondsMar 8, 2012 01:29 AM
    Eddy, I want to take space on your blog to express my disgust at the vile comments made on a so-called nationalist site, attacking brave and honourable men and women who have given wonderful service to our Cause, as activists, candidates and indeed elected officials in public office. I refer to the Chin-waggers: one can only assume that they have lost all sense of direction and all sense of decency. Richard Edmonds.
    1. Well said Richard, they are more concerned with their silly, stupid blog than the GLA campaign and election, as you said they have lost all direction.
    2. Dear Richard, I have been leafleting with you and have found you a great and dedicated Nationalist, the motivation for some of these vile comments are meant to purge and bring to their senses some of the nationalists who are perpetuating the reign of Griffin, Piss taking seems more effective than mere reasoning. Pride will always come before a Fall.
  32. It appears Gri££in is desperate for funds to finance the London elections, it's a bit late in the day to start collecting now? There is a report from bully boy Adam Walker, concerning fund raising meetings being held all over the country, the deposits have to be in with the returning officer by Wed 28th, that's 3 weeks time, how bloody foolish of them.

    "Why Hold GLA regional fundraising meetings?"
  33. The majority of vile comment's I often see on this blog are usually directed towards Gri££in Eyebrows and that bunch of loony tunes they call attack dogs .
    Richard there will be no peace until Gri££in and his cronies are got rid of .
    I agree with Richard Edmonds.
    One can only conclude that the current chin-wag activists beleive a GLA seat is going to fall on their Laps.
    You would think they would understand with experience: it takes mass activism and major pounding of the pavements with a good leaflet to win a GLA seat. Perhaps the authors of the vile blog in question took no part in the hard work of 2007/2008?
    Good Nationalists have sober minds (just like Richard Edmonds)even if they disagree with other good honest Nationalists on what way to go forward.
    In my mind the vermin that produce such low life smears are not Nationalists: they are the enemy of the whole movement of Nationalism!
    Johnny Leech
  35. Eddy, that mutt looks like a bitch! are you sure you've got the right dog?

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