It is good to see that the EDs, a healthy and decent nationalist force, are steadily eclipsing the tired and corrupted remains of the old Empire of mad Nick Nick.

I am glad to have done my bit in bringing down this degraded tyrant. I warmly thank those that have helped me by providing information or helping me with my blog and Facebook page. As a result old Nick Nick is now the supreme ruler of an ever shrinking realm. He created what he thought was a palace but in reality it is his political tomb. In truth defeating him again and again has been made easy by his own stupidity.

He used to like to boast that if anyone ‘crossed’ him, then they would be ‘finished’ in nationalism. But the only one who is finished is old Nick Nick. With his hunched shoulders and shuffling gait he cuts a very sorry figure.

Have you noticed that Nick Nick has not arranged any European tours lately? Why do you think that might be? Is it because he is under investigation by the European corruption watchdog OLAF? Does it all stem back to that Cumbrian Flood trip when he laughably tried to ‘fit me up’ over the 10,000 Euros? Has it all back fired on the miserable fools head?


Poetic justice indeed. As they say, cheats never prosper. The man is a pathetic loser. Every strategy he attempts fails. He is the Dick Darstardly of politics. I can imagine him stomping around his Welshpool lair muttering ‘Drat, drat and double drat’, with Rizzle Kicks Jefferson adopting the role of the ever so slightly unfaithful Muttley.

Due to my exposure of his financial mismanagement, donations have all but dried up and approaching two thirds of the membership has quit. As a result, in a desperate attempt to make ends meet and extract what he can from the unsuspecting, old Nick Nick has been forced to drastically increase his personal party’s membership fees.

He is so desperate to get members that his daughter, Princess Jennifer, has even bombarded my various e-mail accounts with messages entreating me to rejoin! I was tempted for a nanosecond.

Whatever you do, leave that disgusting man to rot. Do not give him your money to squander. Do not re-new. He is taking you for a mug.

If you are a ‘hardliner’, you have other options.

If you want sensible, moderate attainable goals then I urge you to join the English Democrats.

The English Democrats are the way ahead. I am proud to be a member of the English Democrats. They are the future.


  1. glad your on board with eddie, your expertise in winning elections will help us step up to the next level
  2. Searchlight mole!
  3. If he has to increase the membership fee of a party which is rapidly decreasing in numbers that shows that desperation is taking hold in ways to make money to pay his huge debts off. I can not think of what his next master plan to make money will be?
    Maybe when he sues the legal teams who represented him in his failed court cases and wins maybe that may help him.
  4. All we need now is an investigation on how an arsehole can talk, re Patrick Harrington, it is an enigma?
  5. Searchlight mole! Could be Nicks next move?
  6. Gri££in will not necessarily die suddenly, he will
    probably try to start up another scam.Actually
    having him artificially kept politically alive
    is good for the rest of us, he is clearly beyond
    the pale and there is an ever-widening gap
    between what people think he represents and
    nationalism proper.Therefore we can all point to
    Gri$$in as an evil bastard when people try to
    label our clean, honest nationalism.
  7. £48 to join the BNP robbers !!!! its only £15 to join ukip if you are hard up or £30 if you are not hard up seems very reasonable to me.
  8. At least they pulled their finger out to help Emma, your masonic pals told you to ignore her because the villains in this persecution are members of the roll your trouser leg mob?, and give us a break from Griffin, otherwise your little blog will wither and die, as you know there are no decent Nationalist we are all bigots and racists,
  9. As an ex member I would never join another political party. After being part of the EU elections, we saw first hand how they can blatantly cheat, no one was interested, the electoral commission, the police, the press and more disappointing, the party itself. Politics is a waste of time, the British electoral system is nothing but a farce, the whole system is rigged. You will never win against the three face party LibLabCon. People are too blind to the truth, I believe the way forward is to wake people up to this deception, not encourage it!
  10. Why are you always focused on the past instead of the future, because you can't move on, you will never become anything because of your bitterness !!
  11. love nationalist – despise gri££inDec 8, 2011 11:39 AM
    .....and long may that vile maggot of a 'man' suffer.
    Good work in 2011 Eddy, keep it up in 2012 until he crawls off back under his rock.
  12. Your right about Griffin but wrong about the English Democrats being the way forward.Other options are starting to appear.If you ever get to power it means that nothing has changed.
  13. Gri££in has put out an idiotic Xmas video stating that 2012 will be a year of growth, what an utter fool he is.
  14. The BNP campaign over in West London in Feltham is a complete joke, they have even draughted in a Indian lady to help, thinking they can get the Asian vote.
  15. You sound very bitter about the success of the BNP under the very good leadership of Nick Griffin MEP and elected leader of the BNP. Dont recall your name on the leadership ballot paper.

    Who are you again?
  16. Welcome aboard Mr Butler and just in time to celebrate our success in the Rochford District Council election,(30%).

    The next few years should see a period of real growth for the English Democrats building on the firm foundations we already have established in the past few years.
  17. An interesting 8 minute interview with Marine Le Pen with English translation here:

  18. Labour – Jack Straw
    “The English are potentially very aggressive, very violent”

    John Prescott – “There is no such nationality as English”

    Labour – Gordon Brown
    “the Nations & Regions of Britain” [Note Scotland, Wales & N Irleand are Nations - England is only a collection of Regions !]

    Conservative & Unionist Dave Cameron
    “I’ll take on the sour Little Englanders, I’ll fight them all the way”.

    Conservative & Unionist William Hague
    “English Nationalism is the most dangerous of all forms of nationalism”.

    Liberal Democrats – Charlie Kennedy
    Said that breaking England up into EU Regions is good because “it is calling into question the idea of England itself”.
  19. "Therefore we can all point to
    Gri$$in as an evil bastard when people try to
    label our clean, honest nationalism"

    This is why the of likes of Searchlight need Nick still running the party. Around two decades or even a single decade the above quote could be used against anyone who made comments about immigration in the negative. But now in 2011 things have changed immigration is not only a issue which many people are talking about the knock on effect immigration has become a voter issues that could help you win a election.
    For any group that exists because of their exposes of other groups they are going to find it hard to carry on when their exposes don't have the shock value in a society which has now removed the taboo status of those views.
  20. Is the Michaela Mackenzie court case still continuing?

    And would I be right in saying this is the only court cast still involving the party which was brought by a single person and not a company who the party owes money to
  21. I too have received an email asking me to renew/join.....
  22. Michaela's case has ended - Nick Nick is being actively pursued for the £25,000 he owes and he won’t get away with it!
    I know of other people taking action but it isn’t appropriate at this stage to say more.
  23. It seems most court cases are brought by individuals and not business which I think reflects Nicks opinion of himself when it comes to dealing with others
  24. You say cheats never prosper, but Griffin has prospered, hasn't he?
    Did we ever find out where that missing £300,00 went? Add to this he is raking in about £10,000 a month (MEP's salary + £300 a day for turning up at meetings + expenses) and Griffin certainly has prospered.
  25. Is it true he now has a bolt hole in Portugal?

    Lawrence Rustem
  26. I have heard he has a property in France which he has wanted for some time.

    When he and his current crony, Pat Harrington had virtually destroyed the National Front back around the mid to late 1980s they were de facto in charge of what was left. Griffin sought to use what remained of the NF's money to set up a printing business...in France, where conveniently he, Derek Holland and a few of Holland's ultra-catholic acolytes would live.

    Coincidentally, Griffin had plans to buy and renovate dilapidated properties to rent them out as holiday lets. No doubt the NF's money would have been used for this as well.

    Harrington saw his power base would be taken away if this happened and opposed the scheme. They fell out and Griffin left the NF and formed the ITP with Holland (which he later left amidst accusations from his former ITP comrades of financial incompetence). The National Front was disbanded by Harrington in 1990.

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