General Sir Charles Napier was a distinguished General who served in the Peninsula War against Napoleon with the 50th Foot, which became in due course The Queen’s Own (Royal West Kent Regiment), one of the most renowned of English county Regiments.

He later went on to command the army in India. In 1843 he conquered Sindh which is now a province of Pakistan.

The main engagement was the Battle of Miani when Napier’s force of 2,800 men defeated the Emir of Sindh’s army which was 30,000 strong. Napier’s army lost less than 300 men, against about 6,000 dead Sindhis.

After the conquest Napier is famously supposed to have sent a cable back to his superiors which consisted of just one word – Peccavi which is the Latin for ‘I have sinned’.

Napier was a wise man. Here are a couple of his sayings:

“The best way to quiet a country is a good thrashing, followed by great kindness afterwards. Even the wildest chaps are thus tamed.”


“So perverse is mankind that every nationality prefers to be misgoverned by its own people than to be well ruled by another.”

Which in turn reminds me of that line from the Edward Lear humorous verse:

“Who, or why, or which, or what, Is the Akond of SWAT?”

Swat used to be a princely state in what was the North West Frontier Province of India. The ruler of Swat was known as the Wali. This province, which is in Pakistan, was renamed Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in 2010. It is inhabited mainly by Pathans and other hill tribes.

We left India in 1947. But many from the subcontinent came here afterwards. A good number settled in Bradford.

There was of course a by-election in Bradford West on Thursday and it was won by Gorgeous George Galloway. It was a truly remarkable and largely unexpected victory. Yet it owes more to the goings on in places such as Sindh or Swat than it does to Yorkshire.

The result in full is as follows:

George Galloway - Respect - 18,341 (55.9%)
Imran Hussain - Labour - 8,201 (25.0%)
Jackie Whiteley - Conservative - 2,746 (8.4%)
Jeanette Sunderland - Liberal Democrat - 1,505 (4.6%)
Sonja McNally - UKIP - 1,085 (3.3%)
Dawud Islam - Green - 481 (1.5%)
Neil Craig - Democratic Nationalists - 341 (1.0%)
Howling Laud Hope - Monster Raving Loony - 111 (0.3%)

The Bradford West by-election did not attract much attention and in Galloway some ‘respects’ crept in under the radar. But he did not just win – he trounced everyone else.

The result gave me cause to ponder. No nationalist candidate has ever come anywhere near winning a Parliamentary seat. Galloway has done it twice by mobilising politically committed minority groups – Bangladeshis in Tower Hamlets and now Pakistanis in Bradford. It is a damning indictment that nationalism in this country has so far failed to provide similar motivation. I believe the English Democrats are best placed to be able to do this in the future.

The tiny Bradford-based Democratic Nationalists were unable to take any real advantage of the lack of a rival candidate for the nationalist vote and only polled 1%. UKIP did not exactly shine in this contest either.

The above picture is of me at Hadleigh Castle in the wonderful county of Essex. Hadleigh Castle stands as a sentinel over the Thames estuary with the Medway and the Kent coat off in the background. I first visited it some 25 years ago and happened to be passing so I thought I would take another quick look. And yes it was still there! That is some comfort after nearly 800 years!

Oh – the candidates for the London Mayoral and Assembly election had to be nominated by Wednesday. I believe the Politics Show this Sunday lunchtime on the BBC will be covering an interesting aspect relating to this...


  1. Galloway is unique, he is eloquent courageous dedicated, hateful and most of all extremely intelligent, knows his Brief inside-out,, he gave the American Congress a lesson on articulation and courage. He has shown a major lesson to all of us, when the "cause is just" racism does not get a look in. I admire him but I still sneer at him

    1. He seems very odd on the face of things but I think he sees some sort of potential for Islam to combine with socialism/communism in a way that would push aside all of those pesky western traditions like individualism, common law, property rights and democracy. Another variation on progressives dreaming up self-justifying fantasies which conveniently help them towards wealth, fame and power along the way.

  2. Eddy

    Sindh and Swat have very little to do with Bradford. Most of the Pakistanis in Bradford are from Mirpur and Kashmir. The only other substantial group are from the Punjab and of course some of the Sikh Community are also from Punjab.

    Ivan Winters
    Democratic Nationalists (Bradford)

  3. Call yourself a nationalist Eddy?

  4. Why did'nt you stand at Bradford Eddy ? with a bit of luck you would have got one vote ,,there is always someone who loves a WANKER

    1. Eddy didn't want to split the Nationalist vote.

  5. Love your ventures into English history,Eddy.We English/British always seem to have fought best when heavily outnumbered. Our history is punctuated with battles like the one you describe.Crécy,Poitiers, Agincourt, also come to mind. Perhaps there is a message there for us in that.
    Hadleigh castle looks as though it could do with a bit of TLC though, a bit lonely looking......
    On the election in Bradford, though I can't say I care much for Galloway, it is quite satisfying to see that he has given those scoundrels in the Westminster club a good thrashing,but let's hope that no one is kind to them!


    Labour campaign chiefs also came under fire. Labour MP John Mann fumed: "We had no game plan, no strategy. But what was particularly disconcerting was having no Muslim doorknockers, no Urdu speaker, no hijab-wearing woman talking to Muslim women voters."

    Senior Labour sources blamed "local factors" — but refused to say whether that meant ethnic issues or dirty campaigning.

  7. little reality check -

    The English Democrats failed to raise the cash to stand Tilbrook as Mayoral candidate. Furthermore they only raised enough money to stand one candidate (Mark Twiddy) in the GLA constituency elections, also their top-up candidates for the regional list were not even full.

    what else?

    Tilbrook can't even get 300 real candidates for the local elections, so he's now asking for ED paper candidates to come forward for a desperate party broadcast.

    In contrast the BNP raised cash for it's mayoral candidate, have fielded a full list of candidates on the GLA regional list and further raised even more cash to stand in 6 GLA constituency elections.

    Eddy Butler though will still claim the BNP is on the demise while the English Democrats on the rise. lol.

    1. Brian Cosworth1 April 2012 at 13:23

      The Results will be everything

    2. Their has been a fantastic response up and down the country for the GLA elections, the BNP have raised all the cash thats required. The ed,s on the other hand have struggled and dont even have a candidate for mayor, they couldnt afford it. this doesnt fit in with Mr Butler,s imagianry scenario of an ascending Ed party.This blog is looking more and more like the Hope not hate site. To be honest i dont think Eddy really cares about the ED,s, he knows they are going nowhere, hes agenda is still lies firmly with the BNP. He hopes by continual carping and misinformation that the membership will become demoralised and leave. One thing he doesnt understand is that no one cares what he says, he left ages ago and all those who supported are also gone, hes protests look increasingly irrelevant and his opinion no longer matters, he is fighting the battles of 2 years ago and lives in the past. He is like some king who has been exiled and plots and waits for his chance to return dreaming of what could have been.

  8. Graham Wakefield1 April 2012 at 09:15

    Islamic lunatics disguised as Holy men instruct the faithful to vote Galloway, no questions asked, they do it.Nationalist candidate pleads with the few White electorate left to support him,the response is ,as usual, pathetic.The priority for a huge proportion of the population is as follows (in no particular order)Football,TV,cheap beer,Fags,facebook and online porn. Our People have become Lazy,Selfish,and Spoilt a wake up call is needed quickly!

    1. Now Now,thats not fair,they are very good at dreaming up reasons why they cant work.

    2. It is too late.The time for talking is long gone.

  9. BNPloyal... we know Nicks got the money to fight the GLA elections. That's why we all left, Nick had all the money.

  10. Well done Eddy I saw you on the BBC Politics Show earlier today, you came across very well unlike the silly BNP mayoral candidate, where did they find him? I think Griffin has shot himself in the foot choosing this foreigner, the White Londoners will be put off in their droves.

  11. The part concerning the BNP in London starts at 48 minutes 7 seconds.

  12. At a smallish English Dems protest about prescription charges in Whitehall on Sunday the first of April, they managed to assemble a huge crowd of about fifteen people.
    Such is the interest that John bull has in his own welfare.
    Just thought I would mention it.

  13. What Nationalists need now is the legalisation of handguns. We should be able to defend ourselves when the inevitable unrest from ethnic minorities happens.

    1. Graham Wakefield2 April 2012 at 18:53

      There organisation in preperation for the coming unrest is well advanced.The Mosque are used as training centres,the takeaways and fast food outlets for laundering the drugs money and the fleets of Paxi,s are on standby for mass mobilisation.Meanwhile our so called Nationalist "leadership" continues to "fiddle whilst Rome burns".

  14. Taking photos of yourself Eddy. What a sad cunt you are!

    1. Graham Wakefield5 April 2012 at 14:46

      Please,stop using this foul language when posting,it is not necessary and helps to re-enforce the media,s (incorrect)image of Nationalist.

  15. Eddy Butler is a left wimg pawn star, and a marxist infultrater, known for his lust for woman, and greed for money. could that be the reason why he is following steve sqires ex,girlfreind oround like a rabid dog on heat.

    During my 7 years with the National Front in the 1970s it is known today how and why the National Front was deliberatly destroyed by the traiters from within, due to its growth and popularity at the time which terryfied the establisment and media so it had to go. .

    Enter the Butler gang ,the brown Envelopes, paul Kavnough and Co,

    Exactly the same method as we see today, remeber Sadie Graham, Simon Benitt,?? Nick Griffin is aware of such treachery and is far to clever to ever allow them to win.

    Eddy Butler never did anything constructive for the N.F Natinal Front except rabble rouse , has he does today, and again come the lies, and slander, when the BNP are at its hihest peak, an exact repeat of Butlers old tricks as in the 70s In his hope to destroy British National Prty.

    The BNP is Britains only hope and last chance to destroy the Muslim invaders advance, and the introduction of Sharia law. of which 90% of the british voting public are unaware of..

    Andrew Brons BNP MEP, the man that never was. who unlike Nick Griffin who expopsed the criminal activitys of muslim peodophiles , and so much more

    Mr Brons does nothing constructive, except finance Eddy Butler and the ED,English Democrates which he intends to stand for as one of their candidates, along with Butler in the GLA May elections ,Such an act of treachery will only split the Nationalist vote, where there can no true winners
    The phoney and unheard of English Democrates would do well on dumping Butler, before they are also the victims of lies conspiacys and smears. .

    Tt is also alleged that Butler had a hand in the exposure of the BNP membership list leaked to Gerry Gables searchlight, Daily Mirrors hope not hate group of zionist .

    As for all those johnny come latl;ys to British Nationalism, dont be fooled by Eddy Butler, for I have seen it all before. Its time to move forward.

    Vote and support the BNP GLA May elections.and win.............

    1. a very good artical ,a cruel a corrupt man Indeed. and for him to give a story, no matter how foul to a Zionist controlled national newspaper !! Butler needs his arse whipped...Send him to Northern Ireland where I live.....

      As for Mr Andrew Brons, yes it is right, I have never seen him to be doing anyting except his occasional apperence on a EU vidio .

      But hell , how many members of the public view such happenings, when they have football, Coronation St and Big Brother ???

      And to think that man is representing the ED , after raking in a fortuneas a MEP , off the back of the British Natinal Party is totaly unexceptable.

      He must resign as a MEP imidiatly. He is commiting fraud !!!!!!!!

  16. Apr 15, 2012 02:22 PM It was me that posted the article exposing Eddy Butler, I dont like to be annonimous .

    I was on door security at 73 Great Eastern St NF.HQ in the 70s sharing door duty i,e security with the well know patriot Derric Day and Tom Spece. I was also organiser for Hackney south and Shordich

    Yes Eddy Butler is an extreme enemy of British Nationalism.

    Who else would be so intent on destroying Britains only hope to survive,.

    Plus he has let down so many loyal members, whos only hope is to save their country

    His blog might as well be the site of the UAF and I wager Cameron is reading evry word and laughing his b** off

    I am obout to email Nick Griffin as to this Story of Steve Sqiers , hopefuly he will replace him for the name of the Party and British Nationalism

    Nick Phillips

  17. This weird person obviously doesn't know that I joined the NF in 1980 after the splits at the age of 17 and so hardly can be accused of having any involvement in the said splits.
    I didn't do any rabble rousing in the NF - indeed I don't think anyone has ever accused me of being a rabble rouser!
    There was never any such unit as Hackney South and Shoreditch so this person can never have been the organiser.
    This person sounds like a normal Griffin supporter.