Polling day is Thursday week - 5th May.

What can be done in that short time in the various wards that are being contested?

Firstly make sure you have applied for polling agents (people who can go inside a polling station to ensure fair play takes place and place seals on ballot boxes) and counting agents (people who can attend the count to make sure fair play takes place).

The names have to be supplied by Tuesday 26th April. Forms can be downloaded from here:


Postal votes will be opened over several days. One of my local councils is opening them from this Wednesday onwards, and it will take place on every day until polling day (except this Friday which is a bank holiday). It is obviously important that someone is there to make sure nothing untoward takes place and to put seals on the ballot boxes. A form has to be filled in to allow an agent to attend the opening of postal votes and this can also be obtained on the above link.


I can only urge activists to focus their energies on their target wards. It is not too late to do this. It is also not too late to start canvassing. I would urge you to stop random leafleting and start canvassing. Canvassing is a hundred times more effective than just leafletting. Take time off work and canvass and canvass and canvass.

On polling day focus your activists onto the target ward – man the polling stations all day to greet voters and identify which of your voters (from your canvass return) has voted. Then ‘knock up’ the ones who have not voted in the afternoon.

Try and deliver a good morning leaflet also.

Remember the count itself is not a social exercise. It is important that everyone who goes to the count is switched on and observes what is taking place. Take tallies of the votes when they are being opened. A reasonably full tally should be within a couple of percentage points of the actual result. If it is out by more than that ask for the bundles of votes to be flicked through ‘in case’ one of your bundles has been added to the Labour total (as sometimes happens for some reason).


I see that the BNP has acquired some more parish councillors who have been ‘elected’ unopposed. This is a sensible tactic and is one that we first pursued in a concerted manner about four years ago.

If truth be told one of the earliest proponents of the strategy of standing in Parish Council elections was Sadie Graham! She got elected to Brinsley Parish council in I think 2006. Certainly by 2007 the British National Party started standing in numerous parish and town council elections and as a result was getting many councillors ‘elected’ unopposed from that date. This is quite simply because in many rural areas not enough people are willing to serve on the parish council to fill all the places.

By 2007 the BNP declared that it had about 100 councillors but this was only because parish, town and community councillors were included in the total. No other party includes parish, community and town councillors in their totals. In fact about half the BNP total were parish, community and town councillors. At one time there were around 70 BNP parish, community and town councillors.

In the area where I live there is a town council and the elections are very competitive. The BNP had five members elected to Loughton Town Council in 2008 and we stood ten candidates, with every ward covered. I stood myself. I think that was the highest number of councillors that the BNP has had in one parish or town council.

It is good for local activists to become parish councillors as it upsets the politically correct local opposition and often provokes howls of outrage in the local press. Furthermore useful experience can be gained and it is a very valuable stepping stone in gaining credibility and building local community support.

While the BNP included its parish community and town councillors in its totals, the acquisition of new unopposed councillors was not heralded as if it were a great victory. Normally they were listed with a brief congratulation to the new councillor.


I find it very strange that the buffoonish National Elections Officer Clive Jefferson thinks that this year is the ‘first ever’ time that the BNP has adopted the tactic of standing for parish councils.

It is the ‘first ever’ time that the BNP website has announced each ‘victory’ as if it were a new Trafalgar. Take a look here:


So eager is Clive Jefferson to publicise these ‘victories’ that he is claiming new councillors who are no longer BNP members. He has already done this several times. The latest fake unopposed ‘victory’ is that of Carol Collett (Mark Collett’s mum) who actually resigned from the BNP several months ago.

Clive Jefferson does not know how to win proper elections. He has never tasted victory before. That is why he is reduced to this sort of idiotic bluster.


Clive Jefferson isn’t the only blustering buffoon who has never won an election, yet who thinks he knows it all. I stumbled across another individual who thinks he invented the parish council strategy. This particular jerk thinks he is a Nationalist Napoleon and that he dreamt up the strategy himself in 2008.

He dribbled: ‘Eddy Butler actively campaigned against this strategy, I think we know why!’

Why? Hmmm. I know - it must be because I’m a Searchlight spy!

This lumbering idiot is a Regional Organiser without a region (they have almost all deserted him – I wonder why) who has of course done wonders for the cause... hasn’t he? He hasn’t even come within a sniff of winning an election. Or achieving anything.

He must have been totally asleep while we were trying to implement the parish council strategy. It is no wonder this his region (the South West) is the worst performing electoral region in England. Indeed his region is fielding a pathetic four candidates in this year’s local elections. He is an embarrassment and a disgrace. If he had any self respect he would resign.

Here are his words to the wise:


He has named his blog after a group of people involved in the English Civil War who got their arses kicked by everyone who came into contact with them. How apt.

This really draws attention to the terribly poor quality material we had to work with as senior officers of the party. Having people like this occupy senior regional roles, is it any wonder that the BNP did not prosper?

Certainly any organisation that rises up to save our country can do without the ‘assistance’ that such useless articles are capable of providing.


  1. Eddie don't forget the all important mail merge. I agree with eddie 110%, I have worked with eddie very closely on quite a few elections and I believe eddie has the right formula. Like Eddie said we have been doing parish councils for years, only last year did the west midlands get a new parish councillor.
  2. Steve in SuffolkApr 25, 2011 12:36 PM
    Clubman's blog had me in stitches. He is claiming he is in charge of BNP Training.........seriously?

    Potty training perhaps or learning the alphabet?

    The BNP is dead, sadly not yet buried, but instead generating a vile stench of putrefaction. This slowly decaying corpse is best avoided and genuine nationalists should look to deploy their energy working with entities which are welcoming, thriving and likely to be successful in this year's elections and others which will follow. Seek them out in your own patch. Not one size fits all.
  3. Resigning from the BNP does not register with those who remain and of course you will still be counted, as Mrs Collet proves. I resigned from life membership and the trafalgar club but I still get all the mailings as if I was still core! Even got my Trafalgar club diary! They are on the ball in admin this lot.
  4. This is why we have 10 councillors in the South West both BNP and independent, and more standing this time. - As a former SW official I can assure you they have no councillors in the south west. (How can you have an independent councillor for the BNP?)
  5. Eddy, did you know Ian Kitchen is still meddling in BNP affairs?,
  6. What a terrible thing to say about a fellow nationalist. A case of sour grapes if ever there was.
  7. Eddy is right.It is vitally important NOT to treat the count as a social occasion.I have personal experience of slight of hand, or a genuine mistake. In 2005[County Council elections] I witnessed the "counter" place a Labour vote on TOP of a pile of my BNP votes.49 BNP votes 1 Labour vote.Although it was dealt with the "counter" was not removed from the table but allowed to continue.2009 and another similiar incident occured.On both occasions it would not have made any significant difference to the result but we are there to see as far as possible that everyone of our votes counts.
  8. Every Election that passes is an election gone for ever, The BNP has now become a poisoned chalice, the good guys who desperately want help our Country are smeared if they join the BNP which once was seen as the great vehicle for the salvation of Britain, so full of promise, the BNP and its members are a direct reflection of Britain now, rotten corrupt leadership and others to incapable to see or do much about it.
  9. Spot on Anon of 09:26.The BNP is a pariah, touch
    it and it poisons you, like the very small South
    American tree frog.It can never be detoxed.I tend to agree with Brons that Gri££in is
    deliberately dismantling the party although
    whether he is doing it because he's been got at
    or it's just his horribly twisted power-mad mind
    is not clear.He looks quite uncomfortable in one
    of the photos on Brons's website, like he is in a room with someone he would also like to get rid of.
  10. New BNP tactics devised by Mr Harrington : Stand outside of Judges and Councillors homes early in the morning, bang on their neighbours doors and hand out leaflets. Already young Keiren Trent has been arrested over this idiotic new activity. This is utter madness and will lost us votes?
  11. I am actually embarrased now i get phone calls to ask sometimes beg for info regarding meetings, activism etc
    There is nothing in Glasgow and i mean NOTHING were is the communication it does not exist. I cannot understand why the activists in Glasgow (3-4) dont see why the party is being ruined before there very eyes due to the incompetance of Nick and his backroom staff Every day the lefties laugh at us now they will piss themselves when we turn up for the count on May 5th
  12. I have just read that Ian Kitchin and his wife are organising the RWB,this is after they resigned their BNP membership in disgrace through Mrs Kitchins starring role in pornagraphic movies.
    If this is correct,then Nick Griffin and the BNP
    management should hang their heads in shame at
    letting these type of people run a party event where members are encouraged to bring their young children.
    I am not a prude but for swingers and porn stars to be running a family event shows just how low the morals of the party have sunk.
  13. OH, what a tangled web we weave
    Nick should have done us all a favour Eddie and given you the job of driving the truth truck.You would have been
    ""HERE TODAY and GONE TOMORROW "" you could have designed your own skins,,on one side you could have wrote "VOTE BNP" and on the other side "VOTE ENGLISH DEMOCRAT'S"
  14. I am looking forward to a decent meeting with no spin on Thursday! J L.
  15. I can corroborate the earlier post about Harrington's plot to door step Judges etc, we have been told to do this on Sunday mornings in quiet middle-class suburbs. It's is bound to back-fire, it's a bloody ridicule idea
  16. This has just appeared on the BBC News website, it appears they are scratching Gri££in & Darby's backs!

    BNP 'expects to pay off debts this year'

    By Norman Smith Chief political correspondent, BBC Radio 4

  17. I think its best we give it our best shot at the elections, but if the results are as poor as we all expect them to be then its time to call it a day for the BNP. It has been said that UKIP exists to divert votes away from the BNP, but more recently it has become the other way round. Our efforts, time and resources are wasted on the BNP as the name is irredeemable to most of the public. UKIP is attracting our heartland working class voters now as they see it as the more electable option. UKIP needs our expertise in organising 'grassroots' activists and UKIP have themselves identified a need to establish a firmer base of working class voters. My hope is that as many of us as possible join UKIP to make it more representative of nationalists in Britain. Those BNP members who are well known names and faces in the party should follow Chris Beverley's example and join English Democrats, who are also a potentially more electable party. Hopefully UKIP and EDs might merge in a few years time. The rump of the BNP who refuse to countenance dropping race as a central feature of our policy presentation can join the NF. Its day dreaming to talk about building a new nationalist party when it will have to compete with UKIP which established itself with 17% of the vote in the Euro elections.
  18. Eddy....Are there any more meetings planned (like the one advertised above) that you will be attending in the near future, maybe in North London/ Herts?
  19. • May a detached observer make some points?

    • Is the BNP now regarded as toxic by the general public? Possibly, but probably not yet. It is certainly putrid internally. But with the establishment of a new and credible leadership and a vigorous re-start the disasters of past and present and accompanying stench might well recede.

    • Is change likely? Griffin, an intelligent man but slime ball and ethical cretin, will resist to the end. Is he “State”? Possibly, but one is reminded of the jibe about certain types of journalists – no need to pay them when you see what they will do for nothing. Andrew Brons is a most credible successor. Otherwise, in terms of leadership, little visible beyond the Captain Mainwarings’.

    • Do UKIP and the EDP offer a credible alternative? Not the slightest.

    • UKIP is globalist, world free trade, and Atlanticist. By instinct and appearance it is right wing Conservative. The UKIP website shows only passing interest in non EU stories and issues. UKIP has some bright people but little grass routes activism. It has no appeal to the working class – who regard it as middle class. An exodus of BNP members to UKIP would delight the far-left, who fear the BNP’s working class appeal, past and potential.

    • EDP? A non starter. Again, look at the website. Lifeless, shallow, and unresponsive to daily issues; images of red London buses and village cricket. And this in a potentially revolutionary situation. Bring of the Beefeaters! Its front page has a video of the 2010 party broadcast and another from 2005! A manifesto launch in Monmouth (part of Gwent!) Amazed how this group is over-talked and promoted: a hole in the air.

    • British Freedom Party? Some good policies, dismal website, and sensible people who could all be accommodated in a phone box. Will not take off.

    • Last point. Nothing could be closer to Gerry Gable’s strategy and dreams than the fragmentation and scattering of the BNPs support base across UKIP and the grouplets.
  20. To anon at 26/4/ 20.12 :-
    Unfortunately, N.Farage is another Griffin. He has a National Exec.composed of 'yes' men & sycophants.Anyone with any talent gets the cold shoulder & edged out of the party. Nearly all the Euro MEPs have embraced the lavish lifestyle Brussels affords, they have been getting people elected for at least 10yrs & have achieved nothing apart from a few fancy speeches. We have been following the party's antics for a few years now, & it is almost the same scenario as the BNP. They also have a lack of financial transparency which mirrors that of the BNP. The only UKIP MEP who seems sincere in trying to get us out is Nicci Sinclaire, & she has been slung out. If you don't believe me, try the 'Junius/UKIP blog'.
  21. I agree with anonymous 20:12.
    I am ex BNP,who will now be voting UKIP,if Farage can pull it off,and eventually get us out of the EU,then at least we will not be bound by the insane human rights laws,perhaps then things might start to fall into place.

    The BNP leadership is responsible for its own demise,and will never be seen as electable to parliament by the majority of the public,where as UKIP in comparison has a reasonable chance of success and taking us out of the EU.That would be a start.
  22. Some clear thinking from Hereward but the only
    relevent bit concerns Gri££in.He is like a child who has found a bomb and is playing with it as if it is a toy. We are all screaming at him but he is so immersed in his game that he doesn't hear us.We are all agreed that until we
    find a way to get rid of him, the BNP will
    continue to self-destruct.And demographics
    dictates that we definately have considerably
    less than ten years to get our act together to
    at least be up there competing with the liblabcon axis of incompetence.
  23. It's activists like Bert Clark who made you with their hard work, that was your hayday now your finished and trying to latch on to the ED mug-eds, do yourself a favour why do you and your crew of arselickers join the NF Tess Colnane and Edmunds is over there stop making a prat of yourself with your stalk blog and get some NF EDDY ARSELICK candidates standing in Essex. I would support you and the Arselickers all day long!

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