British National Party founding member Richard Edmonds launched his campaign to wrest the leadership of the party from Nick Griffin last night at a meeting held in Mottingham in south London.

I was at the meeting and gave a brief talk in support of Richard. It was good to see some old hands there such as Barry Roberts and Jay Lee.

The first priority is to make sure that enough nomination signatures are obtained. The signatures of 20% of all members who have over two years continuous membership as at 1st July are required to enable the contest to go ahead.

A series of meetings will be held up and down the country to support Richard’s candidature.

The next meeting will be held in the Midlands on 15th May.



  1. Good Luck Richard, you are one of the very best! Incidentally the attack dogs are already on the BDF forum attacking Richard and his loyal supporters. I hope this leadership is cleaner than the one last year, Mr Griffin's chums can get very nasty.
  2. There needs to be meetings in the following areas which still have some BNP members.

  3. Hi Eddy
    Couple of questions,is it july 2010 for membership voting and how many signatures will be required?
  4. You're doomed, I tell you are all doomed.
  5. This must be a joke, first you said you want a leader with no baggage and then some one younger than Nick. Now you pick someone who hasn't got long left, has more baggage than Nick.
    The leadership challange is becoming a farce, why dont you just pack up now. richard will never get the signatures anyway.
  6. The best way to play it could be to put up Edmonds as the candidate, which will delight
    Gri££in, but to pull him out later on and stick Butler in to catch them by surprise.Edmonds is too old and not well enough known to beat Gri££in who will in anyway make it impossible for any challenger.
  7. QUOTE:

    "This must be a joke, first you said you want a leader with no baggage and then some one younger than Nick. Now you pick someone who hasn't got long left, has more baggage than Nick.
    The leadership challange is becoming a farce, why dont you just pack up now. richard will never get the signatures anyway."


    Agree. Edmonds has more baggage than the entire worlds airports put together.

    Quite a few convictions.

    Longstanding denials on the Holo.

    He's 68.

    Speaks with an oikish accent.

    Nah, he aint ever gonna be your leader - not in a million years.
  8. Tell Jay that his "Scottish cousin" says hello and that I promise not to litter his abode with beer cans again. Hopefully he will remember that little in-joke from yesteryear!

    More seriously, whilst I am far-removed from the BNP of 2011 I get the distinct feeling that it will be extremely difficult for a genuine nationalist such as Richard to be elected to the leadership position. From day one of the Griffin era, true nationalists have been alienated and expelled. Yours truly chucked it after a bewildering combination of adverts for secondhand cars and crass attacks on John Tyndall became the fare of BNP publications. Are there enough genuine nationalists left in the BNP to make a difference now?

    Whilst I wish Richard's leadership bid to be successful it is a matter of dealing with the present reality that we must be thinking in terms of forming a new, broad-front nationalist party.

    The more time that we expend, (i.e. waste), in internal struggles the less time we have to save our race and nation.
  9. Michael Foot ERA what more can i say
  10. This Richard Edmonds will take the BNP back years must be a joke
  11. Anonymous said...

    This Richard Edmonds will take the BNP back years must be a joke

    Back to its "NON CIVIC" roots

    Before many of you joined what is called a Nationalist movement
  12. A question to Richard...........
    would he separate colours from white a 30C during a multi wash....................
  13. If Richard does win how much time will we spend defending his pass from the media when we should be spending time and effort on rebuilding the party. And if the problem with voters is Nick how will Richard make this any better.
    In the Election the BNP will get wiped away and the UKIP will become the new local political party, even if we are to reform the BNP i think we would lost enough ground too other parties for us to to be the first choice for voters
  14. Best of luck Richard.

    As for those who are looking for an identikit, Cameron/Clegg/Blair, 40-something liberal public schoolboy Prime Minister in waiting:
    you need to take a reality check!

    The BNP is in profound crisis. It's only chance of survival is for a respected veteran to take the helm and win back the respect of the movement. For the time being it's not about impressing your local golf club members as they read their Daily Mail.

    It's about rescuing the party, if it can be rescued. Richard is an ideal man for that task.
  15. Ronald RickcordApr 30, 2011 01:55 AM
    Edmonds for Leader

    This is great news! If anyone can mend the BNP, it is Richard Edmonds. He is a genuine nationalist who has worked tirelessly for British Nationalism for many years - indeed, before many of his detractors were born. Unlike so many of those who currently run the BNP, he is patently honest and dedicated.

    As for the accusation of holocaust denial implied by one of your correspondents, no one, including, I think, Richard, would deny that many people of different nationalities died in concentration camps during WWII. What is open to question is whether those deaths were the result of an intentional policy of extermination. The International Committee of the Red Cross thought not, pointing out that most of those deaths were due to typhus and other diseases, and starvation caused by the disruption of food supplies resulting from allied bombing. It is only during recent years that Griffin, formerly a strident holocaust denier, has done a complete U-turn regarding this matter.

    If I were still a BNP member I would certainly vote for Richard; as it is, if he is successful I shall certainly re-apply for membership.
  16. Richard is a man of integrity and courage, polar opposite attributes to those found in Griffin and his stink regime. Alas since Richard also carries baggage, can you explain the reasoing behind your support Ed, not least because of your repeated arguments for "broad church"?
  17. From some of the comments above, I see that the attack dogs have started already!
  18. From SaveOurCountry

    Andrew Hardie said...

    "... it is a matter of dealing with the present reality that we must be thinking in terms of forming a new, broad-front nationalist party".

    I agree. I think this challenge is the last chance for the BNP and if Richard is not successful we should indeed consider the establishment of a new party without delay. But I believe it would only work if it could start off with most of the presently disillusioned BNP members throughout the country joining, and thus have a basic national structure in place from the outset. That's the only way it would have any chance of success in the near future, and as we all know, time is fast running out.
  19. why didnt edmonds do it last year and save a whole year of grief?
    Obviously this is a plan b or c.
    Waste of time
  20. All those who opposed Griffin have left, so theres no hope of enough signitures, all you cowards who ran away have lost your voting rights, mugs
  21. Yes idiot of 16:15, there is no hope of enough signatures, but even if enough were found,Gri££in
    would never allow a fair election.He is a cheat, amongst other things.Anyway there isn't enough time now for nationalism to get anywhere.Your son will grow up in a country where he will suffer because he is white.One day he will ask you why you let it happen.What will you say?'I supported Nick Gri££in',who destroyed his own peoples hopes out of greed and pure selfishness.
    But you don't see it do you, because you are also a twisted and greedy animal.

    The smears start to fly now.
  23. Well, Edward, are you upper-middle class? Gosh, I better get your autograph!
  24. Please, please,
    If there is baggage drop it...there is no time left to continually have to justify something implied years ago. It's time that we Nationalists UNITE. It's a new and desperate era that we face and face it we must, together we must fight for our people. If we have to scrap everything and start again from scratch, so be it, we exist!...As long as we fight for a common cause what the hell does it matter what it's called or who fronts it? Amazes me that so much time is spent on fb when we should be MEETING to consolidate our beliefs. THE FIGHT IS ON, THE FIGHT IS REAL, THE FIGHT IS NOT VIRTUAL.......
  25. Dear Eddy
    I am a financial supporter, not a member. However, quick research on the internet shows Edmonds with twice the baggage of NG. In my opinion the only real unity candidate is Andrew Brons. Your sponsership of RE seems to go completely against your earlier BNP "Broad church" concept. The Party NEEDS a Unity Candidate or faces collapse.
  26. 'Anonymous', yet another one, said...

    "Eddy ... in my opinion the only real unity candidate is Andrew Brons... The Party NEEDS a Unity Candidate or faces collapse".

    Wrong. Right now the party needs someone who is well known and widely respected enough within the party to gain the support of the dwindling, and therefore inevitably increasingly 'loyalist' (misguidedly), membership. Richard is such a person.

    Andrew Brons does not wish to be the challenger as far as I know, so I wish people would stop deluding themselves in calling for him to stand. If, 'anonymous' you know of someone who is willing and able to stand as a unity candidate and who is well known and respected in the party, do please tell us.

    Peter Phillips
  27. No point in coming anywhere near Scotland, Richard. It is well and truely F...ked and all the good activists and organisers have left the party. Good luck.


  1. What a complete waste of time, talk about planet of the dinosaurs.

  2. The British National Party is doing very well without these old dinosaurs. Butler, why don't you and your ilk go and play with eachothers dummy's.........or that slapper Claudia Dogleish.

  3. You must be off your rocker,what do you care about what happens to the BNP ,,you have done nothing but slagg off the BNP and Nick griffin ever since you started your blog.
    You have joined the E/Ds and tried to take all the BNP members with you.
    Your a SHIT BAG and a traitor to the nationalists movement ,,i would not support anything that you were even remotely connected with your just bad news.

  4. One problem that will hamper Richards chances is the loss of voting BNP members.
    I hope he succeeds but if not I would suggest that he join the DEMOCRATIC NATIONALISTS which are also helping in NATIONALIST UNITY .
    But whatever he decides I know that he will still be working for NATIONALIST UNITY.

  5. I know several ex-members who would rejoin if Griffin was replaced. The difficulty is,, is Griffin a State asset ?,his so-called attack dogs are, it is unthinkable that true Nationalists would be allowed to take control of the BNP.

  6. Oh dear!
    I have met Richard Edmonds on several occasions. A thoroughly decent, and, knowledgeable gentleman. But really, why subject such a nice man to the ridicule and bile that will flow aplenty from the diminished ranks of the BNP?
    I distanced myself from the party, and, didn't renew my membership when Griffin finally lost touch with reality. I ask myself-almost on a daily basis- why are there still people actually supporting the odious Griffin? No one, I repeat, no one will ever take the party from the clutches of the "Permanent Chairman."

  7. Blimey these griffinites are a bit thick - this article is about a year old. I'm restoring articles following the hacking