‘NEW BRITISH FASCISM: Rise of the British National Party’ (Routledge)
By Matthew J. Goodwin

This book was published a few months ago. The author, Matt Goodwin, is a Doctor in the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Nottingham. He is a regular ‘talking head’ on news and current affairs TV programs when ‘far right’ politics is under discussion. He seems to have made a career decision to specialise in this field and become the ‘resident expert’.

In my opinion Matt Goodwin shows more perception and understands the issues involved better than most of his rivals or predecessors. He has taken the time to interview many members. I suspect he has an element of empathy with the aims if not the means by which organised nationalism has gone about realising these aims. Perhaps the hours of interviews that he has undertaken has had a Stockholm Syndrome effect.

Incidentally for those put off by the title ‘New British Fascism’, I suspect it was imposed by the publishers as part of a ‘shock-horror’ marketing strategy to attract readers. There is precious little fascism spoken of within – Mussolini barely gets a mention!

Goodwin interviewed a large number of BNP members around the time of the European Elections in 2009 and before. He is the first researcher I have ever given an interview to. I have never previously been interviewed about the background to the 1993 Millwall victory for example. I remember my interview was conducted in a pub beer garden sunny afternoon on in Loughton, with two other people who gave shorter recorded interviews first.

I recognise some of what I said in the book and it is an interesting game trying to work out who the other contributors are. They are given pseudonyms such as ‘Pam’ (one I worked out), ‘Peter’, ‘Martin’, ‘Simon’, ‘Clive’ (no not that one), ‘Chris’ and ‘John’.

The book’s central theme is that the BNP has made itself relevant to a distinct segment of British society which has provided the BNP with a secure support base. In other words the support gained by the BNP is not likely to be transitory in nature. For the first time ever a ‘far right’ party has been able to establish such a foundation.


The book’s analysis paints a less rosy picture so far as that is concerned.

But what makes up the BNP’s constituency?

The book is full of statistical analysis and surveys. They somewhat break up the narrative, but I guess the author wanted to show that he had empirical data to back up his claims.

The BNP attracts people with a similar social profile, whose concern about immigration is high and who are dissatisfied with the main parties. That is no great shock.

What is that social profile?

The surveys tend to imply that it is people who are from more deprived and less well educated backgrounds. Here are some examples of the findings:

insecure citizens who feel left behind amid rapid and destabilizing socio-economic change.

rather than recruiting support from across society the party is appealing primarily to ‘angry white men’ who are socially distinct; they are older and economically insecure working-class men who have low levels of education and are located in particular regions of the country.

the party is rallying citizens who feel their social positions or identities are under threat from immigration and rising ethno-cultural diversity.

the BNP continued to recruit most support among urban working-class areas where there were large numbers of manual workers, large Muslim communities and low education levels, though mainly in Pennine Lancashire, the Midlands and outer-east London.

However, while it is continuing to forge ties with socially distinct citizens who hold a specific set of attitudes, the BNP has proved unable to engineer a wider breakthrough.

Please note this is based on averages. We can all find exceptions to the rule.

Evidence is presented that showed that seven out of ten voters would never consider voting BNP. Even amongst people who were upset over immigration figures, a majority expressed hostility to the BNP. Outside of the constituency that the BNP has ‘made its own’, the brand is utterly toxic.

This perhaps explains why the BNP has never been able to break out of its small constituency. At the peak of the BNP’s popularity, under almost ideal conditions with widespread concern over asylum, anxiety over Muslim inspired terror attacks and the Parliamentary expenses scandal, the BNP only attracted 6.2% of the total vote in the 2009 European Elections when there was also a low 34% turnout.

Equivalent parties in Europe routinely poll much higher figures:

The Austrian Freedom Party frequently polls over 20%, as does the Vlaams Belang in Flanders, while Jobbik in Hungary and the Front National usually poll around 15% (when it does very badly the FN gets around the 6% mark).

There is an interesting table in the book that shows the main issues which motivate the voters of different parties in 2009. Those sampled could pick four issues.

For BNP voters, 87% picked immigration – against the average of 49%. For UKIP it was 76%. As UKIP polled 16.5% in the European Election their 74% comprised a lot more voters than those that supported the BNP on the immigration issue. In other words many more anti-immigration voters chose UKIP over the BNP.

Not only that - 57% of the Conservative voters chose immigration as a major issue and incredibly 34% of Labour voters said the same.

Roughly speaking, of the 49% for whom immigration was a major concern (and it was the second highest indicator behind the economy) it can be calculated that:

16% voted Conservative
12.5% voted UKIP
5.5% voted BNP
5.5% voted Labour
4.5% voted Lib Dem
5.0% voted for others.

At its peak the BNP attracted barely more anti immigration votes than Labour.

The reason for this is simply that the BNP has restricted its appeal to one small segment of society that also opposed immigration, rather than all sections of society that oppose immigration.


Part of the problem is that the segment that the BNP has attracted is not aspirational. No one looks to people from that background for inspiration. Non one aspires to be like them. People from other backgrounds, partly out of snobbishness, do not like to be associated with them.

That makes the BNP support base a difficult one to break out of.

But why are people of different backgrounds reluctant to commit and why does this group give its support?

Why have our continental cousins managed to do this and we haven’t?

I have long been aware, as have most sensible nationalists, that association with Nazism, ‘the whiff of Fascism’ is the fast track to political oblivion. There is nothing profound in this. However, realistically all our continental cousins suffer from the same whiff to one degree or another.

However, Goodwin’s book brought to focus an aspect of this that had escaped my attention.

The historic failure of the British extreme right to match the success of its continental cousins has been traced to various factors... Britain’s defeat of fascist regimes is an important episode in the national story and poses a formidable barrier to parties stained by the stigma of fascism. The enduring legacy of this tradition was suggested by one poll in 2005 which asked Britons to rank the defining characteristics of ‘Britishness’; the number who chose the country’s defiance of Nazi Germany as being ‘very important’ to this identity was only second behind the number who selected freedom of speech.

Every country has its national myths that excite the patriotic elements within the population.

In France it is La Gloire – the Napoleonic conquests, the fiction (to me anyway) of French greatness, painters, writers, culture. Their experience in the Second World War is largely airbrushed out, although De Gaulle’s claims for equal status and a share of La Gloire for France at the end established his reputation and to this day the Gaulllists are quasi nationalistic.

To Italians it will be Ancient Rome and the Renaissance, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci (but not the glories of Mussolini’s empire with its tanks with three reverse gears).

A normal healthy patriotic Brit is bought up on a diet Spitfires, the Dunkirk Spirit and ‘we stood alone during the Blitz’. These are the images that tend to inspire the first patriotic urges that mature into a nationalist outlook. They have largely supplanted in the popular mind the earlier myths – Alfred the Great, Drake, Nelson and the Thin Red Line.

Britain’s role in the Second World War when we stood alone against the Nazis, is a vital aspect of our island story. It was our ‘finest hour’. For our continental cousins it was a period best forgotten about. One of many alien occupations. A period when they did not cover themselves in glory. It is not a period that inspires them or that heats their blood.

Singularly, for a British (or English for that matter) nationalist party to be associated with Nazism is the kiss of death. Only the most desperate will support such a movement. Only those who have nothing else to lose, nowhere else to turn. That fundamentally is why only one small group has regularly supported the BNP at the polls. It is a low glass ceiling.

What are the characteristics of a neo Nazi movement and is it fair to characterise the BNP in that way? The book identifies three components:


It will be a movement that espouses or at the very least tolerates anti Semitism, perhaps superficially cloaked as ant-Zionism. Or if it thinks it is being sophisticated it used thinly veiled code words like ‘banksters’.

If we are being honest you do not have to dig too far into the BNP to find such attitudes. The BNP itself most certainly has a history of what most would regard as anti-Semitism. Jewish people were banned from joining at one point, and the BNP used to openly distribute a broadsheet called ‘Holocaust News’ which denied the Holocaust. Nick Griffin has a conviction for distributing anti-Holocaust material that was deemed likely to incite racial hatred. He also floundered when asked about his attitude towards the Holocaust on Question Time.

Even people who would refer to themselves as being ‘Jew wise’ should be able to admit that he BNP has an anti-Jewish tinge to it (although to them probably nowhere near enough) and that this is a problem to a party that’s strategy is based on gaining electoral support. Of course such people would probably claim that trying to gain electoral support is futile (and I would agree that for them it would be) but that is another story.


While many people feel uncomfortable with large scale immigration and its consequences it is a mistake to take from that popular support for racial policies. Accordingly, if you desire to preserve the ethnic nature of the British Isles then it is sensible to go about it in a way that allows you to tap into the support for immigration control without upsetting people’s sensibilities by having what seem to be strict racial policies.

By publicly resisting the Equalities Commission when it took legal action to ensure that the BNP opened its membership up to ethnic minorities, Nick Griffin ensured that the BNP’s racial position was there for all to see, front and centre. The outcome of the case was never in doubt. Some argue that it was necessary to show resistance in order to avoid internal schisms. I don’t accept that would have been the case, but if so it is a damning indictment of quality of the membership.

Those who talk of ensuring that the BNP remains at heart an ethno-nationalist party merely condemn it to failure. It is an example of breathtaking lack of subtlety and political gaucheness. Such an approach will also lead to ethnic destruction. This is the reality whether anyone likes it or not.

It makes it impossible for any bright young students for example to support such a party as it is social death to be associated with such views in the 21st century. It makes it almost impossible for anyone with a decent job or their own successful business to join. It means that the BNP overwhelmingly (but obviously not exclusively) recruits from that segment of the population that is outlined above.

In previous decades nationalist parties used to sell books detailing the biological nature of racial differences. There were numerous titles available on intelligence testing and so forth. This still finds expression on the Facebook pages of too many BNP activists, candidates and officers, along with the inevitable text jokes that are passed around.

A more demanding intellectual rigour is required in order to articulate a line that will preserve our people without seeming to threaten others and does not appear to be unfair and unduly harsh. This should be obvious but the very fact that it has to be said in 2011 tells its own story.


I have already provided a quotation that defence of freedom of speech is an important national characteristic. Hostility to traditional democratic structures is regarded as another trait of a neo Nazi movement.

The BNP leader Nick Griffin routinely states that he wishes to execute his political opponents. He recently said this about David Cameron. If our opponents are not to be executed, then at the very least the commonplace assumption is that they will all be locked up in a Gulag somewhere as traitors.

If you read so-called nationalist internet chat forums you do not have to look very hard before finding similar sentiments, nor to find statements calling for the abolition of Parliament and so forth. Of course much of it is born of frustration and in reaction to various repressive stratagems adopted by the state such as postal voting, overnight counts, smear leaflets.

Nevertheless the way the BNP has historically conducted itself has lent weight to the view that it does not respect democracy. For example there was a time when elections were barely contested and all activities were channelled into direct action with rowdy marches, demos and meetings. There is always a temptation to go back to those days, particularly with Nick Griffin who has a predisposition to like stunts.

Does the BNP conduct itself internally in an above board manner? Don’t make me laugh. The BNP is run like a police state. No freedom of speech, expulsions and suspensions without charge, and the leadership elections are always corrupted by the dictator.


Is it likely that the public at large view the BNP as a neo Nazi outfit? Is it likely that Joe Public will think – I like your policies but I get the feeling (perhaps as personified by the personality of Nick Griffin) that you are too hard line?

I am absolutely certain that this is the case. This book bears this out in excruciating detail. It is what the doorsteps tell us if we ever would listen. It is what the BNP’s election results should tell us. It is what an examination of the BNP membership base tells us.

I have asked many people this question. How many activists do you know that have a wife and two kids, a steady job and a car? How many successful business men can be found in the BNP? Conversely how many are single blokes in their forties struggling on a badly paid job?

This might sound harsh (particularly if you are a forty something singleton in a badly paid job), but you cannot build a successful movement on that. There are not enough recruits from the striving, self-motivated achieving sections of society with which to staff the officer class. Of course some of these forty somethings are ideal political material - remember we are talking about averages.

At the end of the day, this is why Nick Griffin usually gets his own way. There are a lot of unquestioning types in the party that go with the flow and don’t like to think too deeply about what is going on. I have said many times over this past year that there have been sufficient bolted down examples of maladministration and internal political corruption to have ended the careers of a Hemicycle worth of politicians. Yet Nick Griffin is still odds on to win this year’s leadership election. This is one inevitable outcome of the BNP’s recruitment from one small segment of the population.


From my perspective, in the mid 1990s I used the term minimalist. I said that for nationalism to be successful in this country we have to strip away and jettison all the unnecessary baggage. The experience of the BNP in the first decade of the 21st century is that it has failed to jettison nearly enough baggage. The BNP by its own unnecessary actions still puts off the majority of potential supporters.

It is all too easy to say that the media will smear even a squeaky clean party. The simple and undeniable fact is that the BNP has enough of that off putting whiff about it. The public can smell it a mile off.

This book was completed in January 2011 and so covers some of the internal ructions that followed the 2010 General Election. Nevertheless its conclusions are already looking dated. The 2011 elections results put the BNP back to where it was in around 2001. The stable if small constituency that Goodwin identified seems to be deserting the BNP.

Will this change? Much of course depends upon the outcome of the leadership election which is currently taking place, although most commentators on all sides regard the outcome as a foregone conclusion.

Strangely enough Goodwin now has an interest in the BNP surviving and prospering! Or at least in a successor movement springing up and taking its place.

I would suggest that unless such a successor movement takes on board the lessons that can be drawn from this book then it will be doomed to failure. It may gather to itself a limited amount of support – enough to attract a few cheap headlines, but nothing more. Like the BNP in the first decade of the 21st century, it will just have operated as a state tolerated safety valve. With the benefit of hindsight that is exactly how the BNP operated through that decade and how the nationalist cause has always been.

It lets off steam, but its own inadequacies prevented it from further growth. It was inhibited by its own innate design flaws.

If you are satisfied with that then carry on regardless. Otherwise look towards a realignment of nationalist politics.


  1. It is simply too late to be nice. John Beattie
  2. Much wisdom Eddy, but you have got to make the right move for yourself [ after the election fiasco ].Don't hang around anymore, keep up the attack blog on sleazy dishonest Gri££in, but get yourself into another group.Just regard it as sport to rub the traitor Gri££in's face in the mud.Get ready to move!
  3. Any sucessor party will be linked to the BNP in the way that the BNP was linked with the NF.

    We need first and foremost an inspiring leader. Most people were attracted to the BNP by a false image of Nick Griffin, the outspoken patriot.

    What we need is a man well versed in most subjects, a grand speaker and a man of integrity. Similar people will see him as a man worth following rather than a man who looks shifty, hunched over, muddles his words and is suspected of financial impropriety. All the sucessful Nationalist movements of Europe have leaders worth following.

    If Nick had stepped down in 2009 while we still had the medias attention and a virtuous man had replaced him we would not be here now.

    People follow leaders and soundbites, so long as we leave out embarrassing policies that take ages to justify the the policies barely matter.
  4. I think Eddy should hang around and continue to pick up support from more BNP members as they gradually see the light and decide to grow up and stop playing games.

    "I would suggest that unless such a successor movement takes on board the lessons that can be drawn from this book then it will be doomed to failure. It may gather to itself a limited amount of support – enough to attract a few cheap headlines, but nothing more. Like the BNP in the first decade of the 21st century, it will just have operated as a state tolerated safety valve. With the benefit of hindsight that is exactly how the BNP operated through that decade and how the nationalist cause has always been.

    It lets off steam, but its own inadequacies prevented it from further growth. It was inhibited by its own innate design flaws.

    If you are satisfied with that then carry on regardless. Otherwise look towards a realignment of nationalist politics".

    Absolutely spot on with your conclusion there Eddy. Sadly most in the BNP are probably not going to want to make the transition from politically incorrect social club with semi organised days out to political party, and even if they did want to, a party with potential for big political support might regard many of them as liabilities.

    This should not concern those of us who want to focus on down to earth nationalist policies which will assist our children. For all the BNP members left behind in a crumbling BNP/NF slow death, there will be potentially thousands more people who have stayed away from nationalism because of the shortcomings of the primarily middle class UKIP and the primarily stupid BNP.

    Stick around for a bit, see what happens, and when the party falls apart after Brons looses the election campaign, continue to skim off the cream of the BNP, leave the ones who don't want to do politics to stay in the BNP which should become a campaign group for white people and lets all find a new home and start establishing our activist base and influence within another party.

  5. I'm sure if Nationalists start thinking and behaving as liberals, they'll be very successful in the MSM and liberal politics. What a waste of space.

    I especially enjoyed the going along with the anti-bankster/zionist = anti-semitism rubbish. Back in the real world, most semites are actually muslim.
  6. Many BNP supporters are too thick to understand that concentrating on practical policies which will protect our race rather than race and ideology in itself does not make you a liberal.
  7. All that is happening at the moment is that most nationalist people are running round like headless chickens,There is absolutely no Nationalist cohesion at the moment The BNP is finished all this talk of moving on where do we move to its all talk and no do.
    I will be voting UKIP in future as its a ready made vehicle that could at least get us out of the EU. If a New Nationalist party comes along with a Credible Dynamic leader then I will then put my weight behind it.Only 4 years to another General Election at the moment UKIP is our best shot.
  8. Eddy this is the best most sensible informative article you have ever put on here.
  9. Avro LancasterJul 6, 2011 02:25 AM
    "rather than recruiting support from across society the party is appealing primarily to ‘angry white men’ who are socially distinct; they are older and economically insecure working-class men who have low levels of education and are located in particular regions of the country."

    I am an angry, white woman with a science degree. Totally opposite to many people's idea of someone attracted to the BNP.
  10. Can I ask Eddy a question:

    Do you think Griffin was ever a genuine nationalist, or has he always seen nationalism as an easy income?

    Also, is there any truth in the rumour that you first left the party in 2000 because Griffin used party funds to pay for an extension on his own home. If Griffin did use BNP money in such a way, surely that proves he's never been anything other than a confidence trickster.
  11. Gri££in will manipulate this current leadership challenge for his own benefit. In August we should break way on mass and form a New Nationalist Party, we have so many good people with skills and experience and dedication, it can only be a winner. We can leave Gri££in with his handful of low IQ sycophants to rot in the political wilderness.
  12. 'Nick Griffin Breaks Leadership Election Rules'
  13. I think Nick Griffin was a genuine nationalist and in his own mind he probably still is. He has never had a proper job and has always leeched off the movement. This changes your attitude over time towards it – it will be firmly planted in his mind that politics equals money. Also he went through a period of self inflicted financial hardship and I am certain this has been converted in his mind to pay back time for his years of so-called sacrifice.
    He is the worst ever example of a nationalist politician who becomes embedded in this world of greed – but there are quite a few others who have done the same.
    It is certain that NG is no idealist. I think he is also a defeatist otherwise he would be less rapacious and build the movement. The building of the movement would – if successful – guarantee his financial security. However he wanted jam today. That is why he is a defeatist. That is really the explanation for this.
    In 2000 I left as there were allegations of financial malpractice and Nick Griffin responded by sacking his Treasure and Deputy Chairman. The sums were paltry compared to the allegations last year. Not enough for an extension to anyone’s house! However his old trick is to encourage activists and sympathetic (eg party member) builders to work on his properties for nothing or at cost price on the claim that the premises will be used for the nationalist cause.
  14. This is an excellent forum Eddy, serious comments, funny, stupid and idiotic, but to your credit you let them in. Nationalist sentiment runs throughout all classes and the need to harness is self evident, sending Burberry to China, giving the new train contract to Germany, Germany winning a contract for two hundred battle tanks to Saudi and no doubt win some lucrative contracts in the new Libya once the RAF (or what's left of it) has done its job there: what do we do? give billions of borrowed money in foreign aid to EU and the world at large: Fascist, Nazi and racist are junk swear words to throw at Nationalists to frighten and humiliate. Griffin is a ghastly horror who has contaminated Nationalism and brought to its knees. we are collectively mad.
  15. The English Democrats look a good bet.
  16. Shows why "THE BATTLE FOR BRITAIN" genre proved so successful in the euro elections. Well done Mr Dowson for once.
  17. It was noticeable in the NF in the 1970's that the main impetus for growth & popuarity was when the party started to recruit many self-employed & lower middle class people. These members usually had access to or ownership of assets,e.g. properties/vehicles/printing equipment/media outlets, which had previously not been available to the average working class member. The quality of chairman/organisers, etc., was raised during a very short period after these people joined.Unfortunately, of course the NF was ultimately doomed because of the way it was run.
    The BNP effectively grew out of the ruins of the NF, & did start to recruit quite a lot of people with organisational ability. It is ultimately down to Nick Griffin that these people have now all left/been suspended/expelled, leaving the party with the lower strata of society, stuck in a political dead end.
    In order to 'move on', & provide a future for our children & grandchildren, we need to build a new 'Nationalist Alliance', a united front against the continued destruction of our Nation & way of life.
  18. Serpentslayer, a very good comment. Unfortunately the best that Griffin's "useful idiot" supporters can offer is to describe those that want sensible nationalism and change as "deformers" as in the case of Mick Braun. Howvever it is the retarded intellects of those that are, let's face it too stupid to see what has happened to the BNP because of Griffin's malgovernance(probably deliberately), of the BNP that has caused former friends and colleagues to turn against each other. Like you said he should have stepped down in 2009. Had he done so he would have been revered as great nationalist leader, on the contrary he is now hated and despised and regarded as a traitor by ALL who want Griffin removed!

    Lawrence Rustem
  19. Naive to think that to sweep or dispense with core Nationalist policies. If we all retired from politics and let UKIP get on with it. The reds and the media would turn on them as nazis etc. Perhaps this may be a good thing? Once a few paint jobs, vandalised cars and broken windows were launched UKIP would evaporate. Next the Cons would be on the reds hit list. I seem to remember a Consevative election meeting in West Londong being attacked by reds in the early 80's when Nationalism was at rock bottom.
    Therefore the problem lays with the media not our policies as shown above. At the last election NG headlined with the wars when immigration was top of the public's concern. Same with JT when we had establisted the BNP as the anti-immigration party he should have moved on to the EU. No, he kept on about immigrants and let in UKIP. First, we need a new leader. Second, we need a clear-out, Third, we need to define or policies so that our activist are saying the same thing to the public. Forth, we need to form a 'shadow cabinet' with knowledgable members of their particular subject. These where possible should be lead by experianced politicians even if they are or were at parish council level. So on and so forth. I not going to write a manifesto here, for obvious reasons but would be happy to help with one should a split occur or the new leader takes the course I suggest. One other thing I do think is important to stop favourism, is that from now on those that have had the guts and earned the political experience, that is, Parish Councillors and above should head our EU list.The same with other PR elected positions. We have where I live, for example, several vacant parish councillor positions with members in the areas, but no takers. But when the chance of a quick trip to the EU off they go to their RO's grovelling to be put on top.
  20. It is interesting that some people view hostility to democracy, overt biological racism and anti-semitism as core nationalist policies, and saying that theses thinhgs should be avoided means you are a liberal, or a civoic nationalist.
  21. Eddie you should know better than to believe all you read. We dont need Mr Goodwin to tell us about the nationalist position in politics. The controlled media and the educational system have poisioned the people over the last 50 years, it is known as the Jeremy Kyle syndrome but in my opinion along with others the BNP and those in high positions like yourself at one time never bothered to educate the members with facts, im not talking about pie in the sky ideology im talking about the truth which you, others and Gri££in shunned to create a respectable enclave for yourselves. You should be the first to admit that this has failed, if we are afraid to name names be they banksters, zionists or communists we should not bother to get out of bed in the morning. One nationalist would devote 10 times the effort than any other party or group and that is what the establishment is afraid of. Now the question is this Eddie Butler - Are you actually suggesting that any political party through ignorance or spinelessness refuse to recognise and talk about the elephant in the room is not on the same par as Gri££in
  22. Getting elected, if this is what we BNP reformers want, means we have to move with the times and drop any mention of racial issues.The BNP is now never going to be the vessel of such empowerment.
    With the rapid colonisation and almost immediate
    demands [sharia zones]by these barbaric,useless
    and talentless Moslems,a better strategy would possibly be to start an underground movement.One thing is for sure,the joker that calls himself the British Prime Minister is incapable of doing
    anything to improve matters.We are on our own and in an incredibly tight situation.Cameron says it is 'crucial' that the Turks join the EU.
    What crap is this?Whatever his game he is not doing it for the British population.If Turkey
    joins in 2012, the US will be able to build a
    huge air and army base in the south of Anatolia
    [mainland Turkey]whence they can do the bidding
    of the pro-Israeli lobby, such as flattening Syria and facing down or invading Iran.It all means trouble and this baby-faced mother-fucker
    is happily leading us Brits down this dangerous
  23. Even if you have got a wife, two kids, a house a job and a car, the likelihood is that once they find out you are associated with the BNP, you won't have much of that any longer. I've got friends and aquaintances who use 'racist' language more explicitly than most BNP members would, but when I have expressed support for the BNP they have replied, "I wouldn't go that far" etc etc. If we can't convince the people who know us the best that the BNP has sensible policies, how are we to convince the general public?

    I've dumped a few girlfriends in the past by unmasking my BNP identity.

    To me, this article hits the nail on the head again and again. I hope Mr Butler will leave it up as the front piece on the blog for a while so that I can have several good rants in the comments section.

    "Of course such people would probably claim that trying to gain electoral support is futile (and I would agree that for them it would be) but that is another story"......Yes indeed!

    Look at the comments section on British Resistance and you will get an idea of the sort of clowns our movement has attracted. People who equate achieving anything through democratic electoral means with 'being liberal'. These people equate being elected and achieving political power and influence with 'selling out'

    Selling out is sitting in a pub in Dagenham making grandstanding statements to a bunch of other sad cases while your country goes down the shit hole.

    Selling out is being part of a politically incorrect social club which poses no electoral threat to the establishment.

    Selling out is being part of a party which for 30 years contained the nationalist cause in an unelectable toxic club for fantasists.

    Deep down, all BNP members know that the BNP will never be a big party.

    To protect our children's future we do NOT even have to compromise our policies. We merely have to focus on policy rather than ideological fantasies.

    We have to avoid discussing race and focus instead on the policies which will protect our race.

    The BNP and its members, are incapable of even forming a new party without the stench of the old ones following us. Even if Eddy was to start a new party with 2 or 3 other ex BNP who have their heads screwed on properly and then a couple of thousand ex members joined, it would still eventually meet the same fate as the BNP because it would still effectively be the BNP.

    I reckon we have no option but to join the 2 other established parties, namely UKIP or EDs. At some point in the future these 2 parties could do some sort of deal. UKIP already attracts the bulk of the working class anti immigration vote. It would benefit from greater working class representation in its leadership and membership. UKIP would be dangerous if it had an activist base and was more representative of all classes of British people.

    If a great white hope is to emerge from amongst the British people, he she will certainly not emerge from within the BNP.

  24. EDs Who are they???
  25. The English Democrats gained a County Councillor yesterday. Ex-BNP County Councillor Deirdre Gates has joined them.

    Herts County Council now has 3 English Democrat Councillors and they are all ex-BNP.

    Deirdre Gates County Councillor
    Seamus Dunne District Councillor
    Simon Deakin Parish Councillor

    The English Democrats are the best option if Andrew Brons loses the leadership contest.
  26. To Manxman.
    Have you looked at the 'Junius/UKIP' blog? It would seem that there is the same logjam at the top of the party as there is in the BNP. Farage is even toying with joining a Pan European Party. How will that regain us our freedom from the EU. They have few activists. What I wonder is, is it all deliberate? Would one come up against the same sycophancy as in the BNP? Are intelligent movers & shakers discouraged on purpose to keep the 'yes men' at the top?

    As for the comment by Avro Lancaster, I too am an angry white woman with a teaching degree. I am also from the working class. So I don't fit the stereotype either. I suppose people with independent minds will always be considered a bit odd?
  27. Get the latest news of Gri££in fiddling the leadership election bid on this website.
  28. This has just appeared on the BNP website, just who is running the BNP now and putting out all this irrelevant nonsense? Do we really care about some old rag head in India.

    'By Patrick Harrington – Nick Griffin MEP has spoken out against the imposition of the death penalty on Khalistan Liberation Force (KLF) activist Devinder Pal Singh Bhullar.'

    Nick Griffin said:

    “I have concerns about this case. We believe that the Sikhs have a right to establish a separate State in Khalistan"
  29. Neither the book, Eddy's review nor the above comments address the central issue. The extent to which the BNP was(is?) a state controled safety valve, subjected to high levels of state intervention.

    Need I remind you of Scotland Yard's Commander John Grieve who said in 1999 that they would "close down the BNP using any means at their disposal" in 1999.

    The Express newspaper of 18th February 1999 revealed that the Security Services were going to infiltrate :

    'Scotland Yard and MI5 are planning a huge covert operation to break up violent racist organizations. The Express has learned that intelligence officers will infiltrate far Right groups such as the British National Party.

    In 2008 ust before the local elections the two NW England officials who should have signed the "Permission to stand" forms disappeared on Holiday. Michaela McKenzie worked like a Trojan to sign them all. The Two officials were sacked by Sadie Graham and Ian Dawson.

    Both were reinstated by the leadership, We all know what happened to Michaela, Ian and Sadie. They went the way of several good activists in the NW who were sacked by the "missing duo"

    We had many good "angry white working men" organising the NW branches. They were ousted by party hacks. (Remember Mick Treacey? Anita Corbett? Good activists sacked for....?)

    Anthony David Jones MA
  30. A well written and thought-provoking article, Mr Butler. Forgive me if time and my own political inadequacies preclude me from giving a total point-by-point response but I will confine myself to adding these comments:

    As a nationalist I am loathe to get into class definitions as they are Marxist/sociologist terms but as this book seems to characterise BNP members & supporters as "deprived and less well-educated" people and yourself seems to accept that only people from such backgrounds will be attracted to such a party I would counter by saying as one that could be described as coming from an upper-middle class background and having benefited from a good education that the truth lies somewhere a bit further on. As a BNP activist in the pre-Griffin era I observed that the split between the working class people that largely comprised the BNP's support and the middle class people I knew that had concerns over race and immigration could boil down then as it does today to economic choices. People with money could express their dis-satisfaction with multi-racial britain by moving further and further away from it while the urban, white working class did not and still does not have the money to do so and thus has no choice but to support even the unfit for purpose BNP of 2011 in hope of something happening.

    Banksters is not an anti-semitic term. One of the worst banksters was a wee laddie from Renfrew who got too big for his boots and crashed and burned along with the money of a lot of small shareholders who trusted the ancient bank to give them an income in old age. Mr Butler, you worked in finance and I am sure that you are clued-up enough to know that the reason that the financial meltdown happened was due to a lot of dodgy dealing and the creation of huge amounts of unserviceable debt. These debts were parceled up and sold as investment-grade bonds. When the loans unraveled and the banks were left bare-arsed they then extorted their hirelings in government to nationalise their debt. Sound a bit like gangsterism to you?

    Staying on the subject of anti-semitism, so called, here is a little conundrum for you. Jewish community publications often contain articles warning of the danger of "marrying out", (i.e. marrying a non-jew). Under the Race Relations Act Jews have the status of a race. Are Jews being racist by urging their kin not to marry outside of their ethnic group? Are white, European people not entitled to preserve their ethnic identity as well?

    I agree that we have to keep things simple but we also have to keep the message true.
  31. To be honest I almost hope Brons gets nowhere with his leadership challenge. As if he did win ? it would only prolong the death throes of the BNP.
  32. Deidre joined the ED's ages ago.
    Jamie, West Hert's, London flighter
  33. The English Democrats or UKIP may well be a better option even if Andrew Brons did by some miracle win the leadership contest.

    He seems to be a very likeable, intellectual and pleasant man, but no man is the fountain of all knowledge. The human condition is such that great ability and understanding in some areas are counterbalanced by less than great ability and understanding in others.

    I find Philippe Rushton's book 'Race, Evolution and Biology' to be a fascinating account of the science of racial diversity amongst the people of our planet. I have read that book and a number of others including 'The Bell Curve' by Richard J. Herrnstein; 'Race (The Reality of Human Difference) by Sarich and Miele and for light entertainment, some of the observations of Victorian explorers and scientists.

    Racial differences documented in such books were already evident to me from observations I made during 20 years of my adult life spent in the inner cities of Manchester, Birmingham and London and through my work with young offenders and friendships with people from all racial and ethnic groups throughout much of this time.

    However a guaranteed way to consign a political movement to obscurity in post WWII Britain is to mix race with politics.

    As a young man, when I split up with girlfriends, I did not always tell them it was because they did not measure up my naziesque standards of physical perfection. In other words, when you finish with a lady you do not usually tell her it was because she was ugly and you only wanted her for sex. You make some excuse, tell her you are going through some difficult times, "Its me not you" or alternatively tell her you support the BNP and usually she will want to end the relationship herself. Why do nationalists insist on handicapping themselves by promoting racial ideologies rather than policies to protect our race? Just because something is true, common sense and experience should tell us that it does not necessarily follow that saying it will be of benefit to a political party.

    I'm waffling here, but my point is, Brons has articles on his site by Philippe Rushton. Rushton's work documents amongst other things, differences in brain size, IQ, criminality, educational achievement and penis size between the races! How many modern politicians from any other political party in the Western world promote such articles on their websites, even if it is all true? Griffin's BNP is no better. Excalibur sells Rushton's book and gollywogs. This has never been a serious political party.

  34. He is one of the most powerfull men about today, he owns several world famous brands and because of his knowledge of running succesfull business's, he knows betterthan anybody when a brand becomes so toxic you have to kill it off.
    Yes im talking about Rupert Murdoc and the BNP, The former recognises his brand has become toxic, so he does the logical thing and closes down the News of the world, maybe he will launch another sunday paper though the Sun and call it the Sunday Sun, that's not the point.HeHas done the right thing by realising the inevitability of what happens when a brand becomes so toxic, it is beyond saving. Shouldn't we Eddy realise like Mr Murdoc realised that it's no good flogging a dead horse regarding the BNP.
    Either start a new party that will unite British people, or join UKIP, I just don't get the English Democrats, there dangerous, because simply they don't unite all British people, there devisive and that is not what we need now, when time is running out. We have to unite English people,Scotish people and the Welsh together behind one banner, only UKIP do that, so in my opinion, it's UKIP or a new pro-British party.
    Jamie, West Hert's, London flighter.
  35. tonydj said...
    The Two officials were sacked by Sadie Graham and Ian Dawson.

    I think Sadie and Ian were not in the party by then. 2007 Decemberists
  36. Jamie's comparison of the BNP and the News of the World is I think a relevent and timely one.

    Regarding UKIP or the EDs, neither party is perfect and I am no expert on either of them either ( if you follow my point).

    Regarding devolution it seems we are inexorably heading in that direction anyway and the EDs may be well positioned to take advantage of this momentum.

    UKIP appears to have a number of somewhat stuffy upper middle class leaders and some internal problems of its own, but we have to be realistic about the potential for any other nationalist party to overtake it. UKIP is now known as the main anti immigration party in Britain and despite its leadership, studies have shown that its core supporters and voters are primarily working class people who see it as a more electable alternative to the BNP. The BNP has become the state safety valve it always accuses others of being. It poses no electoral threat but skims off votes and activists from parties which have the potential to be successfull in elections. By joining and establishing activist bases in working class communities we could hopefully start to influence the 'internal structures' of that party. If the middle class will not join with us, then we will have to join with them. The UKIP/ BNP division is partly one of social class and it is a division we need to address. I am very much open to debate on these matters and I acknowledge Mo's earlier points.
  37. anon @ 03:49
    Sorry, typo. Should have been 2007.

    Also I should have reminded readers of Barclays Bank closing the BNP's account.
  38. Anonymous (03:49hrs)Said:

    I think Sadie and Ian were not in the party by then. 2007 Decemberists

    I think the year was 2007 not 2008, I remember the incident because I was a council candidate in the NW that year.

    Sadie and Ian were without doubt two of the most efficient and hardest working officials I have ever come across in any organisation. For a short time it looked like the party's middle management was really beginning to develop into a top class team who were a pleasure to deal with. But Griffin, with the help of Collett and Co, soon put a stop to that.

    Griffin sees the party as a his own personal pension fund, and will never allow a serious challenge to his leadership. Besides if he did lose power there might be an investigation into the party's finances, meaning he would have to explain where all the money has gone, and that really would put him in the Sh*t.
  39. Rise and fall of the BNP,first you have to rise,if managing to get less than a million votes,and not one single MP elected is called a rise after 20 years of effort,then the fall can only be a short drop.

    Gobble gobble
  41. Good point tonydj.

    Reproduced below is the Daily Express article in full.

    Daily Express

    London, February 8, 1999

    MI5 act to smash race gangs

    Secret service teams up with Yard to combat Far Right thugs


    SCOTLAND Yard and MI5 are planning a huge covert operation to break up violent racist organisations. The Express has learned that Intelligence officers will infiltrate Far Right groups such as the British National Party.

    Other officers will tap telephones, open mail, and scrutinise bank accounts and medical records. "We plan to close down these organisations by using every administrative device available to us," said a Yard source.
    "These may include tax and VAT details, local authority planning infringements and breaches of charity regulations. You must remember that Al Capone was brought down by the American Inland Revenue -- not the FBI. At the end of the day we will know everything about the people in these groups, more than they know themselves."

    The operation is being masterminded by Deputy Assistant Commissioner John Grieve, head of the new Metropolitan Police race crime unit. He will work closely with the security services and the Yard's criminal intelligence unit.

    Officers plan to apply the skills successfully used by the security services and the anti-terrorist squad against the IRA and Middle East bombers In London.

    Mr Grieve, former head of the anti-terrorist squad, is aiming to build comprehensive computer files on the country's active racists and their relatives and associates.

    "He will be using all his skills and techniques used against the IRA in the fight against the racial terrorists polluting our inner cities," said the source.

    The files will detail racist groups' views and the extent to which they will use violence. It will also include a list of non-active supporters in key Government and local authority departments who are prepared to pass on vital information. The ultimate intention is to bring a series of criminal charges against the ringleaders of racist organisations and the thugs who follow them.

    "If it works, and there is no reason why not, it will mark a sea change in the way subversive organisations are policed in this country," said a senior detective.

    Mr Grieve will draw on the resources of the National Criminal Intelligence Service, Department of Social Security, Inland Revenue, immigration organisation and Customs. Benefits agencies, local authorities, British Telecom, credit agencies, schools and other educational institutions will also be involved. Detectives will monitor some suspects if they go abroad.

    "If anyone can get to the bottom of the menace of racial violence and attacks, then John Grieve can," said a source close to the new unit.
  42. The BNP is now the Titanic of Politics RIP
  43. All very well, anon of 12:50 but what have they done, SF all, unless I failed to notice something.Gri££in brought the BNP to the edge of
    extinction all by himself.If it emerges that he was a state plant we can deal with that later.I
    don't believe a slimy piece of shit like Gri££in
    would have appealed to John Grieve as something he could use to screw nationalism.
  44. Its simple Eddie, the white middle class have "NO BALLS"....simples....
  45. The BNP isn't the be all and end all of Nationalism. All the good material that built up the BNP still exists, in fact we have weeded out the chaff. We are in a prime position to start a new party, all that we have lost is the organisation.

    I look forward to the following few years of the movement, times will be hard but it always is before a great victory.
  46. SerpentSlayer has the right attitude. I can only hope that his optimism is not mis-placed.
  47. As you say SerpentSlayer[ SS ] the BNP is now
    irrelevant but don't expect a total victory in UK, we may have to share our beautiful island with
    others.For me, knowing how poisonous Islam is, a basic minimum achievement would be the COMPLETE
    REMOVAL OF ISLAM FROM THE ISLAND.I'll settle for a draw on anything else.Long live the NATIONALIST ALLIANCE.
  48. If we have a nationalist state we will be condemned by 'the international community' no matter how we handle the immigration problem.

    I personally would want to avoid as much suffering as possible but we have a whole race of people at stake here and we should let it be known that anybody who resists the will of the people will be treated with little patience.
  49. What nationalism needs now is money, money equals power, equals government.
    A lot of people talk about family men for example don't get involved in being activists, i would suggest that's because they have enough worries feeding there families.
    Single Men or Women for example usually only have themselves to look after on a day to day basis.
    There is allways situations where activists are asked to chip in here and there for local elections coming up.
    I would suggest that single people could afford to do that more than a married person with children.
    For crying out loud, don't activists do enough, don't they pound enough pavements through the course of a year.
    It should be a rule that these people should not contribute on a monetary basis as well, unless they absolutely feel they must and can afford it.
    Money should be found from those that don't pound the streets like the activists.
    Money is the key to any political party.
    Money could help start a new party, a lot is constantly being said about ideology of the Nationalist movement in this country, i can't remember anyone talking about how to raise considerable amounts of money, apart from begging letters to party members.
    Jamie, West Hert's, London flighter.
  50. These terms 'jew-wise', 'islamophobia' and 'racism'. You don't hate the dog because it's a dog, you hate the dog because it barks all day and craps on the pavement. Immigration has enormous negative consequences for native Britons.

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