Back to gossip folks.

It’s been a while since we heard from Clive Rizzle Kicks Jefferson whose been getting mighty lonesome up in cold Cumbria, manning the Wigton Offices. Oh he hasn’t been all alone. Dawn Charlton keeps him company – the one I have seen called the ‘Scaryport Scrapper’. Rizzle Kicks and the ‘Scrapper’ are very close friends.

Before Christmas it was reported that someone called Stephen Palmer resigned as the web editor of the BNP’s main website. Palmer was regarded as a Patsy Harrington placeman. The obvious consequence of his departure was that a vacancy arose. Who would fill it?

These little conundrums always result in a tug-of-war between Rizzle Kicks and Patsy as part of their on-going rival faction building power struggle.

Remember Moobs? As we know he has a sense of entitlement when it comes to BNP jobs, particularly in the IT sphere. He is always threatening to resign and walk away, but is as regularly cajoled back with the bait of a job dangled in from of his eyes.

Patsy sees him as being one of his clique so clearly Patsy doesn’t want Moobs to walk off in a huff. Rizzle Kicks however is supremely indifferent to poor Moobs’s fate. Moobs was interviewed for the vacancy but is being kept on tenterhooks. It is a bit like one of those advert breaks on ‘Who want’s to be a Millionaire’.

Unfortunately for Moobs, he was given the officer registration list a few months back and has done nothing to keep it up to date. He didn’t feel inspired to do that task as he wasn’t being paid. This isn’t much of a recommendation now that he is going for a new job! To be fair Mark Walker and Lindsay Reynolds also used to help keep the officer registration database up to date but neither of these two are trusted to do it now either.

Rizzle Kicks wants his ‘close friend’ the ‘Scrapper’ to be given the job.

However the fly in the ointment is Chris Barnett. Readers will remember that this IT wizard and keen enthusiast of Mendoza’s Marching Cordial is regularly bullied by Rizzle Kicks and invariably goes off crying to Patsy for protection. On one occasion Nick Nick Griffin even had to visit Rizzle Kicks and tell him off for bullying Barnett and that he had to be left alone.

Ever since, despite Rizzle Kicks’s fierce objections, Barnett has been going to Nick Nick’s Wigton Euro Office (but doesn’t do European work…) and has been sitting there spying on behalf of Patsy, passing information back about what transpires. He is Patsy’s eyes and ears.

How the worm has turned. Barnett is now saying that the ‘Scrapper’ isn’t up to the task of maintaining the officer’s list. Frankly the list isn’t very long now but she doesn’t want to ring up all the names only to be told by most of them that they are no longer interested in anything to do with the British National Party. He reluctance to do this hasn’t enhanced her chances. She spends far too much time on the British Democracy Forum under various guises.

The significance of this is that no one knows who is and who isn’t an officer. So no elections for Regional Officers can take place. How convenient. These Regional Officers are supposed to sit on the new National Executive.

Believe it or not, Barnett wants to use ALFRED to maintain the officer database. Remember ALFRED? They never talk about it now do they?

The situation will get worse when Princess Jennifer goes on maternity leave before April. She will be gone and Rizzle Kicks will be even more isolated. In any case she is reportedly looking towards Europe and finds life in Wigton dull.

Will Moobs get the job or will he finally walk?
Will Clive win and get a job for his ‘close friend’ the ‘Scrapper’?
Can Rizzle Kicks prevent Patsy from completely taking over the shrinking remnant of the BNP?
The BNP used to be a political party.


  1. Never mind moobs and Rizzle kicks if you want a laugh have a look at the direction British Resistance website is going in now that its the mouth piece of Paul Golding/ (aka Stone Turner) and Jim Dowson.

    Its funny how old Jimbo has been able to stroke Green Arrow's ego to get him on board this dynamic new anti abortion, anti homosexuality; anti everything pro white purity movement. I can see with its leadership and membership composed of ex BNP hardliners together with the above mentioned populist priorities for England's survival, this is a movement which is really going places. Especially with Green Arrow's diplomatic skills encouraging everyone to sign up. You just know its gonna be an absolute winner!

    Tina Turner
  2. Are the Wigton Offices, cold icey rooms inside a barn in a middle of a field by any chance?

    North East Nationalist
  3. I think the English Democrats are on the right track regarding on economic issues like Chris Beverley latest article.

    This is what the average person who isn't sitting around reading Nationalist website is concern about especially now ( Great Recession/Depression ). Was it a 1000 jobs going to be lost or have been lost in Essex the other day.

    Bring back manufacturing to England.
    Double the minimum wage
    Exposing the Banksters bailout and bonuses
    Quantitative easing ( Printing Money, buy, buy savings )

    And of course make sure people understand that they are 1 job away from losing everything.

    North East Nationalist
  4. who are those two lads enjoying a nice cup of tea ?.
    do they work at the central offices as well ?.
  5. You've done it again Eddie! To a newbie like me that post is meaningless in places, i.e., who is Princess Jennifer? Scrapper? Rizzle Kicks?

    What is the significance of the two asian kids in the photo?

    - Wendy
  6. Blog is busy once again Eddy, what's up! Wont Sue let you out LOL.
  7. That's your front room, isn't it Eddy?
    You've missed your vocation, you should get a job on the Mirror's Celeb Gossip column. Think that's more your thing than politics.
  8. Boring, boring boring, the chip on your shoulder Eddie is getting bigger and bigger, i'm beginning to feel sorry for you .
  9. Harrington bungles up as usual.

    "Former parliamentary assistant to BNP leader claims he was sacked after backing rival candidate"

    Jan 26 2012 by Lois York, Flintshire Chronicle

  10. http://thebritishresistance.co.uk/guest-writers/1573-mr-paul-weston-of-the-bfp-is-not-a-zionist-lickspittle

    You was right about the BFP all along Eddy.
  11. Back to gossip ! Just about sums you up Eddie. It appears that is all you are good for. When I was at school people like you got a good hiding on a regular basis. The grapes in your mouth must be ever so sour. Poor Eddie, walking round and round in circles on the school yard waiting for the next person to gob on his back. Back to being a dick head would be more appropriate.
  12. I would take anything on the 'British Resistance' site with many grains of salt. Sooner or later, GA seems to find something to hate about everyone, IMHO.
  13. I don't get all the references but you clearly upset them with these sort of articles Eddy, so keep up the good work!
  14. Eddy stop making a pratt of yourself you was once a man of outstanding proffessionalism don't let bitterness cloud your Judgement, maybe after a few pints you decide to let off a bit of steam on your blog who knows but it is going well off the rails now, it's not even funny anymore it's quite sad I feel sorry for you.
  15. Mr stafford (they gay one) needs to learn and fast that when you leave people alone they leave you ,but if you square up you will get a reaction. not hard is it.
  16. Your blog is getting a bit childish. Please stick to more informative articles, it just makes you look a bit silly. I think its about time we moved on from the BNP now. Its like you and Nick got divorced and your still angry because he got the house.
  17. Rhodesian Ridgeback
  18. Just got my British Nationalist through the door. Very professional. I don't think there is any 'used to be' about the Party. It would appear that things are ticking along nicely, despite your every effort to disrupt things. Where will you be posing for us next I wonder? What a knob!!
  19. Excellent and entertaining article Eddy, keep it up. Always good to know what the buffoons are getting up to. You're clearly winding some of the remaining 800 members up here, good work. Maybe an article, or more a directory on the rise and fall of people in the bnp? Both big and small, so these cranks who still support nick 'all your money' griffin begin to see a trend? Or another financial critique? Until then, keep up the funny stuff, you know clive 'braincell' Jefferson and Simon 'eyebrows' darby read every little word.. I hear Simon has people addressing him as press officer Simon darby now. What a gimp.


    1. Its not entertaining , its painful, leave the cranks where they are. the great European rip off, massive immigration from Africa, the the growing recession, that's what we need to talk about, or is Eddy becoming part of the Media smog.
  20. Anonymous referring to British nationalist doesn't understand propaganda? I could send u a magazine portraying the bfp as growing by the minute. Idiot.
  21. Mendoza and the lads are still doing the business in London, spotting the truth truck will get votes like it or not poofy baldy boy.

    If you love showing people your vain pictures so much just get out the closet and show your pictures on the gay porn sites.

    You and your arselickers are just a bunch of useless gossips The Griffin perminent Chairmen corporation are better of without you £££££££££££££££££££ hahahahahahahahaahahahhaaha
  22. I see Medoza's gang are dwindling by the day. It seems as though the only person who kept London BNP ticking over was Mendoza's woman. Now she's seen the light and left the wannabe GLA list topper things have gone from bad to worse. Who will be their poster girl now? I think the only one they've got left is that creature called Donna! When you're relying on a 'woman' like that you know you're really scrapping the barrel.
  23. Makes me laugh that rizzle kicks gets all these jobs in bnp and hes failed at every single one of them yet when he fails they give him a new job what the fuck is griffin playing at and why cant them idiots see griffin is destroying bnp.They voted him in for 4 more years cause they think thats whats best for the party well you jokers bnp will be finished by then cause of your stupid decision.
  24. ah,i know who they are.
    they're the two lads who are always hanging around patsy harrington,i think he has them on a retainer.
  25. I wonder if Griffin is behind this smear? Darby was running the show at City Hall for the BNP for the first 18 months ( 2008-09), I see his name isn't mentioned in the investigation.

    "Ex-BNP chiefs accused of £1m fraud on GLA and taxman"

  26. What do they do all day, I wonder whilst Griffin is living the high life in his Euro chambers? I see the BNP website said they had a "lively meeting in Cumbria" - what, with 11 people. More life in a mortuary.
  27. Without sounding cheesey....why can't all nationalists get on and stop fighting eachother? If this carries on we are all screwed.
  28. I think all nationalists should try and get along too. I do like a bit of gossip though, it helps to piece the puzzle together and get the truth out.

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  1. Ha Ha got the ED begging letter Ha Ha run out of toilet paper Ha Ha good feeling wiping my arse on tilbrooks ugly mug.