Migration Watch UK is an independent, voluntary, non political body which is concerned about the present scale of immigration into Britain. They have launched a petition, the aim of which is to force a debate in the House of Commons about the shocking levels of immigration into this country that I highlighted a couple of articles back.

100,000 signatures are required for an e-petition to be sent to a Back Bench Committee to be considered for a debate in Parliament. This was how the European Union Referendum debate came about last week. This caused massive popular interest in the issue of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. Clearly this is a tool which can be used to raise matters of great popular concern, if done the right way by adopting a sensible moderate approach.

This is the press release Migration Watch UK sent out yesterday to announce their petition:

Migration Watch UK have today launched an e-petition calling on the government to stabilise the population of the UK and, certainly, to keep it well below 70 million.

The new official population projections issued last week show our population hitting 70 million in 16 years. This is on the assumption that net immigration will continue at 200,000 a year compared to almost 240,000 last year. The UK population was last estimated in 2010 at 62.3 million.

This population increase of more than 7 million is the equivalent of building seven cities the size of Birmingham or fourteen the size of Manchester or Bristol and about two thirds of it (just over 5 million) will be due to future immigration. Immigration will have to be sharply reduced to about 40,000 a year to stabilise our population.

Commenting, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said ‘Labour permitted foreign immigration of over three million in the face of strongly opposed public opinion. Politicians need reminding that this is an issue that is consistently one of the top concerns of voters and that it must be addressed, and soon. It is time to stop listening to those who support and, often, make money from the immigration ‘industry’ and consider the views of the people most directly affected. This, at last, is an opportunity for the man in the street to make his views heard where it counts.’

To sign the petition click on this link:

The actual petition is worded as follows:

Over the past ten years the government has permitted mass immigration despite very strong public opposition reflected in numerous opinion polls. We express our deep concern that, according to official figures, the population of the UK is expected to reach 70 million within 20 years with two thirds of the increase due to immigration. While we recognise the benefits that properly controlled immigration could bring to our economy and society, this population increase, which is the equivalent of building seven cities the size of Birmingham, will have a huge impact both on our quality of life and on our public services yet the public has never been consulted. So we call on the government to take all necessary steps to get immigration down to a level that will stabilise our population as close to the present level as possible and, certainly, well below 70 million.

As I write this, already well over 31,000 people have signed and the petition was only launched yesterday! Every time I look at the figures, they shoot up!

I urge you to sign and make Parliament debate this issue!

Migration Watch UK is an independent think tank that receives no state funding whatsoever. It is run on a shoestring budget based on private donations. Its chairman is Sir Andrew Green, a former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and the Vice Chairman is Mr Alp Mehmet, MVO, a former Ambassador to Iceland. Their Advisory Council comprises people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.

They are not against all immigration and accept that genuine refugees should be welcomed, although acknowledgesthat these are very small in number. As indicated by the composition of their Advisory Council, they are not hostile towards the long-settled immigrant communities and accept that some inward migration, perhaps to solve skills shortages, can be beneficial.

Their interesting website can be found here:

The Daily Mail has enthusiastically supported this petition as seen here:

As has The Sun:

The Telegraph has also given tacit support:

The petition is enthusiastically supported by maverick Labour MP Frank Field who over the years has had many interesting things to say. During the EU referendum debate he made a striking intervention speaking about the rise of English national feeling.

This is a fine illustration of what could be done by a sensible, moderate national movement – one that did not alienate the rest of society by its actions.

Here is the link again to sign:


  1. But Cameron has already capped non-EU immigration, hasn't he? And there's nowt we can do about EU immigration? So isn't this just a big waste of time?
  2. Errr if that were the case then there would be no point in anyone campaigning in anyway against unrestricted immigration as it would be 'a big waste of time'.
    If that were the case there would have been no point in that EU Referendum debate as it was always going to be voted down.
    It will massively raise the profile of the issue
    There is no reason why we should have unrestricted immigration from the EU - even if we stay in we could opt out of that aspect. In any case most immigration is not from the EU as pointed out the other day.
    This isn't about capping immigration - it is about virtually turning the tap off completely.
  3. It's a waste of time, nothing will ever be done, it's just cosmetic.
  4. It's just another Daily Mail stunt! It will never be debated in Parliament, and even if it ever was the traitors would vote it out!
  5. But we don't have "unrestricted immigration". The government have already set their stall out on this. A policy designed to "virtually turn the tap off completely" is nuts. You'll barely hear any support from that. Could foreign footballers come here? Foreign academics? Unworkable and undesirable.

    By the way, having chosen not to take up the option to delay the free movement of people, I don't see any way we could reverse that decision now. At all.
  6. MoandBrianWilkinsNov 2, 2011 05:24 AM
    We've already signed this petition, & the one for a referendum on the EU.
    We don't agree with the negative views expressed above, if we keep harrassing parliament,battering away at them, then these self-seeking cowardly MPs may just become a little afraid of 'We the people'.
  7. I agree about it being a Daily Mail stunt, although Migration Watch seems to be the real thing. The Daily Mail is just another of these devices the Establishment uses to release pressure or tension over major political issues and the awesome mismanagement of the British economy by a government and civil service composed of people strictly educated in Liberal Arts subjects. No technical or management skills with these lads .
    But having said that, the gross complacency and smugness of the British public will inevitably sink this petition. It will never collect one hundred thousand signatures.
    The British think that everything is alright and inevitably the 'Right people' will sort things out. My opinion is that a lot of Nationalists are of the same feeling. They just like to vent now and again and then go back to sleep. But for my part I have signed this petition. I was curious to see that people virtually anywhere can sign this petition. That cannot be right surely?
  8. Alex - you will notice that 'virtually completely' is not the same as 'completely'. A footballer and academic or two would come into the 'virtually' category - don't you think?
    Who chose to not take up the option to delay the free movement of people, otherwise known as unrestricted immigration?
    The government?
    Do you think that ‘decision’ binds every future government? If so you have a novel concept of Parliamentary Democracy.
    And Parliament introduced these petitions to enable the electorate to directly participate in deciding what is debated.
    I think it is an excellent thing to debate. Singing the petition is free and the speed with which it is being compiled sends a message in itself.
    Well over 34,000 have signed now!
  9. Cllr Seamus DunneNov 2, 2011 06:54 AM
    The worst thing to happen by attaining the required 100,000 signatures is to see the Politicians in Westminster hang themselves by saying the problem of Mass immigration is not a problem. That will only help the public to see in the open how disconnected they really are, as the recent EU referendum debate certainly showed. I don't agree that this is a waste of time. 35,000 signatures at the time of writing this. Let everyone and let's get the debate on!
  10. Dear Alex come to Gravesend the Africanisation of this ancient town is going full speed, why do I say this? it is because I am not colour blind I know an African face, I know when a new African food store has opened because I can see, I recognise an east European Roma because I have eyes to see with, I know a immigrant because God gave me eyes and ears. The government sucks,, its agenda is immigration immigration immigration, Cameron's Tories are selling England to accommodate the NWO. Alex if you are not made of plastic speak to the people of Meopham, Kent.
    Immigration and E.U. are of Paramount importance,
    every thing else is merely a sideshow.
  11. Just signed the petition most immigration now needs to be stopped
  12. Eddy, what's your views on setting up a parallel party structure?

    Brent Group Announces Plans for “Parallel Party”
  13. Of course it was our government that signed up to that decision. And, FWIW, I'd favour EU withdrawal so as we can make our own decisions on that kind of stuff. But the fact is we're in Europe and I know of no mechanism whereby the British government could unilaterally say "Actually, that bit of the EU we signed up to...yeh, we don't like that any more and won't be abiding by the rules".

    Like I said, waste of time. Keeping the pressure on re an EU referendum is probably a better bet. There's only so long Cameron can keep his party united without making concessions to the Eurosceptics...
  14. The gov't already knows the strength of public opinion and immigration.

    This isn't like the EU referendum where a bunch of Tory malcontents will try and make political capital out of the issue.

    Signing this petition will change nothing which isn't already being done - get real.
  15. Yet even more Griffin lies!

    BNP boss’s girl ‘fears Ulster after death bid’

    By Anne Madden
    Wednesday, 2 November 2011 Belfast Telegraph
  16. Is this your way of pretending you care about immigration? You’re a "civic" nationalist now, why the hell should you be bothered? Apparently anyone can be English now can't they? According to the Un-English Demoprats whoever steps foot into this country can be English if they want to be. "Civic nationalism" is a new threat we are facing because all it does is split the nationalist vote. Thanks ukip and eds good going. I have also noticed eddy that when you write about the indigenous population you like to add quote unquote for the word indigenous. What the hell are you doing that for? Are you implying we are not indigenous? Why doesn't that surprise me?
  17. It’s over 43,000 now!
    The negativists are irrelevant – this petition will soar over the 100,000 mark.
    Someone says that the
    Clearly signing the petition won’t bring an end to immigration but who said it would? It certainly won’t do any harm!
    I like this comment:
    “Signing this petition will change nothing which isn't already being done”.
    What is being done then? Nothing actually.
    So what if Tory malcontents don’t line up to support the petition. In fact it would be better if only a tiny number of MPs supported it and for any motion to be defeated by a massive majority. That will show just how out of touch Parliament is.
    And Alex, I repeat - nearly all immigration is not EU related – another EU petition will not change that. Also this does not stop another EU from happening - they are different things.
    Lastly – who is this dummy going on about civic nationalism and immigration. They clearly haven’t ever read a word I have ever written on either subject
  18. Alex have you just left school, to be a politician in this country you first have to be a CONSUMMATE LIAR. Cameron is not only a bad liar but he is enacting the agenda of some other [criminal]grouping. More immigrants are coming in now than under the previous regime's incompetent and disloyal leaders. This latest idea to petition Parliament is definitely worth trying. One thing is for sure, if we stand by wringing our hands, the population will shoot up to 80 million by mid-century when OF COURSE GB will be a caliphate.Do you really want this fantastic country to end its days under the yoke or joke that is Islam?
  19. Eddy - that guy must be a jerk - Migration Watch are very much on the 'civic' side of the fence - as is the Front National, the Swiss party that does well and every other successful nationalist group. Leave these ridiculous puffed up fanatics to drown in their folly. They are of no use to man nor beast.
  20. bloody sign the petition. If parliament refuses to accept it after 100,000 votes put it up again and again, just like the Euro referendum, one day over a million will vote for it, then the problem starts for the politicians. If your cause is true and keeps getting ignored, then more and more will eventually vote for it, until one day millions and millions will vote for it.
    Jamie, West Hert's, London flighter.
  21. 48,019
    Jamie,West Hert's,London flighter.
  22. This looks very much like an unintended consequence to me. I'll bet there are many MP's now cursing the e-petition idea.
  23. Stop bleeting about it being a stunt.Just look at the facts.Does it really matter where they migrate from. Just close the gates until we have stabelised our society,given it back it's British pride and sent back the non contributers.
  24. Fake nationalists i.e. civic nationalists always avoid the question about whether or not you agree we are indigenous or not. Eddy likes using the quote unquote for the word indigenous, which basically means he is implying he thinks we are not. All civic nationalists are either liberals dressing up as nationalists to sway the vote away from genuine nationalism or they are so brainless they cannot realise they are being total sell outs. Either way you are a new developing threat to real nationalism.
  25. You sound a bit confused, Anon of 14:55, why don't you lie down for a while or have a nice cup of tea. It doesn't matter what type of nationalists
    other people are, we are basically all travelling in the same direction. Why don't you start praising other nationalists, it's better for morale.
  26. Walker was struck off yesterday!

    "General Teaching Council ban former Shildon teacher from classroom"

    Northern Echo Wednesday 2nd November 2011
  27. What the hell is Darby playing at now, it can only mean Griffin needs a lot of money and very quickly?

    "I need a little help from a couple of volunteers to test a new lottery syndicate system I am setting up . With the name "Half to the Party" this syndicate needs little explanation as to what it is setting out to achieve.... If you are interested, do it quickly so we can be in with a shot of tomorrow's £39,000,000 Euro millions jackpot."
  28. I see Danny Warville is contesting Aldborough ward in the Borough of Redbridge, it will be interesting to see what vote he gets. During the 2008 GLA (Members List) election the BNP received 176 votes (5%) in that ward and UKIP got 68 votes (1.9%.) In the two last ward by elections in London (Enfield and Bromley) this year UKIP beat the BNP.
  29. Over 61,000 now.
  30. it misses the main point,which is that the current immigrants have larger families than the indiginous population,which has a far bigger effect on the increase than new immigration.both should be immigration andfor those already here, only 1 child permitted,as in china
  31. Just signed!

    It is now 71,453

    Agree with Jamie. Of course it is not a waste of time. It keeps the issue 'live'. E-Petitions have now become a Media talking point, especially since the first one to be actually debated - the EU Referendum - has highlighted the contempt the political class has for the voting public. If they do the same again, on Immigration it will be further confirmation. Of course we already know this, but anything to take that message out to the masses is to be encouraged. It costs nothing and takes a few seconds of one's time. What's not to like?
    Dave Moon
  32. I see the BNP are contesting St Mary's ward in the London Borough of Islington next Thursday. In the GLA (Members List) election in 2008 the BNP received 137 votes (4.1%) the UKIP got 53 votes (1.6%.) UKIP are not contesting the ward on the 10th, it will be interesting to see the results.
  33. anon 4th nov 08-45
    Mathematics Is the greatest discovery known to mankind.
    One child permitted per Immigrant family, or you get deported and a total end to further Immigration. Before you know it the Indiginous population would start to recover rapidly, recolonising areas colonised by the colonisers.
    Indiginous population would need inducements to have larger families.
    Jamie, West Hert's, London flighter.
  34. you lot are an absolute shower,aren't you ?.
    the petition is creeping up to 80,000 already but you lot are much more interested in slagging each other off,ripping each other to shreds and declaring each other state moles/infiltrators/not proper nationalists etc etc.
    if you want to know why nationalism has never yet posed a credible threat to the political elite then scrutinize your own behaviour,you're a joke ... i wouldn't leave you lot in charge of the cat nevermind the country.
  35. 80,000
    Jamie, West Hert's, London flighter.
  36. I love that word "selling out" , back in the day when i wasting my time delivering NF leaflets through letterboxes i had a feeling the public was not getting the message . i was spat at ,screamed out , had leaflets thrown in the nearest bin,received death threats etc , so i stand up in the next meeting and address the die hard nationalists and tell them i cannot sell this product of repatriation and we should maybe change it to just stopping immigration , there was a uproar because you see i was "selling out" its the same now as it was then , despite over forty years of failure there are still many nationalists refusing to change and move on .
  37. WE should be calling on the government to reduce the number of Imigrants in this country NOT STABLELISE THE NUMBER OF IMIGRANTS in this country.
  38. I debate whether the petition in itself will achieve anything. But it will be part of the rising crescendo of anger that may wake the great English electorate from its long sleep.
    The problem seems not to be immigration but rather the English themselves whose political behaviour of the last fifty years could be classified as evasive and even cowardly.
    The English are very definitely not the heroes and fearless down to earth John Bulls that seem to to form the content of so many nationalist writings.
    Anything that helps to politicise the timid and fretful English public into facing up to immigration, and all other political issues is a noble endeavour.
    Politicians are like other human beings, they will only respond to an agenda when they realise that there are votes in it. Votes mean power and wealth and all that sort of thing.
    Up to the present the English Nationalist agenda has not had any votes in it at all and has been ignored by politicians, and quite rightly too.
    The English have to realise that doing nothing about a problem is not actually the same as doing something. The fact that whatever you do will never be totally correct is a situation that grown up people have to accept.
    It seems that the English electorate are very precious and will accept nothing short of total perfection. Which is their way of avoiding having to do anything.
    I will support the English Democrats in the forthcoming London mayoral contest as much as I can, and advise all good English patriots to do the same.

  39. 87,189
    Jamie, West Hert's, London flighter.
  40. Gramm, although I agree with your general idea,I cannot see the English actually dragging their lard-arses off those couches and away from the lying-boxes, computers, play-stations, mobiles etc that now dominate our lives.They mostly have found their own solution to the problem, an easy solution, they just deny that there is a problem in the first place, like the suckers on the Titanic.Meanwhile the traitor Cameron pumps Third-World freeloaders in their millions into the country. You would be correct in assuming that something has to give, it already has, it is the will of the native British that has collapsed. Materialism is the new God.
  41. I and five other people now have tried to sign the petition but have not yet received the confirmation email. When we try and re-sign the website tells us we have already used these emails. Could this be a deliberate "technical fault" from their website? It goes to show what the real number would be as this must be happening to many people.
  42. 100,000 before Wednesday~and you can count on that.
  43. 93,336
    Jamie, West Hert's, London flighter.
  44. 95,713 now.

    Please stop squabbling over what sort of a Nationalist everyone is. We all have our part to play,we're just coming at it from different angles, I'd temper that though, by saying that the British majority don't vote for extremes. That might sound wishy washy but you've got to cut your coat according to your cloth. What will your customers (the electorate) buy? That's why this petition is soaring so quickly; it's about immigration and doesn't mention race/ethnicity.
  45. 100,439
    Jamie West Hert's, London flighter.
  46. 101,351 we done it.
  47. anon 7th nov 22-10
    100,000 votes means this now gets debated in Parliament.
    We havn't done anything yet. A further message needs to be sent to the liberal elite, a message that will frighten them right down to her many so called stylish shoes if your name is Terresa May. She has confirmed she has relaxed checks on non EU people entering the UK during the summer.
    A message needs to be sent that all these Liberal elite traitors cannot ignore, unless we get a million votes it will not be a true victory.
    My missus has put a link on her face book account, it encourages other people with facebook accounts to do the same. I will now ask her to remind everyone that we need to continue trying to get votes because we all saw what contempt the ruling elite had for 100,000 votes for a referendum on EU membership.
    Jamie, West Hert's, London flighter.
  48. 108,449, this is very good news, the momentum is continuing at roughly the same rate after the 100,000 mark as it was before the 100,000 mark.
    Something we should all be aware of is other the Nationalist sites UKIP, ED, BNP, were all encouraging people to sign the petition, it shows how far we can go if we work together.
    Jamie, West Hert's,London flighter.
  49. 113,038
    Jamie, West Hert's, London flighter.

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