Robin Tilbrook, the Chairman of the English Democrats has made some interesting statements recently.

The first can be found on his blog:

In this article he points out that a fascinating Yougov poll that can be found here:

states that a growing number of people regard themselves as English rather than British.

Furthermore it is a growing trend.

The number of Welsh or Scottish people who regard themselves as being Welsh or Scottish in preference to being British has remained static. However the number of English people, who prefer to label themselves as English rather than British has risen by over 50% in three years - from 41% in 2008 to 63% now. That is a staggering turn around.

If you look at the figures, more Scottish people regard themselves as being British than do English people.

Is there a difference between an average person who regards themselves as being English and one who thinks of themselves as being British?

Robin points out the answer to that one by also providing a link to this article:

This suggests that Moslems are more inclined to say they are British than the indigenous community. This is no doubt because identifying with Englishness implies a much deeper and richer cultural connection. Britain is a statist construction rather than a nation in the sense of it being ‘of a people’ and a culture. True Britain is a state that was historically built from closely related peoples, cultures and nations, but they are clearly distinct none the less.

It is incidentally in recognition of this separateness but also closeness that dictates the English Democrat policy for Home Rule all round and a federal structure for the British Isles. This will maintain our strengths while minimising the weaknesses which have historically bedevilled the relationships between the constituent parts of these islands.

It is entirely likely that the lion’s share of the 19% of the population who identify themselves as being British are from a non indigenous background. People whose religion, language and overall culture are very distinct from the native form found within England. Inevitably these people, the new British, will find it most strange conforming to and absorbing English culture. This will not be restricted to Moslems.

It is also the case that because these communities are now large and self contained, and are encouraged by the liberal multi-cultural state to remain distinct, it is entirely unlikely that they will ever become English. Indeed the liberal multi-cultural state only discourages one culture and that is that of the English! It is impossible that the liberal multi-cultural state will encourage the minorities to absorb English culture.

As time goes on, the only ‘Britishers’ will be the members of the ever growing migrant communities.

Robin has also submitted evidence to the Committee on Standards in Public Life on the consequences of state funding of political parties.

The committee was established by John Major in 1994:

To examine current concerns about standards of conduct of all holders of public office, including arrangements relating to financial and commercial activities, and make recommendations as to any changes in present arrangements which might be required to ensure the highest standards of propriety in public life.

Robin gave the horrific example of what has happened in Belgium. The Belgium state has used the rules governing state funding to persecute a political party that promotes Flemish separatism, namely the Vlaams Blok – lately the Vlaams Belang. The VB has a considerable following in the Flemish part of Belgium yet this has not inhibited the Belgium state from attempting to deprive the Vlaams Belang of state funding. The rules preclude the ability of political parties to raise finds privately. Accordingly if state funding is cut off a party cannot operate. This gives the state a potential stranglehold to kill off any parties of which it disapproves. The Belgian state – a so-called liberal democratic partner of ours in the European Union - has not hesitated to act in this manner.

Robin has warned that if you give these liberal tyrants the power then they will use it to crush legitimate political dissent.

Robin’s evidence, actually provide to him by the Vlaams Belang can be found here and it makes for interesting reading:


  1. I only read this blog to see what naughty nick has been up to.. enough of the eng dems. I want some more on nick and his shenanigans.. maybe one on pot bellied darby? don't lay off now, this blog keeps fatso and eyebrows up at night!
  2. I am not keen on the term "Home Rule", it infers a minority, we the English do not seek Home rule we demand OUR Parliament rule us without Europe, Scotland and Wales and N-Ireland, Blair brought twelve Scots MPs into the voting lobby and gave English students the fee system in Universities, while the English pay for the Scots free Uni education, speaking English in Wales can earn you a horrible glare, and an English accent in Scotland can lead to violence. Labours Scots Mafia has led to War almost now without end. The Cross of St George will suffice me. and I do not like Tilbrooks smirk
  3. Have you got a little man crush going on?
  4. Are you a member of the ED's yet Ed?
  5. I think his comments clearly show he isn't a nationalist, and is rather politically immature for a leader of a political party.
    Still, he hasn't been caught with his fingers in the till I suppose.
  6. Belgium is also a statist construct also made up of distinct peoples mainly French speaking Waloons and the Dutch speaking Flemish. The sooner the Dutch in the north break away the better and this bothers the EU.

    On another note Eddy what are your thoughts on Paul Weston taking over British Freedom?

  7. Your blog is class, but I wish you put up more articles.

  9. Great article from a first class man,well done. BF member
  10. I would suggest that the people in Scotland who call themselves British will be Protestants and given the amount of ethnics in England, Eddy - you are welcome to them, British or English. It would appear that the "State" of Belgium works in the same way as the State here as regards political dissent.
  11. sorry to be negative eddy but there's something about tilbrooks' smirking slimy upper class face that makes me want to slap him.
    he'd be in UKIP but he insists on being the star of the show.
    remind you of anyone ?.
  12. Why are they all for Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland assemblies and against an "English only" one? It stinks to high heaven!
  13. What the yougov poll really tells us!

    Voting intention
    Con 492
    Lab 549
    Lib Dem 128

    1169 voting for the mainstream parties, 595 either not bothering to vote or voting for alternative parties.

    2010 Vote - Remember all that praise in the media for Nick Clegg, Lib Dems jump 284.

    Con 546
    Lab 452
    Lib 412

    1410 did vote for mainstream political parties and 354 didn't bother voting or voted for alternative parties.

    Watch the BBC at 6 o'clock for the international news. Then at 6.30 put on ITV for the international news, same bloody news. Then at 7pm put on Russia Today, 85, on the TV and watch the international news, different news. Obviously it's from Russia but shows you how the media in Britain on key issues operates as one.

    People remember Raoul Moat and when he went on that rampage. The police found his tape recorede
  14. If we could be a little more provocative towards Alex Haddock leader of the SNP we may find that Scotland may vote for independence from England, that would make membership of the EU void because England as a State did not sign up to the EU neither did Scotland and the Queen signed those Treaties as Queen of Great Britain not of England, so come Haddock the English need you
  15. Anyone got any views on the EDL and British Freedom Party merger ?
  16. I thought this was the Nick Griffin Stalk blog?
    Anyway what happend the the BNP REFORMED did that fail? I think it's over now Eddy don't you? even your bum chums or getting bored and are thinking about helping the perminent Chairman.

    ED's are going nowhere and you know it. Barnbrook will be living with mummy after MAY it's over, least the BNP activists are still having a go despite their perminent chairman in full control of everything. you have nothing now but a few deluded fans.
  17. I can't see the BFP getting off the ground no matter what. It is a bit odd though. The EDL seem just to have done the political equivalent of taking over an off the shelf company.
  18. "sorry to be negative eddy..."
    You clearly haven't met him
  19. Eddy you say the bfp going nowhere but all we keep seeing is people leaving the edp and joining parties like the ukip, bfp, epp etc... your blood of bnp members seems to have dried up now and less people reading your blog as is evident by your ratings.
  20. eddy anon 24th nov 23:37
    come on eddy you have spoken before now regarding the different Nationalist groups coming together eventually, this coming together of EDL and BFP, can only be a good thing in the long term for Nationalisminthis country. Whether you like it or not the BFP are a political party, Britain First seem also to be determined to make there mark. Shouldn't the ED's consider collaborating with this new alliance (EDL and BFP)? One could argue that the ED's are a fundemental English political party and it could/will compromise the fundamental belief of them, joining with BFP a proud old fashioned patriotic pro-British political party.
    What is the answer, can the ED's send out an olive branch to these leaders, or do they fear people revolting joining a pro-British Party.
    If the answer is the latter could that hinder the ED's in the longterm from collaberating with other Nationalist party's in the future?
    Jamie, West Hert's, London flighter.
  21. There have been some funny statements made by the bfp
  22. Please Lee Barnes and others discussing the EDL alliance with the BFP.
  23. UKIP is our only immediate hope now !!! at least getting us out of the EU will be a big step in the right direction. (That is if the EU does not collapse sometime soon on its own)
    At least UKIP would start clean as they have not had their hands in the till as yet.
    The micro parties will get nowhere at the moment
  24. Graham WakefieldNov 26, 2011 11:24 AM
    These post are getting downright silly,the ED,BFP &EDL and UKIP are civic Nationalist not Racial Nationalist therefore they offer no hope for the salvation of our people.
  25. We all seem to digress when replying to your blog articles.Me included.On this one I'm sticking to the point.
    I'm English. No if's nor but's. If English is not an option on any form I'm required to complete I make it one by crossing out British and writing English.
    Any Tom, Dick, Harry or Mohammed can claim to be British. British citizenship, and, passports are awarded and given.
    Not so with English.You are, or, you're not.
  26. Eddy, for some strange reason whenever you do a piece on Tilbrook and/or the English Democrats it becomes tiresome. why?
  27. Graham in wakefield what does it matter what
    kind of nationalist others are? Do you really think a party of openly 'racial nationalists'
    has a cat in hell's chance of getting elected?
    As it happens ED has got more members [4ooo]
    than the BNP and talks a lot more sense, without the baggage.
  28. Hi Eddy keep an eye on the woman arrested over racial comments on Croydon tram, there must have been a reason for this, the English are at a tipping point, something made her let rip, she needs our help
  29. anon 29th nov 2011
    I totally agree with you regarding this brave outspoken lady on the Croyden tram.
    Remember Croyden suffered terribly during the recent riots.
    Next it will be the thought police, she spoke a few home truths regarding Immigration, in a Democracy the people should allways have been asked regarding allowing Immigrants into our country, we never were asked.
    There has been a massive lost of freedom of speech, because West Indian Immigrants have insisted they don't like being called by there ancient tribal name, or Pakistani's don't like to be called Paki, because skinheads used to go 'paki bashing'.
    It is ridiculous to use these examples to destroy our freedom of speech, they call it hate crime.
    Republicans have been entitled to insult the Queen verbally over the century's, but they don't get charged with hate crimes, Mohamed Al Fayed called the Duke of Edinburgh a Nazi, but nobody suggested he should be arrested.
    Now people should realise these freedom of speech laws that have come into force, mean one thing and one thing only.
    No free speech in this country anymore, which means we are not a free people anymore, i personally wouldn't fight for this country why these laws are in place.
    Until we all rise up and take a leaf out of the Ghandi book of non co-operation regarding our most valuable law of Freedom of Speech being allowed again in this once great Nation, we should all coordinate our hatred and determination of this law, let's hope this Lady is the catalyst that starts this fightback by the Indiginous population.
    Jamie, West Hert's, London flighter.
  30. Very interesting online poll.

    "Joseph Rowntree Foundation report: Aston white community feel snubbed and ignored"

    Are white-working class communities losing their voice?




  31. Still no sign of Griffin Going Under and winding up the BNP
  32. Graham WakefieldNov 30, 2011 09:46 AM
    Anonymous 22.48 The "openly racial nationalist"BNP were not doing to badly getting councillors elected (over 100 at one stage)Ideology did not destroy the BNP,rotten,corrupt,thieving leadership did the damage.As for the ED having no baggage,enjoy the honeymoon because as soon as MI5 senses you could become a threat they will move in to destroy you.Finally I for one do not relish the thought of attending a Political meeting surrounded by Black and Asian "British Nationalist".
  33. Regarding tram woman:

    .Everything she said was true but the question is what gave her the courage to say it?
    There are 4 possible explanations for it:

    1/. That day she had had enough and made a rational decision to speak the truth (although with somewhat slurred speech and excessive swearing)

    2/. She is suffering from a mental illness (probably bipolar disorder, (manic depression).

    3/. She was under the influence (drugs/alcohol)

    4/. A combination of two or more of these explanations.

    I will put money on it that the answer will be number 2 and that at some point in the near future this will become apparent (unless patient confidentiality is upheld).

    If I am correct in my assumption the question is how best to help the woman and then how this case might be used to highlight certain inconsistencies in the approach taken by the media and the authorities towards vulnerable white people.

    The media/ YouTube and subsequently the public have crucified a vulnerable and unwell woman who is living in a hostile foreign environment where an elderly white gentleman was recently beaten to death by a gang of blacks during the race riots.
    Vulnerable ethnics are protected by a whole range of legislation and guidlines to ensure that services provided to them are ‘culturally sensitive/ responsive’. Everything from the staff who work with them to the food they are given and their religious/ spiritual needs is monitored and designed to fit them as best as possible. The same standards and duty of care should apply to us.

    My guess however is that she will be further humiliated by the predominantly black/ African mental health teams which there are in South London. The press has already published her name and address (have any guidelines been breached there?)

    Assuming that this woman made a rational decision to make her stand I think will transpire to be a mistake. What she said was correct, but she only said it (I think) because she is unwell. The target of any campaign should be to highlight the way in which a vulnerable white woman has been crucified by the media the public and the politicians who were looking to score a few quick ethnic votes.
  34. To the one who made the last comment EDDY won't do jack shit all he likes doing is bitching against the permanant chairman, rather than try to destroy the bnp Eddy B should of run Eastern his way and just snubbed the Chairman. Big mistake Colgate Collete M AND R Barnbrook all nobodys now all could of had control of the party without the bitching and just by ignoring.
  35. More utter sick lies from Gri££in, you couldn't make it up. If the 2010 accounts are ready why hasn't the Electoral Commission seen them? Direct Debits you would be crazy to give Gri££in your credit card details. Subs are going up but how many will renew?

    "In the New Year the British National Party intends to build on solid foundations. We have already brought in a professional accountant to assist our National Treasurer."

    "At our last Party Conference a full presentation of the 2010 accounts was made by the National Treasurer Clive Jefferson"

    "We've also looked closely at how other non-profit organisations, including big charities, manage their finances. One thing that stood out straight away was that these successful organisations all use direct debits or standing order mandates to collect membership payments and donations. It's easy to see why. Direct debits or standing orders provide a regular, reliable income. They keep administration costs low. They also make it easy for members and supporters to make payments, spreading the costs over twelve equal payments instead of having to pay the full amount up front."

    Standard membership - £48 per year or 12 monthly instalments of £4.50.

    Family membership - £60 per year or 12 monthly instalments of £5.58
  36. No to 70 million e-petition is still growing, it is now 125,192
    Jamie, West Hert's, London flighter
  37. This blogg is now beginning to fail as Griffin is keeping very quiet

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