I have heard many people say that if the ‘civic’ nationalist option is the correct path to follow, then people should opt for UKIP rather than the English Democrats.

I will examine this proposition.

Firstly, I will again reject the tag ‘civic’. I do not think any descriptive terms are necessary other than ‘nationalist’.

I do not and have never referred to myself as a civic nationalist, a racial nationalist, a cultural nationalist or a ethno nationalist. What is important is that we are nationalists and share common feelings and can unite around a common manifesto.


UKIP made their first breakthrough back in 1999. This was the first European Election held under proportional representation and UKIP gained 3 MEPs with a shade under 7% of the vote.

They did considerably better in 2004, with just over 16% which got then 12 MEPs. In 2009 their share of the vote increased marginally to 16.5% and 13 of their members were elected to the European Parliament.

Since 1999 they have had a platform to grow and expand into other areas. However they have consistently failed to do this, despite the massive advantages that this should have conferred upon them. They remain a party that only has relevance at the European Election

For example in the Welsh Assembly their vote went from 2.3% in 2003 to 4.0% in 2007 and 4.6% in 2011. In the 2009 European Election UKIP polled 12.8% in Wales.

In the Greater London Assembly Top Up List their vote has gone from 2.0% in 2000, to 8.2% and 2 members elected in 2004 (purely because it was on the same day as the European Election) and back to 1.9% and no one elected in 2008.

They spend up to the maximum limit in Parliamentary by-elections and usually fail to defeat any of the main three parties although they do usually save their deposit. For the money spent this is not a massive vote of confidence. UKIP’s results in recent Parliamentary by-elections are as follows:

Feltham and Heston (December 2011) - 5.5%
Inverclyde (June 2011) - 1.0%
Leicester South (May 2011) - 2.9%
Barnsley Central (March 2011) - 12.2% - defeated the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats
Oldham East and Saddleworth (January 2011) – 5.8%

The only result that stands out is that achieved in Barnsley Central and the momentum was immediately lost.

In local elections they have signally failed to set the world on fire. They have occasional local successes where local activist have good experience usually after a group has defected from one of the major parties. Their most notable success was in taking control of Ramsey Town Council – in rural Huntingdonshire. The BNP, for all its limitations, vastly outstripped UKIP in terms of its local by-election performance when it operated efficiently between around 2003 to 2009.

Quite simply, UKIP has had every opportunity to break into the big time, to challenge the political establishment outside the confines of the European Elections, yet they have always failed to make any significant impact.

Is it likely that they will ever be able to make the grade? I would suggest not. They are limited partly due to their absolute infatuation with all things to do with Europe. Talk to a UKIPer and that is all you get. They are psychologically unable to make themselves relevant in terms of local government or even Westminster elections.

So while UKIP can attract a decent body of support and a healthy membership, while they can make impact in the absence of a more rounded and credible challenger for the Euro sceptic vote at the five yearly Euro Elections, that is it.

If you want a vehicle to take power then it is not UKIP. If you just want to make a bit of a splash, then they may serve a purpose.


In many ways if you combined the political activist savvy found in the BNP at its height with UKIP you would have a dream ticket but that ain’t going to happen.

UKIP is determined to go it alone. It officially bans ex-BNP members from joining. This is understandable in many ways. UKIP thinks it has made the grade and this status would be compromised if it was tainted by the influx of ex-BNPers. The BNP is a toxic brand and it is quite true to say that anyone with BNP associations will be tarnished to a degree.

Whatever might be the case, it is a bullet that UKIP will not bite. They have got to a reasonable size without BNPers and don’t want to risk losing their respectable tag. I would suggest that if they had quietly accepted sensible BNPers then it would not in fact have done them any harm at all. Notwithstanding the BNP’s tarnished image, the media and the public quite accept that many normal and decent people were in the BNP. After all the energetic campaigns that prevailed up to about 2009 exposed a large part of the population to the BNP and this exposure was not always negative. I do not believe for a second that involvement in the BNP per se is regarded as being damning. UKIP have shown themselves to be too timid and jumpy for their own good.

I know that some ex-BNP people have joined UKIP and are tolerated so long as they sit quietly. This is not exactly a mutually beneficial arrangement as the only benefit UKIP would get is if they absorbed the activist spirit and know how that was found within the BNP up until a few years ago.

The other problem that the few isolated BNPers will experience within UKIP is that it is too big and unwieldy to help. Due to the successes UKIP has achieved it will be unresponsive to know-it-alls who come in and say ‘Oh no – do it this way’. Organisationally it will be set in its ways.


While it is true to say that most UKIP voters are motivated by patriotic impulses and most UKIP members will be nationalistic, I am not so sure that UKIP can organisationally be regarded as nationalist. They have no real cultural dimension (unlike in the English Democrats for example).

In many ways it is statist party. The very term ‘United Kingdom’ grates with me and always has. It strikes me that a nationalist would never use that term to describe their party. The term could apply to any ‘United Kingdom’. The term is not reflective of the land or people. The 'English Democrats', for example, is a ‘people’ term.

The statist nature of UKIP is underlined by its refusal to accept devolution in Wales and Scotland and its opposition to an English Parliament. UKIP is very much an old fogey party that finds it difficult to move with the times. The nature of the Union has changed. Any political party that fails to recognise that is pretty much doomed.

I know a few people in UKIP are desperate to head off the growing momentum behind the English Democrats and are making noises about recognising the need for an English Parliament but that won’t affect the overall statist construction of UKIP and its one-trick pony Euro obsession.

Similarly UKIP is too timid to take the bull by the horns and talk about immigration beyond a little rattling of sabres during certain by-elections, in the manner of the old Conservative Party.

This can be seen as a reaction to old skule traditional nationalism causing that whole area of politics to be too hot to handle. It has almost the case that if any politician mentions immigration in a negative manner then they feel they will be tarred with the NF-BNP brush along with mental images of rowdy marches, bovver boys, hate–filled remarks, aggressive sloganising and stiff right arm salutes. One of the legacies of decades of inappropriate behaviour from with the ranks of old skule nationalism is that this is the prevailing image associated with political opposition to immigration. UKIP are utterly unable to face this down.


It is sometimes said that if the Conservatives adopt the English Democrat policy for an English Parliament then the English Democrats would cease to exist. This is hardy the case as the English Democrats also have a firm policy for encouraging England’s cultural identity, it opposes immigration, it firmly opposes membership of the European Union and so forth. Should the Conservatives do all these things then maybe there would be no point in the EDs existing, but then the objectives would have been achieved anyway!

In any case, has the creation of the Welsh Assembly resulted in a fall in support for Plaid Cymru? No! Since the Welsh Assembly was created their vote has risen.

But what chance is there that the Conservatives will support an English Parliament? Virtually none.

One of the founding principals of the liberal state is to deny Englishness at every turn. The English liberal ascendancy fears and loathes, in equal measure, its own English identity. That what you have to understand before you can grasp the nature of British politics. Yes I used the term British deliberately. That is why the English are actually the poor relation in this Union.

The Conservative Party is a fully paid up member of that liberal ascendancy. They have, at least since the last war, governed as such.

Similarly UKIP would effectively, and more certainly, ceased to exist were the Conservatives to adopt a policy for the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union. Frankly I think there is no realistic chance of this happening although they may make noises about re-negotiating the treaty or about holding a referendum on some issue or another. Remember the Conservatives are part and parcel of the liberal ascendancy. The liberal ascendancy is wedded to the European dream.

It is as likely that the Conservatives will ever stop immigration. They will make an occasional noise but do nothing about it. Anyone who seriously thinks this is a fantasist.


The other thing about UKIP is that it is essentially a top down party. It is run in an autocratic manner by Nigel Farage. There are regular bouts of internal tension and complaints about heavy handed behaviour with the UKIP party centre regularly overriding local decisions. While UKIP’s internal leadership election in 2010 was run in a fairly legitimate manner – particularly compared to the corrupt process Nick Griffin put in place at the same time in the BNP (OK that isn’t saying much as Nick Griffin is a master at corrupting the BNP’s internal democratic process) – there is a major problem in UKIP with respect to democratic accountability.

Because the age structure of UKIP is so old (there is no other way of putting it) and non activist based, Farage and co can get away with his this level of authoritarianism. In a vibrant and youthful party – as any party that really challenges for power must be - this will be a major problem. Authoritarianism stifles initiative.

By comparison the English Democrats are a bottom up party. Most power is invested in branches, counties and regions. There is a very high degree of local autonomy and complete local financial independence. Its internal structure is ideally suited for rapid and dynamic growth.


In short, UKIP have had ample opportunity since 1999 to make real progress and shake the establishment. It has consistently failed to do this. There is absolutely no reason to suppose that it could ever do it. There are absolutely no signs that it can. It will almost certainly remain as a large anti-European pressure group that makes a name for itself every five years. It will retain that position until a credible year-round party comes along that is also opposed to our continued membership of the European Union.

The British National Party was never able to do this due to the excess baggage that it was burdened with. A sensible party that is in tune with the modern age can. It is not certain that success will be achieved. Nothing is certain. However we can be pretty sure that UKIP faces an unbreakable glass ceiling. Effort must be put into building an organisation which, while it might be currently smaller and less significant, has the latent potential to grow and surpass its rivals.

That party is the English Democrats.


  1. As an exBNP member accepted into UKIP I 'm pretty well placed to respond. Sadly, your analysis rings true. UKIP are far to cautious for a radical marginal party and they only believe that success can come thru the PR system at the Euros.They contest national& local elections to project the party name. Controversial issues such as Muslim grooming are avoided.There is an opening for the EDs,but they must convincingly state their support for the Union & become braver in their opposition to Islamification & show a desire to keep the real English as the ethnic majority.
  2. The human mind is like a parachute it only works when it is open, so open up the debate, my problem is with Robin Tilbrook, and his connection with the City. tell us more?
  3. I agree UKIP have no ambition to challenge the Liberal elite. Farage has had plenty of 'air time' to push UKIP forward in the recent past. They are a Party of old (Thatcherite) Tories, no activists to speak of and no connection with the youth of our Country. They will never address the issue's that may inspire the youth.
    There is only a political solution to the survival of our Nation. We have to accept and understand: hard line Nationalism has failed.
    The BNP had a chance and blew it with a crooked Leadership. It is highly unlikely the NF could rise into a political force again. God bless them!
    The English Democrats have a solid constitution. They are opposed to multicultrism and immigration and they want an end to European rule. Sometimes in life maybe a piece of the apple is better than none?
    At this moment in time I can not dismiss the English Democrats. Our Country is in big danger!We need a reversal of the liberal politics of the last two generations. The question is: can the English Democrats become a mass Party?
    Johnny Leech
    1. You are right Farage is great at slagging off those parasites in the European Parliament but here almost thought of (if thought of at all) as a wing of the Tory Party : A revival of the kinship ideal, all those young people displaced from employment by immigration, target the young, they want answers as to why their jobs have been given away by the Traitorship of all three parties
      why they can't get a home, when Moldovans can walk strait into a persons home squat and the police refuse to move them. The English Democrats have enough motivation, but they can't light my fire, Why?.
  4. Eddy you know me from North of the Border and I am ex BNP and Ukip member, since early 2008, and sadly a lot of what you say is true, Its almost impossible to get them to grasp the need to hit the streets, and you summed them up perfect with the comment about being jumpy. I had hoped they had the balls, to stick up for people who had a change in political view, and allow anyone the human right to change their minds, and move over from the BNP if they want. I wonder what would happen if someone was to challenge it on grounds of political persecution, by that I mean the so called ban on ex BNP members. UKIP if they grew a pair would be the best placed party to save our country, it is run fairly, in my eyes. But as ive stated because they have no activist base, that seems to be the real reason its run from the top down, and they need to wake up from their slumber, and welcome anyone on board who will act in a good light and help move the pary forward. I still cant see past the ED's being anything more than a little Englander party adding to the divide and conquer of our Island.

    A changed and more, activist driven UKIP would be the UKs best hope. Ex BNP members would have given UKIP balls, the decent ones of course.
  5. you're absolutely right about UKIP,they are pretty much the nigel farage show.
    but then i worry that the EDs are similarly the robin tilbrook show,one charismatic figure at the front and precious little else all said and done.
    UKIP have zero support from the working classes,their entire movement is middle and upper - the same old tory boys with plums in their mouths.
    if the EDs really are different then i wish them luck but i have to say (and you're yet to answer this properly eddy) what if you're not english ?.
    what becomes of the nationalists who are welsh or scottish ?,where do they go ?.
    and may i ask you about the freedom democrats,what's your take on their new party ?.
  6. Eddy,

    Are you aware that an English Parliament would have no control over immigration and would not have the power to take England out of the EU? Both of these issues come under the heading "Reserved Matters" and would remain under the control of the UK Parliament. While the English Dems channel all their resources into campaigning for an English Parliament, England is being wiped out by Third World immigration.

    It seems to me that the English Dems have got their priorities all wrong. What's the point of an English Parliament if England has lost its identity?

    There is a vacancy in the English Dems at the moment for Party Leader. I suggest you or Chris Beverly apply for it, the sooner the better.
    1. There is a general problem here, its one of identity, English identity,, go beck to the Magna Carta 1215 and Common Law, the legal fiction of our membership of the European Union we have never been bound by that membership, I am reading a book called "Freedom is more than a Seven Letter Word", it explains quite clearly that no Englishman is bound by Statute, only Common Law, you are freemen on the Land but are completely ignorant of it, read it then the "English Democrats" will be for you, Knowledge will make you free.
  7. (1) The 'problem' of the English Democrats being perceived as a 'Little Englander' party can be simply resolved by the EDs having friendly links with the 'Irish Democrats', the 'Scottish Democrats' and the 'Welsh Democrats'. The charge that the ED is opposed to the United Kingdom can be shot down by pointing out that the ED is FOR the United Kingdom, a United Kingdom made up of four independent self governing Nation states, all coming together for mutual benefit. This puts the moral high ground back on our side.

    (2) UKIP is certainly a waste of time. Joining that grey party would be akin to becoming politically castrated. The Last Night Of The Proms is their Nuremberg rally, and they do indeed seem to be becoming left behind by today's political reality via the Scottish Independence issue.
    You Kip? You sure will.

    (3) If Robin Tilbrook is indeed cosey with the City, then good! The City generates most of the money in Britain's economy, and until the country starts manufacturing something and actually becomes productive again, then unfortunately, the City is all this country has in terms of wealth generation. We can be opposed to the Banksters but in support of the City, there's no contradiction in that.

    (4) The EDs have their annual conference in Swanley on 9th/10th March this year (just down the road from where I live). Anyone wanting a lift drop me a message.

    (5) I think Eddy should start making a list of people willing to help out in the forthcoming GLA (phone numbers etc), and I think Barnbrook should be the candidate. Is there any news on whom ED head office are likely to choose for the #1 list GLA candidate?
  8. I wonder if Gri££in will get his comeuppance in February? If he doesn't pay the court the final £60,000 by the 19th, he will be in contempt of court, also the police should be questioning him now about the failure to submit correct election expense returns, and finally the Electoral Commission will be after him for none compliance with the law in relation to the BNPs failure to comply of annual statement of accounts rules.
  9. What hardline Nationalist don't get is that the very idea of a English party being in power would upset the liberals no end. Flag waving of the English flag would be rubbing it in their noses and how the English democrats describe political correctness as "evil" is excellent.

    The only problem I see is the Conservaties playing the Nationalist card. Theres already signs of it.

    North East Nationalist
  10. You haven't touched on their economic policies and UKIP are certainly a party for the rich.

    They don't want an even mildly progressive taxation (eg 40% for those earning over K50) but a flat rate.

    At the moment parents who send their kids to private schools have to pay the fees out of taxed income but UKIP would introduce a voucher scheme which could be traded off at a private insitutution so the rich would get the fees subsidised.The voucher scheme would extend to the NHS.

    On welfare policy UKIP don't even make a pledge to pay a universal state pension to indigenous Brits who have paid NI conts.

    As a social Conservative I was more drawn to BNP than UKIP because the former pledged tax breaks for married couples but in keeping with their libertarian image UKIP offered no such concession at the last election.
  11. Eddy. As a Scot and ex-BNP, I wish you and the English Democrats all the best in your endeavours.
  12. A very interesting piece indeed that I would agree with. UKIP appear to be driven to acquire national office only to the detriment of grass roots politics. I know they have had some local success, but one would have thought that they would made a greater impact. They have not. Perhaps this is because they are percieved as the Tory party in different clothes. Thier recent adoption of EDP policy on an English Parliament appears to have been a poorly recieved by the unionists within UKIP

    I'm a member of the EDP and glad about it. I know we have a long way to go and a lot to do, but with the Scots issue coming to the forefront, English issues are now at long last being talked about. Despite the three main parties reluctance. One contributer voices concern about losing the English identity. One of the main reasons of the existance of the EDP is to retain and ensure that an English identity perpetuated for all time. You have to wonder if UKIP has the same sense of pride and honour that true Englishmen have in thier country. I think not. Another contributer asks why cant the EDP light his fire. Perhaps its because we are still growing and need to recruit more members who want to get involved. I live in Eastleigh, Hampshire and am relishing the prospect of this Mays elections. We may be thin on the ground, but here, the fire is burning bright.From small acorns etc.....
  13. I agree that UKIP will never be any threat to the status quo. It seems to be run along the lines of the BNP. In fact one wonders if Griffin started taking lessons from Farage when he got to Brussels & saw how things went on there. There is the same sort of cabal at the top - the National Exec. are all placemen/Farage sycophants, anyone with any talent is cold-shouldered & eased out, the armchair members re-elect Farage every year because they see him on QT now & then.
    The UKIP MEPs' have all got very rich with the EU, why would they want it to end?
    I feel it's just there to keep the pot from boiling over.
  14. Ed ,we know how much you love to pick holes in griffin but this is a far more interesting and positive article and is the sort of thing you should stick to.
  15. English Democrats/British Freedom Party/English Defence League - all ZOG organisations.
  16. Very much agree with craigm @ Jan 24, 2012 12:10 PM
    This is an excellent article Eddy followed by some very intelligent constructive comments. So good to get away from the sniping and carping about Griffin. I agree with so much of it and especially your thoughts on UKIP, which are so spot on - as others here have also borne out from their personal experiences. The only thing I really differ with is your very last sentence. I am not at all persuaded by the ED's. Sorry!
    Dave Moon
  17. A good article, (one I have been waiting for) and some interesting and insightful comments. The sad thing is that the BNP was formed at a time when the penny should have dropped and nationalists should have created the sort of politics and party which could have monopolised the space now occupied by all these different factions. In other words, because of the failure of the BNP and it's members to recognise the futility of overtly race based politics in post WW2 Britain UKIP has been able to occupy the space that a somewhat more radical nationalist party should have occupied. Now any emerging nationalist party has to negotiate its way around UKIP and the remnants of the BNP.

    I've joined both UKIP and the English Democrats. I will leaflet/campaign primarily for the EDs I guess, but I think there is plenty we can learn from UKIP and also, by being a member we can influence and draw their members towards a more genuinely nationalist alternative, (the English Democrats). Don't think that UKIP voters are all middle class tories because they aren't and neither are their members (its just their leadership).
  18. What's you're thoughts on the Brent group throwing their lot in with the BFP Eddy. We demand you give us your thoughts on this with an article :0
  19. Love the picture eddie,
    Is that the rock you just crawled out from under ??
    Well i suppose even a snake has to have some where to live .
  20. The way forward is to get all our powers returned from Brussels. That means a vote on the membership of the EU nothing less will do, but that vote must be won.
    Until that happens we are all whistling in the wind, because the EU decides 80% of our laws.
    Who cares whether it is the ED's or UKIP that achieves this, as long as it is achieved. You argue basicly that UKIP have had plenty of time already and still havn't achieved this and there is some truth in that, but you/Robin Tilbrook need to convince the editor of the Daily Express of this more than anyone first and formost, because it is through the media/National newspapers that political ideology gets the oxygen of publicity.
    Tony Blair stole the oxygen of publicity away from John Major by getting the Sun newspaper to support him, David Cameron stole the oxygen of publicity away from Gordon Brown to get the Sun Newspaper away from him. The ED's need to steal the oxygen of publicity away from UKIP by getting the Daily express to support the ED's. If your argument is sound this must be used to sway the Daily express away from UKIP towards the ED's.
    Logically the way forward for Nationalism is to break away from the EU first and formost, do you agree with this Eddy?
    Jamie, West Hert's, London flighter.
  21. The BBC are asking children of our fair land to pick a National dish to celebrate the Diamond jubilee, they reminded everyone that Coronation chicken was chosen for the Coronation of the Queen and was a succesfull choice because most people liked it and it was easy to reproduce.
    I would argue that if a dish was picked for the Diamond jubilee it must be a pork dish, not because i wan't to exclude Jewish and Islamic people, it is because virtually all Lamb from New Zealand and home produced Lamb is slaughtered under Islamic law 'halal' and the same is for beef and Chicken slaughtered at home in the UK.
    For a Nationalist and any normal patriotic British person that refuses to eat 'halal' slaughtered meat this is unexceptable, this so called celebrated Diamond jubilee dish would be unexceptable to any patriotic Brit unless it was a Pork Dish that could never be slaughtered under 'halal' Islamic or 'Kosher' Jewish law. We need to encourage our children to bombard the BBC with patriotic Pork dishes and maybe a campaign to complain to the BBC that any other meat dish other than pork which is accepted would mean millions of our citizens would be eating 'HALAL' slaughtered meat to celebrate the Queens Diamond jubilee and this is unexceptable, because of the obvious cruelty to the slaughtered animals concerned.
    If anyone thinks i am being petty here, just think how Muslims would complain if a pork dish was chosen excluding Muslims and Jews from celebrating the Queens Diamond jubilee, apart from them complaining, there would be mass hysteria from the media and various other institutions. But we the Indiginous population have to accept the dish chosen if it is predominantly 'halal' slaughtered.
    Jamie, West Hert's, London flighter.
    1. Well "Done" Jamie, I don't think your particular recipe will make the 9oclock news, I don't eat pork or lamb for moral reasons outside of religion. If the Queen (god bless her cotton socks) had a vegan dish that would be great and save all those Muslims from being outraged (I love that word) I would like every household to have a pet pig we can take them for walks in the local parks, they would be a lot safer than those fashionable Staffs and the kids can pet them: we could even start a new religion called the Church of Porkies, or have we already got one? ,I could go on.
  22. According to the BNP website the truth truck is out and about campaigning for the GLA election, it was later seen in Loughton, did anyone explain to them that this town is not in the London electoral area? I think bungling Squire and his band of xxxxxx and petty xxxxxxxxx better put off any illusions of winning a seat at City Hall, he is flogging a dead horse
  23. Jamie, West Hert's, London flighter. Re: the media, you make some very good points!

    Lawrence Rustem
  24. Jamie makes some interesting points, especially regarding the express' support for UKIP. They also have some tv/radio personalities like John Gaunt supporting them and even speaking at their conferences.

    They also have the potential to change quite suddenly if they had a change of leader. When Pearson took over briefly, I was surprised to see him being interviewed outside Parliament and discussing the fact that "Muslims are breeding 10 times faster than the rest of the population". He was there discussing the visit of Geert Wilders at his invitation which was also supported by the EDL.

    On balance I accept what Eddy says though. English democrats are more prepared to deal with 'identity politics'.
  25. Jamie, West Hert's, London flighter

    Also, well said Jamie, the Media is the key always has been. There is no better grass roots politics than having your ideas pushed through peoples TV screens or in the local shop or supermarket, ie The Newspapers.

    Remember Eddys article a winters tale.

    "The castles that are visited by our families on bank holidays stand as a testament to the simmering rebelliousness that persisted for centuries. They are a lasting symbol of military oppression."

    Those Castles today are no longer the powerhouses they used to be, its now the Media outlets, they are the new Castles of today.

    Also good points about the Halal meat.

    North East Nationalist
    1. Where on earth did you get that from the Media is owned by the power elite including the British Broadcasting Commissarat, the media disseminates entertainment,popular culture and useless factoids and channells away the more important issues like immigration,Nationalism, EU payments ( when did the media last discuss our payments to Brussels) and foreign aid etc, Journalists are paid liars they are not there to report the truth, just ask Andrew Gilligan reporting on DR David Kelly, report the truth and you are sacked , make the most of the internet while you can!.
    2. Yes, Journalists "They know what they can get away with and they know what they can't get away with."

      I'm not saying us Nationalist control the media outlets, I am saying that the elite control them and who ever runs them rules the day.

      North East Nationalist
  26. We the BFP are the largest national party in Britain. We have now got the Brent group and EDF backing us. We are the only true national party for our country.

    Blood and honour
    Peter Stafford
    1. Dear Peter Stafford, It could not have passed your notice that there is a proliferation of Nationalist Parties. This is safe for the establishment,some thought must be given as to why this is so?, embedded in every Nationalist Party there are great people dedicated Patriots> well so it may appear, any party that could threaten the establishment will find that great patriots will turn into a disruptive elements attracting bad publicity if it meets certain criteria, ie. looks like it may make an electoral breakthrough, your party will suffer the same fate as the BNP. look up project bluebird
  27. Reply to Anon 05:42am.
    So you're being backed by the french? EDF - Electricity de France.
    Sorry, I know that's flippant, but I just couldn't resist it!
    Best of luck to you all, may all nationalist parties grow & grow.
    However, I think it would be a good thing if people could allow other factions/parties to exist equally, & not be tempted to slang fellow nationalists. No one party has the 'Holy Grail'. We may need to combine at the barricades, where we won't worry about whether the guy next to us is UKIP or NF, as long as we're all there for each other.
  28. The best and only way to cook Pork on a grand scale is to spitroast rotating the whole carcase, with the complimentary Bramley in it's mouth, coated with British honey, which will make the crackling irresistible, served in a crusty roll with either cooked Bramley sauce or English Mustard.
    This would be the traditional way to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee as part of every street party throughout the land. of course it could just as easily be served with jacket potatoe and mixed salad or mixed vegetables.
    Jamie, West Hert's, London flighter.
  29. Gordan Ramsay says.....

    Roast hog with salt-baked potatoes and apple sauce
    This recipe is a real celebration of nose-to-tail eating. Pork belly, stuffed trotters and crisp cubes of pig's head meat.

    For the pig’s head
    1 whole pig’s head

    salt and freshly ground black pepper

    6 tbsp English mustard

    100g/3½oz plain flour

    200g/7oz Japanese panko breadcrumbs

    2 free-range eggs

    vegetable oil, for deep-frying

    Pig's head braising ingredients
    bunch fresh thyme

    bunch fresh rosemary

    1 celery, roughly chopped

    2 carrots, roughly chopped

    1 onion, roughly chopped

    2 tbsp salt

    2 tbsp black pepper

    2 tbsp chopped fresh coriander

    200ml/7fl oz white wine vinegar

    For the pork sauce
    3kg/6lb 8oz pork bones (you can get these from your butcher)

    6 litres/10½ pints chicken stock

    For the trotters
    1.5-2 litres/2½-3½ pints chicken stock

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    ½ tsp cracked black pepper

    ½ tsp salt

    1 long trotter – bone removed, but skin not split, sinews, gristle and hairs removed (you can ask your butcher to do this)

    For the pork belly
    1 pork belly, boned, rolled and tied (you can ask your butcher to do this)

    rapeseed oil


    For the salt-baked potatoes
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    For the apple sauce
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    For the salad cream
    1 tbsp plain flour

    4 tbsp sugar

    1 tbsp English mustard powder

    pinch salt

    2 free-range eggs

    100ml/3½fl oz white wine vinegar

    150ml/5fl oz double cream

    squeeze lemon juice

    To serve
    4 Little Gem lettuces, leaves separated

    200g/7oz smoked bacon lardons

    Preparation method
    1.For the pig’s head, place the head into a large pan and cover with water. Bring the pan to the boil, then strain off the water and cover with more cold water. Repeat this process twice more, then cover with water again and add the pig's head braising ingredients.

    2.Bring the mixture to the boil, cover with aluminium foil and cook for 6-8 hours on a gentle heat until all the meat is cooked and falls off the bone.

    3.Remove the head from the braising liquor, pick all the meat from it, discarding the fat, and place it into a bowl. Mash everything together and season with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Stir in the English mustard.
  30. Gordan Ramsay's pigs head recipe for English people continued......

    4.Line a large baking tray with cling film and press the pig’s head mixture into it. Cover with another tray and chill in the fridge for 12 hours.

    5.For the pork sauce, preheat the oven to 170C/325F/Gas 3.

    6.Place the pork bones into a roasting tray and roast in the oven for 30 minutes.

    7.Place the roasted pork bones into a large saucepan and cover with the chicken stock. Bring to the boil and skim off any scum on the surface. Reduce the heat to a simmer and continue to cook until the volume of the liquid has reduced by two-thirds. Pass the sauce through muslin and leave to chill in the fridge for 24 hours. Scoop of any fat that sets on the surface.

    8.For the trotters, preheat the oven to 100C/210F/Gas ¼.

    9.Pour the chicken stock into an ovenproof pan and place into the oven.

    10.Heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the onion for 4-5 minutes, or until softened.

    11.Mix the pork shoulder, bacon and liver together in a bowl, then mix in the breadcrumbs, sage, pepper, salt and cooked onions. Spoon this mixture into the trotter, carefully place it into the heated chicken stock and roast for three hours. Remove the trotter from the chicken stock and set aside on a cooling rack to cool.

    12.For the pork belly, preheat the oven to 190C/375F/Gas 5.

    13.Rub the pork belly skin with the rapeseed oil and sprinkle with salt. Roast in the oven for 1½ hours, or until cooked through and the skin is crisp.

    14.For the salt-baked potatoes, mix the flour and salt together in the bowl of a food processor fitted with a dough hook. Mix in the egg whites, then slowly add the water to form a dough (you many not need all of the water). Knead the dough for five minutes, then wrap it in clingfilm and chill in the fridge for two hours.

    15.Preheat the oven to 170C/325F/Gas 3.

    16.Roll the pastry out into a rectangle about 5mm/¼in thick, place the potatoes in the middle, then gather the pastry around the potatoes and tie the top with kitchen string. Bake the potatoes for 1½-2 hours, or until the potatoes are cooked through.

    17.To finish the pig's head, remove the pig’s head meat from the tray and cut into 3cm/1½in cubes.

    18.Sprinkle the flour and breadcrumbs onto separate plates. Beat the eggs in a bowl.

    19.Dip the meat cubes in the egg, then coat in the flour and breadcrumbs.

    20.Meanwhile, heat the oil in a deep, heavy-bottomed pan. The oil is ready when a breadcrumb dropped into it will sizzle gently. (CAUTION: Hot oil can be very dangerous. Do not leave unattended.)

    21.Deep-fry the meat cubes for 3-4 minutes, or until crisp and golden-brown.

    22.For the apple sauce, bring the water, sugar and lemon juice to the boil, then add the sliced apple and cook for 2-3 minutes, or until softened. Blend the mixture in a food processor until smooth, then pass through a sieve.

    23.For the salad cream, whisk the flour, sugar, mustard powder, salt and eggs in a bowl set over a pan of simmering water until pale and thickened. Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the vinegar, cream and lemon juice. Set aside to cool.

    24.Heat a frying pan until hot, then fry the lardons for 2-3 minutes, or until crisp. Remove the bacon from the pan and set aside to drain on kitchen paper.

    25.To serve, heat the pork sauce until boiling and pour into a jug. Spoon the apple sauce into a serving bowl. Place the pork belly, trotter and deep-fried pig’s head onto a serving board and serve the potato parcel alongside. Mix the lettuce, bacon and a little salad cream together in a serving bowl.

    Hope you enjoy it lads

    Gordon x

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