I have been tardy in setting out what I see as the political course that we should take, for the simple reason that I have been too busy. I have to earn a living like anyone else, and indeed have been far too neglectful of my own financial wellbeing this past year! So please accept my apologies for the delay. It wasn’t due to a desire to tantalise!

Few will be surprised that my recommendation is that all sensible genuine nationalists should join the English Democrats.


I will go through the reasons in detail.

The English Democrats are a nationalist party that campaigns for an English Parliament and for official recognition for important English traditional or cultural events such as St George’s Day.

They want fiscal independence for England – in other words local tax raising powers. However they do not support independence or the separation of England from the rest of the British Isles. There policy is for a federal structure with defence and foreign affairs for example conducted at the federal level.

They are against membership of the European Union and are against further immigration and will deport bogus asylum seekers and criminals. Leaving the EU will at a stroke change access rights of many millions of people currently residing here.

The English Democrats accepts that people who are not ethnically English but who have absorbed and adopted the English way of life as being effectively English. This is how society is. Anyway the Equalities Act rules that it is illegal for a political party to discriminate on the grounds of race. A British nationalist party cannot discriminate against people who wish to join and campaign on behalf of British nationalism. An English nationalist party cannot discriminate against anyone who wishes to join and campaign on behalf of English nationalism.

‘Traditional’ nationalism is always 15 years behind the times, behind the mood in the country at large and accordingly its message is not heard. It is like addressing people in a language that is not properly understood – like an Italian speaking in Latin instead of Italian!

The simple fact is that people who are not ethnically English, but who have totally absorbed English culture and muck in completely, are regarded by nearly everyone as being English and are accepted as such. These people are usually second or even third generation, people of mixed ancestry, or perhaps were from communities that moved from one part of our old Empire to another and so are one stage further removed from their original ethnic homeland and at the same time have absorbed more of our way of life. There are not so many of these people that they would alter the ethnic character of England. As they willingly accept and even prefer English culture, they are clearly no threat to our way of life. Yet some purists maintain that to accept these people as English is some sort of betrayal of a core principal. That is a perfect example of how far removed from the thought processes of ‘normal’ people ‘traditional’ nationalism has become.

That the English Democrats worked this out all by themselves without coercive action by the Equalities Commission speaks volumes for their common sense.

In order for the English Democrats to oppose immigration and campaign in a forthright manner over identity issues, that will if successful re-establish the ancient status quo within our society, it is necessary to make compromises. That is the English way of doing things. If you want to bring the English people with you – and that is a very basic necessity – then you have to do things the English way.

Having said that the English Democrats have in their ranks many people of Welsh, Scottish, Ulster or Irish background. One of English Democrat councillor that I know well is Seamus Dunne, who is both proud of his Irish roots and proud of his Englishness.


The old unified structure that had prevailed in Britain for the past few hundred years has been dismantled. There are now devolved assemblies in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The only part of Britain that does not have a devolved assembly is England. This is fast becoming dysfunctional and is threatening the preservation of the Union.

Scotland and Wales feel oppressed by England. A devolved parliament in England will put the nations of Britain on a level footing and can facilitate a renewal the relationship between the constituent parts. With the SNP controlling the Scottish Parliament, redefining the relationship in this way is probably the only way to preserve the fundamental union.

None of the establishment parties will introduce English devolution. There are essentially two reasons for this.

• Firstly they slavishly serve the European Union and that body does not recognise England. As far as the European Union is concerned, England is divided into nine regions, such as the East Midlands or the South West. Some people have incorrectly stated that supporting the establishment of an English Parliament will serve the ends of the European Union in breaking up the British state. In fact the establishment of an English Parliament is counter to the European Union’s machinations, which are to break up the powerful units that make up Europe.

• Secondly the established parties fear the rise of English sentiment. They do not wish to encourage English sentiment. They see it as being potentially belligerent, forthright and truculent. The English are freedom loving and individualistic. Giving vent to these characteristics does not sit well with the establishment. For them it would be like opening Pandora’s box!


I have long been a member of British Nationalist parties but I see no contradiction in transferring allegiance to English Nationalism. England is by far the largest component part of Britain. Nothing could ever be achieved without England. Support for British Nationalism in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland has always run at much lower levels than in England. To be fair I will qualify that by saying that Northern Ireland has its own (devolved) variants and before this year’s Assembly election, Welsh election results had shown some improvement. Nevertheless it still holds true that England is the battle ground. It is in my opinion more sensible to fight on that battle ground under English colours.

While I have been a British Nationalist and while I am personally conscious that my father was born in Scotland and my mother in Wales(!) my ancestry is predominantly English. Apart from a brief interlude as an infant in America, I have always lived in England. The English Democrats are essentially a nationalist party for people who live in England. There is no problem.

At the same time I have long had an interest in English history and culture and used to be a member of Tha Engliscan Gesiðas (the English Companions), a society dedicated to the study of Anglo-Saxon England and studied the Old English language at the City Literary Institute.

I am one of those Englishmen who unconsciously annoy Scotsmen by often regarding English history as British history

Of all the European political parties the one I would most closely compare the English Democrats to is the Lega Nord, the Northern League in Italy. This party campaigns for autonomy for the prosperous north of Italy. It opposes immigration into Italy and has previously been part of alliances with the Front National. It is also part of the Government of Italy! If a sensible Italian nationalist lived in Milan, Turin or Venice they would support the Lega Nord. By the same token a sensible nationalist in England should now support the English Democrats.


Back in 1986 the National Front split apart. Nick Griffin and his side kick Patrick Harrington were directly responsible for the split. The other wing of the National Front was led by Ian Anderson, another slippery character, although a more honest one than Nick Griffin it has to be said. Neither prospect was very enticing and I chose to join the British National Party.

From being the poor relation in nationalist inter-party terms, within a couple of years the BNP became the main force, far outstripping its rivals. Most of the activity that spearheaded that rise took place in the area I was responsible for – the East End of London. It was my decision to opt for the BNP in 1986 that was directly responsible for this turn around.


Partly it was because I had always liked the John Tyndall’s reverence for the British Empire. I am an unashamed an old school imperialist. I have also always been a deep water nationalist rather than a ‘Little Englander’. His may seem contradictory given that I am now advocating that we should all join the English Democrats, so let me explain!

I am realistic enough to concede that the Empire is dead and buried. However I do believe that our island’s future is bound up with trade and the open sea. In a world with increasing resource scarcity our unique maritime tradition will I believe come to the fore again. Our residual network of island possessions and bases could be vital – Gibraltar, the Falklands, St Helena and so on.

Devolved government in all the nations of the British Isles and the more equitable and harmonious relationship between the nations that would arise from that new federation, would in my opinion facilitate our ability to compete together on the world stage. If we withdraw in upon ourselves in a ‘Little Englander’ manner then all I see is isolation, poverty and further decline.

The other attraction the BNP had for me in 1986 was that the main personalities I knew in it were thoroughly decent and honourable men. This was in marked contrast to the leading personalities in the NF – people like Nick Griffin and Patrick Harrington, or even Ian Anderson. The ones I knew best were Richard Edmonds and Dave Bruce. John Tyndall himself, whatever else you might say about him as a politician, was a thoroughly honourable and honest man.

I wanted to work with honourable people. That would provide a decent base from which to operate. In the context of 1986 I made the right choice, as is evident by the relative fortunes of the parties concerned.


One of the factors which influenced me in 2011 is that having met and discussed matters with the EDs leader Robin Tilbrook on a number of occasions, I am impressed by his honesty and decency. Needless to say, politically he is very different to John Tyndall! But when you are used to working with someone like Nick Griffin, the contrast in character could not be more marked. Politics is about people and having confidence in the people you will be working with is an important consideration.

One difference between Robin Tilbrook and Nick Griffin is their attitude to money. One of the fixed characteristics of Nick Griffin is that sees the BNP as a cash cow – as a source of income. By contrast Robin Tilbrook (with a few other generous ED members) has underwritten the ED’s progress by providing soft interest free loans to help pay for various election campaigns. Some people rather churlishly then turn this around and claim that he holds the EDs to ransom due to his status as a theoretical creditor. This is a rather ridiculous argument. If anyone wanted to invest their hard earned cash in a way that would reap them a useful dividend, putting it into a new political party as an interest free loan is not exactly the best way to go about it. Nor, under the terms of the loan, could he insist upon immediate repayment, were he to be replaced as Chairman.

In short the EDs have a debt which is owed to senior supporters who lent it as interest free soft loans. This is completely different to the BNP’s massive toxic debts which are owed to aggressive creditors that the BNP have refused to pay.


The English Democrats are not a micro party like all the other competitors. In the latest financial report to the Electoral Commission it has 3,500 members. In the shadow of UKIP and the BNP that is quite an impressive achievement to have got that many people together. All the more impressive as having discussed things with them, it is clear that very often they made mistakes (which with refreshing honesty they freely discussed with me) and often botched things as they moved forward through trial and error. The EDs were essentially formed less than ten years ago from scratch by people who had no experience in running a political party, so it is hardly surprising that mistakes were made along the way.

The EDs internal structure is very decentralised with most power lying with the branches. Members can join locally or nationally. Branches are encouraged to set up their own bank accounts and are trusted to manage their own funds. This is another marked contrast to the BNP.

There is a surprisingly large degree of consultation and internal democracy in all aspects of the EDs operation. To someone used to the BNP way of doing things this takes some getting used to.

The EDs currently have 5 local councillors (compared to 9 for the BNP) and the number is rising. For all of UKIP’s numerous MEPs, the EDs also have the only elected official in the nationalist camp who has any power – the directly elected Mayor of Doncaster.

In the last round of local elections the EDs stood over 150 candidates and they stood a full slate in the last European Election and the London Mayor and Assembly elections.

In short the EDs have managed to establish themselves fairly well. They are ‘work in progress’. They are not the finished article as they would admit themselves. They are open mind enough to welcome genuine nationalists who have been in the BNP and can see that they will benefit from the political know how and activist zeal of these ex-BNPers.

When you join the EDS you are not starting from scratch You can immediately get on with your local political work without first having to go through the heartbreaking and lengthy process of establishing a party from scratch. They are well placed to grow rapidly and make a real challenge.


Some people hostile to the EDs will try and tell you that the EDs are fellow travellers with the IRA. This rather pitiful claim is based on an unwise and ill thought out e-mail that was sent by someone who at the time was a senior ED member (but has since resigned from his post) to Sinn Fein. The e-mail showed complete ignorance of Sinn Fein’s position on various issues and was no more than a misguided friendly overture to a party that was naively thought to be a local separatist organisation, similar to the SNP.

You have to bear in mind that nowadays Sinn Fein share government in Stormont with the Democratic Unionist Party and regularly do ‘deals’ with them.

It is clear that the EDs do not sympathise with the IRA. The leader of the EDs robin Tilbrook used to serve in the British Army and his father was a Brigadier who did several tours in Northern Ireland at the height of the ‘Troubles’.

No serious commentator would say that the EDs are pro IRA or pro Sinn Fein.


A new mood of Englishness has been sweeping this land for the past decade or more. In some ways it is a reaction to Scottish and Welsh devolution. It is also I think something more primeval. The Government commonly refuses to acknowledge England’s identity. As I said they are uncomfortable with it. The liberal ascendancy view it as being inherently chauvinistic. Because the liberal ascendancy is overwhelmingly English and they look fondly and somewhat patronisingly on Celtic patriotism. Hence Ken Livingstone used to fall over himself to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in London, while ignoring St George’s Day. I think it is clear that the English are growing restless. The activities of the English Defence League are further proof of this. They see Islam encouraged in England while Englishness is denigrated.

We are fortunate that we have a party that is not compromised by the extremism, violence and hatred which has tarnished nationalism in this country.

We have an alternative to embrace. To fit in with it and not to make it fit in with unhelpful viewpoints learnt while in the BNP.

We can give them the benefit of our organisational experience. We can encourage the development of their activist spirit.

We can build together towards something that will not be compromised by the self destructive extremism and the own goals that have held back the salvation of our people for so long.

I am joining the English Democrats and I sincerely recommend that all other good hearted nationalists do the same.

It is the only credible alternative.

In the next article I will examine why other parties do not offer the same possibilities as the EDs.


  1. the very best of luck to you mr butler .......i hope you get every success
  2. The very best of luck in your new endeavours Eddy, you have a good heart. Farewell fellow patriot, I have enjoyed walking a few steps along the road with you. I hope that we may meet up again in the winners' enclosure.

    Colin Goodgroves
  3. Long overdue.... lots of us have twigged it already. Good to have a seasoned campaigner on board. People like yourself, the Yorkshire activists and good people like Steve McCole will take the ED to the next level.
  4. Well said Eddy, now we can draw a line in the sand and get on with the business in hand!
  6. So Eddy, the sixty four thousand pound question is, have you joined them yet?

    If not, why not?
  7. To be ignored is worse than being abused IMHO.
  8. Yes Eddy, the English Democrats are not so dissimilar the BNP in terms of policy, but not in racist terms. In addition to that they talk of Devolution rather than Revolution which is the way to go. It's a party that doesent have any baggage with it and fly's the English Flag as the symbol of unity.
  9. Just joined ED and am feeling better already. You
    need to change this blog now to reflect ED issues
    rather than banging on about the old party led by Nick somebody.God I've got a bad memory!
  10. Claire - I'm sure no one ever ignores veu.

    Colin - despite where you live... I hope to continue walking down the same road as you!

  11. The English flag is the three lions as on the Queen's banner, coat of arms etc. and on our coinage. So the ED's need to get that right for a start. The red cross flag is St.George's and is used by several nations, cities and regions across the world so hardly English. The acceptance of obvious non-English as English is a major sticking point for any true Nationalist. We are all aware of what the law demands and if anyone didn't the latest is that the EHRC will be monitoring political parties for the right quota of ethnics standing as candidates. So we are required to have these foreigners on board but lets not pretend that they are English. The name England means the land of the Anglo's of which several German tribes also joined in the land grab at the time. Some welcome by the British some not. These were the Jutes and Saxons along with other less well known tribes. All are/were European not African, Asian etc. So while the law makes us accept the new invaders we do not ourselves have to agree that they are English (Welsh or Scottish for that matter). The trouble is the ED's accept these people regardless of origin as English! The ED's appear to have no sense of real Englishness ancestry. Tourist come here to see England and our culture not some 'jazz' band or streets full of Asian, Polish, Gurka shops etc. Although I agree with most of the ED's agenda but to keep England we must turn around to these ethnics when they make their claim of being English and say sorry mate no you are not.
  12. And in Scotland/Wales what do you propose eddy.

    Scottish Democrats linked in with English ones as in sharing ideas and more importantly friendships,,,Maybe worth having a word with Mr
    Tilbrook about some sort of cross border, still British cooperation as will reflect, what would be the devolved parliaments.
  13. Good luck for the future Eddy, will there be any continuous info on Nick from your blog or will it close now for you to concentrate on the future of the ED. As for Scotland it would be great to have some help from our English cousins as the SNP is def not the way ahead for any nationalists
  14. Dear Eddy, just visited ED's website there before my eyes is a picture of Robin Tilbrook headed the "strategy for the 2010 General Election", hardly inspiring is it.
  15. Graham WakefieldAug 5, 2011 02:36 AM
    Hi Eddy
    I always feel a little uncomfortable when the question of English devolution is mentioned I have been one of the lucky ones who has enjoyed the organised trips to watch the BNP MEP,s in action and for me the highlight of the trip was without doubt the trip to the war graves cemetery, you cannot help but feel emotional when you are confronted by row upon row of graves with memorials bearing the names of dead Britons and Commonwealth soldiers.These soldiers died as comrades and brothers they fought under the Union flag, united as one. My concern is that I treasure this brotherhood and I detest the division that is caused by the likes of the SNP & PC are we not by promoting English devolution falling into the same trap? Us Whites are already under threat by Asian over-breeding and mass immigration surely we have enough to worry about without falling out amongst our Brothers.
  16. Avro LancasterAug 5, 2011 02:45 AM
    "Anonymous said...

    Claire - I'm sure no one ever ignores veu."

    I do.
  17. I disagree with Eddy. A nationalist party for Britain is still the way forward. The ED's will only result in the acceleration in splitting the union. The "Freedom Democrats" have the right policies and the right people to carry them out. My support goes there.
  18. James Dowson

    Well Edward as one who has ‘broke bread’ with you as well as being at your throat and vise versa, I would like to wish you well with the ED’s . Belonging to an Ulster/Scots culture with all its rich traditions, i often feel desperately sorry for my English brethren who have been robbed of their cultural identity and made feel guilty about their identity. I am a staunch unionist and will defend the union to my last breath, so while I support and encourage a re- birth of English nationalist identity, I fear any attempt to weaken the union. As for people being ‘soft’ towards the IRA, I can only think of the utterly vile Patrick Harrington and the last time I looked, he was busy running (sic) the BNP. The nationalist cause in Britain is changing, of this there is no doubt, the old corrupt scumbags that have dragged the name of us all through the mud are finished, so I wish my English friends God speed, good luck and kind regards from this Ulster/Scot (20% English as well) Just don’t go all ‘anti Jock’ on us.
  19. Anonymous said...

    Yes Eddy, the English Democrats are not so dissimilar the BNP in terms of policy, but not in racist terms. In addition to that they talk of Devolution rather than Revolution which is the way to go. It's a party that doesent have any baggage with it and fly's the English Flag as the symbol of unity.
    4 August 2011 22:43

    Its a a party that does not have any Baggage ???
    well it will have very SHORTLY when all the ex BMP members join ???? whats going to happen then as the press will just start smearing it as the NEW BNP !!!!!!!
  20. I have spoken several times to our local ED organiser but believe they are doomed from the start. Unless we embrace a party that intends to repatriate the millions of immigrants let in in recent years then everyone knows we will be a minority in the next 50 years or less. The BNP, warts and all, at least have stuck pretty much to what they believe even though they have been forced to change due to the ECHR And no, I am not a member). It is no good just stopping immigration; we need to reverse the tide.
  21. I agree with one of the posters above, who sadly did not give his name, that although we have to legally allow ethnics into parties (ie, they have been IMPOSED upon us), I regard them as English as I am African or Pakistani.

    Also, with the EU presently in economic turmoil, if the EU does not survive, would that pull UKIP's raison d'etre rug from under them?
    This issue shows that one should be careful as to what issue one puts at the centre of one's thinking. EG how ridiculous does the "Third Way/Third Position" now sound today when people do not think of the debate as between Capitalism V Communism?
    The BNP could have this problem if Britain WERE devolved and people got used to it.
    But one issue that will NEVER go away is the RACE issue.

    However, with a heavy heart, I send off my application form to the English Democrats.
  22. Many thanks for that. A very well written - plain English - inforative resume of the your choice of political party.
    I wish you well Eddy. I'm sure there are many of your BNP colleagues - after reading this article - will follow you.
    How unfortunate that there are many ex BNP employees, who would have been hard working committed assets for the English Demorcrats, but, due to the lack of care and guidance, in their youth, from a publicity seeking chairman - anything goes but make sure there's a camera rolling - they have now got what is commonly known as baggage.
    That said, I do believe the English people are literally crying out for a sensible voice to speak on their behalf.
    I feel nothing but optimism for the English Demorcrats. They should do well.
    Good Luck.
  23. Sorry. Off topic again. Will fully understand if you don't publish this comment, but I just couldn't resist.
    BNP Website...
    Make thieving MP's serve their full sentences.
    Some people - not mentioning any names - should be careful what they wish for methinks!
  24. Eddy I have read all your blog articles with interest. There are three main problems I would allways have when considering the EDP.

    1. Graham from Wakefield has covered some of my points about the 'division that is caused by the likes of the SNP & PC are we not by promoting English devolution falling into the same trap?'

    2. In Yorkshire I have a serious problem about the Yorkshire Area EDP Chairman, M Cassidy. I knew Cassidy when he was Yorkshire Area UKIP Secretary 2000 - 2004. He prevented Yorkshire UKIP from developing as fast as other UKIP Regions and supported a secretive Regional Executive which had little accountability to the membership. Finally he and his Executive mishandled the Regional selection procedure for the Euro Elections 2004. He and his colleagues are the reason the Yorkshire UKIP MEP is Godfrey 'the drunken buffoon' Bloom. The National UKIP Secretary suspended Cassidy and the Regional Exec when he found out what was going on.

    Cassidy left shortly afterwards to join EDP and from what I hear from Yorkshire EDP members hasn't changed his ways !

    3. 'This rather pitiful claim is based on an unwise and ill thought out e-mail that was sent by someone who at the time was a senior ED member (but has since resigned from his post)' The person you refer to is of course S Uncles. Mr Uncles is still very vocal on the EDP internet forums. More seriously he stood as a candidate for them in May 2011 in Dartford and negotiated a local agreement where every ward in Dartford (17 of them) had either an EDP or UKIP candidate standing in them. This means the Party must have issued have with a letter of nomination permitting him to use the party name and logo. Similarily he must have had delegated authority from the Party to arrange that local agreement. The words in the quote do not match the actions - the Party was happy to have Uncles as a candidate and to negotiate with other local Parties.

    Ivan Winters
  25. Best of luck to those joining the ED's. However I can't join a party that ignores race, it is bad enough having to share living space with that kind of ignorant cretin without having to call them comrades.

    I do think their is some mileage in this English Nationalism though, as a nation we are half a millenium older than the Union and we have a rich history of democracy and freedom that evokes images of dashing rebels, crusaders and such. A party is only as good as its image, unfortunate but this brand can sell.

    Its a shame wanting to preserve the most kind, intelligent, beautiful, resourceful and wisest race doesnt appeal to the troglodyte masses but thats democracy for you, the inert masses can out vote the small group of politically aware patriots. Maybe for people like me there are other games that the system doesnt control the dice for?
  26. Good move Eddy. Time we all realised the BNP is dead and any new party composed entirely of ex BNP will not last long. I'm looking forward to working under a new party.
  27. The political life of Nick Griffin has left us many lessons. Chief among those lessons is this: The enemy with whom we have dealt has no honour and no concept whatsoever of a fair fight. Dealing with him as we would deal with an opponent of our own stock (sorry, but I strongly believe NG is not of Europeon stock) observing the conventions of civility and fairness and an honourable contest — and expecting the same from him, will be fatal every time. What we can expect from him is a stab in the back; debts; public humiliation; paid betrayers; lies, lies, and more lies in every direction one turns, lies so thick that they multiply faster than one can respond to them; and the destruction of thousands of nationalists' lives if it gets him one inch closer to his inhuman goals.

  28. Eddy has no concern for Scotland or cant you read? Our only hope up here is Britain First
  29. I read this feeling good because someone else shares the issues I want addressed but very sad because of the nationalist motivation. Let me first dispose of one myth; today, very few English are Anglo. The overwhelming majority of "naturalised" English are Saxon (from Saxony) and Norman (from Normandy). My family history dates back to 1485 and so I think I can claim to be English and know what Englishness is about! I have never, ever, allowed myself to be addressed as british. My passport is amended to state my Englishness and no one has dared to challenge that (all that Immigration folk do is record my re-entry into England by taking a long time to use the barcoder....which I always put down to non-English poor manners.

    Second myth! How many Englishfolk actually want yet another parliament? I don't and nor does anyone I know. Why? Because we already have one. The only problem is that since 1706 it has been a shared parliament and all English people want is for their Parliament to be restored to representing England. To me, an English person is one who has adopted Englishness as a way of life no matter what their race, colour, creed or religion (as long as being English comes before their religion) and the only reason I refuse to be an EDP candidate is the "nationalist" trend that the party is allowing to discolour the essence of the word "democrat".

    Third myth. Europe. Yes, everyone hates it and believes that it is the cause of all problems in England. Actually, I don't. England's problems are all solely due to the mismanagement of its affairs by every administration from Edward Heath as Prime Minister downwards and that especially includes THAT lady, Margaret Thatcher who laid the foundation for Europes domination of every aspect of England's economic welfare. Wanna argue? OK. Who destroyed the mines, the car industry, the steel industry, the railways and all of the national power suppliers? And today, we reap what we allowed to be sowed. So please, let's allow the right wing to go its own way....along with the left wing who delight in causing as much political unrest as extremists and no, I will not apologise for saying so!

    The essence of Englishness is freedom, or democracy (call it what you will). Like it, or not, we are in a global society and so, as the Victorians pioneered, we should be exploiting the benefits therein. Somehow, leaving the EU is not exactly compatible with sustaining current trading and it will take at least 15 years for England to achieve the capability of economic independence.

    So, let's have some pure commonsense here. Ditch ALL nationalist dogma and focus upon what made England truly great in the first place. Like it, or not, the English are predominantly Franco-German (it's where Saxons and Normans came from....with a little Viking thrown in). It's just that we English became much better at everything; that's why everyone wants to speak English and why they want to be English!

    If you want to have a "rant" back then use the email address of . Just remember that Celtic white folk have killed far more English people than Blacks or Moslems have...and they block England's path to freedom. Now there is a challenge to "us white English folk" who are confused about the enemy! Let's defeat the enemy within; then we can look at the outside.

    Above all, when we claim to speak for England then let us all take care not to be worthy of England in everything we say. Individually, we are not important and nor are our thoughts; England is!
  30. Eddy if Priti Patel took over the Tory Party would you change your mind?
  31. To be honest ego boy..........who gives a fuck?
  32. Any chance of Andrew Bronz M.E.P. joining. That wouid be brilliant. Hope you are working on it eddy. Councillor Simon Deacon.
  33. LOL. english dems the way forward?

    they only got 29 votes in the most recent by election.

    even BNP with its problems and internal divisions got more votes than them.

    The english dems are going nowhere.
  34. when JT was replaced by NG he urged supporters to stay in the BNP,saying it was too late to form yet another party.He was right,no other party has or will get anywhere.He didnt think much of butler,who obviously just wants to be a big fish in a tiny pond.The ED have got and will get absolutely nowhere.What a joke !
  35. You say 'what a joke', but you could say the same about the bnp or nationalism as a whole in Britain. ED will certainly turn into a media joke if they let in too many ex-bnpers.All this heavy criticism of small parties tying to get going, is actually the joke.It's really,really stupid not togive these parties a chance. Later on nationalism will have to band together under one roof in order to be most effective.
  36. I can’t help wondering exactly what really motivates former BNP members now joining the English Democrats. Is it a desire to be seen to be ‘doing something’ no matter how futile? Or maybe certain individuals want to stoke their vanity and inflate their ego by becoming a big fish in a small pond, or by running a local ED branch as their own little club, with them as a mini-‘leader’

    The English Democrats, like UKIP and all the main establishment parties are in favour of a multiracial society.

    According to them Black, Asians, Orientals are all English as long as they have ‘integrated’.

    This Politically Correct nonsense is an insult to generations of English people and a betrayal of their sacrifice. To quote the Duke of Wellington: “If a dog is born in a stable it doesn’t make it a horse”.

    A true nation is made up of a community of people distinguished by an ethnic identity; a people belonging to a particular biological type. Culture and values by themselves do not equate to ethnic identity. Many of the first Asian and Afro-Caribbean immigrants may have had values and moral codes in common with our society; a strong work ethic, respect for others, strong family ties, discipline and so on.

    But even so, an African who might share some of our values will still be an African. Even if his speech, manners and behaviour were ‘perfect English’. He would - however impolite it may be to use the term - still be someone of a different race.
    Many Blacks or Asians might identify with this country, but that no more makes them English than English children would be Japanese if they happened to be born and raised in that country and immersed in Japanese culture. The reality is that genetically they would remain different. For a nation is not just a cultural continuity, it is a biological continuity as well.

    To accept this fact of life doesn’t imply hatred of others, it’s just stating a love of our own people and country and a desire to see them continue to exist.

    This desire means our nation is more than just a geographical piece of land with no more meaning or significance than any other. It is a sense of belonging; of shared history and ancestry – a common bloodline; a feeling that we belong to a people who are special and unique.

    What’s the point of having an English Parliament if England and the English people are being destroyed?

    And why try to preserve English culture if you don’t care that very people who created it are becoming extinct?

    Talk of ‘controlling immigration’ – one of the English Democrats’ main policies - is now almost irrelevant: a case of closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.
    Even if all immigration stopped tomorrow we will still become a minority in our own country due to the higher non-white birth rate combined with increasing miscegenation through interracial relationships.

    This is the inevitable consequence of a multiracial society. And to support it is a gross betrayal of the toil, struggle and sacrifice of our ancestors. No-one can profess to love our people and our nation whilst supporting (or acquiescing) to a multiracial society. The two are incompatible, and no-one should be allowed to delude themselves otherwise.
  37. It appears that some ex BNP prefer the micro parties : )

    Ask yourself this Eddy why is it that many prominent English nationalists, civic and ethno will have nothing to do with the EDP

    Enjoy your time with Mr Uncles Eddy
  38. Mo and Brian WilkinsAug 6, 2011 04:52 AM
    We wish you the very best of luck, Eddy, & will be watching the progress of the EDs' with interest.
    We shall also be interested to see what Andrew Brons will do. We live in interesting times.
  39. British Resistance and Green Arrow.......You've to got laugh! They seem too thick to understand that wanting to take the focus away from race is not the same as saying you want more immigration. Nationalism has attracted some of the thickest people in Britain who have difficulty understanding concepts chimpanzees could probably grasp with greater ease.
  40. Myself and my wife recently joined the ED's also after our BNP membership expired and it was obvious the party would never regain its former glory. We were very impressed with the people we met from the party and the party's maqnifesto overall.

    We would urge all decent people who have formerly been members of the BNP to help us build the party in Yorkshire and nationwide.


    Nick and Suzy Cass
  41. I joined UKIP the other day as I think its best for me at the moment,will now have to wait and see if they except me.
    A ex BNP friend joined them last October and has just told me they phoned him last week saying he was not welcome however they have not kicked him out but he is not sure if they will renew his membership when its due.
    So I could be looking over my shoulder for a long time if they are this slow in finding out you are ex BNP.
    If they try and chuck me out I will be contacting Pillips at the EHRC
  42. If I join the National Front can we still remain friends Eddy.
  43. Dear Nick and Suzy Cass, I have so much respect for you that I will support you by Joining the ED's I will give it my support, down here in Kent I have worked hard for the BNP but Griffin YUK!, ps. what can be done with their website?
  44. I found this article interesting & informative - but it has not swayed me. My plan is to join the British Freedom Party.
  45. Englishbrit has kept his word, im not sure now if i can keep mine.
    Eddy came out with the reasons he wants to join and why the rest of us should follow and it makes for a very powerfull argument.
    i am English bred on both sides of my family, i do believe in the union.
    Listening To question time on radio 4 it seems there is going to be a vote on Scottish independence sooner rather than later.

    As for accepting people with Asian or African ancestory as true English people if they act and think like the English and or intergrate fully with English culture, well i can see the logic in a political party having to go this way, for two reasons, (1st) the law insists that every political party cannot discriminate by race, regarding membership. (2nd) because some immigrants have intergrated within our society fully and honestly to adopt our cultural values.
    Whether i agree with it personally, the answer is no.
    I disagree slightly with Robb Collett definition of Englishness.
    I believe the majority of the original English were Angles, thats why England was named after them, as they were more numerous than the Saxons and the Jutes who just inhabited Kent, the Saxons were undoubtedly the most powerfull as England evolved and moved westwards, but they predominated mainly in the south of England, Essex, Middlesex, Sussex and wessex. The Anglo-Saxon, Jutish invasion of Britain didn't just involve modern day England, Hadrians wall is not a boundary if you invade Britain from the North sea along the East coast and that is exactly what happened. The original name for Edinburgh is 'Edwinsburg', he was more than likely an 'Angle' and his country became Northumbria, which stretched south into modern Northumbria and maybe into modern Yorkshire. The Angles were forced out of what was then most probably southern Northumbria and replaced by a people commonly known as Danes and that land eventually became known as Yorkshire, which in my eyes has given it a Danish/Norwegian heritage.
    To say the English are Franco-German is fundamentally wrong, for a starter the Franks were/are a Germanic tribe that emigrated south and adopted Christianity, No Frankish tribe has ever conquered England, im sure Charlemagne would have loved to have that knotched on his sword, but it's a fact he didn't reach us, secondly the Normans were not French or Francos either, they were/are what there name says they are 'Normans' or to be more blunt 'Northman', Rollo Ganger was the first 'Northman' that conquered then colonised what we now call Normandy approx 70 odd years before the Norman conquest of Anglo-Saxon England. Like the Germanic tribe's that came before them the 'Northmen' adopted Christianity and a Form of the French Language known as Norman-French, they most probably raped and pillaged the local women and took them for there wifes, but most definently from the male line they were Norwegian by blood.
    To me the English are German by there Anglo-Saxon original line, the Jutes could also have been German from southern Jutland, which is modern day Denmark, the injection of Danes and Norwegian from the Scandinavian expansion of the eighth century to 1066, the Norman invasion was technically a Norwegian people that spoke a form of modern day French language, i know that Bretons and some French mercenaries sided with the Normans, but im not 100% sure that they all stayed after Norman conciliation and the fact that they were Mercenaries indicates that they were paid of for there reward and went home soon afterwards.So the English are German/Danish/Norwegian with a hint of Breton that were the original Britons driven out by theAnglo-Saxon invasion of 450ish AD
    Jamie,West Hert's, London flighter.
  46. I don't know why you [Jamie] keep clogging up the blog with your ancient history.It is not as important as what's going down today.You are
    clearly a bit rudderless after the demise of the bnp. I think Eddy would support the view that the most important first step to take would be to join ANY nationalist party. This is not a commitment for life, it's like having a bank account, if you don't like whichever bank it is, you just move to another. You just need to join one outfit or another, it doesn't have to be ED, and take it from there. Anyway, if ED allows too many ex-bnpers in they might find that
    the media get on their case. They would be wise to vet applicants to keep the incurable cranks
  47. One respects Mr Butler for his views on Nationalistic politics. What I do not understand is why Mr Butler feels it necessary to justify his decision by pointing out that he had an Scottish grandparent or whatever. This is a very English reaction.
    Who cares about his ancestors.
    I wonder how many English people have German names. It only occurred to me the other day the name “ Rolls Royce” could the both be German names. Both Rolls and Royce could be Anglicised German names. Another is the actor Arthur Lowe, that epitome of English stuffiness in the old 'Dads Army' had what could be a German name. Lowe is a German name, and there are lots more.
    The point is this, who cares.
    I am more disturbed by the fact that foreign nationals in the UK can hold and operate many identities. Only the native British/ English do not have this privilege. For instance, will the six or so million Scottish nationals resident in England be English or Scottish? Or will they change nationality when it suits them.
    The point is that immigration has had such an easy ride in the UK because the huge number of so called Celtic immigrants, the Southern Irish and the Scottish have always voted in favour of immigration from the third world out of contrariness, and let us be honest out of spite, against the English.
    I wish Mr Butler well in his career and feel sure he will prosper and rise to great heights.
    ( feel free not to put this letter up on the blog )
  48. You might want to have a re-think about some of the things that you have said in light of the events in Tottenham last night. Were those good Englishmen looting and torching vehicles and buildings???????
  49. Eddy you wont post this comment but here goes. The trouble with nationalism is there are to many people like you. None of you put your country first you all are so full of your own self importance that you squabble and fight to be be the biggest fish in this very small pond. Golding Dawson yourself griffin your all the same. Your all damaged goods but none of you will stay in the background for the good of Britain. Many many more people would get involved in nationalistic party's if they weren't so damaged by ego maniacs like you.
    Leave the EDs alone to grow and become a credible party rather than just BNP mk 2.
  50. The English Democrats? Sorry Eddy, I used to admire you and what you stood for but after this and some subsequent
    posts I have come to the conclusion that you are losing it, unstable or whatever. You and Nick both!

    Michele of Leicester
  51. 5 August 2011 16:48 Anonymous, why in heavens name, would any sane person consider aligning with Britain First.
    What short memories, some people who do have.
    Also, as far as I'm aware, they are not a political party. As yet.
    The literature they produce is what the majority of sensible British people can relate to ,BUT, THAT IS ALL IT IS. Literature.
  52. Hi Jamie, what are we going to call those Africans that I see growing numbers of every day some of them are the blackest people I have ever seen, and how many times would England fit into Africa? have you any idea why they are coming?
  53. anon 7th aug 2011 19-32
    I never said i agree with party's like the ED'S that have been saying that Afro-Carribean immigration is mostly irreversible, i said i understand the logic of political parties that will let immigrants from Afro-carribean background's join them, because the law will prosecute political parties that don't let them join them.
    Although i understand it, i did add that i personally don't agree with that approach.
    anon 7th aug 09-18
    What i am trying to say by refering to English ancestry as German, Danish and Norwegian predominantly, is that we should all be aware of this, especially when people like Eddy ask us to accept people of African ancestry as English, even in small numbers, this destroys our unique genetic imprint as time goes on, if we permanently accept these colonisers as English.
    We are all on a journey as human beings, how can you expect to know where your going, if you don't have a clue where you have come from?
    Of course im rudderless, loads of us believed Eddy was the real McCoy, but he has turned out to be a Liberal nationalist with a small 'n', what i now see regarding the split in Nationalism is that Eddy represents a more Liberal part of nationalism and Nick Griffin represent's the More Conservative approach, it's not just about Nick's dirty tricks department, that part of Eddy's argument i agree with whole heartedly, but it is a 'trogan horse approach' he has changed his politics also, i am now angry with myself for not really confronting this approach earlier, im angry because the riot's in Tottenham and now in Enfield remind me about the true nature of Jamaicans, don't go on about the whites in these riots, to me there just Wiggers, small minded people that have allowed themselves to be dominated by Jamaican culture, most young white Londoners nowadays talk with Jamaican accent's. We are not changing the Colonisers, the colonisers are changing us, not in prosperous suburbia, but inner city ghettos. I would rather rejoin the BNP than join the ED'S. Who cares if the ED'S are succesfull they are just full of Liberals in my book, that won't do anything about the Jamaican problem, oh sorry there isn't a Jamaican problem, there English now 'a' days, what a pathetic copout.
    Jamie, West Hert's, London flighter.
  54. Jamie, how are you going to get Britain great again. Discuss?
  55. Mr. Butler,

    I have been told that the EDs are in debt to the tune of some £270,000 already. Can you tell us if this is true and if it is how on earth will they be able to pay this vast sum off.
  56. As ex-Glasgow BNP Eddy, may I wish you all the very best in your endeavours with the ED's. As for the "Anonymous" who said that Eddy has no concern for Scotland - why the hell should he? He is English, joining the English Democrats. The Scots cannot be bothered doing anything to help themselves, so wake up people!

    Best of luck Eddy. As for BRITAIN FIRST - gosh yes ... let's empty our pockets once again to Dowson, Golding (and let's just imagine Griffin is behind it)!! No one is fooled. Britain First is a scam run by con men.
  57. the english democrats may be in debt to 270,000 pounds but you have to look at what kind of debt it is......robin tilbrook puts in alot of his own money so a huge chunk of that may be owed to him
  58. This reads rather like an account from someone who is at heart a BNP-inclined racist, but who has changed tack after a) finding personal differences with Nick Griffin too much to abide and b) realising that the British public will never be racist enough to support repatriating all black and brown people.

    Solution? EDs. No more Griffin and a willingness to accept ethnic minorities, AS LONG AS THEY JOIN IN OUR ENGLAND-LOVING FERVOUR.

    Just thought you might like to see an outsider's account...
  59. I should add, however, that I respect the fact you actually published non-supportive comments on your blog

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