I attended the declaration of the results from the Greater London Mayor and Assembly elections at City Hall last night on behalf of the English Democrats. It was an interesting spectacle.

I attended in 2008 as the BNP’s campaign manager. I had a well trained team with me, checking the results as they came in and number crunching. Our supporters dominated the building, walking around with a confident air. There was a buzz of excitement, partly generated by the prospect of Boris Johnson unseating Ken Livingstone and partly as a result of the BNP’s campaign and the likelihood of the BNP for the first time getting a senior politician elected to public office. There where big crowds outside City Hall. Some were interested spectators while others were rowdy left wing demonstrators.

It could not have been more different this time around. There seemed to be no public interest whatsoever. There were no demonstrators. The small BNP contingent stayed huddled around a table barely looking up, with a depressed and defeated look on their faces. In 2008 a pass into City Hall was the hottest ticket in town so far as BNP activists were concerned. Those who couldn’t get one had their noses severely pushed out of joint. This time attendance at City Hall was clearly not a popular option. More a grim duty than a pleasure.

But for me it was all pleasure in 2012.

This time I noticed that there were a lot of UKIPers in City Hall. To start with at least. They were in a buoyant mood initially, confidently expecting to gain a seat or two on the Assembly as a couple of opinion polls had suggested. They were to be severely disappointed. My gut feeling a week or so ago was that they would not as I could not see any sign of any surge in support for them on the ground. My gut was right.


UKIP blundered in two ways in the London election. Firstly they failed to list all their candidates on the various ballot papers under the UKIP or United Kingdom Independence Party label. Instead due to a bizarre cock up they submitted their paperwork with their Party described as Fresh Choice for London’, a name they must have registered with the Electoral Commission. However their distinctive ‘£’ logo with the letters UKIP across the middle would have featured on each ballot paper and would have alerted many voters to the reality.

However the picture is slightly complex. UKIP’s Mayoral candidate Lawrence Webb’s description was Fresh Choice for London’. UKIP stood candidates in each of the 14 constituencies that elect members to the Greater London Assembly and these were all listed as Fresh Choice for London’. But on the proportional election London-wide Top-Up list they were described as UK Independence Party. UKIP only realistically stood a chance of getting someone elected via the Top-Up list that did feature the correct description.

To get a member elected to the London Assembly a party must obtain a share of at least 5% of the London-wide Top-Up list vote. UKIP gained 4.5%. It seems likely that the confusion over their use of the description Fresh Choice for London’ would have lost them some votes. This is doubly unforgivable especially as the description Fresh Choice for London’ is somewhat meaningless anodyne and hardly adds to anything.

However I suspect that rather more votes were lost because UKIP insisted on fielding candidates in both the constituencies (where they stood no chance whatsoever of wining) as well as on the Top-Up list. UKIP often receive protest votes. In an election where voters have several options many UKIP supporters will spread their votes across different parties. For example they may have voted for Lawrence Webb for Mayor, for Boris as their Mayoral second preference, for UKIP in the constituency and English Democrat on the Top-Up list.

If they only stood on the Top –Up list then they would effectively channel their Assembly vote to the Top-Up list. Around 11,000 more votes would have given UKIP an Assembly member. If we look at the discrepancies between UKIP’s Constituency vote and Top-Up list vote we can see fairly dramatic differences that total around 15,000 votes either way.

UKIP Constituency Vote
UKIP Top Up Vote
Barnet and Camden
Bexley and Bromley
Brent and Harrow
City and East
Croydon and Sutton
Ealing and Hillingdon
Enfield and Haringey
Havering and Redbridge
Greenwich and Lewisham
Lambeth and Southwark
Merton and Wandsworth
North East
South West
West Central


UKIP’s blunders in the London election undoubtedly cost them a seat on the London Assembly. This was an expensive exercise as they reportedly spent around £500,000 on the campaign. Not a very cost effective outlay.

On the same day local elections were held and UKIP’s local council candidates averaged 13% in the 700 seats they contested. However they won only 9 seats which is a gain of precisely nothing. They did not increase their number of councillors.

UKIP’s inability to target their local campaigns in an effective manner means that they regularly fail to make any break throughs in the yearly rounds of local elections. Their vote is the result of their general national profile with a bit of random campaigning thrown in locally here and there. So again electoral ineptitude holds them back. This is a recurring story for UKIP. It tells us that they will never make the grade and their support base in terms of soft membership and their voters are ripe for the picking should a well organised rival party come along.

By comparison back in 2008 the BNP fought roughly the same number of seats as UKIP in 2012, had roughly the same average percentage as UKIP in 2012, but gained a London Assembly member and 15 councillors were elected which was a net gain of ten seats. This progress was made with a fraction of the financial resources available to UKIP and against the background of extreme media hostility – but at least hostility that acknowledged that the BNP was then electorally competent.

UKIP’s modest performance in this year’s local elections may have cost the Conservatives a few seats but failed to return any more UKIP representatives. This may encourage the Conservatives to make more strident Eurosceptic noises and as UKIP are a one issue party this in turn could be utterly destructive to its future prospects.


Talking of the BNP, their vote in this year’s London Elections was abysmal. With 2.1% of the poll they actually did worse than they did in the first London Assembly election in 2000. The BNP vote declined by over 60% between 2008 and 2012 – from 5.3% to 2.1% and they lost their deposit.

I was slightly surprised that their vote collapsed by so much. This was despite throwing around £200,000 on it in a desperate attempt to revive their party’s fortunes. This money largely came from a recent legacy which is already being rapidly dissipated. That is over twice the amount that was spent in 2008. That just goes to show that good organisation is priceless.

While the London elections terminated the political ambitions of the sundry swingers, porn picture exponents and date rape drug pedlars and while it surely means we will never see a Lord Squire-Mendoza of Soho, the BNP lost all the council seats it contested and posted an appalling set of results. It only has two or three councillors left now. Only 32 of their 143 local election candidates even polled over 10%, despite mainly standing in areas which were previously regarded as their heartlands. This election was the final nail in the BNP’s coffin.


I believe the English Democrats are ideally placed to move ahead now as a broad church party for English nationalism.

A sensible decision was made not to throw resources at the London Mayoral and Assembly elections. The EDs put up a presence on the Top-Up list and fought one constituency. The EDs maintained exactly the same percentage in 2012 as in 2008 – 1%. In 2008 the EDs spent tens of thousands in contesting the mayoral election in order to establish a profile. This time the EDs spent about £500 on campaign literature and got the same result. The BNP spent 400 times more money to get double the number of votes compared to the EDs. UKIP spent 1,000 times more money than the EDs for nothing. Not very comforting for them I would suggest.

The EDs lost a couple of seats that were gained when people elected under other labels defected to the EDs. One was Seamus Dunne – an excellent ex-councillor in Three Rivers which is a great pity. Nevertheless compared to most BNP ex-councillors his vote held up pretty well.

The EDs also posted some excellent local election results. 32 of the 91 candidates polled over 10%. The same number as the BNP but with much less local name recognition and for the EDs involvement in local electioneering is in its infancy.

In the Salford Mayoral election the EDs polled 3.5%, not far behind the BNP’s 4.4%, when they have been contesting elections in Salford for a number of years. In the Liverpool Mayoral election the EDs outpolled the BNP (1.4% to 1.0%).

Where I stood in Epping Forest at the last minute and I put out a few simple digi-duplicated leaflets and obtained a creditable 12.2% of the poll. Most of Loughton Fairmead ward is within the Debden estate, with a few more affluent streets on the edge of it. It was always regarded as the weakest of the three Debden wards that used to have BNP councillors. One of these wards, Loughton Broadway, was contested by Pat Richardson for the BNP, or rather defended by her as she was the sitting councillor. This was the strongest nationalist ward yet she lost her District Council seat and only polled 11.4% and also failed to get on the Town Council. I mean this as no reflection on Pat personally as she was a very conscientious councillor.

The other Debden ward is Loughton Alderton, was the first ward to be retained by the BNP in a by-election. I know as I ran that campaign. An ex BNP official Paul Morris stood there as a nationalistic independent on local issues and around some local campaigns he had run. He polled 9.8% and also came bottom of the poll for the Town Council ward.

Taking notice of these results in the other two Debden wards I was quite pleased with my showing.
Pat’s husband Tom stood for the BNP in Loughton St Mary’s ward, an affluent area where they both live, and where he obtained 4.7%. Meanwhile the ED’s leader Robin Tilbrook stood in the ward where he lives, High Ongar, Willingale and the Rodings, a very different area to Loughton Fairmead and consisting of small affluent villages and farmland. Robin put in a modest campaign with one generic leaflet drop and received 12.9% of the poll.

The results in Epping Forest suggest that the English Democrats have universal appeal across different social groups and when the case is put to the electorate it has much greater appeal than the British National Party.

The English Democrats also effectively 'won' the referendum in Doncaster on whether the directly elected Mayor (who is an English Democrat) should be retained. Of the other referenda on whether there should be directly elected mayors in a number of major Enmglish cities, only Bristol voted in favour.
Of the other nationalistic candidates the much touted British Freedom Party put up just six candidates and two received less than 1%. One of their most outspoken advocates polled just 17 votes. Inevitably none of the other miniscule parties achieved anything at all.

This year’s round of local elections showed that UKIP have nothing to offer. It was also clearly the moment when the electoral fortunes of the BNP and the EDs crossed. The BNP on the way down the English Democrats on the way up.

For the English Democrats the only way is up.


  1. Do you believe your own analysis. Do you honestly believe the ED's were successful.The ED vote collapsed, 605 got less than 10% you should have said, how can this show they are 'poised' to advance, they did no better then the BNP.Do you honestly believe you will take over from UKIP. Your living ina fantasy world

    1. Clearly the ED vote didn't collapse

    2. The UKIP got a large vote in most of the country, how can you honestly believe the ED's will replace them. If anything they will hold you back, its just a smaller version of UKIP

    3. Where English Democrat candidates stood against UKIP and the British National Party how did they fare? ED votes in Southend and Essex were good but they had no BNP opposition. That may not always be the case...

  2. Havering result

    In 2008, Leo Brookes of the ED's polled 6487 votes and 3.94% - In 2012, Mark Twiddy polled 2573 votes and 1.81%
    This is the reality of the ED vote, a collapse of over 50%, spin all you want, disaster

    1. In Havering and Redbridge in 2008 the EDs got 3.9% and UKIP got 7.3% - a total of 11.2%
      In 2012 the EDs got 1.8%, the NF got 1.4%, the BNP got 3.7% and UKIP got 6.7% - a total of 13.6%
      The fall in the ED vote is purely explained by the different candidates standing this time around and overlapping voter aspirations – no mystery.

    2. If you say so. The vote went down by 60% and you put it down to different candidates standing. Yes the BNP and NF stood and stole your votes it seems. Your dream of votes going to the ED's didnt materialise, in fact it went the other way

    3. So, the reason the ED vote was down was because they had to compete against other Parties? I am sure you would get one hundred per cent of those voting if your Party was the only one standing. What an inconvenience competition is!

  3. A good analysis Eddy.

    I thought it was simply too much to ask for to want UKIP to fail to get a seat as well as for the BNP to lose their deposit, but both my wishes came true as it turned out.

    You make a good point about voters wanting to split their votes between different parties. I have experienced this myself up here in the 2004 (and to a lesser extent the 2009) elections, with people telling me they voted for me in the locals and UKIP in the Euros, as if there is a prize for voting for as many different parties as possible. Obviously we have to stand in as many local seats as we can as well as the Euros but the London system does provide an opportunity to do things more strategically.

    At least now we have 4 years to build our organisation in London to ensure that in 2016 we have replaced UKIP as the main party of choice for patriotic Londoners, as we should not rely on UKIP making such an idiotic gaffe as their toothpaste rebranding again.

    The joke votes obtained by the BNP splinter group the British Freedom Party (BFP) also made me smile. I had no feelings about this party either way until relatively recently, but I have seen some of the anti-English Democrats poison spread online by their chief internet attack dog of late, who was obviously desperate to make an enemy of every English Democrats member he possibly could, so it is highly amusing to see this individual get less than one percent of the vote. Compare this to the 8.5% of the vote obtained by the openly national socialist BPP (a rival to the BFP) and this puts the BFP vote into perspective.

    But enough about such parties, as elections cannot just be about wallowing in the schadenfreude induced by the defeat of one's enemies.

    I think your assessment of the state of the English Democrats is correct. We are clearly continuing to make progress and there is huge potential there for us. Though there are many differences, it feels a bit like it did in the BNP in the early 2000s, when we were getting good results and within a year or two we were winning seats in earnest (any Griffinites who can still bring themselves to read this blog might want to skip this paragraph, as 5 minute wonders like you will not be able to relate to what I am discussing here). There is a sense of genuine optimism in the party among both old and new activists, and we are clearly moving in the right direction. The only question is how quickly we can progress organisationally and electorally, as time is not on our side.

    Anyway well done to you and all other English Democrats activists and candidates reading this. And for all sensible ex-BNPer (and even BNPers) reading this who are depressed about the election results, believe me, there is no need to be. The English Democrats welcome all genuine converts from other parties. Joining them was one of the best political decisions I ever made. You do not have to give up and drop out in despair just because your old party is finished. Help us to start putting things right in our society by joining the English Democrats here:

    1. How are your views on race and immigration different now from when you were an official of the British National Party? What do you mean by "genuine converts"?

  4. An great report, Eddy. Full of savoury facts for us English Democrats and unsavoury reading for the BNP an BFP remnants...

    Your analysis is entitely correct especially where UKIP is concerned. They had a handful of really good results where they'd worked (four council seats, on in NE Lincolnshire) otherwise they gained votes from pissed off Tories - which is what UKIP is after all.

    These are not hard votes, but rather soft protest votes not supported by any local campaigning machinery. I'd say, from meeting them on many occasions and having attended UKIP meetings, that their age profile is the oldest of any political party peopled by those hoping to return to some time in the 1950s, or 1850s.

    Meanwhile, the BNP will never learn. Griffin is the problem and anyone remaining within the party is wasting their time. Of course, the members left will not ask any difficult questions and, if they do, they'll be kicked out. I'd say the only place the BNP did anything was in Salford.

    As you note, the EDs vote, with no money at all and limited resources generally, scored impressive results especially where (for instance Barnsley) some groundwork was done. Morley EDs did well - again with limited resources - and there are obvious areas of strength that, I am sure, will be worked on from next week.

    The trick is to work in less areas and target them effectively. Broad brush campaigning isn't going to work.

    Look at what Respect did; limited campaigning in the local elections; targetting Bradford where it got five seats and came close in other wards and a good vote in Oldham (one ward) coming second, etc.

    Lots to learn, lots to look forward to.....

    Ann C

  5. I think your selling a dead horse.The ED's vote collapse in Havering didnt it, that was down by more than half, how do you explain that. In fact the decline that the BNP suffered was mirrored by the ED's

    1. The ED vote didn't decline

    2. Chris Beverley's vote went down 4.5%, and you call this 'GOING THE RIGHT WAY.'

    3. I think a more telling vision of where the ED are in London at the moment comes from their The one directly contested seat by the ED's in Havering and Redbridge.

      In 2008, Leo Brookes polled 6487 votes and 3.94% - In 2012, Mark Twiddy polled 2573 votes and 1.81%, if thats not a decline what is

    4. The tale of great ED advances is not borne out by the facts. The top-up results for the English Democrats in the GLA elections were 22,025 votes or 1.1%. Hardly much to get excited about there. The BNP was comfortably ahead of you in a direct contest.

  6. This will only make us worker harder (British National Party) we will win the day because of the great efforts from our activists.......We won't go away, unlike you Eddie, you're finished in the ED's.This very sad to say this about a so called "patriot" after all the scheming you did with the Media, you have no place in Nationalism now you have sold every nationalist out.

    1. Your style of 'nationalism' is dead. We are the future you are the past.

    2. The future?, 97 votes wont get you far. I bet you truely thought you were going to win

    3. Your game plan was predicated on the British National Party collapsing. It hasn't and you will face a well-financed and motivated opposition. The reason you put so little into your London campaign was that you lacked financial resources. You can dress that up as strategy if you like but the truth is you had insufficient funds.

    4. Ed your previous predictions have been a little wide of the mark. You have sounded like chicken little for some time predicting the demise of your former Party. In fact they are still there and your new Party will have to fight them for votes. Why should we now believe that the English Democrats are on the rise? In the main where they have actually stood against UKIP or the BNP they have won fewer votes.

  7. Nice try at talking up the EDs crushing defeat, Ed.

  8. spaniel-lover6 May 2012 at 10:03

    Rhetorical question - will Griffin do the decent thing & resign as BNP leader? Did the BNP beat the Christian Alliance? (London Elects website problematic as usual)I was there in 2008, which was only right considering I'd been out leafleting 5 days per week for about 3 months, I mention it because someone who shall remain nameless got the hump because I was there & they weren't.

    1. Griffin will never go as long as he own the BNP name, legacies are still come in and he will hang on as long as he can get money and have a few low IQ followers to milk and lie too. The BNP is finished a an electoral machine, it's just a family firm now.

  9. Steve Edwards6 May 2012 at 10:18

    The results for The British Freedom Party are appalling . less than 1% is unbelievable . Ten years ago we formed The Freedom Party to offer nationalists a alternative to Griffins dictatorship regime .We had Top quality people . Adrian Davies . Mike Newland . Jonathon Bowden . Eddy and my former wife Sharron .
    You be the judge of our results yourself s . Within months of forming , completely unheard of we polled over a 1000 votes (15%) in a county election . next time around we beat the Tories in there heart land and got Sharron elected as district councillor . from originally being labelled as nazis we went on to Sharron being pictured over the front pages of the locals with a former England international footballer . not bad for a former deputy chairmen of the BNP .
    Next set of results we trebled our vote in the county election to almost 3000 votes , failing to win the seat by 80 votes . In Tipton I took almost 1200 votes in the local elections (30%) only for the BNP to put a spoiler against me ( they took 600 votes) and stopped me winning the seat .
    What a pity nationalists never backed us . they got drunk on the short lived success of the BNP turning a blind eye to what was going on within the top tier of there party .
    All those years wasted .
    Less than 1% is very poor showing .

    1. Yes it is indeed a Shame in retrospect Steve. At the time of your purging I knew no better than to stick with the BNP, but there is no point looking back with regret. The English Democrats offer us the opportunity to do things right and have a second chance in politics in which we can avoid the mistakes made in the past by the BNP.

    2. Steve you are wrong - the BFP's own verdict from their website says: "And the Swingometer Says – the Future is Ours". :-) Talk about spin!

      Even although it is May, their homepage is dominated by half price membership if you join by the end of April (presumably April 2013).

      BFP was formed by BNPers who liked the idea of milking BNP members, until they saw their share cut. Now they want yo establish an alternative "church" to milk the gullible. Hence the connection with EDL.

    3. the whole turnout for the elections across the board was bad...apart from labour no party came off perfect

    4. Steve Edwards6 May 2012 at 19:46

      Sam I think The BFP must have stood paper candidates were they polled so poorly . Unheard of by the electorate that might explain there collapse in these elections . Im not knocking other nationalists its just a honest appraisal .

  10. Chris Beverley should look at his own result in Morley South to see whether the EDs or Nationalism in general there is on the up! His latest result was 811 votes or 15.1% (-4.5).

    Previous results were:

    2012 (English Democrats) 15.1%
    2011 (English Democrats) 19.5%
    2010 (BNP) 21.2%
    2008 (BNP) 28.6%
    2007 (BNP) 28.9%

    Onwards and upwards Chris!

    1. Yep, sliding down, next election will be below 10%

    2. Please, you will have him (CB) writing an artical next.

  11. all the people who made the bnp look good have left.we can all see what has happend, to the bnp with rubbish left behind.they only manged to get rubbish results.

    1. That's right with the likes of buffoons like Braun and Taylor in London they are banging their heads against a brink wall

  12. Lets be honest. The BFP got 308 votes, the NF are so extreme they will never get beyond 1%.The BNP and ED both done badly, bothe losing votes compared to the 2008 election.The ED's will never progress while the BNP is around. They still achieved more votes than all other nationalist parties put together. They have recieved 500,000 in a bequest and there are hints of much more than that to come. The BNP are not going to fold, that was the ED's main hope.Nationalist parties will bounce back and i think that the BNP are in the best position to exploit that. Why vote ED's when you can vote UKIP

  13. eddy could have taken the bnp to the next level,their loss is the eds gain.a very sad loss to the bnp.i wonder will griffen ever learn.his got the loot he should go now..

    1. To 97 votes , the next level, um i dont think so

    2. Eddy and the other BNP renegades will attract Left opposition to the EDs. I wonder how the more genteel EDs will react to being tarred with the same brush as the BNP?

  14. The voters who in the past might have got off their arses and voted for parties which will take on 'identity politics' and oppose immigration are no longer doing so.

    After the Euro elections in 2009, millions of people/voters across England watched the BNP with great anticipation to see whether they could capitalise on their relatively small success in getting 2 MEPs elected (in the middle of a huge recession, following the expenses scandal, wars in middle east and unprecidented immigration etc etc etc).

    They have been bitterly disappointed by Griffin's performance on Question Time the negative publicity and humiliation brought about by the membership policy fiasco and the BNP's masacre in Barking. Those voters who's primary concern is immigration/ identity are no longer bothering to vote for any party. They've given up and do not think anything can be achieved by voting.

    The English Democrats are being squeezed on one side by UKIP and on the other by the remains of the BNP. Our best hope is for activists to give up on the BNP and stop funding it or standing as candidates since it is clear that Griffin will never let go of it or allow it to die from natural causes.

    If Griffin genuinely believes that he is the best person to lead the BNP despite the results since June 2009 then he is either deluded or the party is so weak that it has not one potential leader of any calibre whatsoever who could replace him.

    The BNP has had it's chance and shown conclusively and repeatedly that it is unable to capitalise on it. In the interests of the country and in recognition of their abject failure, they should now be stepping aside to allow a new party to have a go and to give the electorate hope. Any other leader of a political party would have resigned if results had been as bad and humiliating as they have been for the BNP. If there is no one better than Griffin to lead that party, then that is a damming inditement on the whole of that party and its members and supporters should have woken up by now. The best thing the BNP can do to give voters in Britain hope would be to call it a day and disappear. They are a clapped out old banger of a political party and they are blocking the road and causing a traffic jam.


  15. Griffin started destroying the London region around 30 months ago, he has now completely finished it off. Cortiglia was a very unpopular candidate among the membership and the electorate, he polled lower than Mike Newland in 2000, with 100 times more media coverage. If Griffin thinks he can run a campaign with hardly any local activists he is very sadly mistaken.

  16. Surely Steve Squire will get the sack now? The London campaign poorly failed, having Carlos as a chief candidate was a huge error, good patriotic people turned off in their thousands. It was money down the drain. All the decent, intelligent people in London have gone from the party, only scum and idiots are left.

    1. Only scum and egos left od were given the boot my friend.

    2. No, only the decent people have left over the years because of the degenerates who run the Party. This trend has been going on sinse 2000.

  17. No wonder there wasn't any major media smears of the BNP in the run up to last Thursday, the journalists must of sensed that the party is finished and didn't even need to kick the dead, putrid corpse. Even smug Darby knows the game is up.

  18. Cool,I can see how the English Democrats appeal to the different social groups of England when compared with these 'unionist' parties. The English Democrats appear to be a good political home too for English Nationalists - better not to waste their time and love for England with these vile corrupt pro-union parties

  19. While walking past Mr Jefferson's office last night I saw a pile of smouldering circuit boards and broken VDU screens and tangled wiring everywhere, then I realised that it was good old ALFRED or what's left of it.It worked 'wonders' for the London election! Another fine mess Mr Griffin.

  20. 'A message to activists on the party's website said: "How can Labour takes seats off us when Miliband is so unpopular? Is there something wrong with the British National Party or the public?'

  21. happy days for the bnp....

  22. Steve Edwards6 May 2012 at 19:32

    The recent blog by Graham Hardy looking back to the mid nineties when Graham and his team travelled from Derby to help us in the Black Country rekindled some happy memories of the old NF days .
    I wonder if Graham remembers back in the day when we held one of our paper sale in one of the Dudley towns . Van loads of AFA and Red Action turned up dressed in boots and combat gear .out numbered we retreated in the local Macdonalds where the NF lads ran in the kitchen and continued to defend themselves with pots and pans
    Twenty years later im the head doormen of a night club opposite the Macdonalds where it all took place . It always brings a smile to my face when I think about it .
    In those days the best asset a nationalist could have was the art of defending his (or her) self , political campaigning came second .

    1. You paint a very romantic view of the NF days in the nineties . i remember meetings in the W Midlands above a pub stinking of dog piss .

    2. Steve Edwards7 May 2012 at 12:42

      Lol I remember that as well , the aroma used to make your eyes sting .Dear old John Lord used to run around with the air freshener .
      The problem was we could not get rid of the dog because we needed him to make the numbers up .

  23. You are all arse holes !
    Long live the BNP.

    1. Thats right dummy, is that you Joe Funnie?, stick with the BNP like shit sticks to a blanket.

    2. Where do all these BNP scumbags come from?? So glad I left that degenerate organisation on 05.

  24. I love how so many people dont understand elections and the results. Fighting the constituency lists is a mistake when you only have 1 target, eddie got this thru to the BNP at the last GLA but sadly nobody with an election brain remains. Its a sad timw for Nationalism but i honestly believe the best option in English nationalism and the ED's and will be joining them, i hopr the few decent ones left in the BNP will see sense and the many left in limbo will also get on baord and build a decent electable machine in a party with a good honest leaderdhip. I also believe the ED's should close the door on any more ex BNP members after another 6 months take the best and leave the rest as a weak BNP but surviving BNP will help the ED's.

  25. Chris Francis6 May 2012 at 23:48

    I am glad to have pissed off many current and former members of the BNP just by attending City Hall.

    I was glad that the BNP didn't regain a seat on the London assembly.


    Are you still going to donate to Griffin's fund you gullible mugs :D

    1. Going to carry on following,Eddy and he's every word are Chris?

  26. (I touched on this as a reply to the previous blog post, but it was too late to be noticed ).

    As far as I’m concerned, the Eds will have an uphill struggle if they don’t make up their minds whether to run with the hare or the hounds, or find a more adroit way to compose with the two –that is to say make up their minds whether they really want to just attract Nationalists from other parties, or genuinely appeal to voters from a wider spectrum.

    I see the electoral successes of Marine Le Pen widely cited as a goal for Nationalists, but this success will never be emulted in England if the former is the extent of their ambitions.

    I said in my previous post that I was appalled by Robin Tilbrook, on his blog, supporting the EDL’s’March For England’ through Brighton, and trying to pass it off as « 'a small family orientated patriotic group'and 'a patriotic flag waving family parade' when it
    was patently anything but... »

    That parade of shaven headed neo-nazi types, which included one smirking obese woman in dark glasses, reinforced every negative stereotype about Nationalists that the general public might have -and it associated the St George Cross with them. A picture is worth a thousand words, I’m afraid.

    There was also the fact that the poor Police were stuck protecting them, wasting money and man power better employed elsewhere.

    If Robin wants to pass himself off as ‘moderate’ and attract voters from outside the traditional pool of Nationalist voters, then he should distance himself from that sort of thing straight away..otherwise it will be seen as a leopard showing its true spots (and it would be very patronising to the public to imagine that they won’t see it…arrogance is a fault).

    From the comments after Robin’s blog post, I saw that Nationalists agreed with him : They are living in cloud cuckoo land.

    I get the feeling that they have a tribal mentality, and see the little outfits and flags as just a way of stating « we’re part of our tribe, and it’s secret and naughty and you’re not part of it so go away or have a fight « . It’s probably reminds the posters of their youth, and being part of an underground culture.

    Surely Politics is not being part of an underground culture ?

    It’s about changing things from a situation that is detrimental to the majority in a group (in this case to the English people ) to a situation that is more beneficial for them.

    A group needs leaders, and not leaders that uphold negative minority movements but leaders that unite a majority, and move ‘the machine’ forward.

    ‘The majority’ (as I see it) is all the English people, and they will not buy the old stereotypes associated with Nationalism -so ditch them quick, and the Eds have to reign in Robin from making such malcontentious blog spots for God’s sake.

    1. So all these Brighton marchers were not English then? Some sort of aliens? Surely we English ARE a tribe, a tribe of English/British. The St.George's Flag is our 'Battle Banner',(in the ancient meaning of a flag), & it belongs just as much to them as it does to any of our tribe.
      The fact that you don't like their hairstyles or their body mass does not make them less English than you, any more than wearing dark glasses or ill-fitting clothes would somehow rob them of their Englishness.
      While we judge people on how they look, or even on how they talk, we will never get anywhere. If it ever came to the barricades, we would not be able to be squeamish & picky about who we stand with. I hope myself that that day doesn't ever come, but if it does I wouldn't care who was there, as long as someone was.
      Someone English/British,like me.

    2. Graham Wakefield7 May 2012 at 16:09

      Well said Mo
      The Brits can be such bloody snobs at times and yes, it will eventually "come to the barricades"the march of Islam will only be stopped with force.

    3. Mo - "ill fitting clothes" is your own appreciation.
      I didn't look that closely, myself.

      Otherwise, image and associated behaviour is like a 'brand'-like Kellogs or Nike, you know...

      The wide public will never vote for that stereotypical image, and if the EDs want to portray themselves as 'moderate', then Robin should distance himself from this sort of thing quick..

      I really hate the 'politcally correct' in today's society, and so if I think that the lone woman on that supposedly 'family' parade was smug, fat, aggressive and generally unappealing...then I shall say so.

    4. Oh the poor police, that says it all, they are up there with the phone hackers, the creeps that invented kettling, better employed elsewere it was them that caused the London riots by shooting an unarmed man killing the newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson, running for their lives when a Muslim mob chased them in Holborn with the Muslims screaming gutless cowards at them I saw that on You-Tube, I think it is the police who are the enemy of the people their Motto "we spy on you" and nick you when we can.

    5. "Smirking", you say, anonymous - 08:55 AM? Give it time and our politicians will make smirking against the law as well.

      As far as the March for England event is concerned, my understanding is that it is not a part of the EDL and is a separate organisation. Their event and others was largely blacked out by the media so you should be pleased about that.

      Working class people are not "negative minority movements", they are amongst all English people the ones who show the most common sense and realism.

    6. I wonder if you lot were in power,if you would let that bunch of scruffy berks (the antis)in Brighton, march through the streets. If so, how many policemen would you deploy to protect them ? And how much money would you be willing to pay for it ?

      Wouldn't you be annoyed if your taxes went on that sort of passive-aggressive thing?...which keeps real families skulking indoors, I've no doubt.

      why don't you think that the 'antis' are "working class" too ? How can you tell what class any of them are, and what difference does it make anyway ?

      Policemen, by the way, are also human beings, going to work to earn a crust and doing a difficult job in our society.

      I expect that the 'antis' in the video also see policemen as the "enemy", so where does that leave the Police ? Or are you advocating anarchy, anonym 7 May ?

      If you want to know where I stand, then I will tell you that I'm torn, but Robin's blog pushed me away...

      ...although I am the ordinary moderate person that you will have to convince if you want to get elected and not stay a closed club minority.

  27. I have been having trouble sleeping lately so someone recommend I log in to 5imon smug Darbys blog as a remedy . I only got through the first set of photos . pics of a door . A fire place and 5imons dinner which looked like a road kill covered in baby sick when I was in a near coma. I could carry on but im so sleepy zzzzzzzzzz

  28. 97 votes and last place for butthead the traitor,never mind.
    butthead and titbrook can have a good chat about it next time they meet up down the lodge.
    you failed,butthead.nobody wants your crappy little party,bye bye.

  29. Once again the BNP types let themselves down with a total inability to put forward anything remotely grammatical. The fact is that the BNP is finished. I was talking to a chap who used to be heavily involved in my BNP branch and he held on, and held on hoping that the BNP could still win a protest vote.

    He is now beyond disillusioned and is probably going to join the English Democrats. He spent thousands of pounds donating to the BNP, stood for election, travelled up and down the country to help other campaigns and has now, finally, realised how much he's been dumped on.

    He is so angry that he wants to see the English Democrats become the primary voice for constructive, non-fascist nationalism and I am heartened because with activists like him on board we can do so much more work.

    The main thing is NOT to all go to sleep now and get things moving locally. There are elections is less than 12 months UK-wide and we must be very much better prepared.

    Ann C

  30. I can't disagree with anything you say about that leech Griffin and the dead duck that the BNP has become, but after spending the last 35 years supporting BRITISH parties such as the NF and BNP, I don't think I could ever campaign on behalf of an organisation like the English Democrats who seem to me to be a separatist party who want to break up the UK. Or am I wrong here and you don't want the UK destroying? Do you want England to exist as a separate nation in it's own right or not? Would that the English nation include Monmouthshire or Berwick upon Tweed? What about Northern Ireland? Cornwall? If that is the case and the EDP is a separatist organisation, what borders would you use? Those brought in in the early '70s by Ted Heath's government or ones from other more glorious times?

    I look forward to your reply.

  31. Eddy give it a rest and move on .
    you have a broken heart,your problem is you love the BNP.
    Joe Finnie
    BNP Glasgow.

  32. Joe, we all loved the BNP, that is what is so painful.

  33. Interesting that such a "fringe" and "negative" blog should attract so much attention from the few remaining gutter dwelling Griffinites in that failed entity the BNP.

    Any casual viewer who reads the Griffinites' posting on your blog must get the impression the dwindling band of the Welshpool groupies arent that very clever.