Today is polling day. I think it will be a difficult day at the polls in all the various elections taking place, although there may be a couple of surprises. But get your rosettes on and meet and greet the voters!

There are also referenda taking place in Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Coventry, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Nottingham, Sheffield and Wakefield to decide whether these local authorities should be run by a directly elected Mayor. It is English Democrat policy to support the establishment of directly elected mayors. It will be interesting to see how these contests go. If any of these areas vote for a directly elected mayor then the Mayoral election will take lace in November.

There is also a referendum in Doncaster to decide whether to retain their directly elected mayor.

It will also be interesting to see how various other supposed nationalist parties do in the elections. There will be much to ponder over afterwards!


  1. It will be more interesting to see how you do in Fairmead. Remember all the hopes of aspirations of the English Democrats are riding on you, more so Ann C then any other person. Her expectation of you are so high.

  2. Good Luck to all Nationalist candidates today except for that horrible, perverted man Squire

  3. Steve Edwards3 May 2012 at 11:35

    Good luck to day to the ED candidates and all other nationalists standing in the elections .
    To other nationalists out in the wilderness since departing from the BNP (like me) it will be soon time to take stock and see which way were heading after these election results .

  4. There is so much going on nationwide and so much concentration on the economy, Boris vs Ken, how many seats Labour will gain (none, I hope) and it's difficult to get our message over.

    BUT, we have the right, carefully constructed and detoxified brand of attractive nationalism that will fly with the public as time goes by.

    Currently, our aim is to build solid foundations and this will, inevitably, take time. Great work has been done and where it has I am sure we'll get encouraging votes. It doesn't even matter about the BNp, NF and other macho, neo-fascist idiocy as they have shown themselves to be worthy of little else than a Police line up.

    Rosette is on, car full of petrol, voting lists in hand!

    Here's to the Red and White fight for England's future!

    Ann C

  5. Beaty Swollocks3 May 2012 at 14:44

    Oh well Eddy your big day is here at last dont forget to take a clean handkerchief with you ,,you will need it to soak up the tears when you hear the results.
    At least it will bring you down to earth.

  6. Good luck to you all,English Democrats:whether critics call you civic nationalists or multiculturalists or other false names,you are first and foremost nationalists,you believe in setting only your own house in order and representing national rather than globalist interests,and that is what is now of paramount importance.I wish you all well.
    As for what remains of the BNP, a sordid party dragged towards respectability and electability by thousands of decent volunteer supporters,only to be returned to a sordid party by its Mammon worshipping permanent chairman,I say only this:-
    You have brought a curse upon yourself.You were filfth and you pretended to have changed,you pretended to be something better.You promised hope to the people when really you were only interested in filling your own pockets.You accepted the donations of money and time,often from people who could ill afford either,and you never had any intention of achieving what was promised and what was possible;an influence in local and national government.
    You accepted the church services at conference not because it was right but only for the benefits you thought it might bring you.
    You accepted a religious or spiritual dimension to policy only for the donations it might put in your grubby hand.
    You campaigned with an appearance of tradition and traditional Christian standards and values but rejected the members of good standing and replaced them with such filfthy beasts,and in prominent positions .
    You made regional organisers and leading candidates of creatures so perverted that they would not have been out of place as Babylonian Temple Sodomites.
    To the griffin BNP,that sad ,laughable remnant of a once great cheated members,supporters,voters;you cheated your kith and kin out of time,money and hope.And so you cheated both God and man.You could have had the Divine Mantle of Authority,you could have had God's Blessing,BUT your own lies and cheating have invoked cursedness upon yourself.
    By Allah-En-Eby
    Prophet Of God
    Former BNP Sub Regional Organiser
    Candidate for everything going,etc

  7. To be honest i dont think any nationalist party will do well. No seats will be won. Its depressing to think this but its the hard truth. There is such apathy its mind numbing. I use to live in London and went back recently. There are no English people left. Even in the space of 4 years when Richard won a seat on the GLA, whole swathes of London have been lost. I just find it so hard to believe anything can be won there

  8. It is English Democrat policy to support the establishment of directly elected mayors.

    Shouldn't that be....

    It is English Democrat policy to support the establishment.

    1. You are a jerk anoy 9.21, get a life!

  9. I think we're all living in the real world and have reasonable expectations. What I do know is this; whatever happens with the BNP it won't be good with Griffin as leader. £500,000 to be wasted any time soon!

    Meanwhile, in the credible world the EDs have been working hard and whilst it'd be great to welcome new councillors I don't really expect it but you never know. As many political commentators have noted, the electorate is "febrile" (Nick Robinson of the BBC said so the other day and he's normally a reasonably good judge) so we can expect UKIP, Respect and other supposed "minor" parties to gain at the old gang's expense.

    At this stage of Nationalist proceedings the aim must be to build and build some more, engage in genuine community politics, outwork the others and to move as far away from neo-fascist Tyndallite "Six Principles of British Nationalism" (aka NF style neo-fascism in red white and blue) as we can; move away from "controlling the streets" fantasies and towards a new and better model of Nationalism where we actually listen to our people rather than dismissing them as "sheep" and then wondering why they don't vote for us!

    All in all it'll be fun tonight. I'm back in now and will be watching BBC Live and looking at the internet.

    Vote English Democrats!

    Ann C

  10. All the best to Eddy and the English Democrats. As was said before, it is about building and increasing your votes. Good luck!

  11. "Her expectation of you are so high."

    Bad grammar! Idiot!

  12. Doesnt Doncaster already have an elected mayor?
    Why the need for a vote on this?
    Is it because he is by chance a member of the EDs?

    Could the call for change be based on the hatred by the Establishment for the EDs winning in Doncaster or is it because the Mayor Peter Davies (a political shape shifter; once Labour Party, then jumped to Cons, then to UKIP, you get the measure of the man!) is bloody rubbish at his job?

    Not sure what will happen overnight, will be interesting to see.

  13. I did the first leafleting I've done in 2 years the other day. A good leaflet that I was happy to hand out and sensible people doing the job with me. Let's hope we build on results from previous elections. Good luck English Democrats.


  14. I hope that fool Griffin doesn't prejudice this court case?

    "Nick Griffin tweets while Manchester Muslim paedo trial jury out"

  15. The blog is very boring now Eddy, Mc Cole and The other Goon francis are good loyal mates obviously. tommorrow it will be the last word. BNP LONDON WIN YOUR FINISHED, BNP LONDON LOSE THEN IT'S OVER FOR THE BNP, NOT SURE IF ED BUTLER AND GOOD CLUB CAN GET NATIONALISM BACK UP AND RUNNING BUT IF SO MAY JOIN YOU LOT IF WORSE COMES TO WORSE.