The count for my election in Loughton Fairmead ward in Epping Forest District is taking place on Friday but some in other areas are taking place tonight. I believe the turnout was low. I was pleased to receive a ‘good luck’ postcard sent from the historic village of Avebury in Wiltshire – even though the sender only actually lives around the corner.

While we are waiting I thought I would report on an interesting feature of this campaign. I have heard that some anti-English Democrat leaflets have been in circulation in a few places, distributed by groups such as Hope not Hate or Searchlight. It is my view that such attacks on the English Democrats will have no real effect as the EDs are clearly a clean and wholesome party and you will not find latent Nazism or crude racism within it. The public can see that for themselves and so propaganda that portrays the EDs in that manner will appear outlandish and off the wall. Also because the English Democrats are not an old style nationalist party with a heritage rooted in that toxic soil, the ‘usual suspects’ find it difficult to motivate themselves to go out and tramp the streets for hours on end campaigning negatively against the EDs. They find it difficult to raise the bile in their gut.

Anyway a Searchlight front group did put a leaflet out in my area. It targeted several people besides me, including a sitting BNP candidate – and I know her ward was leafleted with a generic ‘anti-fascist’ leaflet as well. My ward was not leafleted at all. The ‘offending leaflet’ (which I have reproduced in full) was just handed out in a half hearted manner one afternoon in a shopping centre some distance from my ward.

I am most gratified that the leaflet focussed more on the threat posed by my good self than on the other candidates it mentions! My vanity would not want it otherwise. However I was disappointed that it was not delivered to every door in my ward as I am sure it would have got me more votes not less.

The local Residents Association also put out a leaflet just before polling day that alluded to my candidature. Again nothing to worry about.

More analysis when the reuslts are in. It looks like UKIP are getting reasonable votes but not many new councillors, and the BNP vote seems to be down considerably.


  1. Eddy, have you noticed that on the Epping Forest official council election results ward list they have you down as a British National Party candidate. Morons! Ann C

    1. Yes noticed this too - interesting when you see who the sitting councillor is and his "beware of ex-BNP activists" leaflet. An official complaint should be lodged as that is deliberate.

    2. Here's the link:


  2. "Searchlight" and "Hope not Hate" are the very last people who have the right to claim democratic values for themselves. Being mostly from of the progressive spectrum, their ideas of democracy are very strange ones involving the European Union, selling out real environmentalism to a host of political and banking interests and valuable public sector services to "Alice in Wonderland" economics.

    There was a very good extract from a recent speech by Vaclav Klaus in the Telegraph yesterday that shows what is involved in democracy. But I think the likes of the Searchlighters will be too busy hunting for Nazis in the hedgerows of Epping Forest to read it.

    1. I am from Searchlight and I oppose the capitalist European Union, cuts to public services and the banks. I support green politics and the Occupy movement. Hope Not Hate may have different views. They are nothing to do with Searchlight.

      I'm pleased Eddy Butler liked our leaflet.

  3. Now why would ex members of ANAL be sending you postcards Ed.

    1. My name is Alex Copland. I am an ex-BNP councillor on Loughton Town Council. (Please excuse my candour - 'user names' and anonymity aren't quite my style.) I left the party in October 2010' after the expulsion of Mr Butler, following his unsuccessful challenge to Mr Griffin's leadership. (I am not suggesting that the two events are connected.)

      This is not the first time that I have read references to myself as being an "ex-member of ANAL". (I can only guess that this is a reference to the Anti Nazi League, or ANL.) I have never been a member of this organisation. Before joining the BNP, I was a member of the Green Party. This aroused suspicion among the BNP activists with whom I spent many hours of work. That I should question their readiness to dissociate Nationalist thinking with Environmental concern, and, effectively to hand this mantle to the Left, seemed only to deepen their doubts about my loyalty. (Standing on five occasions for public office, seems to cut no ice with these people.)

      I sent the postcard to Mr Butler. That the card depicted one of the world's most celebrated archaeological sites, and that I am known to have an archaeological background and live "round the corner", would hardly challenge Dr. Watson, let alone Holmes himself - and the BNP has never been short of a Watson, or two! (Or an Igor, come to think of it.)

      Incidentally, and excuse me carping on, I was planning to join the LRA. After all, I AM a resident of Loughton and if they can tolerate rebranded LibLabCons, they can tolerate ex - Konzentrationlager Kommandants like me. However, after the 'rebranding' leaflet, I realised that they were as bad as all the rest. Innuendo and smear. Innuendo and smear. Innuendo and smear.

    2. Alex
      You are one of the good guys. I hope you decide to join the English Democrats.
      And thanks again for the postcard!
      Avebury is one of my favourite places.

  4. Fascist groups like Unite against Freedom help get Nationalist voters out.They boost our vote.

  5. I would have thought that quite a few members of Searchlight and Hope not Hate, as well as many upstanding citizens, would have liked to have 'floored' Steve Squire themselves.

    You were doing Society a favour.

    Nice pic -you should get it framed.

  6. Graham Wakefield4 May 2012 at 08:45

    Its results day and the BNP website is still online, proof if any where needed that Griffins BNP is no longer perceived a threat.

  7. Terrible day for all nationalists, BNP and ED's losing seats, NF a damp squib, the BFP a bit of a joke. All over Europe nationalists are pushing forward with speed and winning. Why cant we do the same, there is no excuse

    1. It is simple really Nationalists hate each other more than we could ever hate other parties, to politically castrate each other for the benefit of our opponents is insane but we do,, nothing can compare to the damage Griffin has done to Nationalism.

  8. That picture will haunt you and the EDs now! Well done Eddy pfft...

  9. Liverpool mayor election results:

    Paul Rimmer English Democrats 1,400
    Mike Whitby BNP 1,015
    Peter Quiggins National Front 566

    Read More http://www.liverpooldailypost.co.uk/liverpool-news/regional-news/2012/05/04/liverpool-mayor-election-success-for-joe-anderson-99623-30899653/#ixzz1ttFEaz00

  10. Griffin has lost 4 councils seats in Rotherham, Amber Valley and Nuneaton, it's looking like wipe out for that one-eyed creature.

  11. I think the combined Nationalist vote will be over 5%.
    The (non-Nationalist) UKIP, according to the polls, are on track for two GLA seats. If they do get these seats, these are seats that would've been picked up by the BNP if the BNP had kept up its momentum, ie if Gri££in had not destroyed everything. The BNP would be surging ahead on three GLA seats if not for Gri££in. What a wasted opportunity, what a scumbag.

  12. Belfairs Ward

    Stephen Aylen (Ind) 814
    Helen Boyd (Cons) 731
    Tino Callaghan (UKIP) 313
    Ian Pope (Labour and Co-operative) 257
    Lisa Simmonds (Eng Dems) 189 (7.6%)
    Rob Cadman (Lib Dem) 189

    Chalkwell Ward

    Ian Robertson (Cons) 799
    Nick Ward (Ind) 490
    Lars Davidsson (Labour) 366
    Norah Goodman (Lib Dem) 143
    Jeremy Moss (Eng Dems) 117 (6.1%)

    Kursaal Ward

    Anne Jones (Labour) 614
    Blaine Robin (Cons) 496
    Stephen Riley (Eng Dems) 267 (16.9%)
    Simon Cross (Greens) 126
    Richard Betson (Lib Dem) 79

    Milton Ward

    Julian Ware-Lane (Labour) 675
    Nigel Folkard (Cons) 607
    Christine Hills (Ind) 361
    Colin Davis (Lib Dem) 123
    Spencer Haggar (Eng Dems) 122 (6.5%)

    Shoebury Ward

    Mike Assenheim (Ind) 1098
    Verina Weaver (Cons) 610
    Chris Gasper (Labour) 271
    Barry Harvey (Eng Dems) 145 (6.8%)

    Southchurch Ward

    David Garston (Cons) 847
    Claire Bibby (Ind) 796
    Stacey Philips (Labour) 298
    Anthony Winchester (Eng Dems) 141 (5.7%)
    Julian Esposito (Lib Dem) 127
    Geoffrey Strobridge (Ind) 89
    Rob Brown (Lib Dem) 66

    St Laurence

    Mark Flewitt (Cons) 758
    Carole Roast (Lib Dems) 605
    Reg Copley (Labour) 407
    Carl Whitwell (UKIP) 229
    Steven Whitman (Eng Dems) 115 (5.4%)

    St Luke's

    Bryan Ayling (Ind) 901
    Mike Royston (Labour) 565
    Peter Ashley (Con) 527
    James Haggar (Eng Dems) 150 (6.8%)
    Bob Howes (Lib Dem) 48

    Victoria Ward

    Ian Gilbert (Labour) 917
    Del Thomas (Cons) 462
    Peter Breuer (UKIP) 141
    Ian Hurd (Green Party) 115
    Ronnie Streeter (Lib Dem) 70
    Fenton Bowley (Eng Dems) 58 (3.2%)
    Bernadette Jaggers (NF) 56

    West Shoebury

    Liz Day (Cons) 860
    James Moyies (UKIP) 787
    Gray Sergeant (Labour) 328
    Stuart Freeman (Eng Dems) 120 (5.5%)
    Charlie Rowe (Lib Dem) 106

    The split vote between UKIP and the English Democrats, probably stopped UKIP from winning the ward.

    Average English Democrats vote across Southend is 7.1%

    Spin this one, Butler. PMSL@ the English Demoflops..

  13. So the ward you stood in was not leafleted by the U.A.F freaks, now just why was that? it appears to me that for your services previously rendered to your state agent mates.

  14. Sharon Wilkinson has lost her seat on Burnley council. 5 seats lost and counting. How will Gri££in explain this away?

  15. UKIP have won a seat in Thurrock

  16. So far today Griffin has achieved obsolutely nothing.

    "Respect Party also delivered an upset by following up its shock by-election victory and winning five seats on Bradford Council, including that of the Labour leader."

    "UKIP Gains in Thurrock, Rushmoor and East Lincolnshire"

  17. Thus far it's fascinating and in areas where the EDs have been able to mount an effective campaign results have been pretty impressive. I cite Barnsley, with a 19% vote for Ian Sutton, asn obvious example. The NF even managed to beat the BNP in some wards with 11.5% in Tipton, 9% in Hull etc but with 50% vote losses in many BNP seats and a pathetic showing elsewhere the BNP has lost out to UKIP in numerous areas.

    The Front will continue to appease the violent, fascist-minded and UKIP will pick up more "right-wing" votes from pissed off Tories leaving a huge space for the English Democrats who will, and are, picking up activists unimpressed by the Bufton Tufton UKIPers and the thuggish, sleaze-ridden fellow travellers on the Nationalist scene.

    Not, of course, to mention the elephant in the room that some are starting to notice; the West Lothian question...........

    Well done ED candidates!!!!

    Ann C

    1. The D's are UKIPs little brother, thats why votes will go to them before you

    2. Steve Edwards4 May 2012 at 16:59

      11.5% in Tipton ? I used to get that percentage in Tipton just from the regulars in The Fountain Inn alone , That was before I started any political work .
      Joking apart its a shocking collapse of votes for nationalists in the Black Country which was once a strong hold .

  18. So! Eddy and Robin get 12 and 13% in new territory where people are getting used the Eng Dems. Richardson of the BNP, incumbent councillor with a long track record of local work gets a mere 11% and her husband a sad 5%. This supports what Eddy and others have been saying - that the BNP is dead, toxic and rubbish. Up in Barnsley, with little money and little time, we did pretty well and will do better next time as the local BNP is finished. The big losers last night were the BNP who now have no councillors.

  19. God the BNP bombed in London and as for the NF in London, well. Pathetic. Needn't have bothered. Mark Twiddy did pretty well for the EDs but without the BNP's money even better really. This has encouraged me to now get involved with the EDs. They'd do well this side of the river.
    Craig, London ex-BNP (Southwark)

  20. Back to the drawing board eddy, unless you expect to live for about two-hundred years. A whole new approach must be made to Nationalism in England, defective propaganda, political schooling ? take a lesson from Julia Hamilton CP.. Think outside the box, don't get advice from people who think your advice is brilliant rather talk to the cynics they may show you what you are up against.. Egoism is the worst enemy, everyone thinks they are right, ask why and how Obama fooled a Nation, what is propaganda? that is the question.

  21. The Liverpool result is a complete vindication of the ED approach; the English Democrats, with less money, no headstart and no publicity, trounced the relatively big-spending BNP and the NF. The NF are well-placed to take over where the BNP left off and secure the militant 2-3% of the population who want hardcore "white power" nationalism.

    And then the English Democrats need to develop a strategy whereby they don't stand in wards against UKIP and build areas of strength from north to south. It's all to play for and I think sensible, moderate (dare I say civic?) nationalists will look to the English Democrats for leadership.

    Ann C

    1. Steve Edwards5 May 2012 at 08:48

      Ann it seems looking in from the outside that you will be fighting to gain support off voters who will be choosing between you and UKIP . The problem you face is of two civic nationalists scrambling for the same votes . UKIP are much larger with bigger support base which will make it that much harder for the EDs.

  22. Poor old deflated Eddy,
    Don't you think that now is the time to come back from fantasy island and get reel,,,people have been laughing at you for many months
    If you really want to win the hearts and respect of us nationalists start uniting the nationalist movement instead of trying to drive a wedge through the middle.
    Drop your personal vendetta against Griffin and start to Encourage co-operation between all Nationalist parties you have been going in the wrong direction and now is the time to stop and rethink ,,the French are going to the right and we are going to the wall,,it's now time to stop stabbing each other in the back and rise to a common cause.
    If you are a true nationalist Eddy use your Blog to rally us true Brits together and lets all get on with winning our country back.
    United we stand and Divided we fall it's far better to be remembered as someone who tried to unite the Nationalists of this country than to be remembered as a big headed Wanker who lived in fairy land.

    1. you illiterate moron

  23. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/may/04/bnp-local-elections-electoral-force-finished

    BNP finished.

    That bloke who left them 500k must be spinning in his grave. "Best campaign ever" says Griffin, but blames collapse on "no Brits left in London". Might be some truth in that. Even the BNP couldn't find a British canduidate for mayor!

  24. Alan says,

    I've had a gander at the full slate of results available and whilst not having made my mind up til now I have decided to join the English Democrats Party. Looking around it's pretty obvious that the party has bested the BNP and NF in many places, even getting 32% in one ward. There are many near 20% votes and some very solid 8-12% votes and I was never a big fan of British anything cos I'm English and at the football I fly the George Cross.
    It's right what people have said - better less demagogic leader, better policies, more in line with where people are at, so it's a donation and membership form for me.
    Alan - Catford Patriot

  25. Excellent ED election results in Rochford

    Lodge Ward

    David Merrick (Cons) 516
    Jason Hodson (Eng Dems) 171 (19.5%)
    Patricia Norrington (Lab) 97
    Neal Kirsh (Green) 93

    Rayleigh Central

    Christopher Bazley (Lab) 142
    Elena Black (Lib Dem) 126
    Thomas Broad (Eng Dems) 121 (25.3%)
    Jamie Burton (UKIP) 90

    Trinity Ward

    David Sperring (Cons) 408
    John Hayter (Eng Dems) 334 (32.2%)
    Keith Gibbs (UKIP) 134
    Stephen Hinde (Lab) 83
    Chris Stanley (Lib Dem) 77

    Wheatley Ward

    John Griffin (Cons) 521
    Paula Hayter (Eng Dems) 159 (19.1%)
    Oliva Ware-Lane (Lab) 154

    1. It is quite clear UKIP and EDs' have got to reach an understanding you cannot go on allowing the opposition an open door at your own expense a waste of resources to say the least

  26. just as i thought, the ED.s bombed, Eddy came last in his ward with 97 votes. 2 lost seats, dead end

  27. Has anyone noticed that all of Eddy Butler's opponents are incapable of using correct grammar and spelling.

    Keeping it "reel"? Well, we could collectively reel off a list of BNP failures....and ED successes....


  28. The the ward I did a bit of leafleting for got 12% of the vote and came third. A reasonable start I think considering no one has heard of us and they have only ever received one nationalist election leaflet.

    However I reckon the most encouraging election results for nationalists in recent weeks have certainly been those of George Galloway's Wespect party. Very satisfying to see Labour's children starting to bite the hand that has fed them and vote for their own ethic and religious interests as anyone could have predicted they eventually would. Let's hope English people soon follow their example.


  29. Ann C...What is the West Lothian question??