The English Democrats just posted some excellent election results in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections.
If these results were replicated across England in the European Elections in 2014 then the English Democrats would get three MEPs elected.
The results were as follows:
Cambridgeshire – Stephen Goldspink – 7,219 votes – 8.1%
Essex – Robin Tilbrook – 11,550 votes – 6.87%
Kent – Steve Uncles – 10,789 votes – 5.3%
Merseyside – Paul Rimmer – 7,142 votes – 5.7%
South Yorkshire – David Allen – 22,608 votes – 15.6%
The English Democrats also contested the Corby by election, where David Wickham polled 432 votes (1.4%).
In the Police Commissioner elections the UKIP vote was down all across the board compared to the European Election. The BNP contested two parliamentary by-elections on the same day and their vote drastically declined compared to the 2010 General Election in both cases.
Only the English Democrats are showing encouraging signs of growth and progress!
I was pleased to be able to be able to assist Steve Uncles in a small way.
On Remembrance Day a group of English Democrats participated in the official parade through Rochester to the Cathedral and then were part of the official saluting base that the veterans and uniformed services marched past. Steve Uncles laid a wreath at the war memorial and most notably English Democrats standard bearer Lee Bottle proudly carried an English Democrats flag in the official colour party and inside Rochester Cathedral. The service was followed by a magnificent reception and buffet in the Corn Exchange. Special thanks must go to Mike Walters for arranging this fantastic and moving occasion for us.
The Rochester City Pipe band led the parade – adding panache and bags of swagger to the proceedings. Steve Uncles was particularly appreciative of their music!


  1. I suspect the Corby result is more indicative of the general level of support for the EDs. The PCC election's spectacularly low turnout means that parties that can motivate a special interest group to get out and vot have a disproportionate effect. I don't imagigine it would be repeated in the next PCC elections (which will hopefully never take place) or in local or national elections. As the EDs have only ever succeeded in getting one significant elected post (Doncaster) which has turned into an absolute shambles, I wouldn't be dusting off the bunting any time soon.

  2. Oh, and welcome back too... i do drop in looking for posts - why so quiet?

  3. And what about the council by elections on the same day? If you look them up the ED's polled only 50 votes 1-2%, lower than the BNP. The BNP also once again got more votes than the ED's in the parliament seat both contested.

  4. Good to see you write an artical and leave the BNP out of it, lets keep it that way.

  5. Well Done! Forward with the English Democrats leaving the old worn out BNP in a cloud of dust.

  6. Hello Eddy! Missed you! Glad to have you back. Aren't the Eng Dems doing well? Ann C

  7. What a comfort to see you are still carrying on the fight, good results for the EDs'.

  8. All Nationalist party's need to work together, with a view to becoming one party eventualy. We are on the brink of a referendum regarding the EU in this country, hopefully an in out referendum. Petty one upmanship against UKIP or other genuine Nationalistic party's isn't helpfull. There is a lot of twist and turns before the next general election, if one or two or more Tory MP's defected from there party and joined UKIP it could be just what Nationalism needs to change everything in this Country, at that point we would all have to support UKIP, wouldn't we eddy? I know it is unlikely, but it shouldn't be totally discounted, Tory's are becoming increasingly nervous regarding Cameron's attitude regarding Europe, if he carries on appeasing Clegg not giving the British people an in out vote on the EU before or at the same time as the general election and Europe carries on imploding, some Tory MP's may crack and defect on principle or because they have such a small majority.
    Jamie, West Hert's, London flighter.

  9. The proverbial bad penny is back,thought we'd seen the last of you butler
    Still trying to fragment the nationalist vote are we ??

  10. So the proverbial bad penny is back,I thought we'd seen the last of you Butler.
    Don't kid yourself the E/D has not gained supporters all you have done is persuade a few misinformed sheeple to desert the BNP to bolster the numbers of the previously unknown E/D there bye fragmenting the Nationalist Vote and making it impossible for any Nationalist party to gain power.
    Your not a Nationalist Butler ,,,your a traitor who stinks of sour grapes.
    I think that you would go to any lengths to discredit the BNP and Griffin regardless of the harm it doe's to the Nationalist movement.
    Forming new parties like Britain First,,EDL,E/D and UKIP is not the way forward all of these parties are begging for donations to support their lost causes.
    If the nationalists of this country are ever to gain power they have to unite and speak with one voice and "YOU" Mr Butler if you ever expect to gain some sort of respect SHOULD BE WORKING TOWARDS THIS END.

    1. What a load of crap.You should take your head out of your arse. The only man who as ruined the BNP is Griffin, I and many others would still be in the BNP if it was not for Griffin telling porkies and wasting thousands of pounds of members money.

    2. This has got nothing to do with Nick Griffin this is about uniting the nationalists of this country and winning votes.
      If Nick Griffin has been putting his hand in the till and nicking a few bob "so what" when i think of the millions of pounds waisted by the wankers in this government it is a cheap price to pay,,,squabbling among ourselves wont allows us to get our country back.
      When we get our country back we will give Nick Griffin a knighthood and a pension and f=ck him off to some tropical Island in the middle of nowhere.
      In the meantime,one party,one voice,one vote one outcome.

  11. Very good ED results in the Police elections. Well done to all concerned.

    How did you manage to have a political banner at Remembrance Day? I can't remember seeing that anywhere before?

  12. you have turned out to be a right waste of space. Getting everyone to join the ED's, you was high profile and UKIP wouldn't touch you with a barge pole, you believed you could still make a diference, but all you was doing was fracturing/splintering the Nationalist vote more and more, when we actually needed to be uniting more and reducing the amount of Nationalist party's. people like yourself and other high profile ex BNPers have had your chance, you should have encouraged us to join a Nationalist party that had a genuine chance like UKIP even though you couldn't because of your high profile history with the BNP. Anyway i hope she's worth it, ill not be renewing my membership with the ED's. Nationalist movement has split into two factions now, with Kevin Carrol taking over the Chairman of BFP, which will mean the middle class original members of that party will not feel comfortable with the street language and machoism of the EDL and they will drift away and high profile members should call it a day, but will probably join up with you, if your still in the ED's and non high profile members will join UKIP because they can and they are becoming succesfull. So in my opinion the Nationalist movement has split into two factions based on class, the illiterate working and under class will be part of the EDL and BFP and the literate working class and middle and upper classes will join UKIP. That is how it should be for now, because as a class ridden society, we really don't like eachother, thats been the real problem with English Nationalism finding common cause that overides all our dislikes with eachother accross the class barriers.
    Jamie, West Hert's, London flighter.