I was pleased to be invited to be the speaker at the branch meeting at Southend on Monday. I have said before that south Essex is a real go-ahead area for the English Democrats. This is because they work hard. Hard work gets results. It builds internal cohesion and morale. Inactivity destroys morale. It is that simple. Southend are an example for all units to follow.
Yesterday Steve Squire-Mendoza, the BNP's London Organiser and at the moment the BNP's lead candidiate for the Greater London Assembly, had to appear at Enfield Police Station to answer accusations that he had been engaging in a campaign of harrassment.
When he came out of the Police Station he did not appear to be in the best of tempers and another incident occurred. There are more photographs that in due course will no doubt shed some light on what transpired.
Suffice it to say for now, that contrary to various claims, I have not been 'charged' with anything.
They don't make them like that anymore.


The English Democrats are making real progress I am pleased to be able to report. They held a fantastic Spring Conference a couple of weeks ago and are attracting good publicity. The Chairman of the English Democrats, Robin Tilbrook, was interviewed on his way to the Conference by the BBC. The interview can be seen here:
and further coverage and Mr Tilbrook's Conference speech can be found here:
As I have said many times, the English Democrats are the only way forward.
I was interested to see that the viciously anti-English Democrat blog called the London Nationalist Chinwag has been terminated as can be seen here:
These crude attack blogs always end up terminated, with those responsible ruined and degraded.
This crude and frankly filthy blog was run by the BNP's 'top dog' in London, someone called Steve Squire-Mendoza who is known for using foul and abusive language, insulting people from northern England and for being unhinged.
The BNP's campaign in London to try and retain the seat won by Richard Barnbrook in 2008 is in total disarray which can only be for the good with respect to the future of the nationalist cause. The BNP is now a totally degenerate organisation. For example the BNP's mayoral candidate is a swinger who advertises for sex on the internet. The BNP's lead candidate for the London Assembly is none other than Squire-Mendoza - of whom I have no doubt more will be revealed in due course. The Permanent Chairman of the BNP, the Degenerate Nick Nick Griffin MEP is an undenied sex pest. That is without delving any deeper.
On a personal note I was amused to read the regular illiterate and fully moronic (I was going to say semi-moronic for a moment but stopped myself) London Nationalist Chinwag blog. Its regular diatribes against my good self were the cause of much mirth.
However I feel somewhat smug at reducing my opponents to engaging in foul and illiterate abuse and in so doing, embarrasing the party they seek to defend - namely the discredited BNP. They fall into this trap every time - egged on by Nick Nick himself, with his mouth frothing in anger.
First there was the now defunct 'Eddy Butler Exposed' blog. Then there was the 'Professor Plonker' blog - now also defunct. And then there is the aforementioned defunct 'London Nationalist Chinwag'. They all go down the drain and drag those responsible with them. Defunct like the BNP.
There remains a few pages within the BNP's main website devoted to attacking me and the English Democrats - that in itself is a sign of their desperation. You would not find pages on the English Democrats' main website devoted to attacking individuals in the BNP. That would be truly pitiful and, actually, very bad politics. But then bad politics and Nick Nick Griffin go together like cheese and chutney.