A Photo Essay.

These pictures may not be as exciting as some might wish - but c'est la vie!

On 21st March Stephen Squire-Mendoza, the BNP’s London Organiser and their no. 1 candidate for the Greater London Assembly had to attend Enfield Police Station to answer questions over his harassment of Claudia Dalgleish.

Claudia Dalgleish went along to take a picture of him going in and out, to cause him embarrassment and to ask him why he had been behaving in this manner. I agreed to go along as I would be in the area that day as I had some work to do in Enfield Town.
While I was in Enfield Town, Miss Dalgleish saw Squire-Mendoza enter the Police Station and took a photograph.
She also noticed that he was now driving a small Noddy type of vehicle in sharp contrast to the flashy Porshe’s or BMWs that he used to favour as being more in keeping with his position as a Soho Porn Baron. Times are hard at Seymores World as he has had to duck and dive in recent months, as he has been aware of eyes watching him and his premises. He is no longer able to afford to run such prestigious motors.
After about 45 minutes Squire-Mendoza re-appeared and crossed over the street. He looked rather confused as he tried to remember where he had parked his car. For a minute he could have been mistaken for an impersonator of Charlie Chaplin reprising his famous role as ‘The Tramp’ - although he chose to accessorise his appearance with a satchel that he had borrowed from a Pox Doctor’s Clerk. Or in fact was he sharing his wardrobe with another Clark – Bert Clark?
Miss Dalgleish approached Squire-Mendoza and berated him for the cowardly campaign of harassment he had been waging on the internet. At this point I returned from Enfield Town in time to get a photograph of this altercation.
It is safe to say that Squire-Mendoza was not at all pleased to see me. He threw his satchel down and huffed and puffed. I imagined, that as we were outside a Police Station, Squire-Mendoza would limit himself to a few mutterings. But he soon adopted a very aggressive posture in the manner of a Wild West gunslinger.
His initial gambit was to chest barge and then he tried to bore his head into me rather like a mountain goat rutting on a hillside – or perhaps like a Bison trying to mark its territory on a David Attenborough wildlife programme I saw the other day.

This was merely his prelude – his way of psyching himself up. He had been positioning himself to throw punches as can be seen in the photographs. Then he swung a couple of haymakers which landed on my mush - but it was not like I was being hit by Thor’s mighty hammer. In truth it was more like being tickled by a pink feather duster.

However I knew that he was a Soho Porn Baron with a vile reputation. Bearing that in mind it seemed likely that a bladed weapon might be about his person, so I was obliged to put him under restraint.
This I did in approximately two seconds.

Squire-Mendoza landed heavily on the pavement face down. His knees took some of the force and his trousers ended up all tattered and torn. He attempted to block his descent with his hands and also sustained damage to them. This however did not stop his Boat Race from coming into close contact with the concrete flooring and his North and South was cut.

I held him for a couple of seconds until he looked around with a piteous expression, his doleful eyes begging for quarter but expecting the worst. I had been as gentle with him as I could possibly be and used minimal force to subdue him. While it may have been tempting to dismember him joint by joint, which he clearly anticipated, it is better to be merciful – ‘in victory, magnanimity’.

I did not so much as punch, slap or kick Squire-Mendoza once – richly as he deserved it.

I got up and allowed him to rise unmolested. A passer by had caught the end of it and had seen Squire-Mendoza crashing to the pavement.

As I turned to go Squire-Mendoza approached this passer by – no doubt looking for consolation in his hour of humiliation (how he has got used to those lonely hours lately). I stood open mouthed as Squire-Mendoza led this man over the road, back to the Police Station.

Squire-Mendoza was so unmanned that after starting a fight and being trounced in seconds, after being then let off with considerable mercy, he went running to the Police with a false story. He went over and made a bogus statement to the effect that I had assaulted him in an unprovoked attack!

Claudia Dalgleish also saw him go into the Police Station and she followed after a short delay in order to also make a statement. When she went in Squire-Mendoza was already behind a partition screen giving his interview. Whenever the Police Officer turned away Squire-Mendoza turned to Claudia Dalgleish and made lewd remarks.

After a further delay I decided it would be wise to also go to the Police Station to give my side of the story. I am always reluctant to go to the Police. For a start they should have better things to do than sort out what was little more than a school playground incident – handbags at dawn. I also have an ingrained belief that men should not go squawking to the Police when they have a dispute of that nature.

Some years ago during an altercation I was stabbed in the face by a member of a neo-Nazi cult that I had been very vocal in opposing. I did not go to the Police. It never even crossed my mind.

When I came into Enfield Police Station Squire-Mendoza immediately stopped his lewd gurning and instead spent his time on the phone to all and sundry – including Nick Griffin – claiming that I had beaten him up in the street. The pitiful excuse for a man was almost bragging about it, so desperate was he to get me ‘done by the Rozzers’.

Anyway the upshot of it was that I was arrested, effectively on the say-so of Squire-Mendoza and the minor corroboration of the passer-by. However I gave an interview which set out exactly what had really happened.

After a short while I was released but on conditional bail to return on 16th April, unless I heard otherwise. Off the record I was told that I would almost certainly hear 'otherwise' before then and it was made clear to me from the outset that it was exceptionally unlikely that any further action would be taken and that the bail would be lifted.
The conditions of the bail were that I was not to contact Squire-Mendoza either directly or indirectly and that I must not go into the Borough of Enfield. Neither were exactly onerous terms as I never contact Squire-Mendoza and rarely have cause to go to Enfield. It was apparent from comments on various forums made by Squire-Mendoza and his dim side-kicks that he regarded the terms of this bail as a major coup. Rather pathetically the reasons given for the conditions were to ‘Prevent witness interference’. In other words to stop me intimidating Squire-Mendoza. It is clear that Squire-Mendoza prevailed upon his lawyer to insist upon these terms as he had been reduced to the role of a frightened Bunny Rabbit.

During his interview Squire-Mendoza had neglected to tell them that he had been in the Police Station minutes before to answer allegations of vicious harassment (he had been seen by a different division). He neglected to mention that he was uptight because his porn empire was about to be exposed. He neglected to mention that he was on edge because his candidacy for the BNP was being questioned. It also soon became apparent that Squire-Mendoza was ‘known to the Police’, which is not exactly surprising given his line of business. He is very well known to the Police. He would never be regarded as a reliable witness.

Everyone can see this for themselves. He put himself up as a BNP candidate for the Greater London Assembly even though at the outset he was asked to declare whether he had any embarrassing skeletons in his closet. He signed a declaration saying there was nothing. He lied to his political colleagues. People who he claimed were his comrades. People who he supposedly shared firm beliefs with.

How much easier was it for Squire-Mendoza to lie to the Police about what had happened when I met him in the street?

But liars invariably get found out.

I am told that Claudia Dalgleish was asked to go and make a statement which she did, and two days later I was informed by the Police that the whole unsavoury matter had been dropped - as it always was going to be. This has now been confirmed in writing.
End of story.

But... when Squire-Mendoza got wind of this he lied again. He put out statements that he had personally dropped the charges. What a joker!

He had earlier put out the story that he had been ambushed by me and several other people. He also tried to claim that I had attacked him from behind. The pictures show otherwise.

Squire-Mendoza is a liar and a coward. He is a poor excuse for a man. In fact he has no manhood left.

He even told the controversial blogger Claire Khaw a fictitious version of events as can be seen here:


The relevant extract is:

Eddy fell on top of me. I will take meet him any time, any time, as long as he does not bring any cameras

Claudia was apparently photographing the scuffle, presumably to put the BNP in a bad light. Steve said this inhibited him from from punching Eddy's lights out because he thought that might make the BNP look thuggish and ruin Carlos Cortiglia's mayoral campaign

So he tried to make pathetic excuses for his extremely rapid and undemanding defeat and then effectively challenged me to a return match even though he unsuccessfully went running to the Police when trounced on the previous occasion. What a truly odious whelp the man is.

Ah well – this isn’t a good time to be Steve Squire-Mendoza.

The man has been destroyed physically, emotionally, mentally, financially and politically. He has nothing left.




Rumours have been in circulation for some time concerning the background of the British National Party’s London Organiser and now their No. 1 candidate for the Greater London Assembly. His name is Steve Squire but many people know him by the name Steve Mendoza.

Squire was on the electoral register in Enfield as Steve Mendoza until a couple of years ago. This was at his current residence in the Bush Hill Park area. This house was until recently on the market with Duncan Philips Estate Agents for £1.25 million and was decorated with Thompson sub machine guns and Kalashnikovs. This property was mostly paid for with an inheritance he received from his late father.

Why would he want to live in showy opulence, with the machismo of guns on display and under an assumed name? The Mendoza name was borrowed from his first wife and was taken by him around 1997, as he was made bankrupt and wanted to continue trading without being financially embarrassed by being associated with his true name. He divorced this wife at this time as well and remarried a Turkish lady called Ozden.

What was his business? One side line is a couple of lock up yards that he inherited from his father. But his main source of income is a shop in central London. He has run this shop since 1999 after initially working there. It is a ‘bookshop’ called ‘Seymores World’.

If you Google ‘Seymores World’ this is what you will find:


Oh-err missus. It seems to be an ‘adult’ shop and is located at 6 Walkers Court, London W1F 0BU, which is in.... Soho!

This link has a useful photo of the premises:


This has another nice picture and the revelation that the content is rated XXX...


This one usefully gives the opening times:


There are plenty of further links but they don’t add much information.

Walker’s Court is probably the most degenerate, dirty and seedy street in Soho and is just a stone’s throw from the very Gay Old Compton Street – scene of the bombing of the Admiral Duncan pub by the ex-BNP member and neo-Nazi terrorist David Copeland. Of all the down market sex shops in the area, Seymores World looks like it is the most degraded.

So the BNP’s lead candidate in the GLA elections, occupying the position which resulted in Richard Barnbrook being elected as an Assembly Member back in 2008, the man who has been the main financial donor to the BNP throughout 2011, makes his money through his role as a Soho porn baron. That in itself is, errr, interesting to say the least. But as some might say what can the entrepreneur Squire be accused of? Capitalism?


That ancient (but not particularly noble) arm of capitalism and entrepreneurship, known as the ‘Porn Business’ is fraught with problems.

The ‘Nanny State’ is forever interfering with the industry of your average hard working porn merchant. Perhaps the worst busy-bodies can be found in local authorities. Such as Westminster City Council – the local authority that covers the Soho area. Take a look at this link:


and scroll down to this case and we find that Mr Squire's establishment has not been licenced:

Regina -v- Horseferry Road Magistrates' Court and Westminster City Council ex parte Hamid Rezouali -v- Westminster City Council -v- Stephen Mendoza [2000] EWHC Admin 318
31 Mar 2000 Admn
Local Government, Licensing
A local authority served notices on a property owner alleging that they were unlicensed sex establishments. The magistrate confirmed closure. The owner appealed. The statute gave two grounds for appeal, and an appeal on other grounds was not to be allowed. The fact that a court would have wide discretion on a successful appeal could not widen the permissible grounds. Where one occupier was quite unknown to the authority and so was not served, the authority could not be blamed and the procedure remained effective.
City of Westminster Act 1996

Squire appealed:


As can be seen here:

Westminster City Council v Mendoza, Court of Appeal - Civil Division, February 14, 2001, [2001] EWCA Civ 216,[2001] EHLR 16,[2001] NPC 56
Neutral Citation Number: [2001] EWCA Civ 216
Royal Courts of Justice
The Strand
Wednesday 14 February 2001
B e f o r e:
(The Lord Woolf of Barnes)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
B E T W E E N:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
(Computer Aided Transcription by
Smith Bernal, 190 Fleet Street, London EC4A 2HD
Telephone 0201 7421 4040
Official Shorthand Writers to the Court)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
MR CHARLES SALTER (instructed by Messrs Wilson Barca, London W1V 5AH) appeared on behalf of THE APPELLANT
MR TIMOTHY SPENCER (instructed by Director of Legal Services, Westminster City Council, London SW1E 6QP) appeared on behalf of THE RESPONDENT
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Wednesday 14 February 2001
1. THE LORD CHIEF JUSTICE: This is an appeal by Stephen Mendoza against a decision of the Divisional Court dated 31 March 2000. The Divisional Court allowed the appeal by case stated of the Westminster City Council and remitted the matter to the Metropolitan Stipendiary Magistrate for further consideration in relation to his decision which was the subject of the appeal to the Divisional Court. Permission for this appeal, which is a second appeal, was given by Lord Justice Simon Brown on 7 June 2000. In doing so, he considered the points were properly arguable and of some importance.
2. The appeal to this court raises issues as to the requirement as to service contained in the City of Westminster Act 1996. That Act enable...
See the full content of this document


Of course the very worst kind of busy body can be found in the media. The enemy state media, particularly the Mirror Group are forever trying to do down the forces of nationalism as represented by the BNP. With despicable foresight the Sunday Mirror ran a story about Steve Squire’s business emporium back in December 2001. They were being fiendishly clever when they ran this story as Mr Squire did not actually join the BNP for a further ten years.

The story can be found here:


and it is worth repeating in full:

Dealers flout law to peddle it on net too.
A date-rape drug used in a series of sex attacks on women is easily available days after the Government announced it was to be completely banned.
A Sunday Mirror investigator was able to buy GHB - also known as Heaven, Easy Lay and Blue Juice - for just pounds 15 a bottle from a sex shop which is blatantly flouting the law.
It is currently illegal to sell GHB but legal to possess it. However, earlier this month the Home Office announced that it would also make possession a crime by next summer. The move follows fears it is being increasingly used to spike women's drinks before sex assaults.
GHB is a powerful aphrodisiac and it also amplifies the effects of alcohol or drugs. When combined with drink the odourless liquid can knock victims unconscious in 10 minutes. It has been linked to four deaths in the UK.
Just two days after the ban was announced a Sunday Mirror reporter was able to buy two bottles of GHB for pounds 15 each at a seedy sex shop in London's Soho.
After asking about GHB at a couple of shops, our reporter was directed to Seymore's Books in Peter Street and told to "ask for Jason".
He entered the shop which stocks hard-core porn magazines, DVDs and videos and asked for a bottle of GHB.
The shop worker, who confirmed his name was Jason, said: "If you come back tomorrow, I should have a delivery."
The next day the reporter returned and shop owner Steve Mendoza was there. He asked for a tub of "Heaven" and Mendoza replied: "How many do you want? I can do you two for pounds 25 or three for pounds 30." He then reached under the counter and produced a brown tub, saying: "There you go, that's pounds 15 mate."
Our reporter left clutching the tub which had the label "Blue Juice". The label warned: "Contents amplify the effects of drugs. Do not use with alcohol. Produces a sexual and ecstasy-type high. Take care when using."
Minutes later our reporter went back into the shop and asked for the drug by its proper name, GHB. Mendoza said: "Are you sure you don't want to take the three for pounds 30? You can always come back later, we're open till three.
"You'll be back for more - you know you will."
Again we left with a tub of GHB - feared to be just as easily available at some other sex shops around Britain.
Home Office Ministers decided to ban the sale of GHB following a recommendation by the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs. High doses cause and, in extreme cases, fatal respiratory arrest. GHB is sold on the Internet for as little as pounds 5 a bottle. It is among half a dozen drugs that have been used in date-rapes in Britain. But it is the only one not already subject to tight controls.
GHB - chemical name Gamma Hydroxybutyrate - is seen as an ideal weapon for rapists because it can be mixed into drinks undetected.
It causes euphoria and makes the victim compliant. It often leaves her unconscious with such severe memory loss she has no idea what has happened.
Mary Newton, of the Forensic Science Service, said: "Drugs like GHB put the victim in an unconscious state, giving the rapists time to cover their tracks."
By the time victims come around, traces of the drug tend to disappear from their bodies. GHB is also used as a rave drug by revellers. At least four people using it for this purpose have died in irreversible comas since 1995.
In London, police have launched a "Who's watching your drink?" campaign to boost awareness of the use of GHB in date-rape. More than 100 date-rapes involving drugs have been reported in the capital in the past year.
The Sunday Mirror last night confronted Mendoza at his shop and accused him of illegally selling GHB to our reporter. He replied: "I wouldn't know - I can't remember. My memory doesn't go that far back."
When we warned Mendoza we would expose him as selling the drug, he said: "If you do, give it as much publicity as you can, man.
"You know that way we will sell more - just don't quote me."
Our dossier on Mendoza will now be handed over to police.

So the capitalist entrepreneur Steve Squire, was exposed as a peddler of date rape drugs back in December 2001. He was caught red handed selling the disgusting drug GHB. This drug is commonly used to spike the drinks of victims. They collapse, loose consciousness and the predatory attacker then usually rapes the victim.

Here is a copy of the original story which includes a picture of a youthful Squire-Mendoza.

Steve Squire has known for a long time that this story was going to break and it has severely affected his mind. For example a few weeks ago he released this effective confession on an illiterate and foul mouthed blog he ran called ‘London Nationalist Chinwag’. Squire was subsequently ordered to discontinue this blog but luckily I kept screen shots.
It says in true Squire illiterate style:

‘claudia has been putting out their in a bid to smeer London bnp and damage our GLA campaign that i own, soho sex shops.as far as i know its not a crime for anyone to own sex shops or any other retail business in soho, so if it were true I’m accused of being involved in “retail trade”.
Cut,paste, google we can all do it but Claudia is obviously blinded by rejection and so I’m accused of selling GHB further in-depth googling reveals that at the time of this accusation in 2001 this particular product was a perfectly legal stimulant.’


During this period Squire’s allies also hacked into Claudia Dalgleish’s Facebook account. They reproduced some of her private Facebook messages on the ‘London Nationalist Chinwag’, including this one between Claudia Dalgleish and a Flemish Member of the European Parliament in which they discussed various political initiatives. Besides reproducing the private message, I guess as some sort of intimidation to show that they had illegally hacked her private account, for some obscure reason Squire also forwarded the conversation to another ex-member of the BNP Susan Clapp. By way of background it might be mentioned that Squire had been bombarding both Susan Clapp and Claudia Dalgleish with threatening and abusive text messages and e-mails for a period of several weeks at this time.
This series of e-mails starts with one from Bob Taylor. He is using his wife’s e-mail account Bsheralee@aol.com.
Bob Taylor is Steve Squire’s main side kick. Taylor forwards the conversation to Squire at his personal e-mail address stephensquire@blueyonder.co.uk.
This is what the From and To addresses looked like:

From: Bsheralee@aol.com
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2012 16:57:27 -0500 (EST)
To: stephensquire@blueyonder.co.uk
Subject: Fwd: conversation ***********

Squire then forwarded the e-mail to his work e-mail address seymorebooks@blueyonder.co.uk.
This is what these From and To addresses looked like:

From: stephensquire@blueyonder.co.uk
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2012 08:44:37 +0000
To: seymorebooks@blueyonder.co.uk
Subject: FW: conversation ***********

Then Squire sent the private conversation from his work e-mail (seymorebooks) to Sue Clapp as follows

Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2012 11:16:32 +0000
Subject: FW: conversation ***********
From: seymorebooks@blueyonder.co.uk
To: sue*******************

The significance of this being that it directly ties Steve Squire to Seymore Books – one of the trading names he operates under for his porn shop Seymore World. Besides being illiterate in the usage of English, Squire is also virtually computer illiterate and clearly fouled up while using his various e-mail addresses.

In fact the company name Squire trades under is called Jonesboro Publications Limited (Company number 05799579).

Interestingly enough Squire recently changed the facia of his shop to remove any references to Seymore World – as can be seen in this photograph. One might think that he had something to hide.


But besides selling date rape drugs perhaps the most degraded action of Steve Squire was to allow his young ex-serviceman teenage nephew to take the wrap for his shop selling illegal porn tapes in his still unlicensed sex shop.

On 24th March 2011 – just over a year ago - Squire’s shop was raided by the police and 1,065 pornographic DVDs were seized. They were unclassified and illegal. The only person present in the shop gave his name as Edward Squire-Eveleigh, 19, of Thetford Close, Wood Green. This is in fact the name used by Squire’s nephew by his sister. He was sentenced in September last year and the case was reported in the local newspaper the Hornsey Journal.


The young nephew had previously served in the army for just over a year before being drawn at a very young age into Steve Squire’s porn business.

This site (UK Sex Shop News of all things) gives a summary of the case:


A man has been banned from the West End after he was caught working as a shop assistant in a Soho porn store.
Edward Squire-Eveleigh was arrested a day after being fined for selling unclassified pornography in the same unlicensed video shop, Seymores in Walkers Court, off Brewer Street.
Victoria Forbes, prosecuting, told City of Westminster Magistrates' Court that the teenager was the only person in the store when police raided it on March 24 this year.
They arrested him and seized a total of 1,065 DVDs, six of which were sent to the BBFC to see if they had been certificated. None had certificates and all were pornographic.
She said that just a day earlier Squire-Eveleigh was fined £500 for exactly the same offence.
Cassandra Bligh, defending, said he had only gone back to work in Seymores to earn money to pay off the fine, adding: It was foolish and he accepts that.

Squire-Eveleigh admitted six charges of possessing unclassified video recordings for supply and was banned from the entire City of Westminster for six months from September 5. He was also ordered to pay £85 costs.


What makes someone take the risk of standing when they know that other people know their damaging skeletons – and they know the information will be released into the public domain? Why would they do this to a party they profess to support? Is it just over-reaching ambition or is there some sort of masochistic impulse? Nick Griffin also knew about Squire long ago. Why did he endorse Squire’s candidacy? They always think they can get away with it.

The question is should a man with Squire’s record - of being a Soho porn baron in an unlicensed sex shop, that sells date rape drugs and employs his teenage relatives - be putting himself up for election as a legislator for London?
I have refrained from publicising some personal details, the real name of Squire's nephew, Squire's personal address and the details of his property from Right Move.