A by-election was held in Barking and Dagenham yesterday. It was for Goresbrook ward. The BNP claimed to be on the verge of winning it. They claimed that they were ahead on the postal vote.

The trouble is the people who make these claims have never won anything before and so do not know what a pending victory looks like. Instead they rely on smoke and mirrors. Bluff and bluster.

The result was:

Labour 1,113 (57.8%)
BNP 593 (30.8%)
UKIP 91 (4.7%)
Conservative 81 (4.2%)
Liberal Democrat 48 (2.5%)

Goresbrook ward regularly features by-elections. The last two were both caused by the same useless Labour councillor who was elected in May 2010, so it is remarkable really that Labour were able to retain the seat.

There was a notorious by-election in July 2010 which Clive 'Rizzle Kicks' Jefferson sabotaged. Rizzle Kicks effectively ran this campaign as well and sent a text out to BNP officials calling it 'The most important election in the party's recent history'. He also said 'and the ward is winnable' and 'If we take Goresbrook we will take a GLA seat'. Well what now?

He called for '40 people to run an effective election day operation'.

I happened to be in Barking on business yesterday so I thought I would take a spin through Goresbrook ward to see what this operation might look like on the ground. I took a gander at all the polling stations at around midday and only one of the four was manned by anyone from the BNP (see example above). I noticed the candidate standing at the one on Hedgeman's Road. He was looking very scruffy as usual and had a couple of others with him. Labour were out and about but not in force (se their flag on the car). I saw one other BNP person trudging around on his own with a brown paper bag and looking very depressed.

I know Goresbrook well as I ran a by-election here back in September 2004. On that occasion the BNP won and polled a record 51.9%. The polling day operation that day was slick and we were out in force as the activists were well motivated, well led and knew what they were doing. How times change. Now they haven't got the will or the bodies.

The BNP result yesterday was the worst ever BNP result in Goresbrook ward. That tells you how well they will do in the GLA election.


The Sunday version of the Daily Star has picked up the Steve Squire porn shop-date rape drug selling story.

However it is a sign of the dramatic decline experienced by the British National Party that even this down market newspaper which specialises is sleaze (but the one naturally most favoured by the BNP’s voting demographic) could not be bothered to make much of it.

Four years ago, when the BNP seemed to be a threat and had a credible chance of winning a seat on the Greater London Assembly, the BNP was big news. Now the final indignity is that no one gives a damn.

This ‘smear’ story – every detail of which is true, notice – folds in together a far-out open Neo Nazi who is standing for the miniscule British People’s Party, and a local BNP candidate who was found pictured giving a Nazi salute (there is always at least one of those every year). The Star couldn’t even be bothered to give much space to the BNP’s London Mayoral candidate Carlos Cortiglia, who supports Argentina’s claim to the Falkland Islands. Carlos’s internet sex swinging doesn’t get a look in. Steve Squire-Mendoza’s seedy Soho sex shop and his date rape drug selling activities get a mention but that is about it. The BNP is officially old news. It is well past it sell-by date. It is an ex-party.

There's only one thing worse than being talked about and that's not being talked about. The establishment media cannot be bothered to talk about the BNP even in negative terms.

They know the BNP does not stand an earthly chance of getting anyone elected to the Greater London Assembly. It’s over. No one is interested anymore.