Readers may be interested that a poll will be published in the Daily Telegraph tommorrow with respect to the London Mayoral and Assembly elections due to be held next Thursday.

The poll was conducted by Survation, a member of the British Polling Council.

The most interesting feature of this poll are the findings with respect to voting intentions for the London Assembly top-up list vote. This is a proportional representation election where any party that gets over 5% will get one of their candidates elected.

The poll showed the following result:

Labour 32.6%
Conservative 28.4%
Liberal Democrats 9.6%
Green 8.1%
English Democrats 3.6%
BNP 3.2%
Others 7.5%

As we can see the English Democrats are out polling the BNP - albeit by a narrow margin. On this showing neither would get any candidates elected although with these figures UKIP would get two. I would be surprised if UKIP polled so strongly. I would also be surprised frankly if the combined BNP-ED vote was as high as 6.8%.

It is however interesting (and indeed amusing) to see that even though the English Democrats have spent a miniscule amount of money and channelled very little in terms of resources into the London elections, the EDs are above the BNP in the opinion polls even though the BNP has been bragging about how much it has spent (or wasted). Their 'truth truck' spends much of its time outside London, travelling around areas in Hertfordshire where the English Democrats are strong - no doubt as part of what they imagine is a campaign of one up-manship! When not in Hertfordshire it is parked up on the hard shoulder on the North Circular.  What a joke!

(N.B. Senior  BNP Adam Walker has just a text out calling fror activists to help in their campaign - again asking them to contact Mike Jones. Steve Squire-Mendoza has definately been frozen out and will be expelled from the BNP once they have lost and the election is out of the way.)

Of course this is just an opinion poll. The real votes will be counted next week. Nevertheless this opinion poll is yet another straw in the wind that indicates that once the English Democrats really start motoring ahead it can make great strides forward.


A belated happy St. George's Day to all English patriots.

I have been too busy with work to mark this auspicious event on this blog earlier.
This year's election campaign (polling day is Thursday 3rd May) is cranking up. My campaign team have been out and about in Fairmead ward in Loughton, in north west Essex, with a local leaflet.
We have also found time to go down to south Essex and help our hard working colleagues in Southend.

The English Democrats are fielding 91 candidates across England. English local elections take place on a four yearly cycle with varying councils up for election each year. Four years ago the English Democrats fielded just 12 candidates. The increase in candidate numbers is truly magnificent and demonstrates that the EDs really are starting to motor ahead.

The English Democrats are also fielding a slate of candidates for the Greater London Assembly top up list and the hard working patriot Mark Twiddy is standing for the Redbridge and Havering constituency. For financial reasons the English Democrats chose not to contest the London Mayoral election in contrast to previous years. Previously contesting of this election was facilitated by generous financial inputs designed to give the EDs initial profile as the party was new and keen to establish itself. This is no longer the case as the EDs are now successfully growing organically, as we have seen. It is difficult to justify similar speculative expenditure when the results in London this year are likely to be poor for all candidates standing across the wide patriotic-identity spectrum.

The English Democrats are however contesting the two other mayoral elections that are taking place on the same day as they are more cost effective. In Salford Michael Felse is standing, while in Liverpool the English Democrat candidate for Mayor is Paul Rimmer.

Meanwhile the old, failing and disgraced British National Party is fielding 137 candidates. This is a catastrophic collapse in numbers from the 612 candidates who stood for them in 2008. Many of the current crop have been shown to be ignorant racists who rant on their Facebook pages. One example of this is Phil Kimberley in Nuneaton.

The BNP won 15 seats in 2008 but most of those have since defected, resigned or have already lost their seat through one means or another. However five of these candidates are defending their wards for the BNP in Epping Forest, Burnley, Pendle, Amber Valley and Rotherham. It seems likely that all of these will be lost. If so the BNP's remaining councillor list will be very meagre indeed. The BNP is firmly stuck on a rapid death spiral. They have absolutely no chance of getting anyone elected to the Greater London Assembly and their vote across London is likely to be half of that achieved in 2008.

The BNP qualified for a London-wide TV broadcast which to be fair was not bad this year, although the sound quality is a little poor. The main improvement was that the toxically unpopular Nick Griffin did not feature in it, although his ghastly whiney voice provided some of the narration. It is also interesting that the disgraced Soho porn baron and BNP lead candidate for the Greater London Assembly and also their London Organiser, Steve Squire-Mendoza, did not feature on it. I wonder why? It has become apparent that the filth merchant Squire-Mendoza has been superceded in running the BNP's London campaign on the ground by the sychophantic Griffinite Mike Jones.

Of the other 'right wing' parties, the National Front have 35 candidates, the British Freedom Party (BFP) has 6, the Democratic Nationalists 5, the neo-Nazi British People’s Party has one (who they expelled anyway!) and the England First Party have one,. This mixed bag of parties are fielding just 53 candidates in total. The majority of these candidates are ex-BNP people whose views are too extreme for the individiuals concerned to be attracted to the English Democrats.

The BFP candidate list is dominated by four people from one household in Liverpool. A husband and wife, their homosexual son and his lover. I am reminded of the classic Helen Mirran film 'The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover'.

UKIP seem doomed to under achieve yet again. They seem to have made a mess of their campaign for the London Assembly by calling themselves 'Fresh Choice for London'. This will confuse their potential electors, although their distinctive logo will also appear on ballot papers. After their strong showing in the 2009 European Election and at a few of the more recent Parliamentary by-elections, UKIP's progress has stalled and they have totally lost momentum. This is a familiar pattern for UKIP and illustrates that they have always failed to make the grade. It seems extremely unlikely that they will get anyone elected to the Greater London Assembly. It has to be stated that their strong performances in the 2004 and 2009 European elections were almost entirely due to flattering media coverage, which in turn was in large measure motivated by a desire to spike the BNP's guns. The BNP no longer has any guns to spike and so it will be interesting to see how well UKIP can perform in the next European Election in 2014 when their result will be much more dependent upon their own efforts. I suspect they will flop, as they will also probably face a more Euro-sceptic Conservative Party.

For the English Democrats this will also of course be good news!

Clearly the EDs have become the party of choice for sensible, moderate, rational nationalists and patriots who wish to save England from destruction. Onwards and upwards!