As I suspected this year’s round of local elections did not produce anything much to shout about. However it is a clear turning point. It is not the beginning of the end but the end of the beginning.

It is quite clear now that the English Democrats are the only nationalist party that offers the prospect of success.
I am very happy with my result.

This is seen across the country – most tellingly perhaps in Liverpool but also in Epping Forest where I stood. The BNP have been wiped out. Some decent councillors have lost their seats as a result, including Pat Richardson and Sharon Wilkinson.
Time is too tight to say more for now... interesting times and an interesting day - and it isn't over yet! Ha!


The count for my election in Loughton Fairmead ward in Epping Forest District is taking place on Friday but some in other areas are taking place tonight. I believe the turnout was low. I was pleased to receive a ‘good luck’ postcard sent from the historic village of Avebury in Wiltshire – even though the sender only actually lives around the corner.

While we are waiting I thought I would report on an interesting feature of this campaign. I have heard that some anti-English Democrat leaflets have been in circulation in a few places, distributed by groups such as Hope not Hate or Searchlight. It is my view that such attacks on the English Democrats will have no real effect as the EDs are clearly a clean and wholesome party and you will not find latent Nazism or crude racism within it. The public can see that for themselves and so propaganda that portrays the EDs in that manner will appear outlandish and off the wall. Also because the English Democrats are not an old style nationalist party with a heritage rooted in that toxic soil, the ‘usual suspects’ find it difficult to motivate themselves to go out and tramp the streets for hours on end campaigning negatively against the EDs. They find it difficult to raise the bile in their gut.

Anyway a Searchlight front group did put a leaflet out in my area. It targeted several people besides me, including a sitting BNP candidate – and I know her ward was leafleted with a generic ‘anti-fascist’ leaflet as well. My ward was not leafleted at all. The ‘offending leaflet’ (which I have reproduced in full) was just handed out in a half hearted manner one afternoon in a shopping centre some distance from my ward.

I am most gratified that the leaflet focussed more on the threat posed by my good self than on the other candidates it mentions! My vanity would not want it otherwise. However I was disappointed that it was not delivered to every door in my ward as I am sure it would have got me more votes not less.

The local Residents Association also put out a leaflet just before polling day that alluded to my candidature. Again nothing to worry about.

More analysis when the reuslts are in. It looks like UKIP are getting reasonable votes but not many new councillors, and the BNP vote seems to be down considerably.


Today is polling day. I think it will be a difficult day at the polls in all the various elections taking place, although there may be a couple of surprises. But get your rosettes on and meet and greet the voters!

There are also referenda taking place in Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Coventry, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Nottingham, Sheffield and Wakefield to decide whether these local authorities should be run by a directly elected Mayor. It is English Democrat policy to support the establishment of directly elected mayors. It will be interesting to see how these contests go. If any of these areas vote for a directly elected mayor then the Mayoral election will take lace in November.

There is also a referendum in Doncaster to decide whether to retain their directly elected mayor.

It will also be interesting to see how various other supposed nationalist parties do in the elections. There will be much to ponder over afterwards!


This April has been one for showers which to every electioneer is a disaster.
I always associate April with hot weather as in recent years it seems to have been hotter in April than August. Nevertheless we have been persevering in Fairmead ward, footslogging and hammering the letterboxes.
Only a few days to go...