Hello again dear readers!

I think it is time for an update.

First the good news!

Some readers will know that Patsy Harrington and his wife have been attempting to pursue me and my employer in respect of various claims in an Employment Tribunal case that was being heard in Edinburgh.

I have the lengthy papers and I can readily concur – and concur again – with the judge's findings.

This case was heard at a Pre Hearing Review and dragged on and on – it took up more court time that the trial of the Yorkshire Ripper!

Edinburgh is a nice city but frankly I have seen enough of it!

Anyway – the judge has looked at the evidence and Patsy lost on every count.

This is not the first time and probably won’t be the last where my enemies have failed in their attempts to manufacture gratuitous cases against me.

Let them try!

Meanwhile in the real world – I will repeat my earlier advice – if you want to save your country then join the English Democrats – they are the only sensible alternative to doing nothing.

I know some people have been disappointed. However the answer is to persevere and look to yourselves for action and inspiration!


  1. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Good. Glad you won. Harrington is a vile worm

  3. OK this is all very well and good, but what's happening with Gri$$in?

    How are the legal cases that the 2007reformers brought going? How has he managed to avoid bankruptcy? And can you give us (your readers) a best estimate of the number of people still being taken in by Gri&&in.

    1. Beau beau you made a mess of things

  4. "How are the legal cases that the 2007reformers brought going?"

    As regular readers will know Griffin and Darby LOST their spiteful actions against the so-called Decembrists back in 2010. A first tranche of £45,000 was paid to the Decembrist;s legal team in early 2012 and another tranche amounting to about £60,000 is about to be paid over. Griffin and Darby lost but used every possible delaying trick they could. The latest delaying tactic regards one of the two losers claiming that he has to go to hospital to have a pin reattached to his false leg!! Well who would have thought that?

    1. I knew Gri$$in has a false eye, but who has a false leg?

      Anyway the money you are talking about is for the legal expenses, but what about their employment cases. Have any of the December 2007 reformers, ever received a penny in wrongful dismissal?

      Just how does a conman like Gri$$in get away with it, is there a possibility that JT's belief that Griffin was a state asset was correct? Personally I didn't take any notice of JT's claims at the time, but after the £500k bequest (which came out of the blue to save Griffin) and his Houdini like escapes from other impending disaster, I think it may just true.

  5. Does pat have to pay Eddies expenses and cost ?

  6. You obviously enjoy being in court so any new trials on the horizon Eddy?