Eagle eyed readers might note that I have amended slightly the first page of the reproduced judgement in the article below.

The addresses have been obscured.

I did this out of the goodness of my heart as poor Patsy Harrington was worried that he might suffer harassment of some sort. I am not sure who from – doubtlessly the potential list is long.

I wonder if he will apply to the ‘bogies’ in ‘auld reekie’ for a 500 metre total exclusion zone around his domicile to keep the badies away?

For some reason Patsy applied to the Employment Tribunal, as if they have an authority on what public document’s I chose to put up on my blog.

Given his lack of understanding of the law it is no wonder poor Patsy isn’t a very distinguished advocate.
I think we can all concur on that one!

But always the gentleman, I don’t want Patsy to be a-fret – so the addresses have been obscured!

There, there, there!

All he had to do was ask in the right quarter.


  1. No one cares, no one at all. Your out in the wilderness with the ED's.Yesterdays man

  2. No one cares its over, its all so boring, look at today's Mail on line, the cream of Romanian society declaring their love of the benefits system in Britain, put a rocket up the arse of the establishment organise a protest.

  3. Eddy. Good leafleting session in hemel hempstead today ahead of adeyfield west by election.One guy who came from hitchin joined us from the bnp through reading your blog. Proof that it has had an effect on the bnp. Thanks for sorting out the nominations etc. Eds the only chance to save england. England forever simon deacon.

  4. Beaty Swollocks3 March 2013 at 20:18

    F*cking boring sh*t

  5. This blog seems rather silent.